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now faces a grave task before the pandemic he was planning a new rental center nearby. the work there is nearly finished but today he has bad news for the workers. it's not through the 50 schools who are there the next big hurdle that we have is to find a way to pay you what you finish your work we have to but we have been. able to those in 20. months ago have known conrad would be happy to offer skiing classes to keep learning money. just like other professions in germany. frankly we don't understand here dressers for example or in close contact with their clients but we're not allowed to give one to one outdoor lessons that's difficult to accept . normally conrad and his instructors would be teaching hundreds of children cross country skiing at the local ice stadium. but without clients he might have to close
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his business for good. how can you keep your chin up in bleak times like these. and i don't even feel like a host right now i have no guess. how i feel. a bit useless i suppose for light right now there simply aren't enough guests for on a headline to entertain. but there's a silver lining at least now with so much free time on our hands on a can explore the gorgeous mountains in our region and hope for better times ahead . what you see here behind me is part of unesco's world heritage i repeat belgian beers really are recognized by the united nations as an intangible
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cultural heritage they're internationally beloved and the belgian brewers also makes a really creative drinks gregoire baton is one of the experimental types and even if his beverages aren't to everyone's taste more and more beer drinkers are very happy with the result. preparing limits and measure for 1st batch of craft beer to learn x. microbrewery team is hard at work like most thursdays using fragrant belgian hops they invent new beer varieties each week for their neighbors and for local shops. my mother loved beer yeah my father logs here. i love beer you know it's in my genes more young it's a very belgian trait. and his body hatched the idea to start an independent brewery over some cold groups. used to work in fashion
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max was a business consultant now on the earn a living making beer for the local community decided to stick with their lives across the street and i'm interested in your beer for right i like what they're up to us and that's why i come here to buy my dear version of questions with my like supporting a local business in my area. but at the beers taste very good and it's a great addition to the neighborhood and i don't. play much atia highly popular craft brewery situated in the nearby city senhor irish beer some here and blogger own one is an expert on villages independent really see. you know global breweries have no connection to us we want to drink something that has a connection to us that we know we can see the borough we can visit the brewery we know where it's made we know who's making it and that's really i think important
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aspect of the trend that we're seeing in the city of the past few years. everything started with the process here project a particular a craft craft brewery you're almost pretty much what i expected. by any freaky. citrusy or some a stone for going on. i get some flour almost as well like very almost like tea. it's really good. 10 am time for a drink or going to brew early in the morning is when your senses are the best it's actually the best tasting not necessarily the best time to start drinking. but not to worry this ferrari has a distinctly fruity somewhat acidic taste and practically no well. david brought blue tea back from thailand which they used to call their beer they're also
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experimenting with a range of new intrigue hints lately bitter beers have been popular the company employs people from 10 different countries different from portugal even incorporates famous portuguese desserts into history asians. they decided to become . super tasty but there's another from portugal and tried to put them in a beer and try to to make the beer taste like a fish of an otter still being a beer the brussels beer project has grown into a sizable company and it was launched with an unusual crowdfunding campaign so we went to see. people in brussels friends and family and beer lovers and say ok if you want this project to go live prayer is also us i will give you 20 or beers every year for life. so we've got the 1st time we've got 369 people. all right you have to crazy guys here let's let's say let's bet on them their
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slogan leave the n.b.a. join the playground pokes fun at the country's traditional and their times uninspired brewing culture and they certainly know how to have a life. you can thank the. good naked. as if there were no outside because it's basically a beer you should drink in the shower exclusively. in the shower john heck's offers a wide range of beer styles as well as is typical for independent craft breweries to do the math and greek we want to get to sample their latest creation and measuring beer which turned out fantastic 2 years. to be. ok so it is finally time to get our butt kicked by a woman named nancy funder stratton she is 74 years old she's
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a grandmother of 8 and she's a boxer so she hops into the ring several times a week in her adopted country of turkey where she gets a lot of recognition for her fighting spirit that reputation stems not only for her quick hands but from the fact that she isn't just boxing for fun. left hook is a little harder than her right says nancy fonda straightens coach but even at the age of 74 her ice cold stare alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of her opponents if they don't watch out belgian born nancy will punch them right in the nose despite the fact she's been suffering from parkinson's disease for years until through she was mushing smushing people you know it's a very personal very cold continue to it's a good no real age of. this growing there and at the same time
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developing strength with your body with you your legs to a cubicle nation mind the hands and feet nancy was diagnosed with parkinson's 7 years ago she took medication to reduce the shaking caused by the disease but her condition deteriorated rapidly on the internet she learned that in the u.s. parkinson's patients used boxing to get their symptoms under control so she sought out of books in a school in an talia near her home on turkey's mediterranean coast. it go didn't go when she came here for the 1st time i thought which should never manage because of her age and because back then she couldn't even stand up straight i thought she'd never make it wrong but there she surprised it was. nazis physiotherapists is very pleased with the spry scene his physical condition and her posture in particular.
