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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a u. turn and an apology from germany's chancellor over easter lockdown plans angela merkel scraps of 5 day holiday standstill saying the closures were not feasible and that they were a mistake also coming up an unexpected find thailand inspectors uncovered almost 30000000 doses of coronavirus vaccine in an astra zeneca factory the company insists it wasn't hiding the shots. and the massive container ship blocking the suez canal one of the world's big busiest shipping lanes grinds to a halt after
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a freak gust of wind. i'm told me a lot of ball welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has made a surprise you turn and cancel plans for strict nationwide shutdown over the easter holiday local and regional leaders had agreed on a 5 day standstill germany's battling a 3rd wave of corona virus infections the chancellor now says the hastily drawn up plans were impractical and a mistake and she offered an unreserved apology. the idea of a strict easter lockdown had many here in germany up in arms and the chancellor herself acknowledged the measure was a mistake in an extraordinary address to the people. here as an easter
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shutdown was proposed is the best of intentions because we urgently need to slow down and reverse the 3rd wave of the pandemic never that this proposal was a mistake and feel and feel a mistake 1st be acknowledged as a search and above all it must be corrected as soon as possible to be seen. at the same time i am well aware that this and tire situation is causing added uncertainty but already i deeply regret this and i ask all citizens to forgive me for trying. they said a rollback of the measure added fuel to the fire especially for a position parties at the podium and. discuss our suspects the kaos whose paraphrase yesterday it was 2 days 5 stats nobody knows what their roots are anymore and that knowledge meant a failure from the chance of though she takes responsibility that nobody really
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knows why this admission into. the chancellor's decision they served respects however it also means a deepening crisis trust when it comes to the fight against the pandemic just because government has failed in its wages 5 days pandemic and now we need caution and common sense to be able to overcome the 3rd wave. kind of political aren't the only ones being left with more questions than answers germans are increasingly the why is that idea government's handling of the crisis. how can it be that people who have means can fly to new york but nobody's allowed to travel to who can island where their prospective go measures to curb infections and. one kind i. just clarity so people get set clear deadlines is a clear schedule on how to go forward with definition but i'm not really impressed
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that they've changed the rules and in fact we had wanted to travel but unfortunately now we must stay at home. and it's good on the one side but i don't think it's enough. it is the 1st time that the chancellor has admitted so openly that there was a glitch in her decision making that's why some see to move as a lot of others see that's part of the chairman's government's hit and miss approach to the pandemic. my report by his political correspondent. joins us now. what led to this and the apology can you expound on where this pressure came from. well you know when that this situation was taken 2 days ago to implement these very short strict lockdown nobody is to weekends well it caused an uproar we've caused a lot of confusion among the population and the chancellor backtrack she took this
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possibility for what she calls her mistakes she says that this was not doable also for companies to implement such short notice extra days off etc and that's the reason she gave she takes full responsibility for research acknowledge is a mistake which is a lot of bill but at the same time she also didn't really say seize that opportunity to to offer others to offer solutions to try and curb the infections here in germany and you mention those infections they're still pretty high germany's in the middle of a 3rd wave is the country doing enough to stop the spread of the virus. exactly if we look at the figure is an a a 7 days in fiction a rate nationwide which keeps rising up 280800000 inhabitants nationwide at the moment 15 more done $15000.00 new infections and more than 240
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deaths for one day alone germany doesn't have a handle on the pandemic and their measures taken don't seem to suffice to say is this testing strategic which is being up to the moment but there's a lot of criticism for example when it comes to traveling there's no trouble just ask the easter holidays are about to start there's a lot of criticism on the vaccination of rollout for many here in germany this is not going fast enough especially you see well the variance of to virus are spreading more rapidly among the younger population and there are apparently more infectious more adventurous more lethal the original strain of the virus and this is all a major test for medical and c.d.u. paci how will the scales affect them especially with the elections coming up later this year. well in saying that it was her hair
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mistake and her mistake alone i'm going to america in no way protected to conservatives and conservatives are already under fire the last 2 weeks so well they have been in the center of a number of corruption scandals and also they there are criticize photo handling of the pandemic because the governing coalition is they try to come sedatives and the social democrats are the latest regional elections they also didn't fare very well so the next 70 is will definitely be the parliamentary election in september. political correspondent emanuel shah's thank you. the european union has toughened its vaccine export rules shipments can now be blocked if importing nations already have enough doses meanwhile inspectors in italy have uncovered a stockpile of millions of doses of us janica shots the drug maker says it's not
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trying to hide them. there was great excitement when italian authorities found 29000000 doses of vaccine in this astra zeneca bottling plant near rome italian press had reported they were destined for the u.k. . astra zeneca has so far failed to meet its a huge delivery targets according to the european commission and delivery of 120000000 doses was originally agreed for the 1st quarter of 2020 but after huge shortages the number was reduced to 30000000 by mid march only 21000000 vaccines had been to live it it's not clear exactly where the truth lies astra zeneca states that 13000000 of the doses were intended for export to low income countries and 16000000 to the e.u. the company also said it was incorrect to call it a stockpile because the vaccine doses needed to wait for quality control once the vials had been felled. in the ongoing rather of a vaccine distribution in the e.u.
