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well the most powerful woman in shaping her legacy joining us from eccles lock stock. this is d.w. news live from berlin a new setback for europe's a struggling vaccination rollout germany halts astra zeneca is corona virus vaccine for people under 68 after new cases of blood clots in march also coming up italy's baby bust the country's birth rate falls to its lowest in over a century is locked down stress is to blame for more couples having fewer children . mean mars violent crackdown on protesters intensifies the military launches air
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strikes on its own citizens forcing thousands to flee their homes but protesters are not backing down. and pakistan's 1st ever religious school for transgender people it is a safe space for those on the margins of society for some are finding comfort in faith. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us germany is halting the use of astra zeneca corona virus vaccine for people under the age of 60 there is still the option to decide to take the shot but only after a medical consultation new concerns over unusual blood clots in a small number of patients led to the suspension. more bad news for germany's troubled vaccine rollout the government says it has made
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a tough but necessary decision. i believe that taking everything into account this is the path we need to follow in order to provide confidence in astra zeneca. earlier berlin's shocking to a hospital decided as a precaution to hold vaccination of its staff members with astra zeneca a decision is expected in april over have to proceed with those who have already received their 1st dose. citizens can rely on the fact that substances permitted in germany are meticulously monitored the results are transparent and openly discussed. public opinion on this latest u. turn was divided at this berlin vaccination center only those aged over 60 can get their astra zeneca job everybody else is turned away.
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there are a lot of rumors and headlines in the news about it i wouldn't get vaccinated with it. for less than a committee that humble this talk about people getting up thrombosis in the brain is very scary i'm going to wait until i can get by on tech or. i have no problem with it it's not a positive effect in england they've all been vaccinated with astra zeneca this latest blow to germany sluggish an occupation campaign follows new guidelines from the national vaccine commission. we're going from a regulatory authority is that younger women but also men are suffering from severe cerebral vein thrombosis. and have died from it constantly. and the number exceeds what we would normally expect at that age. and we conclude that it has to be related to the vaccine therefore we have to act. without and
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most. has are going. to be very in state premier marcos zuda favors taking a flexible approach. but some point with astra zeneca we're going to have to operate with a lot of freedom whoever wants to and whoever dares to should have the opportunity to take it. almost 4000000 doses of when i arrive in germany next month but another dent to public confidence in the vaccine means using them up could prove difficult. let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane for the latest on the story hi melinda what does this decision on astra zeneca mean for germany's efforts to get people vaccinated. it's another very disappointing turd in a vaccine rollout that was already lacking significantly behind other countries like great britain or the us up until now only 11 percent of people here in germany
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have received even a 1st shot and in fact astra zeneca is a major linchpin of the german vaccination strategy because of ongoing shortages of other vaccines like biotech pfizer and look down at so for example for the coming weeks tens of thousands of quite ments have been scheduled for astra zeneca vaccines for younger people teachers people with preexisting conditions who are at real risk if they contract corrode at and presumably those appointments most likely won't go forward needing it that a number of people will remain at risk so it's a very real blow what about the effect this has on the public how does it influence people's trust in other vaccines as well. it certainly is likely to reduce trust in the ass preventative vaccine and we have seen that in the past
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a few weeks ago germany and other european countries also suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine after the 1st reports. from the us this and at that time trust here in germany plummeted when it came to ask the senate about 55 percent of german saying after that decision that they would not trust this vaccine that did not seem to. the spillover effect on other vaccines however and the chance that pointed out in making yesterday's decision that in fact the only way to ensure trust in vaccines overall is to investigate every report of possible danger so clearly the authorities are hoping that this step will help to maintain trust over off and what about the option of stocking up for example other vaccines and how likely is it that the e.u. might then give approval to russia sputnik vaccine. well certainly that has been under consideration the chancellor had
