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13 percent. richard. is. doing this in. the series. yes there's no orders. you're going to get. but the chant world runs differently. in our businesses because when that's the principle is one for all and all for one hardly applies to motorists on the road everyone's thinking what's the quickest way of getting to my destination individuals focus on themselves and don't care about the others. drivers have a lot to learn from ants. or off on the high functioning. drivers going to grow their own call to serve it with the parents there is a thing which hinders it always just to be deceptive sure it is just
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different for the very good it's. not seen that it is if you. do manage a system of doing their own individual evidence where for himself the best evasions religious or user to vote but it's good for the system to display so and squab parade and have a common goal humans on the road to in a way they each want to get from a to b. but the lack of cooperation results in countless people wasting vast amounts of time in traffic jams how much time precisely telemetry experts have the figures take for example germany's biggest city think tom-tom has made this kind of statistics and they have a number of days much more time have you invest on your daily commute and from early in this not. it's about 30 percent in other cities it's much much worse. 3rd
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spot goes to bogota residents of the colombian capital spend an average of 230 hours a year going nowhere fast that's almost 10 full days the frustration can sometimes boil over. number 2. in $29.00 drivers in the indian megacity spent an average of 243 hours stuck in traffic. but when it comes to world beating congestion look no further than many know that researchers worked out that in 2019 route users in the capital of the philippines last 257 hours of their lives to the commute to many self-absorbed drivers with big egos crammed into narrow spaces. anti ways by contrast are always busy but never congested
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how do they manage that. communicate via sense they have plans to produce them various pheromones convey information such as danger food all this way and think it's their community their life their system up to and that once . looking. through it should not stop by individuals because. he adds i don't think that you can teach people to be. and still tend on a communal effort and to adapt as conditions change humans communicate not so much with each other as against each other and while costing us precious time that comes at a financial cost as well. as theirs even if it. didn't take you to notice. highway
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and you say you have a kid on it or today for 3 hours then if you can drive only 10 instead of 80 then you're going to convert what is the last time for the guard there to. be at 510-0000 euro one trip and i calculated. or germany for example. you have come up with say 60 to 100000000 you order all year if you wish 80000000000 euro. just by standing still in ships so you don't only do was tired. also what people can learn from else. and if you're going to put a medic sisters the can copy the behavior of class and. this is the hope
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that then at the end you will have a good king and traffic system which has that much. of the day. insights from hans might soon be translated into better traffic routing better . it's ultimately up to us we need less ski go and more consideration for others it's better to cruise at a moderate speed for example then speeds and slam on the brakes. perhaps then we'll be able to see them ourselves a lot more time and money and awful and scenes like this. ready. and how do we get more nature into a city puck's help without a doubt but what about those places we actually spend most of our time in buildings from offices to homes shouldn't they to be more eco friendly and healthy no ounces to lift in wooden huts perhaps it's time for this material to experience a run
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a sense. stands for a poet with dean in the forest. cares that they have nothing to do with the story. the story is about construction sites concrete buildings and the hopes and dreams of people living in concrete buildings. maybe it's forests full of did they dream of that there is a connection after all. that might explain why would a fashionable construction material. it's those almost 20 percent of new builds in germany are made of wood. just about anybody who enters a home made of wood is almost all was overwhelmed by its quality and atmosphere. when if you go into a newly built would announce you'll feel wonderful from the very 1st moment thanks
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to the structural design and the very special atmosphere. this company is developing what is said to be the tallest wooden apartment building in germany 29 stories 90. 1 have to go up building. cities decided that entire district should be built of wood new school buildings made of timber and there is some justification for that we have to aim to be climate neutral in our cities trees of bound c o 2 for centuries and when the timber is used for building it remains bound. that the key difference between wood and concrete. concrete is getting a lot of bad press nowadays a key ingredient is cement according to the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change the cement industry accounted for 3 times more c
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o 2 emissions than commercial. every haitian in 2019. another u.n. report says construction and building usage of a source of 38 percent of global c o 2 emissions. concrete is the default construction material at least for large scale projects and entire new concrete courses going up in the district of berlin. only one building currently under construction will be mostly made of wood only its foundations and staircases will be made of concrete architect or robbie has been working with wood for well over a decade. definitely definitely pioneers and such we've also suffered we had to overcome many obstacles met with a lot of resistance from the author. we had to assemble a team of experts and of course convince our clients property owners to begin with
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it was anything but easy. but in 48 in berlin is a recent project of his the 6 storey co-op with about 40 apartments is almost entirely made of wood and a finalist with a 2021 german sustainability aboard for architecture. to be honest our practice didn't originally warm to wood for ecological reasons it was 2007 i started thinking about wood perhaps 2 years earlier for it's a static aspects. of use of all it was only later that i learned how to eco friendly it is and that it binds large amounts of c o 2. out of. the one of the high rise it's not just meant to be eco friendly but also an exercise in inclusive and social cohesion it won't be condos for the rich but rather housing for people of all income levels. it's about living
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in a neighborhood in a community if you live in a project like this you. to have the right attitude toward as well because it lives and moves in creeks. you have to be able to and want to deal with that. but to build with timber you have to cut down trees current eco friendly is that. we certainly shouldn't just chop down entire forests so they're gone forever we need to use the resources we have in germany and central europe and felled trees selectively importing timber from further afield would be less sustainable. construction hasn't yet started at the lower house site in downtown berlin but if all goes to plan the wooden skyscraper should be standing by 2026. was the final urban vision for. this edition of made. for me in the team here in
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berlin thanks for watching.
