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tv   Lesenswert Quartett  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2021 7:30pm-8:16pm CEST

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recycling in her disposable smart overstrained serving our. earth is truly unique and we know that our uniqueness is what allows us to win survivor guilt why do you know it's your turn to soon in global 3000 on g.w. i'm going to. this is today previews africa on the program today covert 19 and castle wrestling in uganda villages in the cattle motor region say the pandemic is fueling a resurgence of cattle raiding and that the violence has left hundreds of women widowed and without means. and bracing for the 3rd wave in south africa people are making the most struck the loosing of cold at 19 restrictions as infection rates stabilize but as the end of summer approaches it's feared cases
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will stocks to rise again. hello i'm christy it's good to have your company but kovac 19 pandemic is creating havoc in uganda with people have reported a shop rise in incidence of cattle raiding now desperate poaches without other economic opportunities are again resorting to stephen livestock is a region in north east in uganda it's home to people from the night last week it's knit group who are mostly agro paul stroll curtis now the resurgence off cattle receive a rating they it has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of ship it's who've been killed while trying to fight off the raid it's now their widows on the left to fend for themselves so one woman has set up an initiative to help the widows with skills
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which they can feed their families. more. firewood. but the money she makes from selling it is still not enough to feed her 8 children my husband was killed while looking after the cows and the cows were stolen. and that's a problem because here in the who don't reach you know how much you know often means no food and although cattle raiding has long been a part of life 90 has make the situation worse. leaders say security forces are failing to protect people like most who know from the raiders so yes there was a police officer as well locked in their barracks supporters that want to raise another what is a nobody here to come out in the past year during the pandemic deadly cattle rates in the region have left 3 on the 15th when the widow. they said elmo has been
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helping them she found out where a group she set up to 8 women in the region we saw. they put what you did raid to do a space study do we do as you so we do is we want to highlight then we want to train them so that we empower them economy by teaching them how to do some small businesses so that he took on happened if. so. could a slow mo also try to help the cattle raiders who feel they don't have a choice like a new young i was doing great even if i have money or the cattle that will help me and a young explains to raiders face at fortune tellers like betty yeah yeah who predicts where cattle can be found that grace persuaded betsy to help her a designer. stop going to look for cows you will die you may have gone to pick cows but you don't go again and that you will die out. we
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were today over at 91 so deep into poverty and. jobs were lost and that led to even more. grace helps both women and men become less dependent on cattle by starting businesses like beat making to make them. pay some buy books for the children send their children to school and also another income do you know they can use their minding site would be mine gold. so people will come to buy model musos relieved to be able to help her children with the money she makes from gold mining but it's hard work for small returns i'm a guy but when i fail to find gold i can still go for charcoal burning for selling . for these communities
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that are small economic businesses are enough to sustain the life of the hoods because as long as poverty exists cattle raiding will continue. more than 1000 survivors of a deadly attack by the islamist insurgents in gold in mozambique have arrived in the port off dozens were killed and more than 8000 displaced in the attack on the coastal town of fallujah last week the situation there is still i'm clear as communications have been cut short while the attack is seen as the biggest is collation off violence in the region since the insurgency started 4 years ago just ransacked properties and beheaded children and adults civilians one survivor describes what happened to her when the militias struck. i was a toll at the time of the day when the attack happened i was a tome after the shooting started i went out running without taking anything as you
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see i was with my daughter sister in law and my neighbors and their sister and brothers as well and my husband's nephew they stayed in panama because they couldn't find the transportation to come to pemba. we were 7 days in the bush without eating without doing anything suffering. now the african union is calling for urgent and coordinated regional and international action in response to the attack the african union's chairman mustafa expressed what he called most concerned at the presence of international extremist groups in southern africa now the united nations also had this warning. about your call is there too old to be escalation of violence. out of province continues to drive massive displacement following the recent attacks by no state or groups and
