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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 2, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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this is the to believe news life from birth to the un strongly condemns military violence in me at the security council members site that deeply concerned at the rapidly deteriorating situation as the army needs to ramp up its deadly crackdown on and to protest. coming up u.s. president joe biden unveils his new cabinet citing his team looks like america go to washington for all the details on who was made it to the table. now becoming a vaccine skepticism how to convince ethnic minority londoners who might be
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reluctant to roll up their sleeves that i should do it for they're on to. a matter how bookham would begin with me and my and growing international concerns of the military's use of violence against peaceful protesters members of the u.n. security council have expressed deep concern about the rapidly deteriorating situation and i strongly condemn the deaths of hundreds of civilians including women and children after thousands of people have fled to neighboring thailand. after 2 months of daily street protests a symbolic act brings new hope to the cause protesters in cities around me and the 2008 constitution a constitution that was designed by the military opponents of the one to have
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declared void and have written an alternative charter but with members of the democratically elected government detained finding a diplomatic resolution is becoming increasingly difficult elected later uncensored she now faces new charges if convicted she could be barred from ever holding office again. her lawyers have only been able to say her briefly via video link. did not i'm not able to say whether she is aware of what is happening in the country due to the circumstances yesterday and today a court she may know or not i can't guess. and it was good to see her today and yesterday by a conference saying she is healthy. the u.n. special envoy for me on my has urged the u.n. security council to act she wanted the country's at risk of falling into civil wall activists on the ground say the situation is dire we've been crying of oppression
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from the military and continuous effort from our forces to this very. civil war you know months time and i would like you know a few to the united nations to do something about it because we could see a lot of sanctions coming from that you carry them the united states and japan and other european 'd countries but they hasn't been any form sanctions coming from that un. oh many demonstrators now believe an alternative force is the only way to return democracy to me and my several of the country's minority ethnic groups already have armed militias some have denounced the current saying they will protect their territories and protesters. well we spoke to me and my correspondent david greene bonn we asked him if man really is on the brink of civil war as the u.n. envoy is warning. when you look at how the situation has deteriorated during the
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past few weeks the massive uptick in violence security forces attacks largely on an armed civilians. now you may see more armed i think groups potentially getting involved in the fight different fronts the fact that students in office workers from the main cities have been going to the jungles to get some sea crash courses in guerrilla warfare all this shows you that this really does have the potential to turn into a full blown civil war how quickly we get there is a little difficult to say but as this develops we could somebody looking at suit shortages. the public health care system in myanmar which even before the pandemic was greatly under resourced well now it's barely functioning that could get much worse this could absolutely turn into a complete humanitarian disaster and myanmar countries who just a couple years ago people were talking about the potential for it well now we have
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to wonder if it's going to turn into a failed state it was journalist speaking to us a little earlier that oh yes president joe biden has convened his 1st a cabinet making at the white house. to promote his new 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan the senate confirmed his full cabinet last week on has described this as the most devout diverse rather in u.s. history. over more on joined now by day deadly washington correspondent emily go dean emily could have you with us biden has presented a diverse cabinet with lots of who stands out. all that will definitely be deb holland she is the 1st native american member of the cabinet and she is the secretary of the interior under such. a department that manager of conserves federal lands and the native community of course is very
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hopeful that in the future she will push for the protection of native lambs and if you look at her background she does have a record of being an environmental activist and the thought has called for the banning of drilling and fracking on. so it'll be interesting to see in the future whether she will push for fuel oil pipelines to be built on federal lands and the such on mesa of lamb. and then really there is the man with the biggest job perhaps in terms of policy over sought who is also the 1st openly gay cabinet member. and do you that would be preferred to he is a member of the oil to be secure community you might remember him also from running in the presidential election of 2020 and as you just said he is at the core of this new 2 trillion dollar transportation plan that was revealed this week by biden vice president biden and what egypt unself the sets of being somewhat of
