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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm CET

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world. gold is. the stories that matter to you. what you. believe. we are here is actually on fire. this is news in these are our top stories experts say it could take weeks to dislodge a huge container ship blocking egypt's suez canal some 200 other vessels are waiting to enter what is one of the world's key shipping routes other ships are now taking a much longer route around africa prolonged closure of the suez canal will impact
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global trade. u.s. president joe biden says china's xi jinping and russia's vladimir putin are among 40 world leaders he's inviting to a summit on climate change biden has made climate a top priority for his administration the virtual summit is planned for april. france bears a moral responsibility in the 1994 rwandan genocide that's the conclusion of a report commissioned by the french government some 800000 tutsis were killed in just a few months then the report found that france under then president. was quote blind and slow to respond but it cleared france of any complicity in the slaughter this is do you know you news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram d w news and visit our website.
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with rising new infections in germany beating back the pandemic is proving increasingly difficult dire warnings now from the country's top health officials expect more sick people filling hospitals in the weeks ahead frustrations welling over across the european union a 3rd wave of more transmissible coated 1000 variants engulfed much of the continent vaccines still hard to come by frayed nerves and growing resentment builds in europe's capitals and the e.u. still turn things around. this is the day. i. get to enjoy there are very clear signals that this wave could be even worse than the 1st 2 where. you get maybe 100000 per day with this prognosis and that's when do we run the risk of our health care system reaching its limits atmosphere
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screaming for hospitals to be overburdened and for more people to die when the numbers are right you can ask. all age groups erhart sure especially the working population aged under 65 you can feel the symptoms irish variants make things particularly dangerous to fish and to kids and adolescents. and also coming up china u.k. relations on the rocks beijing hits british politicians and academics with sanctions for shining a light on alleged human rights violations perpetrated against weaker muslims this decision by the chinese government is extremely sad because it represents a real degradation in the relationship between chawner and you know given i would hope that china would recognize that those people are calling out human rights violations are on the side of the chinese people. to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world a very warm welcome the worst is perhaps yet to come we begin the day with a chilling warning from the nation's top infectious disease expert germany's kohen a virus infections that surged to a record 100000 cases a day potentially over london hospitals and overwhelming health care workers and his health officials prognosis for the coming weeks this 3rd wave could prove deadlier than the previous 2 like a runaway train a pandemic is running its course capping off what has been a turbulent week in germany's management of the response to the pen democrats is. just over 10 percent of all germans have received at least their 1st over 1000 vaccination in april 15 1000000 vaccine doses will be delivered more than were used in the entire 1st quarter that's good news but the head of germany's disease control center warns that the nation's alone won't be enough to stop the 3rd wave
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that has just begun to pick up momentum. going there are clear signs that this wave could be even worse than the 1st 2 we have to be prepared for the fact that the number of cases will rise sharply as more people will become seriously ill it's clear that clinics will be overcrowded and that many people will die we are only at the beginning of this development the number of occupied hospital beds has risen the outbreaks in nursing homes have declined and the number of infected seniors is low reducing social contact should remain top priority as of tuesday a negative test result is required before boarding a plane to germany. is what i know as a fall germany's entry regulation is not a game changer for the 2 weeks of easter vacation the situation is too serious for that infections are happening because the virus has momentum at the moment the numbers are rising too quickly and variants make the situation particularly dangerous. this will be the 2nd year in
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a row that germans won't be allowed to travel over easter the government recommends families meet outdoors and keep a safe distance. and our political correspondents i mean aren't shy as is tracking this story for us and the warnings come at the end of a week oh we're chosen limit to how to cancel tough restrictions for the easter holiday and then ask the germans for their forgiveness for making that decision in the 1st place it's looking increasingly like germany is losing the battle against the virus is that a looking like a pandemic that simply won't go away with very confusing messages and hesitancy from the government when it comes to measures something that was true a year ago and still is true today is that due to federal nature of the government where the decision making is not centralized and this leads to martin talks between the chancellor angela merkel and the state premiers often they don't agree on the
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measures to be taken then how did they have to angle america how did enough to handle america let alone germany would probably have known to have known a hard long down what it had now but the partial restrictions that we've been experiencing and to know simply haven't managed to prevent a surge of infections especially does due to new variants of the virus or child more infectious what measures is germany taking and not to dampen the expected surge in cases. well there is more testing being carried now and that can partially explain why does a surge in number of cases is linked to a more systematic testing it's important because these testing allows to isolate people who have been in contact with that was people infected but of course of the more cases appear to more difficult it is and will be to track back each person in contact with those new measures we'll also be starting on monday with systematic requests for