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the e.u. commission maintains the blog has been disadvantaged some $10000000.00 is being exported from the u.k. for you to u.k. 0 dollars are still being exported from the u.k. . and that's why the e.u. only wants to allow exports to a 3rd country in fact country also supplies vaccines to the e.u. heads of state and government will decide on this proposal at thursday's summit earlier we spoke to our correspondent matters in brussels and we asked him who's to blame in this latest round of finger pointing between the e.u. the u.k. and astra zeneca. clearly astra zeneca has not been able to keep promises it has made i think that's a fact then the u.k. oppositely made a lot of good pragmatic decisions but also they had the quantities they had the vaccines and a lot of those vaccines as we have heard have come from the european union not just
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not just astra zeneca but also biotech pfizer and madonna 10000000 doses what the e.u. was not aware of what they did not calculate in their strategy is that the u.k. had a u.k. 1st clause in their contract so one way of looking at it is i think is to say that the e.u. was a bit too naive was trusting too much into open markets in their strategy of getting vaccines. now to a roundup of other stories making news around the world a funeral has been held for the youngest victim so far of security forces in myanmar a 7 year old girl was sitting on her father's knee when police shot authorities have also released hundreds of detainees opposition grows to last month's military coup. 2 social media celebrities have been arrested in a restaurant in cameroon transsexual women are being charged with attempted
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homosexuality homosexuality is considered a crime in time room now the 2 women could face up to 5 years in prison if found guilty. police in washington d.c. have cleared away most of the security fencing around the u.s. capitol only a thin barrier remains security were stepped up after supporters of the former president donald trump invaded the building in january. a massive container ship is stuck in egypt suez canal blocking traffic in one of the world's busiest shipping lanes the ever given carries cargo between asia and europe authorities say the vessel ran aground when a sandstorm affected visibility tugboats working to free the ship but the canal is likely to be at a standstill for several days. can't go forward can't go back to the 400 meter long container ship the ever given has wedged itself between the eastern and
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western banks blocking the canal completely the ship's owner evergreen says a 50 kilometer an hour gust of wind shoved the ship into the canal was bowing and stern 420-0000 ton vessel is believed to have partially run aground now much smaller tug boats are trying to heave it free. so it's going to be very difficult to pull her off maybe very careful owner off because again they've got all that weight in the center of the vessel and she's not borne it right now because she's hung up on the edge on the edge so she has a sagging motion to right now so they'll be very careful about cracking the vessel in a catastrophic loss of the bessel which is a worst case scenario satellite pictures show you the ship's location marked here in blue you can see the top boats around it the consequence of the blockage an extraordinary traffic jam of giant freighters because into bloomberg more than 100 ships are waiting to get passed in either direction egyptian officials are hopeful
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that the f.a. given can be freed and sent on its way but they're predicting that it'll take at least a couple of days. now to film that premiered this month at berlin's international film festival and is coming soon to h.b.o. and sky tina promises never before seen footage featuring personal recollections from tina turner selfs. look what i have done in this long term with this body. ever get to the plate and feel. myself. was not top of the. tree nuts i was how a young go born is and i'm a bit of became the superstar to know the story of the hell she lived through with hospital and musical part not ike turner and how she escaped is familiar but still packs and the motional punch. in some ways we are telling that story to a new generation. but we are also hopefully exploring it through tina's point of
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view and what it means for her to be kind of. so associated with some of the worst times in life i had a decent life. no other way to tell the story. in 978 tina turner divorced her husband all right and that's solo korea by the 99 g.'s she was one of the biggest pop star in the world no i don't consider it a comeback that never a rock. in her ears have to remember those. in the same stage to give news take so. after almost a century overlooking rio de janeiro brazil best love landmark is getting a facelift whether erosion has left the colossal statue known as christ the redeemer needing restore ration work metal parts have rusted and some of the stone structure is unstable a 40 metre high monument has become a symbol of protection for the brazilian people before the pandemic staci attracted
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2000000 tourists a year. you're watching news live from berlin there's more world news coming up at the top of the al i'm told me a lot of thanks for joining us. imagine how many portions of lunch us right now in the last climb a tree different office story this is my plan for the way from goes 11. how much work and it really does. we still have time to our ongoing. process of.