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a train enthusiastic so it'll be interesting to see how much he will be pushing for public transportation in the u.s. and from mir. really what about from the republican viewpoint republican criticism of baden's choices where has it been focused. yes so recently who has been quite controversial is have you ever sarah he used to be attorney general in california and is now the secretary of health he has been criticized for lacking experience and the health care sector and is also known to support abortion of course automatically put some against the republican party. in the scene in washington many thanks. ok let's take a look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world dramatic footage has emerged of the moment 2 young girls were dropped over
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a 4 metre high fence on the us mexico border authorities are working to identify the smugglers responsible for transporting the children to the area u.s. border police say the girls aged 3 and 5 were found a list taken to the hospital and cleared of any physical injuries. holy thursday service has been held at notre dumb cathedral in paris it's the 1st since the gothic building was badly damaged in a fire 2 years ago scaled down ceremony involved a foot washing ritual that symbolizes jesus' willingness to. belgium police have clashed with a large crowd gathered in a brussels park after a fight concert was announced on social media as of april fool's day prank police said that 3 officers were hurt and $22.00 people were arrested large gatherings are banned in belgium due to surging in fiction numbers. in japan authorities in
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osaka have asked to cancel its leg of the olympic torch relay the city has recently seen a big surge of corona virus infections. to come through also in 12 days time. ok now to some of the other developments in the corona virus pandemic the world health organization has criticized europe's vaccine rollout as quote an acceptably slow chile has closed its borders for the month of april despite vets and i think over a 3rd of its population in fiction numbers are still rising and intensive care beds are not the 5 percent capacity and the director of africa's disease control body said india's temporary hold on exporting the astra zeneca vaccine could have a catastrophic impact on the continent india has delayed magic exports to ensure it can meet local demand. well more than 30000000 people in britain have received
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their 1st coronavirus shot but not everyone is keen to roll up their sleeve vexing skepticism is especially prevalent among minorities even though they've been hard to hit by the virus the double east london correspondent bigot mosse reports now on if it's to persuade those who might be reluctant to get vaccinated. the district of brant in north london is one of the poorest in the u.k. and it's one of the areas most affected by covert 19 here it's even more important that as many people as possible get vaccinated longtime resident image johnny is committed to making this happen. we can see that you know people are walking around you know they're not sure who to turn to who told through how you know where they seek help the pandemic has exposed longstanding health inequalities in the u.k. the government has now allocated 20000000 pounds to tackle this so called community champions are targeting those that are hard to reach with phone help lines well
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placed programs and just chatting on the streets. to meet johnny has set himself the task of reducing mistrust of the government and the authorities and dispelling myths about vaccination. is just another tool to control people in the private areas maybe some heard about microchips and stuff from patras but more it's you know. who else what why should we listen to anybody watch relisten for anybody now especially given that no written to us before conversations with locals reveal their suspicious. i'll do next one. it's not going to do me no good rather to kill me and i'm tyrus cannot happen in that i don't want to know how they're tested it on a human being and that's not right that they could. do
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to me johnny can get some pasta spy to talk to him but it's difficult to convince those who flat out reject the idea of getting the job british health authorities have launched social media campaigns to combat conspiracy theories and vaccination myths. the language we use the messenger we use and the message and i think out of all of those probably the messenger maybe one of the most important one if you just trusted community member someone they know someone they can relate to someone who looks like them someone who sees the same language as them and it's more easy to build a rapport with to understand what they are talking about saying johnny doesn't simply ignore the argument that the vaccine could have side effects he puts it into perspective saying millions of people have had no major complications and besides scientific studies so i can impose my opinion on somebody parkinson help them so i
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will look at my word for it some place you can go no you really got your source of information with some other things are trying to balance be honest to me johnny was at least able to convince his own mother to change her mind. now to the sport some consider the opposite a voice of board surfing body surfing in the world's coastal regions that pride themselves on big why it's often written on a 1000 year i surf boards body surf is made next to no equipment and as you're about to find out i have little to no pretension. in the early morning light in the bay off of cape town the cool kids are on surfboards. less cool those using little more than their bodies in wetsuits body surfers.