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ongoing clashes reported. since march 24th security situation remains road it is. sure. let's take a look at some other stories making news across the continent the libyan coast guard has risk you'd 138 migrants off to the boat they were traveling in capsized off the libyan coast among them would 9 women and 2 children officials say they were all transported to the naval base in tripoli where they were given medical treatment now the risky came a day off the 2 women and 3 children drowned when a nother boat carrying dozens of europe bound migrants capsized off libya. and mali has launched a vaccination campaign against covert 19 health minister fantasy was the 1st person in the country to receive the jab in bamako during the event at the hospital
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university center frontline health workers called the astra zeneca vaccine which money received through the kovacs make an ism earlier this month now the country has registered almost $10000.00 confirmed cases and $384.00 deaths that's according to fit is by the johns hopkins university. dozens of countries have banned south africans from entering and many flights have been suspended now their am is to prevent the spread of the call that $900.00 varian 1st discovered in the country which is highly contagious and also feared to be resistance to some vaccines but at the same time new infection rates in south africa dropped rapidly and appear to have stabilized correspondent has on its report. camps bay in the summer is coming to an end and hardly anyone seems worried about the pen demick people are good about social distancing but they rarely observe the
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legal requirements of wearing a mask to be honest i'm just enjoying the phoenix today he and missed out on a lot. of like the weekends just 2 minutes these days. i missed it because. i am happy that i'm free i'm able to come to the beach and have fun playing for quite some time we must be to see when the but i even in the summer you seem. like all of a sudden love people couldn't come to the beach. away from the fish enjoying the sea you know seen the sunset but this is life. life is coming back to normal the economy has been open there's a sense of normalcy again here in cape town despite the absence of thousands of tourists who would normally be here at this time of the year but the whole world appears to be afraid of the new mutation of the virus that 1st 1st discovered here in south africa the 2nd wave in south africa was stronger than expected because of
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the 1351 this mutation is thought to be as contagious as the british one but in january the infection rate suddenly dropped and the numbers have remained closed hearings majority you know not unlike in europe we had many of those. and they came. in such agreements are going to cost of the 1st ransom opposite action. and i mean any momentum and we want to sustain that destruction and more lenient and went to lower levels and he did that because all the. antibody studies show that almost 50 percent of cape town's population has already been. infected and in some crowded the number is higher the excess death rate suggests that nearly 150000 people have
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died from 19 by religious fears that the south african variants could be more resistance to vaccines and previews covert infections similar to the brazilian one . but studies on this. rises says there is no evidence that the new variant has caused the high mortality rate and he says they are signs of districts with. the. first wave. of fictive during the 2nd wave makes one think of some protective effect. some protective effect even off a picture with the previous. but the think is that if you are in friction with the area and you. against any preceding. nevertheless. already preparing for the 3rd wave by increasing testing capacities
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and because many people continue to ignore the corona virus regulations experts expect the number of new infections to rise again. now in kenya a group environmentalist's have constructed using discarded plastic and not just a random but a traditional kenyan it's 10 metres long and. 7 tenths. water 3 years ago and has sailed during the last 3 weeks around lake victoria not full fun but for a mission. want to raise awareness of the environment and show that. is possible. isn't that something well that doesn't. a lot of the stories on conflict slash africa were also on facebook and on twitter when he left change agents the scene extract about.
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happiness is for everyone schumann penises are very different from primates you know we have a totally ridiculous size view of nature david and this is climate change regular sex how freeness includes books you get smarter for free you don't read books on routers. i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with people in a room cinema. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair. that
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language. this keeps me and could help us meet the in truck loads of say you want to know their story. lines are fighting and reliable information for margaret. the. nominations for this year's brit awards are in which singer do a leap out in the running for the really prizes. but she's got some stiff competition more on that coming up on arts and culture and a designer gets her dues claudia skoda created edgy looks for music legends. david bowie and cher now an exhibition highlights her ingenuity. and jewish humorists in germany take on anti semitism.