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to. enter the conflict zone the government so sri lanka has been strongly criticized the un human rights council which warned them and exhilarating situation in the country and the crease marginalize ation of minorities my guest this week is just not column a year 2nd she just reminds us foreign ministry is there any chance of the dumb enough to take the criticism seriously i'm still something about the conflict. in 30 minutes upon d w. one continent. 700000000
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people. all with their own personal stories. we explored every day life for. europeans fear and what they hope for. focus on their own. 90 minutes on d w. what's going on here oh no it's a house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shift disciplines delivers facts and shows what the future holds . yet living in the digital world shift. on d w. all
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. of the morning. i can't sleep because you know for losing. in those sworn to swallow them. only as good as moses. is no use no love for them when it. comes to your world piercing the world. can't sleep. or couldn't street. sweep.
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this is the news live from a 2 trillion dollar make over for the united states president joe biden said solid plans for a massive infrastructure spending program. and france is heading into lockdown for a 3rd time present card says shut down already in place and some regions will be extended to the entire country for at least one month. and more mixed messages the e.u. is medicines watchdog packs astra zeneca scored a virus vaccine for all age groups and comes
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a day off to germany restricted its use and people under the age of 60. a marina mohamed welcome to the program u.s. president joe biden has set out plans for a 2 trillion dollar program of infrastructure spending it called it a once in a generation investment that will create jobs for millions of giving roads utilities and the american industry a badly needed upgrade aren't proposing a plan for the nation and reward work not just rewards well the bill's refer common to give everybody a chance as you see who's going to create the strongest most resilient innovative economy in the world. well the plan is also being
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compared with the. roosevelt's new deal following the great depression in the 1960 s. but by the time is also facing a lot of opposition. road builders in the us will soon have plenty of work to do infrastructure in the world's largest economy is in poor condition across the board . at roads power or water me and many key industries have long since moved abroad. with his 2 trillion dollars package u.s. president joe biden wants to give the entire country a make over. was an extreme distress his administration plans on modernizing 32000 kilometers of road while repairing foundations of bridges half a 1000000 new charging stations will be built to accommodate the ever growing number of electric vehicles biden also wants to bring industries such as chip production back to the united states today computer chips are still mostly produced
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in asia. the whole project is expected to take 8 years to complete some of the funding will come from a corporate tax hike from 21 to 28 percent biden supporters see the program will create millions of will be jobs and strengthen america's ability to compete with china. yeah but republicans in congress are already voicing opposition especially towards the corporate tax increase i know it's biden's predecessor slash the rates by 14 percentage points to their current level. well joining me now in the studio to discuss this more is the reports of public funding this is really an ambitious project but tell us more about what impact this will have well for him it's going to be huge impact will say in the united states we saw in the report already so move where that investment is going to go roads bridges public transport
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the railway network promotion of electric vehicles but also actually housing as well we're going to have to $2000000.00 homes being built or retrofitted and also huge investment going into the water network of course drinking water there are parts it's almost hard to believe i'd say but there are parts of the united states where the drinking water is drink a bill so that needs to be looked after too and that's something going to have a huge impact on so many people and we're also looking at the high speed broadband network which in many parts of the united states really needs to be modernized and of course that's a huge part of allowing investment grow in certain areas of the country that really need it and of course of grading the electricity network we've seen just this past winter you know there have been so many issues with that that there were huge parts of the country without electricity for many many days so that really needs to be looked after and most of all a president biden said this is going to provide well paid jobs at a time that the united states needs to provide well paid jobs but it's quite
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surprising because one would wonder you know you're talking about the. weld why does america need some much money well it is quite shocking to think that there are these issues in the united states particularly those of those who haven't been to united states and sort of have perhaps a different image of water infrastructure is like there but i can tell you firsthand i've seen it myself. at times be quite shocking you see it essentially as president biden said it is crumbling you know you have potholes you have a rail network which is archaic like i said before the fact that you've got parts of the country that don't even have drinking water so you've got people not being able to have the basic needs attended to so you know the fact that he's focusing on this i'm going to pump so much money into this it's quite striking so what's the likelihood that i will be able to get this passed this is another issue of course that you can almost expect in the united states getting big projects like this
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through congress is never easy there is you know in many respects it does appeal actually to the republicans because we're dealing with sort of big infrastructure projects dealing with sort of traditional areas of infrastructure which appeals to the republican voter but at the same time the fact that there is going to be a corporate tax hike which is going to pay for it republicans tend to be very much against that so they are going to have to find a way to convince those republicans that this is a good plan and even within the democrats some democrats have actually come out saying that they are against it doesn't go far enough and they need to invest more so it will eventually get through perhaps i'm going to say that it's not going to be easy but they're going to push through with it and i think there's going to be changes and amendments to this bill all right that's how to thank you so much the time. the united nations security council house how the closed door meeting on the escalated situation. thousands of people have been forced from their homes and cars