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a negative test for incoming travelers and we're still in the dark as to which additional restrictions might be taken on top of the current restrictions in place which will last until at least meet a plain meaning restaurants social socialization places remaining close and social distancing being asked of the population and the inclusion of germany has issued calls in $1000.00 travel warnings for neighboring countries what more can you tell us about that. well 1st it would be to become mandatory for everyone flying into germany to show a negative test before boarding the plane even if they are not traveling from countries dazing mated us hirees that's one measure the 2nd measure as you mentioned that's germany issuing a travel warning a warning sending france are surrounded czech republic denmark because they too does neighboring countries as well are experiencing a steep rise in the number of infections so there would be more border controls there would be more risk to choose even if some had already been implemented but
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now people coming into germany from those countries will have to provide a negative test that would be no older than 48 hours at the border and then that would have to go into a 10 day quarantine which can be shortened after 5 days a day show a 2nd negative test of course that kind of measure can be problematic especially for cross border workers deserve you political correspondent reporting thank you. but we stand in total solidarity with annoying individuals that were sanctioned today it's not going to stop them or it's not going to stop the british government speaking up about the industrial scale human rights abuses taking place and she and john that was the british foreign minister rejecting sanctions imposed on the u.k. on u.k. individuals rather by china and a parent's bit of tips for taps after britain along with the european union the u.s. and canada sanctioned several chinese over allegations of human rights abuses in
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the muslim majority zhejiang province while the chinese sanctions are aimed at 9 british individuals and 4 organizations british ship prime minister boris johnson responded on twitter saying all of those targeted were shedding light on gross human rights violations china denies the allegations and calls a change and an internal affair. well after announcing those sanctions against the british individuals the chinese government also warrant there could be further retaliatory action if the u.k. did not change course. china is determined to safeguard its national sovereignty security and development interests and warns the u.k. not to go further down the wrong path. let's speak now to helena kennedy a member of the house of lords in the u.k. and one of the people that china has imposed sanctions on a very good day ms kennedy why do you think you were targeted. well because i have
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been quite outspoken in parliament and beyond about what is happening to the museum we're in in china and i think that. calling out of china's behavior is something that is considered unacceptable to china it's not given to freedom of expression and now obviously this is not the 1st time that you did it do you know why in terms of the timing why now. i've been working on on that issues issues to do with human rights and china for some years i'm a human rights lawyer and i'm a barrister here in england and i and i run an institute of human rights and i also. member of the house of lords i'm a parliamentarian i'm in the legislature and we've recently been calling upon the
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british government to create. to make a decision about whether you should trade with a country that might be committing genocide and and the evidence has been coming through very clearly particularly over the last few years that what is happening to the weak there has all the pointer us of of genocide taking place that people are having their identity removed their sense of themselves as muslims as people who speak their language. people who have their own culture that that's not to be allowable incite. contemporary china and so they are experiencing terrible abuses of human rights on an industrial scale to use the words of our foreign secretary and so we were urging the government to create sanctions against leading chinese officials and we were calling upon our
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government to have in mind when they are making trade negotiations that it would be absolutely abhorrent to be trading with a nation that was conducting a genocide well let's talk about that i want to play you something that british principles johnson said last week before the announcement of today's sanctions about china. there is no question that china will pose a great challenge for lope in society such as ours but we will also work with china where that he's consistent with our values and interests including building a stronger and positive economic relationship and in addressing climate change. now miss kennedy a prime minister boris johnson there straddling 2 sayings and all fairness is not the only western leader to do this decoupling human rights issues from economic interests is it possible to compartmentalize values and trade basically have you
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know the cake and eat it as well. i think i think that every government is faced with this kind of challenge and of course nations insist that they're sovereign and that what happens within their own boundaries. their own borders is no business of anybody else but it is our business when it comes to egregious human rights abuse abuses and we're not just talking here about minor crimes we're talking about really egregious and serious crime and. you know we learned from the holocaust that you can't be a bystander you can't basically close your eyes when something terrible is happening in a country and it is it is right and proper that we should step forward and say what you're doing is unacceptable not i too want china to come into the embrace of
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international order the rules base that we were it's created after the 2nd world war i to want them to collaborate with us not just on climate change which is so pressing but also on trade but they can't do that at the can't have it always they can't do it if they break this the rules that were created to make our world more harmonious and more respectful of the humanity of everybody and what they're doing just not in china to do we care is to my mind is not accumulated lay meaning that there is a genocide in progress what a genocide convention says it is and what we sign up to it this is what we sign up to is that we're to prevent a genocide from happening not to wait until it has happened and so the juice years on us. thank you so much very much can any member of the house of lords in the u.k.
