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tv   Nuhr im Ersten  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2021 2:00pm-2:46pm CEST

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biala gassed transferred. managed by truck. this is g.w. news live from berlin a chilling verdict on democracy in hong kong 7 high profile activists could face years in prison after a court convicts down for on lawful assembly it is the latest blow to the democracy movement that once attracted millions. also coming up the u.n. warns of the potential for civil war and me and mark as the military ramps up its
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violent crackdown on anti crude demonstrators. president biden on bale's the 2 trillion dollar infrastructure overhaul for the united states but how does he plan to pay for the massive spending package. plus india is the world's leading manufacturer for cobra $1000.00 axioms but it is falling behind in the race to vaccinate its own population our team in delhi find out why. i'm sumi so much god it's good to have you with us a court in hong kong has convicted 7 prominent pro-democracy activists and politicians for their role in anti-government protests in 2019 sentencing of the group will take place at a later date but they could face up to 5 years in prison 2 other defendants have.
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sleep pleaded guilty. now those convicted on thursday include the man who was known as hong kong's father of democracy martin lee here he is the 82 year old co-founder of the democratic party also included is 73 year old media tycoon jimmy lie and he is one of the most outspoken critics of the current administration and then there is margaret only a 73 year old barrister and former lawmaker. kong takes a look at the decades long democracy struggle which for some activists started in beijing. a small flat in downtown hong kong weather woes only was young dedicated to the 89 tenement crackdown is located minatory repression in beijing 32 years ago since the cause of many people in china and hong kong including leach again i was there during the doing for massacre and i was the pain propre days after my release back to hong kong i crashed and i will spend my life time in 5 people democracy in
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china and so that those who sacrificed were not being very. st jacques is on legion again he is facing a different fate critics see him on a massive track now being carried out by the change this time honest news from liberal and democratic city hong kong in the wake of anti-government protest here an age this was hard for organizing and attending and authorizes and that's really it was over a 1000000 people took part was one of the few with that found and questions every one of the defendants are high profile figures apart from media tycoon jimmy and i owe a formal lawmakers icons of the opposition movement like martin lee who is know this afternoon this issue of the charges carries a maximum 5 year choto. yes but this case is just the tip of the eyes with over $10000.00 adults arrested for the yang is the 1st verdict among the 9
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charges for which he's on trial beijing's recently post weeping national security law and his overhaul of the city's that 2 system intensify the fear. denies hong kong sentiment mourning a vigil every year calling for an end to china's one party who for decades and that would take to make him a prime target and beijing security this year he will likely be absent for the very 1st time in this era in a way they're going to go now i would convert my by saying that this is already. a blessing for me i would only have to go to jail after you know for the. you know hong kong. but i'm ready to pay the prize and ready to face it something witnessed hong kong's decades long struggle the 64 year old activist is not optimistic but he believes that his accent says we'll continue to fight for democracy and to defy the
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leverage to call. our correspondent phebe kong sent us that report and we'll go to her live back to hong kong now for more on the story hi phoebe what more can you tell us about these verdicts handed down today. well the church has basically rejected almost all the fans' arguments in ruling that should rule is that there is nothing to do with unconstitutional there is nothing unconstitutional about the persecution itself and the offense of authorize assembly even those the rally is a peaceful one so during the trial the defendants argued that the new rarely they participated in which is originally approved by the police that they hold an assembly in the park that they want to lead a crowd of heart out of because of safety concerns and because of a crowd control measures but all of these reasons and arguments are basically
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dismissed by the church at the end and now the case will adjourn to 16 of april of this month and then to wait for the dependents to submit their medication before sentencing and this case will also be such as a reference to other similar cases about protests trials that we are expecting results later this year what does all of this mean for the pro-democracy movement in hong kong. as mentioned all the defendants very appalled prominent and iconic figures in hong kong history of pro-democracy movement and more importantly this ruling will likely be a deterrent are the protesters and especially the peaceful protesters and on and all the 9 says that the stake is getting higher and higher that it seems that the coaster to show all rights arguments is no longer a defense in court and they will have to pay a higher price 45 mins well earlier we did have