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trying to derek systems large she was much more erect than before as used to shake and suddenly her movements would become choppy your part now they're all much smoother in your book i'm a shrug of her ticket i could do it in but. nancy lives in a village above the coastal city of entirely or she says came to turkey over 40 years ago with her husband who has since passed away they were hippies who were curious and love to travel the couple and their living making decorative windows and converted to islam. when she's not boxing nancy likes to draw and paint sometimes she even sells her works and a little extra money to supplement her pension which totals $450.00 euros a month her disease hasn't hindered tara billeted to draw. my observation is that if you create something i have no has never been doing these
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days doing so it's new into my i create something i don't have problem with from the beginning it's like that if i write that big sometimes you going very very . nancy says she needs the right she needs to train to american rock band aerosmith is music to her ears. 15 minutes more or less. time i would be sheriff so i really should meet you know it's working perfectly. and if you treat treat him. to nancy recommends boxing to anyone she suffers from parkinson's she's living proof that at least for some it can dramatically improve the quality of life. and.
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here's hoping nancy and all of you our viewers out there can keep fighting well into old age that's it for this week's focus on europe thank you all for watching and stay healthy out there and see you next time thank. you. thank you thank. you. a.
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good. welcome to the city of the future. of salt instead of the permanent traffic jam. laid instead of concrete. in the moment instead of air pollution a. new concept for the mega-cities of tomorrow.
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made in germany. 30 minutes on decoupling. africa. to young visionaries. with a dream of. telling john i graduate so you can go social innovation academy talent to come here to land how to turn their ideas into successful businesses a little know what some influence on this big i am now solution can make us feel good. africa. 90 minutes on. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. what measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context.
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the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace begins. who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. the best stone masons builders and the book attempts to keep up with each other. this is how massive churches are created the big.
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contest of the cathedrals. 12th on t.w. . the book. the. this is the news live from perth the u.n. strongly condemns military violence in the. security council members say they are deeply concerned about the practically deteriorating situation the army continues to ramp up its deadly crackdown on i think the purchase also coming up dramatic footage emerges of young girls being drawn across the us mexico border by people
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smugglers it comes amid a spike in market arrivals particularly unaccompanied children. and this party is not police in belgium stampede to break up crowds after april fool's day to get out of. an athame held welcome we're going to and growing international concerns over the military's use of violence against peaceful protesters members of the u.n. security council have expressed deep concern about the rapidly deteriorating situation and i strongly condemn the deaths of hundreds of civilians including women and children of thousands of people have fled into neighboring thailand. after 2 months of daily street protests
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a symbolic act brings new hope to the cause protesters in cities around me on my bench the 2008 constitution a constitution that was designed by the military opponents of the one to have declared it void and have written an alternative charta but with members of the democratically elected government detained finding a diplomatic resolution is becoming increasingly difficult elected leader uncensored she now faces new charges if convicted she could be barred from ever holding office again. her lawyers have only been able to say whoa briefly via video link. there was i'm not able to say whether she is aware of what is happening in the country due to the circumstances yesterday and today a court she may know or not i can't guess. and yet it was good to see her today and yesterday by a conference saying she is healthy. the u.n. special envoy for me on my has urged the u.n.