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for joining us. now the giant freighter called ever given is still stuck in the suez canal completely blocking one of the world's most important shipping routes it's created quite a traffic jam with over 200 vessels waiting on both ends and for those ships to detour around south africa's cape of good hope it would mean nassib delays on this one ship is costing the global economy billions since much needed goods can't be delivered. they're doing what they can but the $400.00 metre long container ship won't budge diggers are at work on the bank alongside a vacuum excavator which can suck up to 2000 cubic metres of sand an hour no one really knows how long it'll take to dislodge the ship estimates and when the vessel could be freed very from a few days to a few weeks in the worst case what might surprise i mean what i would maybe it's.
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if they're not successful in getting the best athlete then the next best option is dr like the best means they love to brings all of the doctor had us those next to the ship and start off roading part of the darkness from the main ship it to the smaller one so that area bases you off loading the meat of the vessel in order to get it refilled enough for a lengthy salvage process would have wide reaching affects on all the prices of already risen due to the many oil tankers caught in the suez traffic jam supply chains could also be affected because of missing ponds yet it's it's an absolutely essential part of our modern life and this webcam would not have reached me without modern shipping and this computer and pretty much everything on my desk because shipping still brings us 90 percent of everything i think communicates 95 percent of everything and we are absolutely fundamentally reliant on the. the massive
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container ship has been stuck between the suez canal its banks and choose day blocking the waterway which is critical for trade between europe and asia the incident is now a historic event for the 150 year old can now. historic events indeed for more on this story i'm now joined by journalist rose george hsu just saw her in that report she specializes in the shipping industry and actually sailed the suez canal on a cargo ship so good to have you with us mr just before i ask you about this massive maritime traffic jam that is giving the global shipping business sleepless nights what was it like to to traverse the suez canal and how long does it take from one end to the other. i'd really like to say that it was really exciting actually before who truly arrived at the crew told me in very uninspired tones that it was just a ditch in the desert and that it was very boring and i didn't believe them and i
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was still pretty excited because it was the sewage canal you know you've heard so much about it i mean we even had a war about it in my country. so i was i was really excited but actually i'm afraid that didn't last very long it lasted a couple hours and what you see in the sound of the trees and more sound and walk on trees and then most of them will pop tree then it goes a little bit less exciting but having said that i mean we were going through pretty slowly we were in a sandwich of shit so you go down in a convoy you trundle that crowd very slowly and it's kind of sedate and serene in a way because it's very quiet i was rereading my ship daryn and i i noted that you actually hear my footsteps on back which i haven't been able to for a long time because ships are quite noisy they have these huge engine it is no longer sedate 'd mr orange it's no longer sedate everybody is worried in a nutshell what why why all the concern. well this is a massively important trade route it carries what 12 percent of shipping trade and
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shipping brings us 90 percent of global trade so that's a huge issue i think a lot of people are very worried because of the oil that travels through there because obviously it's a choke point between the gulf and where the oil the oil customers on the other side of this is canal so they're all worried about people worried about home as people are worried about oil one thing i'm not hearing people be worried about other crews there and there are a lot so you know there are 200 ships now and current and all these crews are going to be on fixed term contracts and when you're on a fixed term contract and you're working on a ship away from home particularly through a pandemic you're going to be counting the days that you can pay off and go home and see your family and all these crews are going to be seeing that time mount off mount up mount up and they're not going to be able to take that time off interview or anything not to be stuck on board. now which vessels are normally allowed to travel the suez canal i mean it is is there
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a specific type of vessel that is allowed to a traverse the canal well it's usually boat cargo container vessels and oil and ellen g. vessels and it's more about the weight and they were the wit and the depth of the ship so the draft of the ship so it would depend see the canal is a certain width and you can't have ships that the house would get stuck in now back in 2015 egypt expand the canal just put this in perspective for us how important is the suez for egyptian authorities. massively important it's a huge money spinner several $1000000000.00 of income a year in the gyptian government needs that. and it is very very proud of the canal and the canal is very important to the egyptian economy and i think the egyptian national pride as well so i am pretty sure there will be a lot of people working very hard to get this moving again right now while shipping