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it's a woman's world at this year's brit awards and that is a big change last year the brits were criticized for nominating only male acts in the best album category this year there are 4 women nominated and only one male artist. starts out there do a lead but is the best known nominee in the running with her album future in astrology. it's all. going. to w culture reporter my crew goes here for more about this year's brit award nominations michael do a leap oh he's got 3 nominations this year she already won a grammy for this album is this just going to be the duleep push of maybe maybe but they also see 2 other female musicians was 3 nominations and 1st of all we have
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celeste she has won last year in the category rising star and and now she's nominated for best female solo artist full best and break us through artists she's a soul sensation originally from california and now she's british and she has this remarkable voice. and sound now. yes she does. she does and she's also a great songwriter as also written songs for a couple of soundtracks and also 3 nominations in the same categories for pox also newcomer from london very classic. so together was doing these strong women leading the race for the awards but has
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some stiff competition ok so that awards are about british music of course but there are also these international categories best international male artist best international female artist who should we watch out for there it's a bit confusing i was a bit surprised at the rw springsteen nomination because he's the old rock he's from another generation and i don't thing that so many younger ones still know him but he has good chances to win also an award by the way the record labels have a big influence over who gets nominated so of course we have the most successful artists like. taylor swift for example she has just tricked the 1000000000 mark on you tube in just a few months was her latest song ok you as a music lover as a culture journalist just briefly who do you think should win should win. is
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a very good word for it because i don't thing that she's going to win but i keep my fingers crops crossed full of us and she is just special. nominated for the mix solo artist and her voice is so fine deep obscure but maybe she's just not mainstream for this and we're going to have to see the brits are on may 11th michael grieco thanks so much thank you. now to a session designer elle magazine calls one of the women who defines 20th century style cloudy as skoda created net where for singers donna summer cher tina turner and david bowie now scored his hometown of berlin is celebrating her with an exhibition of her designs the show's already been postponed twice because of the coronavirus but it's now viewable online and here on t.w. arts and culture. the exhibition dressed to thrill celebrates the heady early days
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of how the esko does career in the 1970 s. and eighty's. the fashion designer was a key figure in west berlin underground see. her work was considered a fun card. does son of a card is what the other said i never said to myself now i'm going to be out on cards it just happened somehow. or we simply did what we want to. life and berlin was a bit freer back that and you can go about things in a playful way. and. also have. surrounded by the berlin wall and east germany west berlin was a little island of freedom claudia skoda presented her clothes in an industrial complex and in her loft in a former factory building which she called somebody you know a group of creatives who were like a family to her and lived and worked there scotus fashion shows were like
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happenings or performances with models who danced their way down the runway these recordings give a sense of the energy and mood of those days. even though the police energy was pushed in part by our status as a kind of island we could move around within a certain framework and then we wanted to really move a lot because there was nothing outside we wanted ever. thing to be beautiful and exciting and interesting and also meaningful but boy don't smile. david bowie and iggy pop lived in berlin in the mid 1970 s. found of course claudia skoda hung out with the city's creatives attended her runway shows musicians and artists such as martin kemp and back he put a grafter in a subway station posing with her knitting machine as if it were a guitar. photographer jim cato also took
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a portrait so her the other photos in the exhibition are almost all by well known artists evidence of scotus excellent connections. that we did things for the sheer pleasure of it because we just wanted to do them and i had support from all of my artist friends my fabric noyes family from everyone really but i probably couldn't have done it on my own as little cloudy or whatever it was so i thought. and so she became the great cloudy escada who makes fashion into a work of art i. makes people laugh of course but crew for groups that face oppression they can also be a way to process trauma here in germany a group of jewish cartoonists and humorists are using jokes to cope with discrimination the book is ironically called anti semitism for beginners.