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security council to act she wants but the country is at risk of falling into civil war activists on the ground say the situation is dire we've been crying of oppression from the military and continuous effort from our forces to this very. civil war you know months time and i would like you know a few look to the united nations to do something about it because we could see a lot of sanctions coming from that you carry them the united states and japan and other european countries but they hasn't be any form sanctions coming from that you and. many demonstrators now believe an alternative force is the only way to return democracy to me and my several of the country's minority ethnic groups already have armed militias some have denounced the coup saying they will protect their territories and protesters. now for
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a roundup of some of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic and the world health organization has criticized europe's vaccine role that as part and acceptably slowed chile meanwhile has closed its borders for the month of april to spawn facts and i think i've or 3rd of its population in fiction numbers are still rising and intensive care beds are at 95 percent capacity and the director of africa's disease control body said in his temporary hold on exporting the astra zeneca vaccine. food have a catastrophic impact on the continent india has delayed major exports to ensure it can meet local demand staying with the pandemic and i performed a prank in belgium that quickly got out of hand place in brussels stepped in to break up a party in a park that was flattening social distancing rules and other anti pandemic measures europe like much of the world is currently going through a 3rd wave of the pandemic which has prompted most governments to invoke
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restrictive rules for people to get together. not only is this party illegal. it also started as a joke. easing tear gas and water cannon police dispersed thousands of people from a park in brussels saying it violated coronavirus restrictions we said. we came to the park and the next thing we knew it was going up in flames but it's not right that they have the water cannon and where he with nothing it's not ok. suppose used. to be dozens of party is and police were injured in the unrest. it's the police that's chasing us hitting us breaking everything it's because of the police because the police. the party started as an event on facebook and authorities had warned it was an april fool's day joke. but that didn't stop
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thousands of people from showing up. i think that too much is being done and i think young people are not trusted enough they are aware of these fires and know how to be careful too many rules are imposed on us that really deprive us of our freedom just loosen you up. it comes at a time when kobe had 19 infections are surging in belgium police have warned that party goes could face prosecution. ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world dutch prime minister an operator has survived one of the biggest political fights of his decade in power he's narrowly survived a no confidence vote other claims he lied about coalition talks with has not been forced to resign but his chances of forming a new government have been dealt a serious blow. holy thursday service has been held at not throw down cathedral in paris it's the 1st since the gothic building was badly damaged in a fire 2 years ago a scaled down ceremony involved
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a foot washing ritual that symbolizes jesus' willingness to serve. u.s. president joe biden has held his 1st cabinet meeting at the white house by news the gathering to promote his new 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan a senate confirmed the full cabinet last week biden has held it is the most diverse in u.s. history. the u.s. border patrol has released dramatic footage of children being dropped out of reform into high fence on the us mexico border or authorities say the people denk dangling the 2 young girls over the barrier are people smugglers drop them one side drop them one by one over the side this happened earlier this week border police say the children were taken to hospital and cleared of any physical injuries. reporter katie stevens has more on this could be do we know any more about the circumstances yes i think we can actually pull up those pictures again we should
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probably one of you is there quite distressing images and so what we see here according to u.s. authorities is. 2 alleged people smugglers here we go. border fence so 4 meters high and dineley a small child dying holding her by the hand and then dropping her she hits the ground with quite a thump it looks like then the same thing happens with another slightly larger child when she hits the ground as well these 2 alleged people smugglers then back over the fence into mexico and running off into the desert it now as you said they luckily ok these 2 sisters from ecuador age 3 and 5 no reported injuries now that mother is apparently in the u.s. and south or eighty's are in contact with her. but you have to think if they hadn't been seen so quickly on these cameras or left to fend for themselves maybe things wouldn't have turned out that way and so authorities are also working to identify who these smugglers odd if in court inhumane and morally reprehensible that was the