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companies you think consider alternative routes in the near future i mean will the suez essentially be seeing less traffic because of this incident no i don't think so i think this is a unique it's a unique incident hasn't happened before the have been ships have hit the banks of the canal but there's never a far as i know there has never been a ship that has been blowing sideways and blocked in the same way which is why it's taking so long to shift because it's just an unprecedented set of circumstances now once this is freed the canal will be back to business as normal i'm sure now the syrian suez canal as you know as we started our conversation i mean evokes so many different things for different people what is the one thing you would like our viewers to know about the suez canal without the suez canal and without global shipping you and i would not be talking because i would not have this computer i would not have this webcam i would not have most of the things in this house neither would you we probably wouldn't have the clothes we were wearing we wouldn't
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have a breakfast cereal we would have off rosen food i think people are very unaware of how dependent we are on modern shipping and i think people think of it as a sort of old fashioned history that's just because it's now kind of out of sight and out of mind but we are absolutely fundamental reliant on shipping. journalist rose georgia thank you so very much for joining us. in russia the kremlin has been tightening its grip on social media platforms this month the country's media watchdog threaten to block sites like twitter if they fail to remove banned content and now the video sharing platform tick-tock is on the kremlin's radar as well. time could be ticking for these bloggers the unlikely new enemy for the kremlin. the social network is mostly about
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entertainment with videos of cranks and downs. but this month at a meeting with the police russian president vladimir putin made it clear he wants the authorities to be watching anyway. unfortunately we all know what the internet is and how it is used to promote unacceptable content it's critical for you to unite with other government agencies in order to monitor the web and be more proactive in identifying people who are dragging minors into committing illegal actions the fact that minors are being dragged into illegal on authorised street protests as well is of course a violation of the law. talk in particular has been on the authorities radar since the return of opposition politician i like see not by me to russia his arrest in january caused a wave of opposition protests across the country and a sudden explosion of politics on tick talk. filmed themselves at
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schools replacing portraits of putin with portraits of. another tick talk trend was videos of teens getting ready to protest and telling their parents they might get arrested. russians media watchdog responded by calling on tick talk to block videos calling for unauthorized protests and last week threatened to block social networks completely if they don't comply with russian laws. but these moscow to talkers want to keep dancing to their own tune without thinking about politics every week the bloggers meet at this so-called to talk house with their producers to consult about their accounts and collaborate with each other to stay on trend talkers like that i need. of a film $2.00 to $3.00 videos a day the 17 year old thinks the videos about politics were just a short lived trend. there's too much politics on tech talk i went on there during
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the protests and there was none of the usual content in my feed it was all about politics not binding and putin for whom it freaked me out i stayed off to talk for a few days. also says she doesn't want to talk to become a political platform. talk is a social media platform for self-expression there's so much negative stuff around us already on state television and so on if that stuff is on tick talk as well then we'll just drown in all these problems something has to stay neutral. but being neutral may soon no longer be possible according to my potential he's one of the owners of the p.r. agency promoting these bloggers. most bloggers are not for bush and are against him they're just doing their thing but when
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they're told they're freaks when they're stigmatized these bloggers start feeling they're outsiders in this country and that's what makes them feel angry at the government. for now these 2 talkers are steering clear of politics but even they know that the kremlin will be watching closely if they ever get out of step. that was the day as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter eager as news or if you like to you can get in touch with me directly at les a lot parag i wish you a fantastic weekend to care for each other. to
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the point. opinions of your positions of international perspectives. labeling vladimir putin a killer accusing china of genocide against the leader of people the biden administration can science russia and china become the us when that's our topic on
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to the point. transit point and red. neck the t.w. up. kind of. what's going on here oh no. house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shift explosions delivers facts and shows what the future holds oh yeah living in the digital world shift. on d w. with him how to be done to close up because when the highest high you know if i had known that the boat would be about small i never would have gone on the trip i would not have put myself and
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my parents on without danger to the bottom of the theme of the what a beautifully it would. muslims uncle because that one little bit is the one i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there with a much i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrants turf i didn't provide the information for margaret's. labeling flatting you're quoting a killer accusing china of genocide against the oig or people the by the administration has taken off the gloves when it comes to relations with 2 of the us main rivals with harsh rhetoric against russia and china the us president's apparently looking to make good on his pledge that america is backed and won't be pushed around both rivals responded promptly and angrily how prepared is the u.s.
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for a dramatic deterioration in relations and will have.


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