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come to germany. shopping for governor license to work as a swimming instructor an hour teach children other dogs to swim fast just to swim. what's your story take part charity on in full migrants stockmann. welcome to echo off the viral bit program brought to you from the large area uganda and germany us always take a look at some of the ideas out there for protecting the environment both in europe and in africa i'm chris celebs in lagos storage area but 1st off for a while well counter by co-host some truck. hi please say hello everybody i am
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sundra to no good here in kampala uganda and yet a week of alone to install for you so do stay tuned and enjoy the show here's a quick preview of what is coming up shortly. simple markus minds we see but how are things in kenya he's protecting both and the fonts on the forest. when moved an artist in ghana where he's bringing a new life into the ground for the cycling company. and thinking be how young and keeping you as he were gunned down a time in the ideas into the reality. flaws of floating in water are unlovely sight bought a point to lunch can be something of a pissed when they turn up in the wrong places we've caught a few reports on the club or want to hyacinth opposed to some communities now on lego also in coming with their local residents and of course of ation it's a document with another invests in species and that is causing
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a host of problems they're. going to be. paddling through lake also has become more of a struggle since the subtle venia plants altered his ecosystem sees richard. a fisherman who grew up in a small community on the shores of the leak the 1st screwing we block sunlight and depletes oxygen from the water suffocate an aquatic life. 70 a is giving us a lot of trouble victim it is affected my fishing. activity on the part that appeared in the past when i went out to fish i would have a good catch for me and my family by me and i thought now it's become really hard for. this morning a group of local residents from design group have come together to clear the invasive plants from the main entrance to the lake the villages are worried it will
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spread to other sections that have not yet been affected lake also is cameron's largest natural lake with a total surface area of nearly 40 square kilometers but it's now infested with what's the most all salvia nearly 40 percent of its surface is called that i see proliferates the plants also threatens the locals livelihoods. a local marine mammal conservation organization i'm cool regularly organizes the cleanups for 5 years now the team has been striving hard to protect the link from their grass of wheat to find a more efficient solution i restates to coo cam has set up a research site in the village he wants to find out if they can use a biological weapon to destroy the water most on a large scale you have a political. ticker. this small bug feeds on slovenia tests from last year issued that you can completely eliminate plans cover
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in a matter of months i'm cool is already negotiating its deployments with the commute government but they have been concerns in the community due to fears the bug also eats their crops. biological can crawl using this salvia weaver has been used in many countries around the world including in 15 countries in africa and the best example is that of santa god they were able to get rid of their sort of email within a year using the biological control and the way this weaver works is that if you need specific on this sort of ina what happened after the done anything salvia it just died because they have not had. twice a month the researcher makes the trip from cameroon capital young to work at the lick accompanied by colleagues and students i'm cool also collects data on the african manatee the least studied large mammal in africa they're shy by nature and
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active at night so sightings are rare in order to detect the creatures location and movements to kuka muses specialised equipment including. the information gained is critical for the conservation of the graceful animals so the reason my team and i working so hard is because we want to save the african american which is being threatened by portraying which is illegal hunting of this species and also creating by accident capture in fishing that their population over or raising and even especially here in lake also where this trend of started being has combined into the home thing making the population to even decrease costs or the conservation group regularly sends out volunteers to speak to the local community the purpose is to inform villages about the importance of proof. leak in all its natural resources including the manatees they too are struggling to survive.
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when the manatee gets caught in the net it eats up all the fish even if it's a 100. the problem is due to the fact that manatees don't have access to enough sea grass chucked out by the 70 or so they eat fish. many of these community members have lost their source of income because of. local fishermen have plenty of incentive to do all they can to remove the alien plants and prevent it sprayed and they hope that aristide to. get the go ahead to introduce the tiny bug that will save the leak by devouring its pesky surface cover for. what an interesting project we know head to kenya to pay a visit to some relatives of the money the elephants look at tell. me elephants are
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amazing creatures. difficult to know because they. can't even this. forest has found a way. around let's take a look. here in the fence and other wildlife are home free without posing a pretty 2 from us and their livestock living nearby but because they are separated by an electric fence just of. a conservation. human they just the fence and oversaw its construction it's solar powered and has proved. it. in the great rift valley. we did about 43.3 kilometers and it's done now. and now with their walk we're doing now is. the bench and also.
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into the community so that they can be able to own it must citizen is a forest beekeeper one of many here they belong to the a good community which has practiced beekeeping for hundreds of years the bees are kept in traditional wooden hives and the honey is extracted by hand beekeeping is still allowed in the forest dropping down trees and hunting are not. now i am sure. if we took care of where the animal lives in the same way they must look after their cattle or other communities into their livestock crops so we lived off honey and bush meats and live here in the knowledge that this was like off on a quiet night when your to do in a fairly. one of the to protect the forest the indigenous community has been given land and access to water outside it. has now turned to tomato farming.