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department of homeland security that said that we know is this is an isolated incident while sadly not there's been several instances a very young children being found alone near the u.s. border so we sent me a 4 year old boy from honduras found wandering along the banks of the rio grande river which you know is a dangerous river for anyone to try to cross let alone a child and sadly a 9 year old mexican girl died attempting that question last month there's been a big uptick in the number of unaccompanied minors arriving in the u.s. over 9000 in february alone and it's not unusual to see it was in the spring but it doesn't mean it's not a humanitarian crisis shaping up there and it's really becoming a bit of a problem for president joe biden his administration recently caved to pressure to live journalists into one of the holding sent to space children i think we can see some images of that now as well so this is in texas. over 4000 people in space for just a few 100 here and as you can see children sleeping on the concrete floor covered
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in foil blankets really quite squalid conditions there so it's very big dilemma for joe biden he's tied to a more humane approach to immigration said he won't turn children away but now critics are saying what you're actually putting more children at risk creating incentive for more to come so just briefly then what is the bottom ministrations plan going forward well the homeland security partner says it's working around the clock to meet the children i had in terms of dealing with the border issue vice president coming to harris has been leading efforts to address this rise in migrants arriving so she'll be needed diplomatic efforts trying to stem the flow from central american countries who have to remember the root causes people to flee in poverty get the feeling violence immigration advocates who say the whole system needs to have a whole lot that you need to make it easier for children to be reunited with relatives in the united states so that their families aren't don't feel that they're forced to put them into the hands of these people smugglers in the 1st place stevens thanks so much. 20 years since the
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world's 1st official same sex weddings to place in the netherlands what seemed revolutionary these now routine in many countries but not all. these were there for gay couples who made history back on april 1st 2001 when they tied the knot officially at city hall in amsterdam. garrick because steel and golf prosper were one of the married couples that date. now 20 years later they can look back at all the media attention they got. but back then it was much more about taking a stand and going public. it was more and more clear that the tools is very special you phone from potty and very important picks me so ok i will be with you
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course it's for every it's needed but some people stand up and say remember you know. the netherlands was the 1st country to officially recognize same sex couples and allowed them to marry since then same sex marriage is now legal in $28.00 countries worldwide as well as in the self-governing island of taiwan most of western europe allows it while much of eastern europe does not other nations that have followed the netherlands example include the united states canada britain and australia south africa is the only african country to do so roadblocks continue just 2 weeks ago the vatican declared that the catholic church won't bless same sex unions it said god quote cannot bless sin despite the obstacles to steal and posture are happy to have played a role in the fight for marriage equality very proud you. that's possible.
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that he could play a little part a few. minutes 3. they also made the journey successfully but it's often still a very long road ahead for many other gay couples around the world. no excuse. next to the sport that will get you even closer than 1000 been surfing it's body surfing in the world coastal regions that pride themselves on being why it's often written on 1000 euros surfboards body surface need next to no equipment and also have little to no pretension. in the early morning light in the bay off of cape town the cool kids are on surfboards. less cool those using little more than their bodies in wetsuits body surfers. freedom if your freedom is 2 and the 3rd is just
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a child you know it's nothing serious about it it's fun. to destroy the iraq the raw diet. drug being just here in the right. they may employ small hand paddles in the water to better navigate a wave and stay stable but that's it for what is likely the oldest water blading sport on earth from what we know. but he said thing as a long history into pre-colonial polynesian culture and even into pre-colonial african culture because the cultures which have documented ships records from the europeans were coming to their new voyage of discovery and started to try it along the way skies of africa today it is far removed from the image of board surfing body surfing is ultra low key i guess i've always liked it because. these people do it so it's not us proud it is easy it. can't get more low key than that or
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simpler if you have it that it's the shit that's fun. simply surfers without the boards. now some breaking news before we got reports from taiwan say a train has derailed in a tunnel in the east of the island 1st responders say several people are believed to be dead and many others are injured we'll bring you more in our next bulletin ok that's it for now more headlines coming up in 45 minutes time. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w.


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