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a video conference yesterday with french president micron russian president putin in which they talked about sputnik but the chancellor has made it clear that from her point of view a german order of sputnik be could only go forward if the european medicines agency approves the vaccine they are currently reviewing it they're supposed to send observers to russia to look at production processes within the next month or so but it's going to take time to get that approved there are also plans to produce them back seen in the area but again that wouldn't be until june or july the earliest our chief political correspondent linda crane thank you so much. let's catch up on some other developments in the pandemic brazil has recorded another daily record can cope with 19 deaths with 3780 people dying in 24 hours brazil currently accounts for around a quarter of all deaths worldwide on any given day biotech pfizer says
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a study showed that its vaccine was 100 percent effective in children between the ages of 12 and 15 the company says it will aim to get shots to teens before the next school year starts and china says there is no basis to accusations that it did not share data with researchers looking into the origins of the virus the world health organization has accused beijing of not giving its scientists full access to available information. italy has ordered a mandatory 5 day quarantine for travelers entering from other european union countries travelers from outside the e.u. already have to corteen much of italy remains under tight coronavirus restrictions as the country battles a 3rd wave of infections the whole country faces a 3 day lockdown over the easter weekend italy has reported more than 108000 deaths so far the highest toll in the e.u. . that pandemic also seems to have affected many people's plans to have children over the past year italy has seen
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a significant drop in its birth rate with numbers reaching their lowest in more than a century. under reports. the children's playground eerily quiet the numbers are out italians are having far fewer babies during the pendency. they too have had to put their family planning on hold more in admin chancel just bought a new home in a suburb of baghdad the big step for the young couple and everything is ready for the next. course the comment i made my meaning this will be the children's room that has yet to be set up we want to put in one or 2 beds depending on the size. we also have some space downstairs which could become another room for the children. we're planning on getting married last summer before their but they had to postpone because of the pandemic and having kids before marriage for the 2 devout catholics
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was not an option. for us marriage means union and creating a family of our own marriage home family and children moving was supposed to be after the wedding but we had a switch. while the individual reasons deferred the situation is emblematic for hundreds of thousands of couples across the nation. wanted to have children. exactly 9 months after the start of the lockdown in december here in italy the birth rate dropped by more than 20 percent compared to the previous year with many couples calling off their plans to have kids the birth rate in italy has reached a historic low but even before the pen demick italy was left trailing behind most of its neighbors on average women in the e.u. had a 1.55 children 2018 in sweden this number was 1.76 in germany 1.57
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and italy 2nd to last in the e.u. with just 1200000 births the per woman. it is too early to determine with certainty what exactly is causing italian numbers to drop even further says sociologist giuliani the pandemic is likely affecting couple sex life but more importantly financial security seems to be the driving factor in the decision not to have kids . i think. a young capos are becoming much more economic rationale that than the emotional not convinced that it's important to have another child so there may be more worried about the future of children buying a house postponing marriage while working full time for the moment chance one more day and i have a lot on their plate but that hasn't changed their wish to start a family of their own as soon as the time is right. let's
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take a look at some other headlines an italian navy captain working at the defense ministry has allegedly been caught selling documents to a russian official in response alias expelled 2 russian diplomats the navy captain has been arrested and russia's ambassador has been summoned to italy's foreign ministry the kremlin says it hopes bilateral ties will not be damaged over the affair. in the us a minneapolis firefighter is testified on the 2nd day of the trial against eric shaaban the white former police officer accused of murdering george floyd the witness who was a bystander to chava kneeling on floyd's neck said she had been prevented from using her emergency medical training to help him. and divers in indonesia have recovered the cockpit voice recorder of a passenger plane that crashed into the java sea in january all 62 people on board the air boeing jet were killed shortly after takeoff from jakarta a preliminary report found the plane have problems with engine thrust. the
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violence in me and maher is escalating as daily protests demanding the restoration of democracy face an increasingly brutal crackdown more than $520.00 civilians have been killed since the start of february on tuesday the military launched air strikes on its own citizens forcing thousands to flee their homes and seek medical treatment in neighboring thailand protesters have defied strict curfews to hold funerals for those killed in the violence need maher has been in turmoil since the army ousted elected leader aung san suu kyi detaining her and reimposing military. let's get more on the story we can speak now to tintin you know she's the managing director of the ethnic media organization burma news international and is joining us from bangkok good to have you with us you are now in thailand and we mentioned some people are fleeing to thailand from me and maher we've heard reports that a thai government has allegedly been forcing people back across the border what can