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freedom if you treated this 2 and the 3rd just a child you know it's nothing serious about it it's fun. i destroyed the iraq the raw diet. drug being just here in this. they may employ small hand paddles in the water to better navigate a wave and stay stable but that's it for what is likely the oldest water blading sport on earth from what we know. but he said thing as a long history into pre-colonial the nation culture and even into pre-colonial african culture because the cultures which have documented chips records and the europeans were coming to their new voyage of discovery and starting to try it along the way skies of africa today it is far removed from the image of board surfing body surfing is ultra low key i guess i've always liked it because. these lift people do it so it's not us proud it is easy it. can't get more low key than that
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or simpler if you haven't done it the shit it's fun. simply surfers without the boards. and that is all for now coming on next i don't feel more headlines for me in 45 minutes time from now on if me however thanks what you. have to say matters to us. that's why this into their stories. reporter every weekend on t.w. .
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kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo with a population of over 14000000 it's the largest french speaking city in the world. the streets are bustling with activity. many people think on multiple jobs to get by. our food our news tonight is our series there for our great among them our courier. street sweepers. maggot sellers. bread sellers and jewelers. each day they count their earnings dreaming of becoming one of congo's super rich. who live it everyone in congo dreams of getting rich there's money if you no way to find it. but large parts of the population live below the poverty line. i bet as
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a fisherman the earns less than one euro and $0.70 per day. just opposite from his poor neighborhood clip some of congo's richest people closest to you feel that's let's see ted defensive the rich live there. they do business deals we catch fish. the residential complex is for congo's new upper class including the country's millionaires. uninvited guests aren't allowed in. the. past the kind of life most companies can only dream of. my never imagined i'd have multiple. cause i just wanted to sing and make a name for myself in kinshasa and in africa. if you want office.
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is that the r.c.s. biggest star and he's known internationally he is also a multi-millionaire if you want to photos. travel the world my ballet follow the law get to. by the by you go order to save the day. he's just invested more than 600000 euros in a new home in la city if you live oh if. the doors open go and open the 1st gym before the decision to do more i really like being here especially on sundays i can relax it also was i always liked coming to the river with my family to do so i decided to put down a few bricks a kid could blink you see. those few bricks amount to a california style villa which stands out here in the d r c one of the world's poorest countries in terms of g.d.p. per capita it doesn't have to be that way with its abundance of mineral resources the d r c could be one of the richest countries in africa. mining is the country's most
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important industry many of follies neighbors have made a fortune selling roll materials to a resource hungry world. volleyed likes to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city center of. the congo river is one of the longest in the world. for the local fishermen it's also final to their livelihood. they recognize the singer immediately. if they say they're my brothers i'll give them something to. give the 50 bucks i'm going to the colleague gets one of the marina workers to hand out of few notes. say this is a lark we called out to him and he gave us $50.00 to share amongst ourselves that
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josephus. each fisherman just got the equivalent of about 7 eras the amount they earn in a whole week. that is all can make it into these people who have different problems than we do they even work on sundays or should i often give them a little something even if it's just so they can take on a treat for their children. i'm happy to do it. shifted to joy if i can get. is one of about 600 millionaires in the democratic republic of congo . the d r c is the largest country in central africa about 6 times the size of germany. it's home to nearly 100000000 people in its history is one of conflict and exploitation. the ongoing violence has resulted in 6000000 deaths in the past
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couple decades. in 1965 mobutu sesay seiko came to power nicknamed the leopard of zaire he ruled for nearly 32 years embezzling the football ends of more than 4000000000 euro as during his reign in 1996 civil war broke out. militias supported by neighboring countries and listed thousands of child soldiers as they attempted to seize the country's wealth mobutu died a year later in exile. 2001 saw joseph kabila step into the political spotlight. during his 18 years in power am asked an estimated fortune of more than 13000000000 euros. because of its instability the d r c is today regarded as a failed state. we're travelling across the
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democratic republic of congo to understand why some are getting richer and richer while others are struggling to survive. in kinshasa the roads are unpaid and difficult to navigate. amid this chaos a young woman named canby is trying to build a future. but. tell me what to do oh. listen to this the offices are supposed to direct traffic but one of them says goes to the left the other one says to the right. what am i supposed to do. is in the middle of a test. in the back seat i don't know is
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a valuating how well she never gets the traffic she's clearly feeling the pressure . of people that if you don't have to turn soon and that's what you see not going to see if you can tell you don't know your way around here to negotiate it's called this carnival. can be has applied to be a driver at a taxi startup. the company was founded by a congolese businesswoman who wants to lift women out of poverty the pink cars are the services trade mark. previously can be worked as a nurse if she passes the test she'll triple her salary earning around $250.00 euros per month. i can't wait to start the child decides to type. the test to get this this. off in it to ok back to the office.
