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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2021 3:00am-3:31am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from baghdad a 2 trillion dollars make up a for the united states president biden said a massive infrastructure spending program. in france is heading into lockdown for a 3rd time president says the shutdown already in place in some regions will be extended to the entire country for at least one month also coming up. more mixed messages the medicines watchdog packs astra zeneca is current a virus vaccine for all age groups it comes
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a day off of germany was stripped of its use in people under the age of 60. i mean of mohammad welcome to the program u.s. president joe biden has set out plans for a 2 trillion dollars program for infrastructure spending he's called it a once in a generation investment that will create millions of jobs while giving roads utilities and the american industry a badly needed upgrade are proposing a plan for the nation and reward work not just rewards well the bills of fur common to give everybody a chance to succeed who's going to create the strongest most resilient innovative economy in the world. well the plan is being compared with his predecessor
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franklin roosevelt's new deal following the great depression in the 1930 s. the bidens program is also facing tough opposition. road builders in the us will soon have plenty of work to do infrastructure in the world's largest economy is in poor condition across the board butte roads power or water me and many key industries have long since moved abroad. with his 2 trillion dollars package u.s. president joe biden wants to give the entire country a make over. was in extreme distress his administration plans on modernizing 32000 kilometers of road while repairing thousands of bridges. half a 1000000 new charging stations will be built to accommodate the ever growing number of electric vehicles biden also wants to bring industries such as chip production back to the united states today computer chips are still mostly produced
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in asia. the whole project is expected to take 8 years to complete some of the funding will come from a corporate tax hike from 21 to 28 percent biden supporters see the program will create millions of will paid jobs and strengthen america's ability to compete with china. yeah but republicans in congress are already voicing opposition especially towards the corporate tax increase you know it's biden's predecessor slash the rates by 14 percentage points to their current level. well joining me now in the studio it's discuss this more is to report the public funny and yes this is really an ambitious project but tell us more about what impact this will have well for him it's going to be huge impact will say in the united states we saw in the report already some of where that investment is going to go roads bridges public transport the railway network at promotion of electric
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vehicles but also actually housing as well we're going to have to $2000000.00 homes being built or retrofitted and also huge investment going into the water network of course drinking water there are parts it's almost hard to believe that i'd say but there are parts of the united states where the drinking water is drink a bill so that needs to be looked after too and that's something going to have a huge impact on so many people and we're also looking at the high speed broadband network which in many parts of the united states really needs to be modernized and of course that's a huge part of allowing investment grow in certain areas of the country that really need this and of course of grading the electricity network we've seen just this past winter you know there have been. so many issues with the got there were huge parts of the country with a the electricity for many many days so that really needs to be looked after and most of all president biden said this is going to provide well paid jobs at a time that united states needs to provide jobs but it's quite surprising because
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one would wonder you know you're talking about the 1st world why does america need some much money well it is quite shocking to think that there are these issues in the united states particularly those of those who haven't been to united states and sort of have perhaps a different image of water infrastructure is like there but i can tell you firsthand i've seen it myself. at times be quite shocking you see it essentially as president biden said it is crumbling you know you have potholes you have a rail network which is archaic like i said before the fact that you've got parts of the country that don't even have drinking water so you've got people not being able to have the basic needs attended to so you know the fact that he's focusing on this i'm going to pump so much money into this it is quite striking so what's the likelihood that i will be able to get this passed well this is another issue of course that you can almost expect in the united states getting big projects like
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this through congress is never easy there is you know in many respects it does appeal actually to the republicans because we're dealing with sort of big infrastructure projects dealing with sort of traditional areas of interest infrastructure which appeals to the republican voter but at the same time the fact that there is going to be this corporate tax hike which is going to pay for it republicans tend to be very much against it so they are going to have to find a way to convince those republicans that this is a good plan and even within the democrats some democrats have actually come out saying that they are against it doesn't go far enough and they need to invest more so it will eventually get through perhaps we'll see i'm going to say that it's not going to be easy but they're going to push. through with it and i think there's going to be changes and amendments to this bill all right that's part of thank you so much for your time. well let's look at other stories making headlines around the world on mars military is carrying out as strikes on its own people forcing