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that's art mr goldberg your count is in the red surprising given your surname. you're converting to judaism why we want to become part of the global conspiracy these are some of the city cartoons founded miriam hubbard scientology anti-semitism for beginners which pokes fun at anti jewish stereotypes the new york born writer of jewish descent who has german roots came up with the book project at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. immediately old conspiracy theories started circulating like the jews are to blame for the coronavirus that really bothered me. so i told myself i no longer want to get angry i want to laugh about this instead. we're at berlin's jewish look at 200 long book store books from our yellow publishing house germany's 1st jewish publisher of
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children's books are on sale here. founded 11 years ago these days she's also releasing books for adults like the kosher comics. who for more. jewish humor takes a difficult or a sad situation or what have you. and exaggerates it or adopts a new perspective on it. and that creates a sense of relief. come on in russian she wish novelist but in your community has lived in berlin for 30 years has humorous works about everyday life of one of millions of fans he contributed a satirical text hypers times and says humor is perfect for countering anti-semitic conspiracy theories. the focus ring of course but it's
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a nice fantasy imagining our planet is not simply circle about someone who's actually directing communicating and controlling everything. but i don't think it's the jews. at least not those i know. the bestselling author says the humor in his novels stems from the train tragic scene. is that of course remaining detached is key. i've always had this detachment from the world given my jewish roots which i never chose. we were always treated like strangers we were always outsiders kind of like living in a guest house gulf but that i believe has helped me over the years ago out of the good quote from you know i'm sorry jokes about jews and jewish humor are not the same thing. and.
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so it's good to be on come out performing the jews are to blame a satirical song written in 1931 by clearly holland mocking the nazis anti semitism . holland german composer and humorist of jewish descent was later forced to flee to the us. holland square has been named in his honor vivian khanna often performs holland she's also contributed a satirical text to me on the high pitched arms and colleges. and deal with it whether it's a virus spreading or a runny nose whether it's a failed relief package or a heavy cough whether it's climate change or rising sea levels whether it's a prolonged holiday or wages being cut the jews are to blame the jews are to blame for everything and i'm sure she says humor is the best way to tackle anti semitism . because it's so grotesque and absurd that 75 years after the end of the war we're
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still asking ourselves have people learned from the past and you feel that no they haven't that's why miriam her book is so fantastic because at the end of the day laughing is the best medicine and it's the best the middle c. and. so miriam had the stamp plans to continue publishing books that provide a humorous and lighthearted take on jewish life. for more arts and culture news check us out at d.f.w. dot com slash culture but for now i'll leave you with some images from spain where traditional perceptions ahead of easter have been canceled now for a 2nd year in a row to the coronavirus well some people in the city of. holy week exhibition and stud see you next time.
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africa. 2 young visionaries. with a dream of. joan joan and graduates of uganda social innovation academy talent to come here to land how to turn their ideas into successful businesses and the new that's what i'm doing ton this big i am now solution in my country eco for go. 90 minutes on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. t.w. world heritage 360 get me out now. more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is
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a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest most beautiful structures. stone masons builders and architects compete with each other to even begin to carjacks. this is how massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created. contest of the cathedrals starts people 12th d.w. .
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this is the news live from the united nations walt warns f. full scale civil war could break out in myanmar the u.n. says a block but is imminent as the army ramps up its deadly crackdown on protesters. also coming up a chilling verdict on freedom in a home called high profile activists convicted of a lawful assembly. face years in prison we visit a campaigner who's spent a lifetime fighting for democracy in china.