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can be plays the part of a professional chauffeur until the very end but it will be a few days before she finds out if she's landed the job. in. the cab companies customers are middle and upper class. to make the time spent in kinshasa as traffic jams more enjoyable passengers are offered drinks snacks and even a wife by. both the lady says where the 1st to offer this. country she has only one team wants to give women better employment opportunities after completing her studies she returned to congo and started this cab service with the help of investors today she pays it forward and supports other female entrepreneurs knew who i wanted me to and they want to have more millionaires congo has more than 80000000 residents and we're great to natural resources school when
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it's time for congolese women to get a piece of that wealth the money. despite the instability in the country anymore give me 2 of those who create. 3 see a believes the economy will take off. one of the best so if you can't reduce congo to rape and wars. there are young people especially young women who are trying to make real change. so it's wrong to reduce the country to just the things that don't work now this is when he shows me this new generation will move the country forward to this in a positive effect i mounted a look. like patricio and her friends more and more congolese people are returning from a broad to work and invest in their homeland. these so-called repat live in secure areas that offer a western standard of living. back
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at less suited to flu the high end residential complex sitting on a couple 100 hectares to new residents are moving in. olivier and no me have just relocated from johannesburg south africa. most important for us was the washing machine it was the 1st physical and the bed. the couple works in finance a new job prospects convinced them to return to their home country. this will be the living room to see the competent go here. then that table t.v. . this will be the bedroom. the apartment also
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offers a great deal of the congo river olivier and all me are newlyweds and want to start a family here. the couple earns about $3500.00 euros per month that's more than $100.00 times the average salary 3rd of it will go towards rent the steep price so security. making the street. does. play a fish fish into the making so much but. this is a. brand new comments brand new furnishings into the most u.v. on earth the next thing we need is a brain. new baby. is closer. the couple has found their safe haven.
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there's growing demand to live in this new residential complex eventually suited to live well have more than 2000 homes including singer but the people. we meet him at in the state he rented to film his new music video. i feel. the dancers are dressed as congolese warriors. coming up the shoot is going well until suddenly the music stops. there's been a power outage in the area. there's no electricity you're trying to work it out.
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falling and his team are stuck. finally a technician tracks down an emergency generator. that quickly breaks to. bali is frustrated even though he's used to these sorts of challenges. we're going to see this tattoo it means i'm congolese i'm not going to leave my country just because of a few power outages so people are you know you can feel that it's going to eventually fall pass' distant manong chinese using the cars sound system. thank you mantra but we may deal with what we have to connect my fame. to the coffin now that's why. it works. video shoot can't continue.
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in his 20 year music career thus far folly has joined the club of multimillionaires and the number of members is increasing. the country is rich in minerals including coal town from which tantalum is extracted the metal is used in the manufacture of mobile phones. the mines are in the great lakes region in the eastern part of the country near the wanton border goma the capital of north kivu province has been shaken by bloody conflicts for more than 2 decades with armed groups by each other for control of the mineral resources. the un has stationed 16000 peacekeepers here to shore up a fragile peace.


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