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thousands to flee their homes and also across into neighboring thailand protesters on demanding a return to democracy more than $500.00 civilians have been killed since the start of february. the jailed a kremlin critic alexei novelli has announced he is going on hunger strike and all he has been detained at a penal camp since february he survived a near fatal poison i tagged last. year. and a campaign group of bereaved families have drawing around 100000 hots on a wall opposite britain's houses of parliament as a memorial for those who died from cove and 19 the group is calling for a public inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic. of france has extended its coronavirus lockdown for one more month president warns the country is risks losing control of the pandemic if action isn't taken cases are
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still rising in france with almost now $68000.00 new infections reported in just the past day. i don't know how difficult the effort you know view is but i know what the consequences are for our country for lives. and you also know that we have done everything possible to take these measures as late as possible and on the time when they were strictly necessary. these are the times. but i also want to tell you tonight but thanks to vaccination the end of the crisis is finally in sight. because at this hour you are already more than 8 and a half 1000000 to have received a 1st injection of vaccine 3000000 have received 2. correspondent lisa lewis sent us this update from paris is extending the measures that are in place at this very moment in 1000 departments about
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a 3rd to france to the whole of continental france and nonessential shops were closed in france because of that and also as you said schools were closed that will obviously have a huge impact there are 2 weeks of holidays ahead anyway for schools so basically all schools were closed for one week and then another 2 weeks of holidays and then one week of another online you know another week of online classes with many people of you staying staying at home and apart from those going to primary schools now that will have a huge impact for parents but this is still a lockdown light people will be allowed to go outside they snuck to that one kilometer radius a rule in place that france had to lock down number one and number 2 last year so the government is really banking on each one's responsibility not to meet up with lots of people outside and not to spread the virus like that. he said in
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paris because current a virus vaccine is getting the backing of europe's medical watchdog for use in all age groups and follows germany and other countries restricting the vaccine for younger people over reports of blood clots. getting the jab in germany has hit another snag overall vaccine supply are still short and now shirted astra zeneca that are available can't get into the arms of certain age groups there's concern over blood clots reported in a small number of people who got the shot so the federal that nation committee chose to suspend use for groups under 60 with some exceptions to react or population not to vote not at all 'd i have feel. you can believe me but need couldn't act in the moment. but the. paean medicines agency disagrees. according to the current
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scientific knowledge there is no evidence that would support restricting the use of spark seen in any population the immense chief says there is no proven causal link to the vaccine and cloning and that the benefits of astra zeneca in the fight against kobe outweigh its risks that's not enough to convince the chairman of the german vaccination committee. because we have our own there is solid for and must say that there of monitoring is to fall in the european countries so this is one of the problems you have him a hopes to reach a scientific conclusion on the back scene by next week. well let's take a look at other developments around the pandemic a court in brussels and brussels has ordered that the belgian government to lift all lockdown measures within 30 days declaring its illegal and also violating human rights the government says it will appeal and biotech pfizer says
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a study showed that its vaccine is 100 percent safe for children between the age of 12 to 15 the company says it will provide shots before the next school year starts and russia is the 1st country in the world to approve a covert $900.00 vaccine for animals it aims to reduce the spread of virus me taishan xin species such as mink which are vulnerable to infections. now in football north macedonia have stunned germany 21 in a world cup 2022 qualifier induced bag midfielder el masry scored the winning goal late in the 2nd half and the result ends germany's 18 match winning streak in the world cup qualifying as it was also their final competitive game before the summer as european championship. and now to a man who has found a new way to help the less fortunate john wilcock was inspired by each event off
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war veteran tom moore and also the football star. that 89 year old is dusting off his roller skates to raise money for charity. it's been 70 years since he lost skaters but john will call decided it's time to get his skates out once again. walking to be boring jogging through and i saw this boy and his father skating growth. and i thought well that's the thing to do along . with a stroller and i thought yes with more wives roller. disco. inspired by the fund raising efforts of veteran moore and english football and marcus rushford john wilcott plans to skate 90 laps of his courtyard by his 90th birthday next year. if i do through the really. annoying.