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a chance to speak to nathan law who is also a pro-democracy activist from hong kong was living in london in exile at the moment we asked him what he thinks it means for the pro-democracy movement here's what he said. so for now that the pro-democracy movement has stepped into a lot types it's like we're stepping into a winter storm that every one of us has to face it and possibly people tends to light low but if someone is still persisting they will receive serious repercussion but i don't think that will kill all the determination of us fighting for democracy i think many of us have already been joe as see it as one of the cost that went to pay on the role of struggle so i think many of them actually have to mental preparation for that and for the rule of law and on call it's all gone under the national security law and people's freedom of expression
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and freedom of association being all related so i think that is a sad reality of all. sophie that is a pretty chilling assessment that we just heard there from nathan law we know that there's been a lot of condemnation from western governments of what is happening in hong kong does that have any impact. well although the charges that the knight defendants facing are not the most serious ones the national security offenses that could put the people behind bars for life but these fakers they are very symbolic that will definitely try on. global attention and pressure from the rest and country back in turn to turn to you when i defend this were arrested for these charges are u.s. and many major western governments have already expressed condemnation against the prosecution and this quote being the crackdown but of course. we are expecting
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about today's ruling will be any other sign for them to reassess hong kong's latest political situation and maybe that will reflect in their foreign policies are on hong kong and maybe china in china as well so but on the other hand of course beijing honk honk governments are insisting that they are just acting according to the law and we are showing that there is still independent judiciary in hong kong. we're putting there for us from hong kong thank you so much. let's check in on some other headlines from around the world the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in mozambique in the wake of a militant attack hundreds of people are still trying to flee the town of palma after the so-called islamic state gained control of the northern town last week. the libyan coast guard has intercepted a boat carrying dozens of migrants local authorities say the raft had capsized
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libya is a major route for migrants seeking a better life in europe aid agencies say many of them face human rights violations and poor living conditions while held in detention centers. japan has canceled the upcoming and upcoming leg of the olympic torch relay in the city of osaka following a surge in covert 19 cases the relay is currently passing through central japan observers have been told to refrain from cheering the tokyo olympics are due to begin in less than 4 months. in me and maher the who is further tightening its grip deposed leader aung san suu kyi has been charged with violating the country's colonial secrets act according to her lawyer this comes as the un special envoy for me and maher warned of a possible civil war amid intensifying clashes between the army and ethnic minority insurgents since the military staged a coup 2 months ago crowds have gathered daily defying the regime's violent crackdown in which more than 535 people have died neighboring thailand has called
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for an end to the violence. let's talk more about the situation in myanmar right now with david he is an activist and he's joining us from the city of mundelein and we're not using david's full name in order to protect his identity david we mentioned the violence has been escalating for weeks now what more can you tell us about what you have been observing on the ground where you are. oh. i just happened to be able to get this off of you 2 or 3 pm and what i saw was astonishing and quite surprising because the holy bible wasn't protesting they were just minding their own business and military force sneaked in from different alleys and started shooting randomly and so far i've heard that 5 people were shot to death and one for sent died in my hands it happened are all
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3 pm so yes that's the western part of the city and across the city this also means that that kind of random shooting and it looks like. they are trying to. know not just cracking down the protest i've been trying to not to repeat everyone in the c.b. so that we will start. raising all voices. ok so you're saying essentially the military is using indiscriminate force this is something they continue to deny a we saw the united nations warning that mean maher might be on the brink of a civil war is it. i i believe so because with this kind of oppression from the military and and continuous effort from all forces it is very likely that there will be a civil war you know months time and i would like to you know f. shield to the united nations to do something about it because we could see
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a lot of sanctions coming from the u.k. them the united states and egypt and i'll tell you a few countries but they hasn't been any new form sanctions coming from you and when it's just i and i know it will take time but this is a very delicate moment where a single meeting or a single decision can see a country not to be like syria which has been going on the civil war for 10 years or or a country in which really it's wives and democracy and i think this is really a critical moment ok so you're calling for a more immediate support from the international community what about the situation in myanmar with activists i mean at this point what would it take to be able to possibly resolve this crisis is there any avenue for example for for dialogue or for talks. all the military regime has yet he said. would anyone else and in there are going to be
