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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm CET

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this is being hotly debated on both continents. stolen soul starts people 13 d w. this is g w news live from berlin tonight america's mayor coppa germany's chancellor apologizes and backtracks over easter a walk down plants. today reversed a decision to send the country into a fine day coronavirus endemic shutdown she now says the plans were not feasible and that they were in the state also coming up the vaccine that was out of sight
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italian inspectors find almost 30000000 vaccines doses in an astral plant the company insisting it wasn't hiding the dos and a volcano in iceland fires up after almost 900 years we'll take you to the lawless spewing mouth that's become a hot spot for hikers. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel has canceled plans for a controversial shutdown over the easter holiday the chancellor said the hastily drawn up plans were impractical and that they were a mistake to just one day ago merkel and state leaders agreed on a 5 day strict lockdown which was scheduled to begin april 1st but following criticism and confusion merkel offered an unexpected apology. the
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idea of a strict easter lockdown has many here in germany up in arms and the chancellor herself acknowledged the measure was a mistake in an extraordinary address to the people. here was an easter shutdown was proposed is the best of intentions because we urgently need to slow down and reverse the 3rd wave of the pandemic nevertheless this proposal was a mistake and fear and feeling a mistake 1st be acknowledged as a search and above all it must be corrected as soon as possible to be seen. at the same time i am well aware that the same tired situation is causing added uncertainty but already i deeply regret this and i ask all citizens to forgive me for trial. they said a rollback of the measure i did feel to the fire especially for a position parties at the podium and. discuss our suspects to kaos whose paraphrase
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yesterday was a bit today's slide stats nobody knows what their roots are anymore and that knowledge meant a failure come to chance for though she takes responsibilities that nobody really knows what the submission i don't get when it comes to chancellors decisions they serve suspects however it also means it's deepening crisis trust when it comes to the fight against the pandemic just because government has failed in its ways if i just hand them a call and now we need caution and common sense to be able to overcome the 3rd way . they teach and aren't the only ones being left with more questions than answers germans are increasingly but why is it by the government's handling of the crisis. the conduct of the time how can it be that people who have means can fly to new york but nobody's allowed to travel in and who can island where their prospective measures to curb infections and. that kind of him going to go really just
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clarity so people get set clear deadlines is a clear schedule on how to go forward with definition but i'm not really impressed that they've changed the rules and in fact we had wanted to travel but unfortunately now we must stay at home. and it's good on the one side but i don't think it's enough. it is the 1st time that the chancellor has admitted so openly that there was a commission her decision making but why some see to move as a lot of others see that as part of the chairman's government's hit and miss approach to the pandemic. are political correspondent she's been following the story for us today good evening to you you know we rarely hear a political leader admit to a mistake and then say i'm sorry what do you make of. her apology. well decided to report on the one hand it's
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a lot of about someone the chronology is a mistake but on the other hand this will not necessarily go down particularly well with opposition parties in the parliament or with the population the government had a whole year to think of i think of an effective to t.t. and the results haven't really met their expectations and expectations of people now typically a chance of angle america is being pragmatic there she acknowledges in this day she acknowledges her mistake in decision making but at the same time she doesn't quite see the opportunity to state what could have been done instead i mean the cynical in all of his could say that merkel offered the apology to today because she's not running for reelection and that maybe she was doing this to protect her party knowing that national elections are scheduled for later this year what do you say. well it's cleaves out that the handling of the pandemic by the government and by the conservatives of angle america well really will play
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a role in the acceptance of political of the citizens and the trust has penetrations ease affected by the pandemic oh so by the have hesitancy and by the lack of good results of that government when it comes to being the number of infections now today we've seen again more than 15 pounds in new infectious over 200 new best self quotes a coalition governing as a counterweight which means the conservatives to getto is a social democrat has been losing trust and as you say you know we've still got a high number of new cases being reported every day the country is in a 3rd wave of inspections is germany doing enough to stop the spread of this virus . there's been a lot of criticism about the handling of the pandemic for example because the government hasn't decided on the travel ban especially as easter holidays are about to start but these is actually being discussed by the government as a criticism on the reopening of schools or the closure again of schools there's