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as welcome to the program and we begin with the 1000000 man and growing international concern over the conflict between the military regime and pro-democracy activists the un special envoy has warned of a possible civil war and says a bloodbath is in minutes of an tensions escalating crowds are still gathering every day despite the deaths of more than 500 people killed by security forces the latest escalation aircraft have bombed positions held by the carrier an ethnic minority for the 1st time in 2 decades meanwhile the deposed civilian leader aung san suu kyi has been charged with violating a colonial era secrets law. and war we're now joined by journalist dave from kuala lumpur malaysia dave concert c 3 of her deposed cabinet members as well
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as an australian advisor all charged with violating the official secrets law what do you make of that. yes so them as well as on some suchi to well this is a colonial era law and the way these chloe era laws and miasma are 30 written away that are so broad and it's so vague that you can twist and turn them to make just about anything a file ation and that's you know we don't know the specifics of what she allegedly did here that would lead to these charges or same goes for all of them but they can these clinton era laws are in to make it easy to make almost anything a violation and look she was charged a week ago according to her chief lawyer and her chief lawyer just found out about it 2 days ago so it just shows you how ridiculous the system is a man on the m.r. does not have an independent judiciary so the military in the end can bend and twist things to get the result but they want. a u.n. envoy has warned that may be on the brink of a civil war that's serious. when you look at how the situation has
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deteriorated during the past few weeks the massive uptick in violence the security forces attacks largely on unarmed civilians. now you may see more armed ethnic groups potentially getting involved the fight different fronts the fact that students and office workers from the main cities have been going to the jungles to get a sense a crash courses in guerrilla warfare all of this just shows you that this really does have the potential to turn into a full blown civil war how quickly we get there is a little difficult to say but as this develops we could suddenly be looking at suit shortages. the public health care system in myanmar which even before the pandemic was greatly under resourced well now it's barely functioning that could get much worse. this it could absolutely turn into a complete humanitarian disaster and me and our country who just
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a couple years ago people were talking about the potential for a while now we have to wonder if it's going to turn into a failed state before it does what would it take at this point to resolve this crisis is that any chance for talks a dialogue. there's still time but the countries that haven't you know taken the steps are taking steps necessary to do that so many haven't done that yet and time is running out if you look at the u.n. security council well you seem strong steps being pushed from western countries u.s. u.k. france but to other countries that have veto power russia and china have not allowed any strong actually come out of the u.n. security council would either of those countries do anything individually china could make a difference here china's got some leverage here but china doesn't seem to have an interest in doing that they haven't shown that yet the association of southeast asian nations which to me m.r. is a member of they could they could have some real impact here they've generally had
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a policy of noninterference in each other's internal affairs but lately we're seeing stronger statements coming out of members such as singapore indonesia philippines malaysia thailand but they're going to have to really do more and they going to have to step up the pressure politically soon if it's going to make a difference. from kuala lumpur malaysia thank you very much for this as mine. a court in hong kong has convicted 7 prominent pro-democracy activists and politicians for their role in anti-government protests in 2019 sentencing of the group will take place at a later date but they could face up to 5 years in prison 2 other defendants had previously pleaded guilty. well those convicted on thursday include the man known as hong kong's father of democracy martin lee he is the 82 year old co-founder of the democratic party also 73 year old media tycoon jimmy lie he's one
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of the most outspoken critics of the current administration and margaret a 73 year old's barrister and former lawmaker w.c. kong takes a look now at the decades long democracy struggle which for some activists started in beijing. a small flat in downtown hong kong weather woes only with young dedicated to the 18 i tell them in krakow is located demetri repression in beijing 32 years ago changed the course of many people in china and hong kong including leach again i was there during the group for the massacre and i was the pain propre days after my release practical on call i crash that i would spend my life time in 5 people in walkers in china. 5 were not being a very. strange techies on leisure is facing a difference fate critics and i don't nasa track now being carried out spent meeting this time on the slopes the liberal and democratic city hong kong in the
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wake of anti-government protest here 8 this which has struck all the nice thing and it's handy and authorizes and that's friendly it was over a 1000000 people took part was one of the few with that found questions every one of the defendants a high profile famous apart from media tycoon she knew i own a family law makers. because of the opposition movement like martin lee who is know this father after all this issue of the charges carries a maximum 5 year jail term right there even are these cases just the tip of the eyes with over $10000.00 others arrested for the church is the 1st verdict among the 9 charges for which reason trial beijing's misery imho sweeping national security law and his overhaul of the cities is that to a system intensify the fear. of an eis hong kong's tenement mourning vigil every year calling for an end to china's one party who for decades and that they can make
