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cautioned to not put people on necessary or on risk and we have to wait until the agencies have officially looked at the data and have made their recommendations and this recommendation is a for certain group specially anyone hoping to get a vaccine and considering whether they should get vaccinated with astra zeneca is going to feel very uncomfortable hearing this news and how safe is the astra zeneca vaccine really. yes of course people are concerned hearing this news and i think it's also a somewhat unfortunate that there are several cup points and whether only women or everyone is discussed in the public before you official agencies have made their decision if the drug as far as we know has decided fact it is very very rare but it is there it is more likely down what you we normally would but the european medicine agencies so far called the truck safe and very beneficial and said the
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outs way of the benefits still outweigh the risks so the drug is overall more beneficial nevertheless as a precaution there are too many cases and that's why it is decisions have been made today they say that it is a very rare side effect and that this was done out of an abundance of caution as you said the european medicines agency just last week said this vaccine was safe what does this then do to public trust in the vaccine. it's obviously very difficult to trust in the vaccine where you have consistently being reporting. to have a side of scientists who have the potential effect in certain age groups or not having enough in certain age groups so public trust is certainly very effective under specific drugs yes to send a truck it is not very important so we find a solution for do we happen up like scenes available and continue to be extreme people as this is really really to most important thing to do and is
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a 3rd way for depend. i thank you epidemiologist at the sheraton a hospital here in berlin thank you for having me now at the same time the easter holidays have begun in much of germany a time when many people normally like to travel but to tackle rising krone virus infections flying to germany has just gotten out of war complicated now all air passengers regardless of where they're traveling from have to present a negative covert 1000 tests before departure of the stricter rules aren't putting off those intent on holiday abroad for them testing before traveling has just become the new normal. the new rule came into effect on tuesday all passengers flying into germany now have to present a negative kovan 1000 test results before departure if it's positive they must isolate in their current location mainly at their own expense it sounds like a hassle but many of those arriving at berlin's airport on tuesday see tests as a normal part of travel now.
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the rule exists if you want to travel you simply have to do it. because we will give you a sense of safety to know everybody's been tested coronavirus tests for those entering germany are not new travelers arriving from countries deemed kovan $1000.00 risk areas already have to be tested just before or after their flights the list includes dozens of countries in europe and around the world now where mandatory tests as been extended to flights from all countries. the new rule was introduced after majorca the spanish island most popular with germans was taken off the list of risk areas that led to a russian bookings for the island over the easter holidays and to the german government hurrying to prevent a surge in newco of 1000 cases among travellers. but the new rule hasn't deterred those dreaming of
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a holiday. no no no no no 2 of our trips were cancelled last year not because of coven 19 but because of other things and it's so we really want to change to get out of the city and. also. the new normal in travel may be here for a while as vaccinations in germany are making slow progress and covert 1000 cases are on the rise. while the united states is one of the world's leading nations when it comes to covert $1000.00 vaccinations the u.s. ordered a large number of doses early on and the biden administration has ramped up distribution since the start of the year you probably know the u.s. is a large country but already 20 percent of all adults are now fully vaccinated that's more than $52000000.00 people among them nearly half of americans over the age of $65.00 and to give you
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a comparison across the european union only 5.3 percent of adults have received both shots president joe biden expects to have enough doses for all adults in the united states by the end of may his administration says americans will be inoculated 1st before the country shares its shots with others he doesn't use all of his alledged has more. had a university campus in los angeles u.s. army soldiers are now fighting an invisible enemy their weapons of choice though syringes loaded with the bio and take pfizer vaccine. it's like 2 very sensible or do you have a little card for you i do so just very funny. debbie you share is about to receive her 2nd child to go on and. she is now one of her own 50000000 fully vaccinated americans makes me feel. i'm very grateful that