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. going into neighboring thailand after a s trying ordered by the army protesters are demanding a return to democracy more than 500 civilians have been killed since the start of february the u.k.'s and boy has expressed concern the special envoy was very clear. ringback description of what is going on on the ground in me and more and it is very worrying it is not only apparent in terms of the killings including of children which i mentioned but also the obituary detentions the violations of human rights and the pressure at the borders the increased violence all of those things i think i can say the council was united in its condemnation of what is going on. let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world local reporters in
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mozambique have provided a glimpse into the ongoing fighting in palma with aerial footage an armed group gained control of the strategic northern town last week thousands of people have been displaced and has now fled to the professional capital. of the jailed kremlin critic alexa novelli has announced he is going on hunger strike the valley has been detained at a penal camp since february he survived a near fatal poison attack last week. and france has extended its current virus lock down for one more month present in many mccraw warns the country risks losing control of the pandemic if action is not taken cases are rising in france with almost 60000 new infections reported in the past day. intensive care units at hospitals all over france are running out of free beds at this medical center an
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hour north of paris there i.c.u. unit is full and they've been forced to at temporary beds to cope. feel this wave hitting us hard and we're hanging on people need to be explained that they should not gather we had a mother and her son die at the same time in 2 different intensive care ohm's all because of a family gathering it's unbearable for us as it's a very difficult situation to manage. spring weather has drawn people on to the streets despite the dramatic surge of covert 1000 cases images like these led medical experts to demand stricter measures and the government responded as of saturday and nationwide curfew will be reimposed schools and non-essential shops will close. president emanuel mccall pleaded for cooperation. of the coming months each one of us must
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make an extra effort this is what i ask of us collectively this evening. my car also promised to increase the number of i.c.u. beds from the current 7000 to more than 10000 and to speed up the sluggish vaccination program across the country. contrary to his european neighbors my column didn't tighten restrictions when numbers dramatically increased in january. many people here in france are now angry that he didn't take stricter measures because now obviously at the weather is getting better and everybody feels like you know having more freedom and they wouldn't have minded so much to stay at home for 2 months for the last 2 months when it was raining really so many people here fear that this is not enough. the latest lockdown will be in place for at least a month. to reopen some cultural venue's even restaurants and cafes by mid
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may. is that because corona virus vaccine has the backing of europe's medical watchdog. groups it follows germany and other countries restricting the vaccine for younger people over reports of blood clots. getting the job in germany has hit another snag overall vaccine supply still short and now shots of astra zeneca that are available can't get into the arms a certain age groups there's concern over blood clots reported in a small number of people who got the shot so the federal tax evasion committee chose to suspend use for groups under 60 with some exceptions to react with population i'm not about i'm not at all happy about it says decisions you can believe me but need couldn't act in the different way in the moment. but the european medicines agency disagree. according to the current scientific knowledge there is no evidence that would
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support restricting the use of both boxing in any population immense chief says there's no proven causal link to the vaccine and clotting and that the benefits of astra zeneca and the fight against hope it outweigh its risks that's not enough to convince the chairman of the german vaccination committee. because we have our own there is solid tones this fall and then must say that there of how monitoring is the fault in other european countries so this is one of the problems you have him a hopes to reach a scientific conclusion on the back scene by next week. now in football north macedonia have stunned germany 21 in a world cup 2022 qualifier and just back midfielder el jefe ls scored the winning goal late in the 2nd half this is the result and 18 match winning streak in the
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world cup qualifiers there was also their final competitive game before the summer's european championship. now to a man who has found a new way to help the less fortunate john will cock was inspired by the achievements of war veteran captain tom moore and also the football star marcus rush but the 89 year old is dusting off his right to skates to raise money for charity. it's been 70 years since he last skated but john will call decided it's time to get his skates out once again. you're going to be boring you're going to go and i saw this war and this far this great growth great thing and i thought well that's the thing to do along. with and i thought yes with more wives. i'll be able to scrape inspired by the
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fund raising efforts of veteran tom moore and english football of marcus rushford john will cut plans to skate 90 laps of his courtyard by his 90th birthday next year so if i do through the really. annoying. despite describing his route as a bit hairy due to its slopes he has already completed 8 laps the great grandfather is doing it all to raise money for the charity fair share which helps feed hungry children and their families it's really quite endearing and humbling in a way. to feel a bit like a hero and. the people who don't know they are the real heroes with. what you are doing using his wife's roller frame john wilcox has already smashed his initial fundraising target with 9 months to go. i know watching detail the news live from but you can find much more news analysis and video on our
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website dot com but up next is the corona special i were him ahmed thanks very much indeed for watching i'll see you soon take care of. the phone against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus up to. 19 specials. on t w.


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