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him a prime time get and beijing security this year he will likely be absent for the very 1st time in this era in a way they're going to close part of throat now i would convert my by saying that this is already. a blessing for me that i would only have to go to jail after 40 years of activism in hong kong. but i'm ready to pay the price and ready to face it having witnessed hong kong's decades long struggle the 64 year old activist is not optimistic but he believes that his success says it will continue to fight for democracy and to defy the leverage to call. the earlier asked nathan a lawyer pro-democracy activist from hong kong and former student leader who is living in exile in london at the moment these convictions mean for hong kong's democracy movement. so for now that the pro-democracy movement has stepped into
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a lot types it's like we're stepping into a winter storm that every one of us has to face it and possibly the boat tends to light lol but if someone is still missing they will receive serious repercussion but i don't think that will kill all the determination of us fighting for democracy i think many of us have already been joe and see it as one of a cost that worth to pay on the role of struggle so i think many of them actually have to mental preparation for that and for the rule of law and on call it's all gone under the national security law and people's freedom of expression and freedom of association being all and not only to it so i think that is a sad reality of own home. now the laws begin there now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world at this hour
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in japan authorities in osaka have cancer have asked to cancel its leg of the olympic torch relay the city has recently seen a surge of coronavirus infections relays scheduled to come through in 12 days time . pope francis has begun celebrating the christian holy week of easter by leading a mass and st peter's the drill in rome at the pontiff skipped the traditional service commemorating jesus' last supper other events over the weekend will be restricted. holy thursday service has also been held at notre dame cathedral in paris the 1st since the gothic building was badly damaged in a fire 2 years ago the scaled down ceremony involved the football team ritual that symbolizes jesus' willingness to serve. in the u.s. president joe biden convened his 1st cabinet meeting at the white house biden aims
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to promote his new 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan the senate confirmed his full cabinet last week biden has described it as the most diverse in u.s. history. and for more on that i'm now joined by the w.'s washington bureau chief in as full in his bio has presented a diverse cabinet with lots of firsts who stands out. well many so let me start the new interior secretary deb hall and she will be in charge of the federal government's role in the relationship was native american land she herself is native american and native activists have complained for years that the federal government has tarnished them by land by taking their land building pipelines and causing destruction all this out talking to 2 native
8:12 pm
tribes all the thout their input they hope now that this hall and they have an advocate that will protect them from future abuse there's also the 1st openly gay cabinet member. right the young 39 year old former indiana mayor and 2020 presidential candidate but a change came onto the scene 2 years ago and tense become a household name because of his youth. he's able to speak multiple languages and he comes across as very very energetic he holds position as transportation secretary and will be no really responsible for this huge huge trillion dollar infrastructural bill which we just heard of so if he's really able to pas this plan this very very ambitious bill he
8:13 pm
will be heralded for his work and maybe maybe he could be talking about the 1st president of the united states so those 2 stand out but tell us about the others in that new cabinet. they actually several of the photos for biden's cabinet for example foremost fed chair janet yellen she's the 1st women treasury secretary there's also lloyd austin he is the 1st african american defense secretary a position that will determine the future of the u.s. in the middle east and i'm sure we will hear a lot about him over the cause of the next months and years as many of the biden cabinet both yellen and alston by the way were always already members of the obama administration and joe biden himself so if the obama's so he knows him very well but it is important to know that not all has been going for biden because the asian
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community has been upset that he didn't choose any asian representatives in his cabinet. our washington bureau chief you know spaulding thank you in this. and in football news north macedonia has stunned germany winning 21 in the world cup qualifier and whose book midfielder elgin scored the decisive goal late in the 2nd half that ended germany's 18 match winning streak in world cup qualifiers it was also the germans a final competitive game before this summer's european championship the result sparked while celebrations among the few north macedonian fans they ended up singing with the national team outside the state. euros europe's biggest volcano lit up the night sky as italy's mount etna burst
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into action again streams of lava spewed out of the volcano creating ash clouds kilometers high flies from one airport in the area have been stopped to lead to russian since the mountain came back to life in europe and that's it from me and the news team here in berlin thank you very much for that. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship protests one to be shot now and if your newspapers when official information has attorneys you have work on the streets of many qantas and their problems are almost the same point to social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we can't afford to stay side.


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