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we here i mean of course we had the worst response really initially and now we're having the best vaccine response but it does look bad for the people in europe right now that i hope that they can get rolling out the way we are here. the vaccination site at california state university is one of the largest in the u.s. sergeant lewis herrera and his comrades who have been deployed to overseas missions like afghanistan are administering up to a 1000 shots per day all right all the time i'm very proud to be selected as a member to come out here and do this because at the end of the day we volunteered to protect our country to protect the people within it so if it includes administering vaccines and providing medical care that's what we do more here to accomplish that mission at the united states have come a long way in this pandemic from the world's hardest hit country to one of the fastest nations in administering the vaccine a pragmatic rollout is one reason
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a new kind of vaccine nationalism is another one president biden vowed that at this pace there could be enough vaccines for every american by the end of may a little bit about what. the federal emergency management agency takes pride in this new cooperation between the u.s. army national guard and her own authority it is very historic because the federal government f.e.m.a. has never done a vaccination site so this is a truly whole government approach we're working to get our partnership to make sure that this runs as smoothly as possible that people get in and out when they come here that they're not waiting a very long time and their experience is a good one. while the speedy rollout brings relief for many americans critics say the lack of exports to developing countries might cause new problems in the fight against coal that 19. let's turn our attention now to some other developments in
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the krona virus and demick world leaders including german chancellor angela merkel are calling for an international treaty on pandemic preparedness with goal is to use lessons from the current pandemic to protect future generations scientists meanwhile say new vaccines could be needed within a year as the 1st generation shots are rendered ineffective by new taishan the scientists stressed that a global vaccination effort is required and iran says a 4th wave of the corona virus pandemic has taken hold in western and central areas of the country that's been triggered by widespread travel and celebrations during the current iranian new year holidays. and we can turn our attention now to some other stories making headlines around the world more than a dozen people fleeing violence in myanmar have received medical treatment across the border in thailand it comes as activists say thailand is sending back thousands of people fleeing myanmar thailand has denied the reports and says it has no policy
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of turning away refugees. a brazilian presidential year ball so narrow has carried out a large cabinet reshuffle amid a slide in his popularity over his handling of the pandemic foreign minister nesta i don't know is among the ministers leaving the government he has been widely criticized for damaging brazil's international ties and aggravating the pandemic by alienating vaccine suppliers. go to the united states now and the trial of a former police officer accused of killing him george floyd in the city of minneapolis is underway and derek chauvin denies murder and manslaughter charges but if he's convicted he could face up to 40 years in jail as the trial opened jurors heard witnesses describe the harrowing final moments of floyd's life. your it's the video that ignited a global movement against police brutality and racism at george lloyd begging for
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former officer derek show than to get off of him and crying out for his mother minutes into the trial prosecutors played part of this footage to eras they said show even used excessive force and that they would prove it in the wakes ahead with key witnesses including the minneapolis police chief show evans defense team put the blame on floyd they said poor health and drugs led to his death the day urge here is to ignore broader calls for social justice you will see this case during this trial begins i agree with counsel for the state it is nothing more than that there is no political or social cost in this court the jury also heard from 911 emergency dispatch generally scarry who said that she witnessed floyd's arrest over a closed circuit television feed but an important she called police unshaven and others under his command after growing concerned. my instincts are telling me that something's wrong something. great i don't know what that something was or great
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police charged with killing unarmed black people are rarely convicted in the us civil rights activists say chauvinist not on trial alone that this case is about fairness and humanity. we are here to see the case of a man. dead used his knee to mention a man and then blame the man for it and then she. calls for justice that encouraged by george floyd's family. they can sweep is going to rule your flaws no because they were all killed all for food that was flawed to protect. but one thing i can tell you we will get justice we would not allow their children paul and his crew.