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buildings that resemble mystical creatures. spectacular futuristic skyscrapers adorned with greenery and a 300 metre high rooftop garden. singapore set its sights high. it evolved from a developing country to one of the richest nations in the world within just a few decades. here east meets west and the past meets the future. the airport features the highest indoor waterfall in the world feel singapore also
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has the world's largest orchid collection a guinness the world heritage site. and people live in spectacular building block architecture. and ultra modern city yet the jungle and its animals are never far away. and that poses a car. constant challenge. in park new day begins while it is still pitch black bird cages are carried back and forth william has been unloading his birds here for 25 years. he only takes time out for the chinese new year. breeds songbirds and here they compete to sing the most beautiful song song bird competitions are very popular zebra doves are particularly skilled singers and feel most comfortable up high.
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these feathered virtuosos have sensitive characters. touch. earth and don't let them get scared so in the dark in the 1st light they won't be so scared. so when they open their eyes slowly they think their way they used to be obeyed. that's why we come here so early so. a few kilometers away lies the teka center in little india. a lot of night owls have only just gone home when live with fun starts your day at 2 30 in the morning . she and her parents have a cook shop in this hawker center a food court for street food the 6000 hawkers are a true signature of singapore. but most of the cooks have almost reached retirement
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age. is a. young man like me to take over the. center people want to. get the all restaurants so it's ready right it's young generation to feel the. least specialty is shrimp noodle soup it takes her almost 4 hours to make it the recipe is a family secret her grandfather brought it from china. he actually came to see a point tonight in that piece and he stopped selling for you know along the street and sing up off and that's no nighthawk a stall so to actually carry a pole and use up carries seemed to calm the fire. along the street.
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the street food cooks later had to move into these semi open buildings for hygenic reasons there stands are often passed down from one generation to the next least parents both in their late sixty's also helped to cut chile and shrimp here they didn't want their daughter to follow in their footsteps as a qualified business administrator she could have found a job in a fancy office simple wound and we're due back breaking work here it's hard on both you're back. in hands and you work long hours at it and. breakfast has to be quick the 1st customers are about to come lee once had a desk job and regular working hours but she only found fulfillment here between pots of shrimp broth. and saying up off the plate she. would think that and you're hot. so if you don't think you know what people to actually say see yeah so that's me you're stretching is if. they want to
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see. if they can finish one of the we'll just roll the one to buy the next. a few streets down someone else is starting work in the dark behind the colonial facade of the raffles hotel and enduring a landmark in singapore it was named after the british explorer and founder of singapore sir thomas raffles. no rajon singh has been working here for 28 years as head porter despite the love of tradition the staff entrance is secured using high tech facial recognition typical of singapore. john's 1st trip is to the laundry room. he keeps on his turban but exchanges his polo shirt and jeans for his uniform. this is simple here is just neil i've been
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a senior president of life and i get a belief doesn't get his vision and also the color t.v. every morning if you are being. you know rajan used to work as a security manager at the port that job was far less formal than here at the 5 star hotel in his fancy uniform. or most mature are all ready to go because. everything must be. outside the sun is colorful a painting the morning sky singapore is coming to life eat. but before the 1st hotel guests come for breakfast there is still plenty to do.