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press conferences repeatedly or make false evidence and you know trying to or trying to you know get rid of the winning party. elected government so i i don't think there is a way to find a dialogue except our china is willing to help because i think the military junta is the lead us into china and china has all what to do you know get in between and try to find a way to open a dialogue with the international community as well as a legally elected government this year ph. we'll have to leave it there activist david speaking at to us from mandalay thank you very much. now france will close down schools for 3 weeks to fight a rapid spread in corona virus cases president to call warned that the country risks losing control of the pandemic of action is not taken france's parliament is
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debating them the new measures these include a nationwide curfew and a one month ban on domestic travel the infection rate is surging in france with almost $60000.00 new cases reported in the past day. intensive care units in hospitals all over france are running out of free beds at this medical center an hour north of paris that i.c.u. is full and they've been forced to add temporary beds to cope. feel this wave hitting us hard and we're hanging on people need to be warned that they should not gather we had a mother and her son die at the same time in 2 different intensive care rooms all because of a family gathering it's unbearable for us it's a very difficult situation to manage. spring weather has drawn people on to the
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streets despite the dramatic surge in covert 1000 cases images like these led medical experts to demand stricter measures and the government responded schools and non-essential shops will close and domestic travel is banned. presently man or mccrum pleaded for cooperation. in the coming months each one of us must make an extra effort this is what i ask of us collectively this evening. mccraw also promised to increase the number of i.c.u. beds from the current 7000 to more than 10000. and to speed up the sluggish vaccination program across the country unlike his european neighbors mccrone didn't tighten restrictions when numbers dramatically increased in january. the latest lockdown will be in place for at least
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a month mccraw hopes to reopen some cultural venues even restaurants and cafes by mid may. india has expanded its vaccination drive to include everyone above 45 years of age health workers have already administered more than 64000000 doses yet the high numbers are only a small portion of the country's population a recent surge in new infections has raised questions about why india is lagging behind on its vaccination goals. has more. than this electrical supply shop in delhi once took up all of the time. now he spends some of it on the deal book helping those affected by the pandemic while in a bush drink away from corporate 19 cases are always keeps a protective gear handy in his guard in case a patient needs to be dashed to the hospital. he believes his destiny is in god's
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hands and his fear of the good will not bias shouldn't keep him from helping those in need but so far his fear of infection has not managed to overcome his doubts about the vaccine or i've seen cases where people have been virtually after going through the required. that's really important they were not. there might of course. do a bit of positive person but then the exhibition then work or exhibition is drink over the forest or no i don't know is a very good vaccine development typically takes us. and he does not feel comfortable getting a vaccine that is michelle so quickly he believes many of those in india also prefer to be in march and the low turnouts and lack of long queues attacks in mission centers seem to be proving him. in years lying behind its acceleration
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targets which could be riot the country has now made the vaccine available to everyone above the age of 45 another reason could be to count all vaccine based in a meeting with state leaders india's prime minister narendra modi emphasized the need to stop the least of vaccine doses. we must take the problem of lack seen the stooge very seriously. every back seem based it is also a waste of someone's right to vaccination we cannot destroy someone's rights. to prevent the high rates of vaccines being wasted part of the problem lies in the parish ability of the vaccines each vaccine vial has then doses and once opened they must be used up within 4 hours if 10 people do not show up within that period . little meaning doses must be started. on. max initial centers like this one see there are simple b.'s to counter based we only open the
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bio when we have them be waiting to be vaccinated as some people call the friends we call those who did the good and get a vaccine that we would make sure we have enough time to. people under $45.00 and north of for should be eligible for an occupation. a divided on whether the with dick the job vendetta and come. he pulled my each can't keep waiting for the vaccine we can also get covered we should all get vaccinated assuming this possible . rio younger kids are growing 5 unfit so there's no need to go to work. one smart is comes to do that. for now the government is hoping for a big surge in the number of vaccinations and has put its exports on hold a stop raise indeed infections me just cause a shift in due in india. or
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let's get some more headlines now pope francis has begun marking the christian holy week of easter he led a mass on thursday in st peter's cathedral his traditional foot washing ceremony has been canceled for the 2nd year due to the pandemic attendance at other events over the weekend will be restricted. air traffic to the sicilian city of qatar now was temporarily halted on thursday due to her new volcanic activity on mount etna eruptions have been occurring frequently since february sending plumes of ash into the sky and rivers of lava cascading down at slopes scientists say there's no way of predicting when the spectacular explosions will end. and 4 people including a child have been killed in a shooting at an office building in orange county california 2 others including the suspect were wounded it is the 3rd deadly mass shooting in the united states in the last 2 weeks. u.s.