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despite describing his courtyard route as a bit hairy due to its slopes he has already completed 8 laps the great grandfather is doing it all to raise money for the charity fair share which helps feed hungry children and their families it's really quite endearing and humbling in a way. if you look at the role in. the bars and the people who donate the real heroes. i mean what i wanted to bring using his wife's roller frame john wilcox has already smashed his initial fundraising target with 9 months to go. now a kayak in chile has accomplished something that has never been seen before and the all sarah so says from spain landed the fast ever double kick flip over a waterfall. they started with a 25 kilometer descent down a snowy volcano. before entering los farts in bed topped it off by nailing the
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walls top of the world's 1st double kickflip in a kayak and as you can see he nailed it on the fast. amazing watching the news live from but then you can find much more now epstein healthy dot com up next though is the document. new year maybe no new year's return to you and how the last 2 years gentlemen sunflower will bring you i'm going to a math course and you never have to surprise yourself with what is supposed to is magical really what moves and want. to talk to people along the way maurice and critics alike joining us from apple's last stop.
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the less suffer by leonardo da vinci when it was 1st shown in 1490000000 it created shock waves through italy and beyond changing the world of art for ever but a 20 year restoration effort has revealed the awful truth of the original fresco only some 20 percent is still visible simply put we can no longer seed or understand why this painted had such a devastating impact. or can wait. this is the incredible story of a hub across europe following a trail of clues and documents hidden for centuries that suggests that layla go and
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his workshop painted another last supper a huge life size kid's school but none other than the king of france does that painting still exist if so can it reveal the secrets of the original fresco. this is where the story starts in the long run the most important fashion in business city in all of modern italy and in that sense not much has changed even in the 15th century along with a bustling city filled with artists and musicians. of all the cities states and italy the duchy of milan was the most powerful the most exuberant and the wealthiest buy for no wonder that many kings in europe wanted to conquer it. to
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killie because the man in charge of the juke named little because for some was a tyrant who had ceased power in 14 he was unlike many other such rulers he was desperate to cloak use illegitimacy with the splendor of a renaissance court. the judge had many projects a monastery complex called the chief tolls of the pov and a new church built right here in milan called the sometime out he had that i got sick but the biggest project of all was this massive cathedral deliberately designed to be the biggest church building in all of us. so naturally this city was a magnet for young artists and sculptors from all over the region. but while another is farthest wasn't from lombardy he was from florence the most exciting city in all of italy a wellspring of the renaissance what was he doing painting at fresco in milan.
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answer may be found in a small village outside of florence called vinci. luda was a natural child the son of a farmer's daughter katherina who one day had a role in the hay with a promising young notary cold said pierre of course mary's was out of the question a bright future awaited said pietro provided he married a wife from the procedures family. that's why leonardo was never truly part of the creative circles of florence around lorenzo the meeting with artists like the betty. or michelangelo these were folks who wrote latin sonnets and could hold their own in fine society they are not i was never part of
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that. but said piero never forgot his son and was only as ready to use his connections to help him get work but the lack of a proper education left young leonardo at a major disadvantage. instead he was apprenticed to the workshop of one of the most prolific artists of florence and that i am here. here leonardo learned how to mix pigments prepare panels or transfer a large fresco drawing scald cartoons to a plaster wall. eventually for akio allowed him to paint one of the angels in his panel of the baptism of christ it's obvious that leonardo's angel is much more beautiful than the rather darr angel to the right painted by photo peel himself so how did he create such lovely and gelug faces the answer by using
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a new invention called oils as most of florence still use the flat collars of tempera paint which drives quickly they are no had begun to experiment with pigments mixed with oils it technique 1st developed in northern europe they advanced that's all hast said versus extemporize that in order to create a 3 dimensional object you pretty much have to mix every single color that you put in there or crosshatch at sea you get the feeling that i mentioned but with oil you didn't have that problem you can have an incredible range from black to white almost seamlessly and sell this was a huge shift for for the artists and the renaissance. i'm there is a classically trained artist who painted a live size re creation of the sistine chapel for the motion picture angels and
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demons. and how were these oils many well they were ground up pigments that could be anything from bones through dry parsley to of course famous ultimately in blue that came from afghanistan that was so expensive that it cost more than actual gold in its own weight my god more than gold yes it did. the 15th century the quatro cento was a an exciting time to be in florence it was a time of rebirth the renaissance the revival of the ancient world and the arts and science in literature and in engineering. here for example philippo brunelleschi used roman engineering to create this vast dome over the dew moment the cathedral of florence while burlesque he was taking measurements of ancient temples and rome he had discovered that when you draw it as street or