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criticism about the vaccination rollout which is too slow and projections so that even if vaccine disease would double by a plea they would still not be sufficient to tackle the 3rd wave because we mainly see the variants as spreading which are more lethal and more infectious ok our political correspondent man which sounds a little story for us tonight here in berlin and i thank you the european union has toughened its vaccine export rule shipments can now be blocked if importing nations or ahead in their inoculation campaigns the e.u. also wants banks in producing countries just sinned as well as receive vaccines now the new rules come as a telling inspectors discovered a stockpile of millions of doses of astra zeneca shots the company insisting it was not trying to hide them. there was great excitement when italian authorities found
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29000000 doses of vaccine in this astra zeneca bottling plant near rome italian press had reported they were destined for the u.k. . astra zeneca has so far failed to meet its easier delivery targets according to the european commission and delivery of 120000000 doses was originally a grade for the 1st quarter of 2020 passed after huge shortages the number was reduced to 30000000 by mid march only 21000000 vaccines had been to live it it's not clear exactly where the truth slice astra zeneca states that 13000000 at the texas were intended for export to low income countries and 16000000 to the e.u. the company also said it was incorrect to call a stockpile because the vaccine doses needed to wait for quality control once the vials had been felled. and the ongoing right now of a vaccine distribution in the e.u. the e.u. commission maintains the blog is being disadvantaged some $10000000.00 is being
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exported from the u. k. from e.u. to u. k. and the 0 dollars is going to be an exporters from u.k. to the that's why the e.u. only wants to allow exports to a 3rd country if that country also supplies vaccines to the e.u. heads of state and government will discuss this at thursday's e.u. summit. or for more on this dispute over the astra zeneca vaccines i'm joined now by our man in brussels georg martin's good evening to you georg there is a lot of blaming and seeing are pointing across both sides of the english channel he was at fault here than in your the u.k. or is that astra zeneca. clearly astra zeneca has not been able to keep promises it has made i think that's a fact then the u.k. obviously made a lot of good pragmatic decisions but also they had the quantities they had the vaccines and a lot of those vaccines as we have hurt have come from the european union not just not just astra zeneca but also biotech pfizer and madonna 10000000 doses what the
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e.u. was not aware of what they did not calculate in their strategy is that the u.k. had a u.k. 1st clause in their contract so one way of looking at it is i think is to say that the e.u. was a bit too naive was trusting too much into open markets in their strategy of getting vaccines you know that's a good way to put it and we know today the european union announced tougher export rules on vaccines are a we own the verge of what could be a period of vaccine nationalism i'd say that is exactly what the brussels institutions hope to avoid and in that light you also have to understand that the legislation that has been put forward by the commission now to restrict the mechanism that absolves exports of vaccines it is not just a deterrent for countries to play by the rules but it's also an incentive and in that light you could also see a strong statement by the european union and the u.k.
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that has just been published talking about creating a win win situation working together hand in hand on openness and global cooperation right to abuse gay rights with the latest like brussels york thank you . here's a round up now of other stories that are making headlines from around the world israel's 4th election in 2 years appears to have produced another stalemate veteran prime minister benjamin netanyahu is claiming his right wing likud party has won but with most of our votes counted his bloc looks to have fallen short of an outright majority and will need to enter coalition talks with rivals u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken says america aims to revitalize ties with its nato allies a few weeks he was speaking to a summit of nato foreign ministers in brussels today he said the trust between the partners have been shaken but that the alliance needs to come together to face threats from china and russia b.m.r.
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has freed more than 600 arrested protesters following new outrage over the regime's brutal crackdown nearly 300 people have been killed in protests against me in mars' military rulers since they came to power in a military coup on february 1st among those released was a photographer for the associated press. a large cargo ship is turned sideways and run aground in egypt the suez canal blocking traffic in one of the world's most crucial water waves the ever given is 400 meters long and it weighs in at 200000 tons several tug boats are trying to dislodge the freighter. visitors have been flocking to see a rarely erupting volcano in southwest iceland lava has been flowing since the ball you know 1st started there up to west friday following a series tens of thousands of earthquakes but hikers trying to get a closer being warned they could lose their one.