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when you are going to come we don't depend on this is us anymore it used to be the kiss of our business i am of the you wouldn't see any greenery here more than the ground would be patched up there with me so you know what is one of the biggest changes like an artist. now it's green everywhere then vellum and has really changed there you member women to me claim that these things are supposed to protect key areas of forest where in full feeds going as rivers the product which receives support from government agencies charitable foundations and the corporate sector has proved a great success and now it is of modern woodland in other parts of the country are being fenced as will. i normally if you. see. forest being. spared for the animals and for and vironment so and i'm quite happy to see such an electric fence set up to protect the sound was from
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going outside to the community. and that in turn has protected the community from damage caused by wondering why life. fences are given the forests the animals living here in the nearby communities to feed them to flora should. we not onto an engine from the still up just today last moment after learning the technique in you're an artist i'm gonna now creates all sorts of beautiful things in this one chip. just right as soon as there is no professional glass recycling assorting gonna find a way of clearing off some of the waste by turning it into other useful objects here is this week's doing your bits. will come out. one round our goal it only shows for. hard.
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the materials used to make this glowing molten blob came from the garbage. that. we were. glass. governor doesn't have a formal system for collecting and recycling waste glass so a lot ends up in landfills the only certified glass blower in west africa michael taytay works exclusively with recycled glass his craft requires a lot of patience and experience let down grow a little. a little bit of what mark learned some of. the old world groove numerous steps are required to complete each unique object which takes teammates in a wide variety of colors hatton's shapes and sizes is i catch in creations are sold
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in a gallery around 11 year olds each. piece is made you can give them a new design in a specification and you make it and the color for you also has products. and we like the 5 bed waste into usable out of 5. pounds of ensure that sustainable glassblowing has a few cheering ghana michael takes a also teaches this traditional craft to young people in his workshop passing on his sustainable methods to the next generation of artists. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet. after doing your bit. sharing your story. pretty much the world over
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these are known to be industrious creatures in english we've been used to chair busy bees well like many other insects they are under threats others are for ticks or stalk overbought original kosovo is sold a new rope this calls a fish and they're still working to protect a good lick not through habit where the important pollinators plea a key role. it's usually men who wear this kind of outfits and cassava they are hardly any female beekeepers in the country sheep a shiela is one of them the beekeeping season might be over but she still checks on her charges. regularly. and electric fence protects her hives from the bears that still roam this area near priestman kosovo's 2nd largest city. the shar mountains national park just to the south is
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a refuge for balkan links this species of wildcat is critically endangered there are only a few dozen of them left. sheep or shall or has 150 beehives she's the boss and her husband works for her that's quite an unusual set up but it works for them. they're all we like to do things systematically. i start from one and. my husband starts from the other. we like to compete. it's kind of a game to see who can check more beehives. today it looks like a tie. once the inspections are done charlotte takes care to extinguish the coal in her smoker which is used to come the bees a forest fire could have disastrous consequences. she doesn't have any trouble
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finding buyers for her organic honey. it sells for twice the price of the honey sold at street side markets be keeping sheep breeding and she's making are an important part of the economy in kosovo the youngest and smallest nation in the balkans. shallow went abroad to study organic farming methods. nowadays environmental activists come to see her to learn how she applies organic methods to be keeping. the aim is to raise awareness across kossovo of eco friendly farming practices. i attended a workshop in germany i learned a lot about animal welfare which nobody here knows anything about i'm now giving courses to pass on this knowledge i hope people will come to realize we have to protect. and that includes being as they are so important for the environment.
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nature conservation can be an uphill battle. and neighboring albania hydro power plants are still widely considered eco friendly way to generate electricity but building more of them alongside illegal timber felling would further shrink the habitats of endangered species such as bears lynx and wolves. sheepish alice says most of the people don't realise what is going on they're just not aware of the issues but she wants to change that. we have to pay more attention to our natural environment especially in the national park this also affects my business. if forest clearance and everything that goes along with it is allowed to go on i will eventually lose my. because if they gained independence in 2008 it's only natural she says that it will take a while for such
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a young country to sort things out. for one remains optimistic. back to africa now to meet a man here in the large area who believes that farming should be both sustainable and profitable something or bully has declared war on the concept of soft cisterns farming where farmers plant a small plot of land and just about make ends meet a few years ago he launched a training campaign aimed at revolutionizes small scale farming with hydroponic agriculture. samson or bullis sees agribusiness as the root of sustainable development and job creation the head trainer at farm lab you know good state southwestern nigeria believes agriculture must be business minded technology driven and climate smart the 38 year old is also keen to pass on his knowledge to others.