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you tell us about that. yes our members are also do we are the in-depth reporting about the the refugees as part of the astronauts in korean states so is yes it's true that at the beautifullest back to the conflict zone. but at the times time start easy also like avarice eating some of the injuries and then the improvised some treatments so and that this times that island spirit you seen that the post the bat to their conflict zone so probably if they can pressure tank other men than me to may cause you to actually receive thousands of refugees to live with years in the past i so this is very important difference really in these last time well i think can simply refuse and also to get humanitarian support and the way it's their lives will be endangered ok i want to ask you about the developments in me and mara at the moment because the civilian
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leader who was ousted aung san suu kyi has been seen and is apparently in good health what more can you tell us about her situation actually we do not yet met about cows and susie and that there's not so much the recall calorie about her because like at all on news that everything is very strictly restrict at so adamant media groups and also close friends cannot access to her so the last 2 times or as you supposed to have like a hot cup here in better because of the international count and sold in the u.s. can sell because he had a kind sound so that was the latest news that we're about how important is she still to protesters. she is in fact hundreds saved. moro leaders for some of the people who are taken actively in the protest
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so they're trying. to be could help and will have to be released and to govern the country again so that is how important president is for the some of the people in the country. who have to leave it there tintin young managing director of burma news international joining us from bangkok thank you very much. you're watching news still to come on the show the quiet suburb at the heart of america's toughest labor fight in decades we visit the union organizer is taking on the internet retail giant amazon. but 1st transgender people say stigma around the world and in pakistan and overwhelmingly muslim country it can be difficult for them to attend religious schools or join prayers at mosques on the international transgender day of visibility we visit an institution aiming to change that the country's 1st ever madrassa or religious school for trance people
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founded in october of last year. a step closer to finding peace. behind this door pakistan's 1st transgender only madrassa over a dozen students learn about the teachings of the qur'an here every day. founder ronni kahn decided to open this religious school after she herself spiritually lost . for 15 years and went around begging for 5. then one night i had a dream i saw that a transgender friend of mine who had died was in a state of great agony that changed my entire life and that's why i made this turnaround. can also teach assistance to sue quotes and hope that one day they can sell them to cover the operation costs she has used up her life savings to open up the much. the 34 year old was determined because she's known
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a life on the margins of society. most families do not accept transgender people they threw them out of their homes to turn to wrongdoing they started dancing and begging and doing other things i was one of them and. can now ventures to distribute bring help she tries to convince other transgenders. to become. started to learn the qur'an say religion gives comfort. the qur'an. degradation. can hope to connect many more transgender people through islam in the future she encourages others in the community to do the same. they can also come to life they can also designate. where they can remember and make atonement to gain
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a better life after that. pakistan may have well over 300000 people in the country just a fraction of them are practicing islam in this school before the students it's already a milestone greater acceptance and a safe haven. let's get some perspective on the story now with my as she's an associate from the forum for dignity initiatives and joins us from islamabad in pakistan my it's good to have you with us as we heard there a transgender people often face discrimination in pakistan can you tell us more about what forms that discrimination takes. unfortunately when we talk government and the progress of the laws there is the thought of a lot of progress in 2011 we got to the parisian way we can apply force the n.a.c. which is the our identification card and we can change agent in moscow over there
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in 2018 be bitten just remarkable mindstorm off getting our bill a dry engine to protection act fast and with that the achievements have been continued but unfortunately it is very much lack off social acceptance acceptance from people and we really need to work on transforming the attitudes of people for acceptance and for that we 1st need to start from a homes so. we see a lot of trunnion to people they don't get accepted from their homes by their bounds by the family and they disown them and their problems if they're being accepted by their own family i don't feed and there will be a matter off. going to mothers or even schools are ticking education because the ownership is that the family is the family and just forms it was to protect so how do you change them and how do you make it so that there is more acceptance in families. our families also belong to the scene society so it's just