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to be deterred the prosecutor and the consume. and william glue kroft joins us now for more william why is this trial so significant not just for people in the united states but around the world. i mean we saw the protests that were sparked by george floyd's death last year the worst most extreme most widespread civil rights protests social justice protests of the united states as seen in decades and that spread all around the world so definitely touched a nerve for millions and millions of people not just americans here in europe we saw lots of action germany confronting their own demons within the police their own policing issues and the report noted the u.s. has a long unfortunate track record of not holding police abuse and extreme use of force to account lack of transparency police officers getting off with very light sentences if any sentences at all you know the infamous case of rodney king from
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the early 1990 s. is still with american society still very much a formative moment when white police officers in los angeles dragged a black man out of his car and beat him nearly to death and those officers got away scot free basically that led to severe violence and mob mob protests in los angeles that really scarred the city and shaped the community and the relationship with police to this day and we can see we can expect to see much the same as a result of the george floyd incident yes let's turn to the trial at hand i mean what can we expect to see come up in the coming days. well the prosecution wants to focus on this video that's the stare of course their strongest piece of evidence while defense wants to play down the video they point to what they call 50000 other pieces of evidence they want to discuss and bring it to the jury's attention we heard in the report that they want to go with this drug use and poor health
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a reasoning for george floyd's death they would have to prove not just that george floyd had a drug problem if he did it all or had poor health if that's true but that that actually led to his death on that day whereas prosecution can turn to medical experts as witness with this is to determine the cause of death and if they can conclude without a reasonable doubt that that death was homicide then there's your answer then there was homicide so that's really where the 2 sides are going to come down and then the big thing to watch is a shoving himself is going to testify it's not your clear if defenses decide if that's in his best interest or not we're going to have to leave it there is william clue kroft thank you so much for that update meanwhile hong kong's electoral system is getting a sweeping overhaul seen by many as another nail in the coffin for the pro-democracy movement while makers in beijing approve the reforms which will see elected seats to hong kong's legislative council slashed and the number of beijing approved officials increased
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a vetting committee has also been set up to monitor candidates to ensure they are loyal to the mainland and measures are seen as the most significant attempt to rein in hong kong's opposition since the territory was handed over to china from britain in 97. to get the view from beijing let's take a listen to this statement from the chinese ministry of foreign affairs. the purpose of improving the electoral system is to gradually develop the constitutional order of hong kong and the democratic system in line with the actual situation there to better reflect the balance political participation of residents to take into account the interests of all sectors of society and to safeguard the long term development of hong kong. and for more on this let's bring in correspondent phebe kong who joins us now from hong kong so maybe tell us more about these reforms. this reform has effectively recessed almost all of the actual rules in hong kong this is the most aggressive political overhaul
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we've seen scenes a whole homes handle for that on one hand beijing tries to the opposition representation by drastically reducing the directly elected seats in the legislature and the election committee which is this wonderful for picking the chief executive and then placing those fake and c.e.o. with people from government appointed organizations and beijing controlled sectors so i see results for example of the seats in the legislature used to account for the directly elected seats used to account for how hope that's at stake in the process but under the new rules in the future only less than a quarter and all the other hand 7 no matter who wins the election revel wants to run for it must 1st go through a loti test just by the authorities so on the new can this will be controlled by the government alone and assume the officials will be the batting members who approved the candidacy and they will take up arms from chair expected and facing
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officials and this is also the very 1st time in hong kong's history that the national security police actually have a say to decide which candidate is to be disqualified or not. and we've seen it beijing tried to rein in the pro-democracy movement in several ways in recent times is this really the nail in the coffin for democracy in hong kong. well i thought of you today they say they argued that the new institution moved represent a more diverse interest after society because size and composition of birth increases but in fact when we look at the numbers of the directly elected seats they are actually which are directly elected by the general public by the general voters in hong kong these seats are drastically the minute and not to mention a multiple hurdles at it under the new proposal so that. it's getting even more difficult for people to run for election because they have to prove their loyalty