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spits and paws out of the crater of this. it began erupting here on iceland's greatness peninsula last friday the 1st time in around 900 years. so perhaps it's no surprise that thousands of people have been flocking here to witness this rare event. trying to get as close as they dare. to that perfect picture. i mean the love of we just so close to right. haven't seen anything really. high kids getting hungry some of these the lava as a giant grill but this does come with a warning. 2 days ago the guy that tried to cook eggs and bacon on it
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and love ate. so stay away from it. there have also been warnings of a comic gastrulation. before the eruption there were more than 50000 lakes here in just 3 weeks. they were caused by a large body of molten rock known as magma which has pushed its way to the south as . it's unclear for how much longer this volcano will continue to erupt for now the icelanders are enjoying its hypnotic display its. well years since the tokyo olympics were delayed by the pandemic the. which really is finally set to restart the olympic flame began its journey at the beginning of last march at mount olympus in greece the torch arrived in japan a week later the flame has been kept alight since then and will now travel through the host nation starting near the nuclear disaster site of fukushima around 10000
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runners will be involved games are set to begin in july. you're watching news live from berlin our work over 1000 special is up next i will be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i perceive in. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts.
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around a virus. on t.w. . and on demand. language courses. video. of. the fight against coded has been. but it's setting back years of progress in the battle against other diseases a pandemic appears to be reversing the global gains we've made in the fight against hiv aids tuberculosis malaria malnutrition and maternal and child mortality the crisis has seen
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a 25 percent decrease in diagnosis and treatment of tb in south africa indonesia and the philippines health officials say it's time to find tuberculosis again. where the disease is usually transmitted person to person through the air and thrives in crowds it primarily affects the lungs can also occur in any other organ the world health organization says more than 10000000 people develop tuberculosis every year deaths amount to about one and a half 1000000 and sadly that's often jute to in adequate treatment the problem at the moment is access to health care g. to lock down supply chain disruptions and rebooting of global health resources into covert countries like mexico of paying the price. here in dr alberto medina's private practice they used to vaccinate babies against tuberculosis but since september new government rules means they haven't been able to get a new batch of b.c.g.
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deliveries. but it won't. when you ask the people who are supposed to deal with importing vaccines they say days hasn't been set yet they told us it would arrive in january but now some articles are saying they won't arrive until spring. there has been a public sector shortage of t.v. vaccines since the start of the year in 2019 the shortfall was between 76 percent and 96 percent the number of tb cases jumped from 17245000. health specialists estimate the lack of tb vaccines will affect between 200300000 newborns. mexico isn't the only country where tb is still a health threat around 85 percent of all newly infected people live in africa inside these days or with india indonesia and china particularly affected.
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in mexico the vaccine shortage is mostly down to the current government changing the system of how medicines are quired and distributed but vaccine shortages began under the previous government. this prompted the reemergence of diseases such as measles which went from being almost wiped out to $60.00 to $200.00 cases annually. this is according to a study by the mexican association of vaccine ology which also reported complaints against the current shortage owed a lot of them up because. we've had a shortage of some vaccines for the last few years. or less we're referring to vaccines like b c g m.m.r. and the double vaccine that. the living. according to dr medina
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young families needn't lose hope because the tuberculosis vaccine can be administered during the entire 1st year after birth not just the 1st 10 days. but the extended vaccine shortage continues to increase the overall public health risk . is why khan is medical director at i r d global and international health n.g.o.s active in asia and africa what impact would you say you have in 1000 has had on the diagnosis and treatment of t.v. so far thank you ben for having me here i it's been a journey for t.v. it's been devastating 2020 gend we recently had data that came out and which showed that about 20 percent decline in tb diagnosis and and treatment which is huge when you look at infectious disease which has similar you know the rest of you back again just like over it but however who's so this is what people posed do because
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of. all the you know infrastructure was started to get used before. whether it's a lab infrastructure or service delivery a community work everything so there has been a huge impact and no doubt the lockdowns really affected. its delivery so it only grave effect all you hear is covert covert covert in a lot of young people i guess would never have even heard of tb would you say though that this setback for tuberculosis has been a fair trade off for the inroads that have been made in the fight against. not at all and i think it's not a fair trade off it or the we're going to see further decline if we don't do something you know something quickly adapt as well for the new normal whatever that is and i hope i just do hope that we're going to realize how similar the 2 diseases are in dumbs of you know some of the case finding as well as in other strategies
