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former. drug. industry is controlling your thoughts. of the 20th century. present a hoax of. recent memory. stores me through. everything. this is deja vu news and these are all top stories u.s. president joe biden has unveiled an infrastructure plan worth 2 trillion dollars the spending package will help repair roads and bridges as well as improve the quality of drinking water biden said the plan will also creates jobs and help tackle the climate crisis. france has extended its current virus locked down
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for one month to prevent a 3rd wave president in my name across the want of the it that's immediate action is necessary case numbers have risen in recent weeks driven by the spread of a highly infectious variant of the virus. drug regulators says astra zeneca has vaccines the benefits outweigh the risks the medical body says it hasn't identified any clots risk factors linked to age it follows germany's move to mimic the vaccine in people under the age of 60 after usual buckholtz were reported. this is news from berlin you can find much more news on our website www dot com.
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today joe biden became the 1st us president to issue a proclamation recognizing transgender people at the same time the pentagon on biden's orders reverse the trump administration's ban on transgender people from serving in the military this brings the u.s. in line with germany's military which now has its 1st transgender commander tonight on this international transgender day of visibility we introduce those among us who have been ignored and overlooked for much too long the people who have a right to be seen the transgender people we now see i'm for golf in berlin this is the day. i am transgender and i decided at age of 42 to actually leave my male life behind
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when i wanted to say that i'm female are they on my agenda how they should put female i don't want any member of the transgender community to suffer i don't want them to live a miserable life. i want to become a man my father says you can do it and you don't have to do it by yourself i can help you through that a little of my mom once said it's she seems to be finally happy. also coming up it is promising news for parents who hope to soon send their kids back to school today finds are said tests show that it's corona virus vaccine is safe and effective for children as young as 12. i definitely hope we get back to whatever we would call a non law. and eventually citizen but we scout a long way to go to get on the vaccines out. to our viewers on
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p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day connecting the world with the people it sometimes doesn't see and much too often chooses not to today is international transgender day of visibility transgender refers to people who do not identify with the sex given to them at birth recent polls show that one quarter of people say they personally know someone who is transgender that means for most people the only contact they have is via the media well tonight we'll introduce you to people who just like you and me simply want to live their lives freely in a world free of hate and hostility towards them for some it means risking their lives for others it means a life led as an example and that brings us to our 1st story her name is understands the a-b. phone she is the 1st commander in the german military who also happens to be transgender she brings more than 20 years of service to the table and she is
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responsible for more than $700.00 soldiers and she has a story to tell. putting on makeup has become a part of her every day routine anastasio be following is a lieutenant colonel in the german army and a transgender woman. i am transgender and i decided 40 to actually leave my male life behind that doesn't mean that 40 i realize that i was a woman it's just that what the point my life were decided to actually move into the direct consequence of coming out as a transgender woman came after 20 years of military service to anastasio zone surprise it wasn't a stumbling block in her career shortly after her sex change surgery she became a commander in charge of $700.00 soldiers sergeant major dietmar shared a met anastasio be falling after her gender reassignment for him honest as he is just another fellow soldier. are the people who i just accept that people are the
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way they are and that goes beyond transgenderism i feel the same way about other more mundane things like what party they vote for what make of car they like you just have to accept people the way they are to you he said. that would be fun lived as a man she led a seemingly ordinary life but says she felt tremendous emotional pain because she didn't feel comfortable in her body as a male. look for flight into a typical male role the military probably helped. to perform to male standards my inner self was always. crying after that almost 20 years. i was at a point in my life where my emotional stability my emotional wellbeing and wellbeing. i don't want to live this way anymore after 3 years as a commander and as stasi as career has taken off she is now the head of a division in the boom disappears cyber and information domain service.