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president joe biden has unveiled a 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan biden called it a once in a generation investment that would allow the united states to outstrip china on the world's economic stage. nah. 50 years people would back and say this was. the. future. posing. as one time capital investment of roughly 2 trillion dollars and. spread largely over 8 years. generated story job growth historic economic help businesses to compete to create more revenues well. now the simplest package would modernize 32000 kilometers of road repairing thousands more bridges it would see the construction of half a 1000000 charging stations to accommodate the ever growing number of electric
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vehicles and it seeks to boost the return of industry to the u.s. from asia for example by investing in chip production let's get some analysis on this now with for us forman he's a professor of politics at bard college here in berlin hypothesis good to see you so we're talking about a 2 trillion dollars plan to upgrade infrastructure and to overhaul infrastructure from everything i'm from bridges to water systems but republicans are calling this a recipe for stagnation and decline why is that. well i mean this kind of reaction is not surprising given the last 5 decades of market less affair rhetoric so i am not i'm not believe a shocked but this kind of analysis what's interesting though is that infrastructure is mostly or happens to be one of those issues where sometimes bipartisan discussions at least happen hillary clinton made a suggestion when she ran for president trump donald trump was also in the in
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saying a big infrastructure package that never happened but at least rhetorically there is some openness and some opening also on the side of the republicans so who knows maybe there might be some individual republicans but i think the polarization is deep and probably of the democrats will have to will have to be very disciplined to get this through let's talk about how this plan works because the administration just passed a massive pandemic aid package so where exactly is the money for this infrastructure plan going to come from. well i mean this is the interesting part which is taxes on the rich and on corporations and of course there will be some resistance on their part as well this is also in part a way to repeal the parts of the trumpet legislation parts of the trump took a tax cut and biden has been emphasizing again and again that that tax deal at the time was mostly benefiting the rich so when he's and he's trying to make
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a working class argument how much of this package do you think that he can push through without the support of republicans and what might he have to do to get some republicans on his side. well i don't know i mean he's been trying to reach out on the right conservative news media people have been emphasizing that this was mostly a gesture which wasn't meant seriously it's true that polarization as i said is deep and probably he won't get much support by republicans he will probably also use the same strategy as at the time with the with the earlier package you mentioned so he's going to use the budget reconciliation procedure which means this cannot be filibustered he'll be able to do it with just $5050.00 votes in the senate but he can't afford to lose a single vote and he can't afford to lose more than 3 votes in the in the house of representatives so it's going to be tough yeah it's going to be very tight that we should say that both them by this predecessors donald trump and barack obama they
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made big pledges on and for structure investment and they failed to deliver deliver so do you think that joe biden's administration can do any better. it's interesting that china is also part of the discussion and the competition with china and when we look at the 250 years of history of the u.s. every time major infrastructure was built it was either at the moment of war mostly at a moment of war civil war cold war the the new deal era and the the world war and mostly it was done with cheap labor even with slave labor so the conditions under which this happens are under immense competition so to to kind of muster the political will that is needed to build this kind of infrastructure needs exceptional situations i'm not sure of the pandemic is exceptional enough boris from an professor of politics at bard college cher and berlin thank you so much for that analysis thank you. ok let's get a reminder now of our top story at this hour
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a hong kong court has found 7 high profile democracy activists guilty of on lawful assembly during anti-government protests in 2019 sentencing of the group will take place at a later date but they could face up to 5 years in prison. coming up next our show conflict zone attempts about 10 interviews j.-a not call a bug a sri lanka's foreign secretary say transfer that.
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to. enter the conflict zone the government of sri lanka has been strongly criticized the un human rights go. and so for each one of them into derating situation in the country and the increase marginalize ation of minorities my guest this week is john
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enough column a unique secretary just 3 lanka's foreign ministry physically johns and he's dumb enough to take the criticism seriously i'm still something about the conflicts are . next on t.w. . this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. as teacher is beating a boy for talking back in class. for the rest of the class watches. appear and talk to has been said by his mother breaking up lots. of child sleeps in the streets because her family through her. fear.