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and adapt tools so that we can find synergies and optimize you know you can use you know things like contact leasing and other workforce as well so that the conduct of both diseases the threat to tb from cold is real but what about opportunities are there any opportunities coming out of this all of the research all of that focus on the medical fields absolutely still there has been agreement back like i mentioned but then there has been amazing amazing collective you know knowledge that we have now for infectious diseases as a result of this global collaboration which itself is an opportunity just learning that you can still be corroboree whether it's for vaccine development and having something in a year which certainly we haven't seen and then there is the data that has come out that's or some prevention knowledge and dissemination of prevention the case finding started genes like using more bio health to you know drive through. it's amazing to see all of these things also the screening having knowing that disease
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are so similar and you can screen it like i mentioned earlier so there's a lot of contact we sing like i mentioned as well not to forget because there's so much that you can learn in terms of what to do and what not to go which we can do with t.v. because we don't have a lot of resources is there more that we can learn from co 1000 to improve care as well. absolutely i mean service delivery methods like there are there is you can have we have been using deli held for t.v.'s well but for a call with you know showed us how he was some digital health platforms as well and can dextro because one thing that's really important is to understand that countries have developed some of these tools and it's not something a global tool that has been standardized saw the lots of things that can adapt and use to local you know context so yes. what iniquities have been uncovered through this covered 1000 pandemic would you say. it's
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a lot of inequities i mean everywhere in infectious disease is something that i have seen and i keep on you know as an advocate of tb advocate i keep on seeing is that tb we were is that you know it's an intimate a disease a farm you know it's an intimate disease our indians are far you know related to poverty and therefore it's all about human justice and. ethics around how you treat people with corbin we've seen the same thing although tb is a disease of the poor but corporate affected everybody and then you saw that you know people who were at the most vulnerable got it you know suffered and in domes of accessing gary having food support they don't know what social distancing means and you know how do you do that when you're living in crowded you know homes. is is there a message you'd like to get across on this well tb day just just in a sentence or 2 for us. so i think the border message is turned on back to
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the important learning is around social inequities and i would like to gawk about that too because when we talk about scientists and researchers and people nor everyone has of the knowledge globally we have a lot of tools and collective wisdom but what we don't have is we work in silos and i wish we would collaborate on these kind of infectious diseases that are borderless and whether it's in bloc countries or whatever it should it does help us reinforce the idea that it shouldn't take up and then require us to realize things and we should get our collective wisdom on for science as well as become advocates for people who point was a conduit to medical director and i i declare will thank you very much for joining us today thank you very much. and time to hand you over to derek williams a science correspondent is still cooped up in his home study looking into your questions that. one of the vaccines is less
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potent could it help to take different kinds. with vaccines still scares and in high demand it'll take a while for this to to really become an issue but but let's take a theoretical approach for a minute say from the perspective of next year when at least in some places it's fair to expect that a wide range of vaccines will be available more or less on demand. but you got to look back to look forward so a little history 1st in the last few decades the idea of mixing and matching vaccines to trigger a more powerful immune response has gained a lot of traction in the field of immunology it's been explored in experimental hiv vaccines for instance the concept is known as had
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a raw legace prime boosting and the aim is to capitalize on the fact that different vaccines can stimulate the immune system in different ways so so taking more than one kind could help strengthen immune memory by causing your body to make a wider variety of defensive cells against the disease so mixing and matching back scenes might prove to be a good idea in the fight against hiv at 19 but it could also potentially have harmful consequences when it's been done in the past with other diseases the mixing and matching mostly took place with vaccines that were pretty similar but some of the covert vaccine. the proof so far are based on very different platforms so to rule out potential risks we'll have to perform controlled testing with specific
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combinations of products i think that we'll see a lot of trials like that in the long run some are happening already but they'll take time a lot of time so for now even in places where mixing and matching do happen it's only in rare circumstances and authorities still try to avoid it as much as possible. eric williams there are benches all in thanks for watching stay safe and secure against that. ensure the conflict zone peace talks are back on between afghanistan's government and the taliban with renewed urgency as the u.s. increases pressure on reaching a political solution before a may 1st troop withdrawals and talks i guess this week is afghanistan's ambassador to the e.u. and nato not a false alarm is the government strong enough to deliver on human rights. another.
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conflict. talk show. strong opinion the clear positions from international perspective. every week we get to the point on our current topic. of open controversial come it is a place to point to. long t.w. look. closely. carefully. don't know if this should be news to do good.
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discover the i'm. going to. subscribe to. documentary on you tube. to. peace process is a lengthy crosses what will you sacrifice for a political solution there is a strong good will on the part of the word leadership to promote women who are you powerless to protect your civilians i wouldn't say that there might not be any incidents peace talks are back on between afghanistan's government and the taliban with renewed urgency as the u.s. increases pressure on reaching a political solution before a may 1st troop withdrawal death.


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