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and allegiance to beijing firsthand and beijing is already trying every means to ensure there is 0 risk in any election and we can expect that the election results will be more controllable with them before that in the future elections but the people as well and peoples of the public opinion will be suppressed and even more under represented in the future elections speaking of public opinion i mean what has it been as a reaction to this weeping overhaul. well the general public i can see that people are very concerned because. this is. hard to see as i have mentioned that this is the most aggressive overhaul a huge political blow since the national security law this is a this is an other major change fundamental change in hong kong's politics but this reform has been realized just within
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a month with an extensive consultation at local level and the critics and also of course the opposition can see it is 7 an end of their political career within political institution because they think beijing is determined to stop all of them from entering the political institution of through elections and elections used to be one of the few remaining peaceful and legitimate ways but i'm to continue advocacy but now many of them have been a lot of bands and now elections seems that and for them to continue it and look meant and it will be even harder for the opposition camp to continue the advocacy peacefully and safely in the future your correspondent phebe kong in hong kong thank you very much for that update. well the united nations is urging the international community to donate $10000000000.00 in aid to help the millions of syrians enduring poverty and starvation it's today video conference hosted by the
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un and the european union is underway in brussels germany has pledged $2000000000.00 but there's disagreement over how funds should be spent. a bowl of cabbage for a family of 7 the daily ration for the al mahmoud family in this refugee camp in homes more than 12000000 syrians are starving food prices have risen nearly 5 fold and 9 in 10 people live in poverty they need help from abroad. the money is needed for b.c. q many tarion needs especially inside syria access to water to. health care and other fundamental basic needs. the united nations has said over 10000000000 in aid is needed. germany is planning to contribute 1700000000 euros every day up till now funds have been used only for emergency relief aid organizations are now insisting that money also needs to be spent on reconstruction
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we can ignore not varying long term we need health centers they need to be rebuilt we need schools in care centers 2 and a half 1000000 children can't go to school in syria so humanitarian aid should be used for development to. diplomats from the aid you in the german government disagree reconstruction they say would benefit the assad regime. i asked and we fix this really number one priority is to ensure the survival of the people in syria and the 6000000 refugees in neighboring state leave a child i knew after that can we discuss rebuilding doesn't if you see had this problem be dolls ball be free of. the peace process is stone humanitarian aid helps people survive but has no lasting impact the donor conference does at least keep the crisis in syria on the agenda. and earlier we spoke to as that other
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democrat a member of the european parliament she urged e.u. leaders to give syrians a chance at a better future the reality for the people that there are now in a situation that they are have no food they don't have hospitals they don't have schools they have who know no perspective for their life and i think this military war in syria has a lot being want and it's showing that now the regime change politics should continue in the other way an economic way and i don't accept that because it's politics all of the expense of the people in syria it's politics all the expense of the children and the shortstop if the e.u. wants to do really something against this war want to do something for the people in syria be used to it and help to or structural country help
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really for the people to get a perspective in their country but the u.s. spoke of saying to hold out the people the refugees out of the european union and this is not ok for me. now for many in the northern hemisphere a long winter is finally over and spring is here and in japan that means the cherry blossoms take a look at this a stunning show this is tokyo's mega row a river the cherry blossoms only last for about a week there and therefore the japanese a say they symbolize the fragility of life and normally people would picnic under the trees but this year authorities have asked people not to gather in groups. quick reminder that you can always get to get over your news on the go just download our app from google play or from the app store and give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and if you're part of a news story yourself you can also use the d
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w app to send us photos and videos of what's been happening. that is your news update at this hour stay tuned for our industry go soccer show kickoff and play richardson in berlin for me in the entire team here thanks so much for joining us.
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because. apple doesn't fall far from the tree and the ball doesn't stray far from the coasts. and any case talent often runs in the family famous beautifully the pros and their success. and families
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in chico. village. in the art of climate change. to suit. what ideas do they have of their future. d.w. dot com african legacy of the making a good. clean shirt. in mexico many polish homeless and also in alamo right now climate change me for an awful story. this is wife leslie way
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from just one week. how much work can really do. we still have time to ask i'm going. he said. that some scribe and more news like this. robs. my father like son the bundesliga has a long history.


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