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a side to pressure that the families cannot bear and because the listen to our last conversation is the negative things for having a transgender child in the family to a white that obviously the families also kind of abandon or try to avoid such circumstances because then the other siblings life are being affected so it's not that we can work only on one segment and we can ignore the other it's going to be our. all the work together every segment has to work together to improve the situation so the society needs to realize and the need to understand that they can not only box joins in to be brilliant said in. certain roles in certain professions legging in detainers or anything like that once they have this mindset goes away and the family has to be easy and they can except there are a transgender child in the whole hog without being budget and definitely decreased
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under validity and improve the situation what message would you want to give on the state to those who might not fully accept the transgender community. as i said again that this is all. cause and effect because if the community was marginalized for a short or long time they were left with no no i did option rather than just being in to dinas all it being into a fix by business or on the backing under orders so we don't have any visibility issues we do seem since my childhood i've been seen transgenders on the on the streets on the signals they come to our homes so it isn't all of. it's not that we're disappeared over you know in a part of the society but we are part of the society in a bit a negative way just on this day i would like to see that we should celebrate this day and not that in talking about the issues and the survivors and the crisis next
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year i want to have not only visibility but also meaningful visibility and role is so that the boys can remember us in more larger and positive scenarios so do the governments on audit letters give us give us a johns so that we can prove ourselves that we are more than that and so next year when you said to me hey we can have more examples off resilience more examples of success and and whenever the ordinary people the normal people who when they see transgender people write a don't box them those certain professions ok we have to leave it there my examined from the form for dignity initiatives thank you very much thank you so much. now votes are being counted in one of america's most significant labor battles in decades at stake whether a union can gain a foothold at amazon organizers are promising union representational improve the lives of nearly $6000.00 people amazon is expected to push back and try to keep
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unions out stephon see months when tell bama to find out more. welcome to bessemer if you have never heard of this southwestern suburb of birmingham alabama you were not alone at least until recently bessemer home to roughly 28000 residents has become a daily news headline a beacon of hope for many but for others it's now a symbolizes a vicious attack on the good old capitalism. bessemer is now at the center of the biggest and most important labor fight the united states has seen in decades thanks to amazon so here we are at the amazon fulfillment center right behind me here and best of my alabama this place year or better 5800 workers who work here could make history yes history but only in the united states why is that because amazon was successful for the last almost 20 years to
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fight off any union effort to put cracks in the house off the sauce this is the 1st time that a union has a real chance to get labor organized at amazon local union organizers worked for months on getting amazon workers into the flock flyers and posters for rallies and shit like work and this all came about because of this man daryl richardson. richardson felt things are not all that great at the bessemer amazon fulfillment center if you're late a minute. 15 minutes a automatic way from you. i want to. so why take up so we're just a lot of stuff need to be changed last year contact at the retail warehouse and department store union in birmingham and a representative met with him here. at the dreamland barbecue in
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tuscaloosa rips and i see a plan to unionize amazon was hatched and set in motion. fast forward to today almost $6000.00 workers voted for or against unionization now the votes are being counted union activist alex gould says that won't be the end of it likely but . that's a pro union leaflet. if the workers win this vote it's going to be a big struggle for sam has to come to any agreement with them you know the laws. have to bargain with them but we all know it's a question of power. and there's also the other side of course amazon employees who don't want to use it we are against it and we are very happy with what we are getting is far as benefits we're happy with our working conditions we're happy with
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the advancement opportunities. speaking of advancement whatever the bessemer vote will be amazon is sure to face more pressure for unionization in the future. all right you're watching d.w. up next it's our environment show eco africa statement. come. on.