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online bullying. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean i wasn't there make the invisible visible of us might violence against children disappear. be they see all these things wealth and you don't know that you proud of living in a country where child killers all get presidential pardon me. anyone who is doing something with all the government of sri lanka has been strongly criticized that the un human rights council which won't have a deteriorating situation in the country the erosion. judicial independence and the increased marginalize ation of minorities my guest this week is john
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a column by the secretary to sri lanka's foreign ministry is there any chance at all that is government will take the criticism seriously and finally do something about them. jr north kolob i gave welcome to conflict zone in the last few days the un human rights council passed a landmark resolution highlighting your government's failure to ensure accountability for human rights violations and mandating un investigators to collect and preserve data that can be used in future judicial proceedings they did that mr secretary because of your abject failure to do it for yourselves and because of the worsening human rights climate in your country aren't you ashamed of
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that. well tim let me say the world war ended 78 years later. and we still see the residual effects on the environment on the physical things and the good friday agreement was in 1998 and there are 116 wars which is was still we're not talking about this novel all and mr secretary i was talking about we're talking about sri lanka and your failure to ensure accountability for human rights violations which you've already illinois in which you have denied in other interviews no we had the war for one more one generation and it takes time to heal a completely war and it was a device spitting war it was a brutal war right and we finished the war in 2009 and between 2009 and 201592 percent of the land occupied by the military were released 295000 people who were used as
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a human shield where we integrate and resettle into the community well i understand i understand all that mr secretary but your your foreign minister has already denied the accusations of serious human rights violations you put up the inevitable barriers of denials and accusations of western bias do you really think that the rest of the world is so stupid that they're going to immediately accept those denials in the face of overwhelming documented evidence of your current human rights abuses i'm not talking about those just in the past i'm talking about continuing human rights abuses in your country. there are these documents can we have a look at these documents that you are referring to the u.n. has said that after you the u.n. has sent back to you numerous times you read them in the in the resolution of the human rights council so it's
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a little strange for you to pretend that you haven't seen them. we have seen this document prepared by the human great commission now that's ok but you know there had been 5 i mean from 201220132 those and 14 and now 2 of those went to 21 so every time this government comes to power they said resolution from the united nations human rights council right is that fair i think we have to ask that the human breakup council then that is fair if i only child should be held to a country or actions isn't it mr secretary i don't know your father as well as your foreign minister called the accusations force and complained about the resolution was politically motivated but more than 40 countries co-sponsored this resolution 22 voted for it 14 abstained only 11 against your rapidly losing international support and credibility in the votes prove it to him who are these 40 countries and if i countries are in your wrong right then outside the europeans canada and
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america england malawi and solomon marshall islands so $35.00 countries got together and make this unsubstantiated accusations allegations so this is nothing to do with the human race in sri lanka also that so they're automatically so they're automatically wrong even your good friend india who you lobbied incessantly to vote against the resolution they abstained they weren't buying your denials either were they. but look at what the statement made by the indian permanent representative in the beginning they said this kind of country specific resolutions are wrong and then they said they abstain that is their policy that yes i know you can value how that will support you the real question from all this mr secretary is do you want to be taken seriously on the international stage or just dismissed as one more serial human rights abuse or protected by a small gang of other abusers we want to be taken very seriously in the
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international community and nor other country or entity is more interested than sri lanka to find a lasting solution to the residual issues that we have in sri lanka because we are a small country small population and the harmony and peace is of critically important for us more than anyone else but it has to evolve within us and no one can force a conciliation so you say you want to hear wounds and you want reconciliation but let's take the un's charge of you marginalizing minorities one of the worst examples has been your instruction to cremate the bodies of covert victims something that you knew would be deeply hurtful to your muslim community and other minorities you've now retracted this order but you claimed in a recent interview that you simply follow the science and the world health organization had originally instructed all covert bodies should be cremated that
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statement of yours was completely untrue wasn't it they never said anything of the kind. well if you look at the earth health organization there said cremation of all call in body as it is they are of course they haven't they didn't mr secretary they did not get what one state what date was that when they could have that out but i will come back to you on this and then lead grounded change that to katie the burial is permitted and now that question is behind us a team we have buried $69.00 i so you are you change the subject but you told them you made a statement that was blatantly false since march last year the w.h.o. made it clear that the burial of covert victims was perfectly acceptable its statement called it a common myth that persons who have died of communicable disease should be cremated but this is not true commission is a matter of cultural choice and available resources to date and there is no evidence of persons having become infected from exposure to the bodies of covert