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first has to attend his morning meeting with the guest team. built in 887 the hotel is steeped in history and considered very british. in colonial times the staff still had to deal with wild animals nowadays things have quieted down at the legendary hotel. so today we have $33.00 arrivals $52.00 departures 7 out of order rooms and so that's 69.4 percent it's her friends 60th birthday trip and their fault and here is where i think we can start taking these and welcome them appropriately i don't think we've been there in that part of my. guests used to have a view of this see here today they see skyscrapers. the
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chinese garden is about 13 and a half hectares in size and one of the many green oases in singapore among the towers and temples many animals live here too such as monitor lizards otters and snakes their only refuge in this urban jungle. today the workers from the wildlife rescue service acres are releasing a young monitor lizard. live anon and his colleagues spent 2 months nursing it back into good health it was injured on a fence now dickey has and the other animal rescue workers have named him is ready to be released again he's a little bit wary so there's always the highlight for you send him off and you thought this individual you know i'll get together with you and that's our theme of
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every will very hard for the potting mix because of all the idea that we have there is to try to best to make sure it will recover but if i think of it and is looking much more feisty oh it's always a good thing. that they finally managed to convince dicky to return to his old hunting grounds. to eat. eat eat. in singapore greenery and hanging gardens abound that is the government's master plan and that in one of the most densely populated cities in the world it has the same surface area as hamburg but 3 times as many inhabitants with almost 6000000 residents. that has its price wild animals have less and less space
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when problems arise these volunteer animal rescue workers are on hand and more and more calls are coming in almost $9000.00 a year now out. of all of this area. they want to free this asian palm civet from the entrance grill these little predators tend to make themselves at home under roofs that may be unpleasant for residents but this area used to be these animals territory long before the 1st homes were built here. so the asian palm civet is now free and the problem is resolved at least for the moment i guess people do feel frustrated because of the noise created and all that but i think. if the issue is them running around even that these fears then reify soon as they're sold to prevent it from happening they sort of always remove you 1st removing is the honestly not the solution. oh
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under the glass dome at the airport lies singapore's most popular new attraction. the highest indoor waterfall in the world measuring 40 metres in height it's an instagram hit. it receives up 230-0000 visitors a day. and most of them are locals. the spectacular complex is called jewel. and it also boasts a 2nd superlative the largest indoor forest in asia with a maze and climbing nets at dizzying heights. manager a ton ensures that everything runs smoothly from the shopping mall to the entertainment and the waterfall the centerpiece of this green world. nearly 38000 liters of water per minute fall from the glass ceiling which has
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a 12 metre wide opening for rainwater the dome consists of more than $10000.00 small reflective glass triangles. to mop it and a bit of a i am i want to be safe but it also about ukraine's becoming the law says they face the economy and i'm a hot rod you all as well as part of a team that has fired to the top. dozens. gardeners work here around the clock tending to over 2000 trees and 100000 plants from all over the world. they normally work at night or in the early morning when there are hardly any visitors the garden alone spans several floors feet but it was i expect i'll go above people in the building making sure the space runs from the security to the cars out to maintain all the facilities management all the way to
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the management team to look at 15100 at any one time just to make it is a. 7 story waterfall is surrounded by a garden and everything is perfectly monitored this is singapore's version of a futuristic green city. the city is a combination of face technological progress and a keen sense of tradition. chinatown abounds with shops and temples. chinese people make up the largest demographic group with chinese malays tommo and english the city state has 4 official languages. tolerance and cosmopolitanism are true trademarks here. christians muslims and hindus singapore celebrates the key holidays of all 4 religions no one is meant to feel
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left out. back to the open air songbird concert. while the birds chirp away their owners sit in the shade discussing the perfect technique of a truly. ok cookbook a book but it's a tough one it's very difficult when it raises its voice the echo following a route that's what we call the melody month no that was a very hard one on the block i don't know when the voice comes up whole the echo sound falls behind go i go it's all this one we call the melodies and we call the melody. and here's how it sounds.


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