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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2021 8:15am-8:31am CEST

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or will join you with the latest business headlines to stay with us if you can for that and if you're interested in more news stories go to our website dot com or visit at on social media thanks for watching. the for. good times are good for the. warming doesn't. talk of the most. part. of the industry is controlling your
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thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present day hoaxes. upgraded my money. to a new zealand source may 30. more coronavirus vaccine for more people buy on tac announces a little over $25.00 per 25 percent more covert jabs this year and we'll talk about what domestic vaccine production means during a global pandemic also on the show recovery hopes are growing in the world's 3rd largest economy the bank of japan saying business mood is up for you 3rd quarter of an arrow and pandemic nightmares at the dream factory we take you inside the struggles of late of workers of disney world floor. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the
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program there is some good news when it comes to corona virus vaccines the research suggests the biotech pfizer vaccines is a 100 percent effective in preventing covert 19 and 12 to 15 year olds it's a boost for biotech which is just bringing a massive new production facility on straight. in an unremarkable building northwest of the german city of my blog a bio intake employee is working on a better of m.r. in a based vaccines against covent 19 it's a laborious process is it takes about 50000 steps to produce one you get about 7 to 8000000 doses out of a batch of purified r.n.a. active ingredient. the mother of facilities one of the world's largest m r n a vaccine manufacturing plants and aims to produce $250000000.00 doses in the 1st half
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of the year the ultimate aim is to turn out 1000000000 doses annually that's around 40 percent of by on take feiss total output the vaccine is also being produced at a plant in belgium and at 3 sites in the united states the 1st batch is from marburg will be delivered in the 2nd half of april the recipients should find some cheer as the jab is not only highly effective in protecting against infection but also reduces transmission of the virus the private investors who backed the buy on take far as a partnership should be happy to. take made a profit of 15200000 euros in 2020 after recording a 179000000 euro loss the year before. and a new can hear is the head of the life science sector and strategy and transactions at ernst and young advisory firm welcome to g.w. alexander how significant is it to have a local or rather domestic vaccine production within the e.u.
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vaccine makers have the freedom to sell their product all over the world a freedom that they make proper use of. yeah i think it's a it's an important step 1st of all i think one reminding one year back no one would have believed that you can build such capacities at such high speeds so really normal times require 5 years or more to build a plant from green fields to full supply and $1000000000.00 us produced out of my book in germany is a huge step forward at full capacity $1000000000.00 this means that we can basically supply not only the european union but the world and clearly you see also that. in some regions and even in the u.s. still under trum. america 1st regime was applied for a vaccine ceasar that's why i'm with dow not it's not delivering. more then
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more doors as tool to europe at the moment because the biden government hasn't changed really strategies or basically a local supply 1st this is something you see across the world and it's good to have plants in europe that is able to supply europe basically now there's talk about temporarily suspending patents which will help ramp up production of vaccines pharma companies are opposing such a suspension claiming it would cut down on funds for research how credible is this claim. look i think for the for the vaccine development and production it's a global effort where everyone needs to take a little bit of of an extra mile or and or a cut on their normal standards i would not say. they claim is unjustified patent protection is an extremely important element in the whole mix of getting the.