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900 victims that was march 20th last year but you ignored all that and your government kept on ordering the cremation of covert victims despite knowing that this would cause untold pain and distress so your excuse for the world health organization said this falls apart it just simply doesn't conform to the facts mr secretary well it was never a political decision it was always a health and science decision only thing years we didn't fight against the decision to change that back but it took some time and we do understand that cost not the best thing to do we didn't hurt the sentiments of a population our community in sri lanka that is not the best thing we could do yes we do understand i'm not arguing against that but now we have corrected it and we have moved on 69 bodies have already been buried and now it's behind us we took time. talking of marginalizing minorities it turns out that your own president has
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indulged in some pretty inflammatory rhetoric over the last year hasn't it on november the 18th he talked about legitimate fears that the sinhala race religion national resources and the heritage would be threatened with destruction in the face of various local and foreign forces and ideologues that support separatism extremism and terrorism this was a clear dog whistle to his supporters to be on their guard against muslims and other minorities wasn't this wasn't a call for national unity he was blatantly pressing the fear button knowing full well that it would stop the kind of discrimination and disharmony that you claim to be fighting. team you wait and see there is a lot of evidence surfacing regarding the easter bombing easter bombing was the single most devastating act of terrorism which took place in this country nearly 270 christiana's foreigners and 3 hotels and 3 churches were bombed by the
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extremists you wait and see the 19 that was 2019 and everybody everybody admits there's no argument there that this was a terrible attack i'm talking about what your president said november the 18th last year stoking the fires of into communal hatred as i said this wasn't a well for the national unity he was pressing the fear button telling people to be afraid of the minorities quite clear from what he said. being in the same state mon i fail remember right he made it very clear that he is the president for all communities all people in this country although he was elected by the single of majority so you take one portion of that and argue but i can argue back it is not by the president meant president has been very focused on maintaining our money but on the back of the elections one of them said mr secretary whether or not many did
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it it's what he said it's exactly what he said he said i am the president and i am the president for all people of this country so there was not only an occasion in that culture lives were probably what it was contradicted by what he said about national resources and heritage sent her heritage will be threatened with destruction but this is. it's been pregnant for the last 5600 years from time to time yes it does mean yellow now if you only include more and more fearful of minorities let's lower your quality let's look at your anti terrorism regulations which of so upset the un and human rights groups the international commission of jurists has consistently called for the repeal of this act which has been used it says to arbitrarily detained suspects for months and often years without charge or trial why do you keep such repressive laws in place. team from 2015 to 2019 there was a discussion of
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a counter-terrorism bill the unity government which was formed by coalition of the main 2 political parties with the support of e.u. with the support of us and other countries drafted the counterterrorism proposal that is the new act but they could not just do it right so there are issues in our p.t.a. we do accept that we need to revisit our p.d. if we do our that this long term and i mean given the same thing your time on on revisiting it you said that sri lanka has a very democratic regime no repression whatsoever these are your words but your anti terrorist laws make a nonsense of that what place does arbitrary detention without charge or trial have in a democratic country if that's what you are that's what you claim to be this is why i said we need to revisit the prevention of terrorism act and we need to draw
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lessons from the best practices internationally and we are going to do that glove internally while you're passing your passing new repressive legislation march the 12th this year your so called the radicalization regulations these allow for arbitrary administrative detention of people for up to 2 years without trial this is a whole mark of repression arbitrary detention without trial you say you're working on it you keep passing new regulations that are just as repressive as the old ones . well imagine the situation if we did not have the pedia after the 19001000 is the bombing we would not have been able to do anything in this country it would have been a chaos maybe somebody wanted our country to make our chaotic so i am seeing the p.d. here is in the in the topic of discussion and we are determined to revisit and we are determined to amend and also the long term detainees we need to find
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a solution to that we do agree that it is wrong it out charge to keep someone for a very long period president already given that it is for the attorney general to find a solution to this when meanwhile these regulations are in blatant violation of your international legal obligations and they violate article 13 of the surrey lankan constitution do you know what that article says. well i don't have a copy right now but what it says if i remind you is that it guarantees freedom from arbitrary arrest detention and punishment so you're wrecking your own constitution with these new regulations you come upon a bit of. a double doesn't come near him in the beginning i requested you please vet for another few weeks and you will come out i mean we are in this to get 1st will come out with the real picture and then the whole world will agree what has
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gone underneath we have only seen the tip of the iceberg on the is the bombing but there is a whole heap of things that has happened before that and it is happening even now so things will come out in due course and just p.t. if we will really see but there will be new legislation introduced to the country for the protection of human dignity or the shore cell how many of us that would that would that would make a change wouldn't because let's look at you know the way you've been handling trials and commissions the main reason the human rights council voted against you was that you've disrupted and impeded efforts to bring justice and accountability for all sides in the civil war that's the u.n. saying that they accuse you of him in trenching impunity for grave human rights violations and abuses by all sides this is not one of the hallmarks of your state isn't it well it has nothing to do as.


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