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the flop. help africa. 2 young visionaries. with a dream of. john a graduate of uganda's social innovation academy talent to come here to land how to turn their ideas into successful businesses. that's what i'm doing this big i am now. in my country called for go. next
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aki w. . do you like it. to you why it's. ok then buckle up put the pedal to the metal never lets ride. commitment. d.w. . let's get right to the heart of the. smog. president signs are good for the the. warming doesn't do very. good for the
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most well not yet. the industry is controlling your thoughts the great books of the 20th century. present a hoax. perpetrated more. securing ignorance start a search on w. . the 1st. welcome to echo off the vironment program brought to you from the large area uganda and germany us always want to take a look at some of the ideas out there for protecting the environment both in europe and in africa i'm chris celebs in lagos nigeria but 1st before i walk out to buy go
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post some truck. days ahead of everybody young sundra to you know get here in kampala uganda and yet a week of alone to install for you to do stay tuned on until the show here's a quick preview of what is coming up shortly. simple marcus mines we see how a fence in kenya is protecting both elephants on the forest. we moved an artist in ghana please bring a new life into the ground beside going complete. and thinking be how young and to bring us here in your gunda tunning the ideas into the reality. laws of floating in water are unlovely sight but aquatic plants can be something of a pissed when they turn up in the wrong places we've caught a few reports on the club or what a hyacinths opposed to some communities now on lake also in coming with their local
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residents and of course of ation it's a document with another invested species and that is posing a host of problems there. paddling through lake also has become more of a struggle since the sylvia plants altered his ecosystem sees richard. a fisherman who grew up in a small community on the shores of the lake the 1st screening we block sunlight and depletes oxygen from the water suffocating aquatic life. the 7 year is giving us a lot of trouble. it is affecting my fishing. activity on the part that appeared in the past when i went out to fish i would have a good catch for me and my family found me and i thought now it's become really hard for. this morning a group of local residents from designedly have come together to clear the invasive
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plants from the main entrance to the lake the villages are worried it will spread to other sections that have not yet been affected lake also is cameron's largest natural lake with a total surface area of nearly 40 square kilometers but it's now infested with lotsa miles also venia nearly 40 percent of its surface is covered as a proliferates the plant also threatens the locals livelihoods. a local marine mammal conservation organization i'm cool regularly organizes the cleanups for 5 years now the team has been striving hard to protect the link from their grass of wheat to find a more efficient solution and receipts to cu com has set up a research site in the village he wants to find out if they can use a biological weapon to destroy the water most on a large scale you have a political. ticker. this small bug feeds on
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salvina tests from last year's shoot that you can completely eliminate plans cover in a matter of months i'm cool is already negotiating its deployments with the commute government but they have been concerns in the community due to fears the bug also eats their crops. biological can crawl using this salvia weaver has been used in many countries around the world including in 15 countries in africa and the best example is that of santa god they were able to get rid of that sort of e-mail within a year using their biological control and the way this weaver works is that if it's specific on this side of vienna what happened after the done anything salvia it just died because they have not had. twice a month the researcher makes the trip from cameroon capital young to work at the lake accompanied by colleagues and students i'm cool also collects data on the
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african manatee the least studied large mammal in africa they're shy by nature and active at night sight hundreds i read in order to detect the creatures location and movements to kuka music specialist equipment including. the information gained is critical for the conservation of the graceful animals so the reason my team and i working so hard is because we want to save the african american which is being threatened by porting which is illegal hunting of this species and they also create them by accident caught in a fishing net their population over or raising and even especially here nick also where this threat of sudden vina has combined to the home thing making the population to even decrease cost or the conservation group regularly sends out volunteers to speak to the local community the purpose is to inform villages about
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the importance of put. the leak and all its natural resources including the manatees they too are struggling to survive. when the manatee get caught in a net that eats up all the fish even if it's a 100. the problem is due to the fact that manatees don't have access to enough sea grass it's chucked out by the survey near survey trish many of these community members have lost their source of income because of salvina. local fishermen have plenty of incentive to do all they can to remove the alien plants and prevent its break and they hope that aristide to come on his team will soon get the go ahead to introduce the tiny bug that will save the leak by devouring its pesky surface cover for. what an interesting project
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we know head to visit some relatives of the money the elephants look at. elephants are amazing creatures. difficult to know because they. can't even destroy an entire. forest away. let's take a look. here in the front end of the wildlife are home free without posing a threat to from us and their livestock living nearby but because they are separated by an electric fence. a conservation. just the fence and oversaw its construction it's solar powered and has proved to be very reliable. in the great rift valley. we did about 43.3 kilometers and it's done now. and now with their work we are doing now is the