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she is also making at her mission to stand up for transgender people in the german armed forces promoting diversity and tolerance. what i know from my experience is what is definitely certain if you are true to yourself and live the way you are outwardly open you will have a better life i think my mom once said that she seems to be finally happy. what it's like now from the german to the us military my 1st guest tonight joined the u.s. army in 1903 as edward long at the time the pentagon classified transgenderism as a psychosexual disorder after deployments in iraq and afghanistan after receiving the bronze star medal with 30 years of service long retired in 2011 in 2012 edward long became jennifer marie long and jennifer long joins me tonight from new york
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jennifer it's good to have you on the program and you know you come on a day when there's a lot of news to report i want to get your reaction to the pentagon today ending the trump ban on transgender people from serving in the u.s. military. it's it's a great moment you know it but it's full circle it was long in coming i mean given several years ago when the ban was reinstated it. was detrimental audio lot of folks i mean it was right now it's about 15000 over 15000 you know u.s. soldiers that went in a fight as trans national being who was forced to almost out of the service and now . realized that full careers and full potentials and service pows show that transgender people in the u.s. are twice as likely as sis gender people to enlist in the military do you know why
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that is. well 1st of all it's more likely for men to enlist in the military 1st and foremost. and from my point and for most when interviewed it's usually from one to change it going from male to female and they join the military it's more of a flight to masculinity or try to reassert yourself as male or a man and she choose the military to do that and that's one of the venue's that happens or it sometimes just because you fall in the footsteps of family but more unless it's more likely that it's the fact there's flight to masculinity is numerous articles that have come out on that in fact it's often. the army for the right to change your name on your military record and you won that case in 2015 how significant was that legal victory. it was very significant it was actually the army board of errors and omissions who held that you know standard
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that you couldn't you couldn't change anything on a document other than if there was an error and or omission and since my name fell into neither it became it became a case that in that case the the ability to change my name on that document being so essential to the individual after service it's a some nation of total military service on a single document and it's mostly important to the veterans that individual you know for employment for federal statuses for different benefit programs. the veterans administration medical care facilities it's all those things you need that document and having the right name on a document you know just makes things smoother you don't have to cherry carry around name change documents and have a lot of other issues involved and the war out in yourself so to speak if you were a lot of viewers know around the world vet across the united states there are v.f.w. post spectrums of foreign war person there the white community centers and tells in cities you are the commander of your local v.f.w.
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post i think it's number 13 of 2 is it is it an issue or topic there at all that you were transgender when you're surrounded by all of these these fellow veterans. yeah it's been an amazing part when i 1st joined it was unknown to them it actually became known to them and it won my case for my d.d. to 14 had hit the news it was major news here in the end in the united states and it was featured in evening news and then when they found out most of them were in disbelief that they couldn't believe it was actually so and most of them it was almost all of them just accepted me as a was because they already knew me and for an organisation it's usually pretty staunch and you know what i call curmudgeon a. they've been very good to me and i've you know so much so that you know i'm spin commander of the post now for 6 years running and it's usually
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a one year so a one year position so i've been doing it for 6 years you know that's i don't think we're going anywhere else. but most people tell us that they do not know a transgender person personally they only know about them basically through television in the media so maybe you could help us here with some of the basics i mean how do you refer to yourself i mean should we refer to you as your him or senior her or they have made that comes up a what when we talk to people about transgender well most people identify with the pronouns you know she or him depending i get my case it would be she infers some that say you know from female to male would be him zay and they usually come for the addresses those who are gender non-binary so that usually that's where that usually falls as in my case it would be you know it would be. announce how so you know i would have been a fight you know in that space what about representation of transgender people in
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the media it has increased a lot recently do you feel that transgender people are still are these still too often overlooked or maybe even not seen by the majority. well you know it goes back to your previous question about not being seen or not being heard remember you know when you you know being transgender a transitioning it's a verb it's an action right it's a period of time and usually once folks go you know through that period and then you know just like anastasia in your previous. run you know she went through a period now she's anastasia right it's all you have a transgender past but it doesn't define you now most folks today just get on with their lives and you'll find it's invisible right it's not we just want to you know be our authentic selves and have that life is not necessarily causing attention to ourselves what is your message tonight just heard to parents who want their