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basically the payback on the investment saying hold this huge investments to be made to develop a medication or a vaccine and here in corona times we see that their original dynamic or basically the economics edge are shifting because states are prefunding developments and for that you can also claim that the companies have to give up a little bit of their of their protection i would say right now in order to make the effort successful to get the pandemic over over overturned or overcome the discussion that will surely continue oleksandr nuclear and head of life sciences any why thank you thank you. autumn isn't that corona virus vaccines will allow business to return to normal is one of the factors behind
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a raft of. data in the asia pacific region the closely watched economic survey by the banks and shows growing optimism business conditions in the world's 3rd largest economy improving for the 3rd quarter in a row the bank of japan says the news following u.s. president biden's announcement of a 2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan which should also boosted hopes for an economic recovery. our markets men conrad booze and frankfurt has more on this conrad shares in tokyo gaining on the news of the tank and report and sentiment in frankfurt is also. quite good tell us more well a lot of this has to do of course with joe biden's ambitious plans for the u.s. economy he wants to spend a lot of money on infrastructure you know you bridges new roads also foster high speed internet and of course many german companies hoping to profit from this
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manufacture is like siemens for example and let's not forget the european union 2 plans to spend big 750000000000 euros on the pandemic recovery father called next generation e.u. so far not one cent of the money has been spent but it for sure has done a lot for sentiment on the trading floors. on the other hand we see a discussion in germany over a possible new severe strong lock down infection numbers are on the rise why does this not seem to have an impact on the markets. many investors are pretty confident that the measures here in germany which were which were put in place to give the economy support will work that they will allow the economy to restart as soon as the lock downs are over take the labor market here in germany for example we got updated numbers this week 77000 more people have
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found a job in march the unemployment rate remained stable many people in the country continue to work in so-called short time work schemes which means they might be. without a little bit. with a little bit less to do at the moment they might have a little less income but of course they still have their jobs which means they're ready to work as soon as the locked out is over so the economy is put on hold but it's ready or goes in frankfurt thank you. and not dissolve the other global business stories making news thailand is facing a severe drought as it enters its losses and threatening the country's farmers and the population in general the country has launched a major groundwater operations the point drilling machines in seoul operated proms nationwide to extract water wherever possible japanese car giant honda is recalling
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more than 620000 vehicles in the united states to replace potentially faulty fuel pumps the recall includes the c.r.-v. model s.u.v. the company's top seller in the united states on describes the move as a precautionary measure and says there have been no reports of crashes or injuries so far the world trade organization is expecting global trade in goods to grow by 8 percent this year after a major slump in 2020 but the director general. warned that vaccine inequality and the emergence of new virus variants could squander the chance for an economic recovery from the pen demick. clean. now binge watching your favorite drama serial trying out much of the other stuff streaming platforms like netflix or disney plus or offering it's been a trademark way to pass time during the pandemic but things are not all rosy at the
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entertainment giants disney in particular had to lay off thousands of people in this theme park business many of them now struggling to get by in this pool reports . for 25 years to share and ryan got up to get ready to work at cinderella's castle at disney world 2 days she gets up to hope that the food bank her budget doesn't allow her to buy coffee to go anymore. and we were in the kitchen and that one of them came in and sat at disneyland closing for 2 weeks. you know why there are reports out there found and then it was. you know an hour later disney world close and per to weeks like were we don't we never close we close for bad hurricanes only. sharon is one of the 30000 employees who lost their jobs due to the make in the orlando area what she's
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missing most is a cinderella family but also the little treats in her everyday life things have gotten back we don't eat at dinner as much in our going out to dinner as such a lot but one day my favorite place we went and i sent my son to go get the food and he brought it back home and he said we can eat there again for a while and like why he said it's. $50.00 for. dinner shikimic for $50.00. purse until the pandemic sharon would have never thought that would be a shortage of food to go around. in only a short time 32000 jobs disappear the cuts for the heaviest on part time employees many of them already held multiple jobs to survive the famously long lines at disneyworld remain shored orlando's free food lines keep getting longer. every saturday sharon volunteers at one of the many food banks in central florida
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which popped up during the crisis. and they were to have. my daughter and. her daughter and grandkids to help them out as well as time again. just like it is something. that will keep. this food bank open to one year ago by a local union to maybe have laid off disney workers it feeds approximately $1200.00 people per week it's based on donations and volunteer workers like sharon. and american they just touch your heart say that you're giving back you know a lot of people have money and they can just. and and i can't do that right now and i don't plan to work forever but you know what i have
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a lot of time. sharon still has to wait to go back to the disney dream world until then she helps people to better cope with the reality of the pandemic. and that wraps up our show for no i'm pretty thanks for watching the successful. welcome to the city of the future. instead of a permanent traffic. would instead of concrete. pillars instead of air pollution a. new concept for the mega-cities tomorrow. made in germany.
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first group to put. on a show that of us are 0. in support of. what's able. to be a book. if you live in a country site yet surely familiar with the smell of fresh air the sight of a clear blue sky and the feel of y. aid oh put in space it's simply gorgeous and that may make you wonder why anyone would choose to move to a city of the fact is 3 quarters.


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