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a building all the horizontal lines seem to converge to a common center what today we call the vanishing point. brutal esky had discovered the laws of linear perspective it revolutionized the renaissance art suddenly painters could create an illusion of 3 dimensional space as if the image they painted was a window on another world. you know for us it's almost impossible to imagine the impact of this innovation why because today we are surrounded by simulated images of full of billboards television cinema they have conditioned our brain to interpret flat images as 3 dimensional reality but in the middle ages men and women never had that experience before and so there must have been utterly amazed by
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a painting like this one. the crucifixion by massaging the 1st fresco in history to use linear perspective. people in those days was a part of us some form of magic to see space where there was only a flat wall. leonardo was also trained in the magic of linear perspective in the workshop of his master of rocky and he too was amazed by the possibilities. but as he began his 1st major painting layer not our realized that linear perspective had one major drawback. it tended to see by fall the figures and inhibit their expressive power in many paintings the figures became like puppets fixed on a rigid grid 10 years later leonardo would write how to give you figures
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a pleasing air. look about you. when you see a beautiful face remember its features and fix them in your mind. so what they are naruto is saying is don't let geometry deprive your characters of feelings of emotions of psychological drama and the 1st bold attempt to do just that as a painting that hangs right here in the 0 feeds it called the adoration of the magic. unfortunately the monks who commissioned the panel weren't interested in moving the boundaries of italian art they simply wanted a pretty picture of the native any that people could recognize and worship. and so the work was stopped and the painting remained unfinished it would take nearly 2 decades before layer nardo group realize his great vision he talked about wanting
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to create his work of fame he could see but unless his work of fame he could see done a televised works of fame and he wanted to create his own and so his destiny he felt he lay with a large a large court with a grand patron and a single person who was going to be writing the checks and that happened to be having the most powerful man and it'll leave me the 14 eighties and for the ninety's was the duke of milan lot of equals 4th son and so that's why he went north in 1482 to begin working for a summit was in effect a prince and not just a group of monks that's why a layman are decided to turn his back on the forums and that's why he came here in milan filled with ambition not as an artist but as an engineer a military and it is even prepared and then press of pitch for the job but
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catalogued all of us military towns. methods for destroying every fortress or stronghold and is built on a rock. i can also design different types of can which will turn stones and ball like a hail storm. leonardo's hopes came to know it took several years for a job to live eco to finally notice the florentine artist but the project he gave him a huge equestrian statue ended in failure the only thing that remains of this massive project are his studies. live in arthur was ready to tackle the greatest most ambitious. composition of his young career a series of 13 live sized portraits of men seated at a table for
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a wall in milan. how did the last supper project come about and who asked leonardo to pain it. has become a surprise but you really don't know what we do know is that the jokes for the tended to favor home grown artists like giovanna don't want to follow it may not have been particularly in magilla to that they delivered their work on time and on budget like this fresco of st peter bartter. what we do know is that the job had chosen this church to become the pantheon of his dynasty. actually it was part of a dominican convent and the abbot white away saw as opportunity so he asked the joke if he would build him a new or factory place to have meals for the monks complete with frescos.
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a refectory was usually decorated with 2 paintings a last supper and a crucifixion of christ. the last supper illustrated the institution of the eucharist. whereas the crucifixion depicted the redemption of mankind to the suffering of jesus the 2 condor points of christian theology. the most important for us co destined for the south wall was the crucifixion of christ this did you gave to giovanni dum one thought of fun no whose family had been working in the cathedral of milan for many decades. but who was going to paint the north wall. lay not of the vinci up to this point
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but laid out or had done of of them the failed the question project and the 2 small portraits was the production of plays and masks for the entertainment of the jew can his court was he truly going to be given this monumental fresco but laid out a was in effect a special effects man for they do you can so i guess we would think of him as a sort of a combination set designer costume designer and special effects person for these spectaculars that lot of equal would have staged maybe a couple of times a year in the lion. that is why in lieu naruto was determined that with this fresco he was going to stomach the moment. and they probably would have been expecting that he would have done a last supper akin to all of those that have been done primarily in florence in tuscany sienna.


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