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children to grow up and to grow into the personality that feels natural for them. well you know everybody knows you know you know everyone knows that a young age 1st and foremost i thought we were just i just happen to grow up in a time when it was very difficult to identify and or come out because there was no information on it and hearing today you know i would often said that you know it's better to have a well adjusted child than you know a child that it's it's either take their own life and or has. health issues so you know being supportive of your child you know it's not the worst thing and you know they're going to be happy they're going to be lost it it's hard for the parents they have their own idea you know that they want you know they have a son or daughter and now there's a difference and they're don't feel that way and it's can be traumatic for the parents however in recent years and more that i've met are starting to understand
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and want to be proactive in their child's life and the trend in the active part of transition you know so much so that they're working with the schools and working with the communities to help their child adjust you know we're going to long unfortunately our time has run out but we appreciate you taking the time to share your story and your thoughts with us today we appreciate it thank you thank you thank you so much for having me. well in the western world the united states for example transgender visibility is said to be at an all time high in politics and media and in sports it's a different picture in africa where being seen can be tantamount to being sentenced to death and uganda transgender activists are calling for the authorities to recognize their community they say they often live in fear. beyond c. has been coded costs for being
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a trans woman. she has been assaulted on the wrist. when house lunt about how trans women students who rejected home. i didn't have any belonging i didn't have i didn't feel loved i failed because they said i'm an outcast and they said because in my life in my local language they say which means . therefore is to me go to something so all the other things that made me feel like oh i am not human those are the things i wanted me to take my life. from formulae rejection to community insults. calculates how moves carefully she house also experienced violence there is out there when i got aboard the right guy i told him to drive me from technical you know and he drove me to mucky india where he took me in a group of boys will talk to me. in 2011 current he founded the transgender
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equality uganda in nonprofit organization to help troubled trans women some of them secret few jobs the organizations bring he says but even here i ruined you cannot guarantee vs safety. the local coming to people did not know was still a change so what we have being advised by the local the local it does that we should also all have dialogue with the local with the local community members and. they. will get to know so that we live together a nominee. says uganda's president signed the anti homosexuality act in 2014 uganda has been widely branded host for the l g b t q i people courage you once that's to change today i would love to see a band that understands differently and that's questions that for example a grandad that understands trends like when i want to go to say that i'm female are they on my agenda they should put female the united nations has repeatedly appealed
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to the ugandan government to uphold the rights of sexual minorities but many ugandans including some members of parliament and really just lead as i think people from such groups should not be treated as equals. in bangladesh a woman who does what i do has made headlines by becoming the country's 1st transgender news anchor the transgender community in bangladesh faces stigma abuse and discrimination finding a job can be almost impossible many turned to sex work or they end up on the streets begging it makes this story even more remarkable. it's been a long way to the top for tash new the un and shia the newly appointed news anchor has had more than just glass ceilings to push through to end up he was.
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ready. as bangladesh's 1st transgender news reader she's had to work hard to get her foot in the door. of the chrysler to many other channels barely anybody called me for an interview a couple of them called me for auditions but that was it i guess they weren't brave enough to take. that as i had over many others perhaps wanted to work with me but again probably they had their own limitations but i never realized this would grab so much attention. born kemal hussain shashi nuva says she knew from very early on that she was born in the wrong body friends neighbors and even her family for acting more like a woman and like many transgender people she says she was bullied and sexually exploited for years. at the show i had. my parents once told me to get out of the house then when i couldn't cope with it
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anymore i left time by myself i couldn't stand the neighbors telling my father about how i should act or walk like a man i never wanted to be a person like that. i'm going to go out of her determination has paid off after fleeing her home town for the capital dhaka she underwent hormone therapy worked hard and kept up her studies though it hasn't been easy she hopes her fight will make it easier for others. i mean. i don't want any member of the transgender community to suffer i don't want them to live a miserable life i hope they will find work according to this skills that's. a tall order in conservative bangladesh. my attention to this journey suggests a stunt has been made. well it is some of the most promising news for parents who would like to send their kids back
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to school protected from the coronavirus today by on tech 50 announced that it's coded 1000 vaccine is safe and effective in teenagers trials of children as young as 12 showed robust antibody responses the data published today is preliminary it has yet to be peer reviewed pfizer biotech will then submit their results for review by regulators in the u.s. and here in europe if regulators give the green light this would be the 1st bank seen against the coronavirus for children this is caleb chung he's 12 years old and took part in the biotech pfizer trial his father a university dr says he's extremely proud of his son and all the other children who volunteered for such an important study is definitely a very special opportunity to be able to do something like this cuz. i'm just at home doing online school on there's not much i can really do to fight back yes.