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remember if you practice you before practice i agree business you're on the on the road to wealth so what. grandfather deeds. you do you should ask yourself how rich was your grandpa. how rich. you know if they are not well how can the system make you rich. over the past 7 years has trained over 10000 young nigerians for him agriculture is no way to make a quick buck and requires a hands on approach. a lot of people and i realize not everybody has the amounts to pay for training now you don't want to do going to agriculture without being properly trained if not they would waste money time with the resources so i figure out front i am setting up more farms what if i give people the opportunity to walk. at the same time so instead of looking for money to
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pay for your lesson fee for your lending fee and all of that. for free and actually set up a form farmers like gloria oil lobby you hope to scale up their agribusiness using the hydroponic method this uses water rich in nutrients instead of soil this makes planting and harvesting possible regardless of season. why because it is less than us and to. create almost as quickly not accurately will almost. call only if an ice and other. students spill to this growing touch during a one week program they learn how to set up a soil or scare a planet from nutrients laden mist nourishes the plants which makes maximum use of
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area and fertilizer. going up and to be principal farming if you follow the principle you can apply to many plants you want to develop on your farm so for the trough system you where you want to set up the trial for the plant. and all is great about the way for workers to. samson and his farm lab team are convinced soulless farming could be a blueprint for sub-saharan african countries to feed themselves sustainably and profitably. with the number of students increasing daily plans to grow his training program across nigeria. whoa amazing what they're doing on the next report is also about training young people 1st time you've got not far from where you also compile up what's going on there well the program is meant to show how business opportunities and jobs can be created while
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on the same time protecting our planet and its resources we've visited london cab that encourages young people to turn their vision into reality and we met some pretty inspiring entropy. our house collapsed might only be able to when mother died from the injuries she suffered so i turned my opinion food post into a motivation i never knew that what i'm doing will turn this big to me and can devote a moment. i thought and i thought discriminated because of my often falling from malaria i am now part of the solution in my country to people each of the vision join never got producers saw with the sin that propels mosquitoes according to the un every 2 minutes a child under the age of 5 dies of malaria. even if i'm not saving all the kids
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that are suffering right now i am placed there ones that i can join america he's a founder and director of the green business apps i call africa which builds ours is out of recycled plastic boat was government not of a god graduate service so sure you know vision academy for short. it's located in the town of one p.g. about particularly to the south of uganda's capital kampala. here young people including often street kids learn how to devolve their ideas into successful businesses due to recover 1000 pandemic only a few students are currently able to attend classes on campus especially in uganda people are not prepared to work together to present themselves to ask critical questions. on solutions. and we are learning that. and that's why often not everybody will become an entrepreneur but many of our scholars as well that
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have been have found jobs. one of the solutions latest to kampala we are plastic questions a huge problem 350000 tons of trash accumulate in the ugandan capital every year and only half of it is disposed of. much of the plastic lands in these trash dump recycling isn't common here john may recover mark pays young trash collectors to gather both to his that he can use to build houses. every time i come here and i do like give some money to other people for example it's locally all dipping our environment to give me a lot of hope that even the future then that is what will in the hold it hold the planet that we we have done all we have protected from plastic with. us is pressed into plastic bottles to make bricks many women work for governments
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business giving them the chance to on here own money. cover must seize their house is a cool inside even on hold days his business has already constructed more than 100 buildings using over 3000000 plastic bottles in the process. due to the coronavirus pandemic commissions have slowed and but there is funding coming in from abroad we are revising different solutions on the way we can be able to survive as a company probably have also good. people to support us for example we go with some funding from ikea. that decided to support us and especially. to join one of the guys brought in a few bars of soap one of the women who supply her with them dry as a key ingredient in our product. before the coffee $1000.00 prices nobody got charged to her wrists on hold. but another day. she's
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expanded her business online i have a vision to make my. case i have a vision to make africa instead of running away from it to make it a better place. if my grandmother huppenthal. i know it will be probably me. i'm sure she would it is good to be reminded that looking out to the environment you should do well that's all we had for you today thank you all for changing us so long for me. here in kampala until next time. but for now sun dress always a pleasure hosting the show with you if you also remember you can find out more vault of protection on sawston ability social media platforms i'm chris sign you know from lagos see you again next week. da.
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da. da. da. the guy.
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behind the besides the congo's ultra wealthy. rich and famous in one of the world's poorest countries who was responsible for this in the democratic republic of the condo and most importantly how are they doing it. on go millionaires of kenya. in 15 minutes on d w. one continent 700000000 people.
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all with their own personal stories. we explore every day life for. what europeans fear and what they hope for. some kids are in their own. humor 90 minutes on d w. n you mean they are years and years we've got new and how last year's german sounds now we'll bring you an angle our mascot as you've never had have before the surprise still sells but it is possible who is magical really what moves are important also who talked to people who followed her along the way admirers and
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critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from echols last done. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from establishing itself. both religious and secular leaders want to display their power . to trace against. and create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. stone masons builders architects compete with each other. this is how a massive church was created. contest the feel good start. on d w. this
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is the to believe news live from birds that the un strongly condemns military violence in me our security council members site they are deeply concerned at the rapidly deteriorating situation as the army needs to ramp up its stately crackdown on antiques and protests coming up u.s. president joe biden unveils his new cabinet saying his team looks like america going to washington for all the details on who was made it to the table and now becoming a vaccine skepticism how to convince ethnic minority.


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