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meeting now again. and also to be. in the community so that they can be able to do all it. must citizen is a forest beekeeper one of many here they belong to the good community which has practiced beekeeping for hundreds of years the bees are kept in traditional wooden hives and the honey is extracted by hand beekeeping is still allowed in the forest looking down trees and hunting are not. now i am sure. if we took care of where the animal lives in the same way they must look after their cattle or other communities into their livestock crops so we live over honey and bush meat and live here in the knowledge that this was like off on a quiet night when we had to do this in the open was in a fairly. lot of order to protect the forest the indigenous community has been
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given land and access to water outside its use of kentucky has now turned to tomato farming. when you're going to come we don't depend on this is us anymore it used to be the kiss this time of the you wouldn't see any greenery here more than be on the ground would be patched up there with me so you know but it's one of the diggers changes are going to test. now it's green everywhere then vellum and has really changed the humid air women to me claim that these things are supposed to protect key areas of forest where in full feeds going as rivers the product which receives support from government agencies charitable foundations and the corporate sector has proved a great success and now areas of mountain woodland in other parts of the country are being fenced as well. i know me if you. see. forest being. spared for the animals and for and vironment so and i'm
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quite happy to see such an electric fence set up to protect the sound was from going out into the community. and that in turn has protected the community from damage caused by wondering why life. fences are given the forests the animals living here in the nearby communities the freedom to florence. we know in town to an ancient art form still practiced today black you know and after learning that took root in new york an artist in ghana now creates anything so new to fulfill in his workshop. just right. there is no professional glass recycling assortment gonna find a way of clearing off some of the waste by turning it into other useful objects here is this week's doing your bits.
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from. one wild card all the dishes from. her home. the materials used to make this glowing molten blob came from the garbage. we're going to see. that. one everywhere. glass. gonna doesn't have a formal system for collecting and recycling waste glass so a lot ends up in landfills the only certified glass blower in west africa michael take a works exclusively with recycled glass his craft requires a lot of patience and experience. grow a lot though. a little bit of a global market to push you to go to some of. the only work groups
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numerous steps are required to complete each unique object which takes a makes you know wide variety of colors hatton's shapes and sizes. i catching creations is sold in a gallery around 11 year olds each. of these pieces made you can give them a new design specification and he will make it and the color for you also has products. and we like the fact that he has to waste into usable lots of facts and to ensure that sustainable glassblowing has a few cheering ghana michael takes a also teaches this traditional craft to young people in his workshop passing on his sustainable methods to the next generation of artists. and how about you if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our web site forbes and there's a tweet. after doing your bit. we
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share your story. pretty much the world over these are known to be industrious creatures in english we've been used to chair visit these well like many other insects they are under threats others are for ticks or still overbought region of kosovo is solving your rope they're causing vision they're still working to protect the unique natural habitat with important pollinators ple a key role. it's usually men who wear this kind of outfits in kosovo they are hardly any female beekeepers in the country sheepish allah is one of them the beekeeping season might be over but she still checks on her charges. regularly. and electric fence protects her hives from the beds that still roam this area near priestman kosovo's 2nd largest
2:44 pm
city. the shar manton's national park just to the self is a refuge for balkan links this species of wild cat is critically endangered there are only a few dozen of them left. sheep or shall or has 150 beehives she's the boss and her husband works for her that's quite an unusual set up but it works for them. i'm positive one in the all we like to do things systematically. i start from one and. my husband starts from the other. we like to compete. it's kind of a game to see who can check more beehives. today it looks like a tie once the inspections are done shiner takes care to extinguish the coal in her smoker which is used to come the bees
2:45 pm
a forest fire could have disastrous consequences. she doesn't have any trouble finding buyers for her organic honey. it sells for twice the price of the honey sold at street side markets be keeping sheep breeding and she's making are an important part of the economy in kosovo the youngest and smallest nation in the balkans. shallow went abroad to study organic farming methods. nowadays environmental activists come to see her to learn how she applies organic methods to be keeping. the aim is to raise awareness across kossovo of eco friendly farming practices. i attended a workshop in germany i learned a lot about animal welfare which nobody here knows anything about i'm now giving courses to pass on this knowledge i hope people will come to realize we have to
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protect. and that includes being as they are so important for the environment.


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