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because to being in this trial and potentially helping other kids to feel safe and want to get the vaccine in the future one of the cons for bell. is really some way that i could actually help out. biotech pfizer said 2260 children between 12 and 15 participated in the trial none of those who received the vaccine went on to develop kovac 19 but among those given the placebo shot there were 18 cases to develop a site those results indicate the vaccine is 100 percent effective at preventing covered 19 in this age group. the breakthrough is a win for both young people and biotech pfizer the results potentially put the vaccine producers out in front of the developers and could pave the way for authorization for use in teenagers in the coming weeks if confirmed the results
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would be an important step in stopping the global pandemic and getting children around the world back into classrooms. in europe many families have been homeschooling for months after multiple lockdowns germany's health ministry welcomed the results but stressed further analysis was needed see is the goal is to make vaccines available for children and adolescents as quickly as possible if that is possible but this requires a review this is now a 1st study that must be approved for occupational groups. the main problem with the e.u. sluggish vaccine rollout so far has been a lack of supply but if that can be solved young people could find themselves getting offered the jab sooner than they expected well i'm joined tonight by dr william schaffner professor of preventive medicine at vanderbilt school of medicine
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in nashville tennessee in the united states dr schaffner it's good to see you again so you've heard the news will the pfizer biotech vaccine will it provide the peace of mind that parents need if schools are to reopen on schedule in the fall. well prepped we hope it'll make a very nice contribution after all we still have to get these results for a few by the food and drug administration but we have our fingers crossed where optimistic and there's enough time now so that we could get our vaccination programs organized for these teenagers these high school students and in addition i think we'll have enough vaccine so yes i think the students may not like the jabs but parents will be very pleased to be pleased to send the kids back to school that's for sure these trials were conducted as you said on teenagers high school students what do we know about children under the age of 12 and a possible vaccine. well the biotech flies are folks already working on those
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studies as are other companies following up so i think we'll add an abundance of data by the end of the summer and we can start accident people around the world dr schaffner especially here in europe are watching events in the u.s. and you know they're confused and concerned the u.s. is vaccinated about a quarter of adults now very impressive and yet we've got the centers for disease control warning of new surges that could wipe out any progress so are the vaccinations are they are they making a difference or not. oh print they certainly are cases and hospitalizations among people age 65 and older are dropping and that's very very exciting you know with vaccinated about 3 quarters of that population and every day with vaccinating more but at the same time younger adults and college students
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at been out and about taking off their masks going to the bars and i think the virus is spreading in that population so we have a race between our vaccination efforts and the virus which is still a little bit ahead of us i'm afraid now when i ask you we've got about a minute left what do you make of the mixed messaging surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine i mean we're we're told one side says it's still it's good for people of all ages germany says not for people under 60 i mean who would you trust. well i think all those data will come to our food and drug administration very soon if the f.d.a. gives it an emergency use authorization it's approval that i think will pour oil on the troubled waters around the world you know this vaccine cheap easy to use was going to be one of the major vaccines around the world we hope that's still the case all right dr william schaffner as always we appreciate your time in your
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concerts tonight good to see you thank you. well the day is almost done the conversation it continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the w. news or you can follow me at brant goff t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then of.
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enter the conflict zone the governments of sri lanka has been strongly criticized in the un human rights council which more limited raging situation in the country and the crease marginalise ation of my knowledge is my guest this week is china column a secretary just sri lanka's ministry physics. to take the criticisms seriously
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i'm still something about the conflicts of. next to the. this search for the last summer. with a secret. harder to find she's masterpiece art history. art restorers made some nice discoveries. oh my god. a mysterious copy exists. d.w. . for. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity from established
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itself. both religious and secular leaders point to display their power. to trace began. create the tallest biggest and the most beautiful structures. this is how massive churches are created. conscious feet rolls starts april 12th on d w. b they see all these things wealth and you don't know that you proud of living in a country where child care laws all get presidential pardon me leaving it up our group anyone who is doing something all the government of sri lanka has been strongly criticised of the un human rights council which warned of a deteriorating situation in the country the erosion of judicial independence and the increased marginalise ation of minorities my guest this week is john
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a column by the secretary to sri lanka's foreign ministry is there any chance at all.


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