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more peaceful more just more equitable a world with greater health stronger democracies and more opportunity for more people in short we need to have a positive vision that can bring people together in common cause that's something our adversaries can't offer it's one of our greatest strengths this is where our interest in being trustworthy allies is bound up in fulfilling the needs of our citizens we can't build a foreign policy that delivers for the american people without maintaining affective alliances and we can't sustain effective alliances without showing how they deliver for the american people 70 years ago the u.s. army private training at fort dix in new jersey sent a letter to dwight d. eisenhower who was then serving as the very 1st supreme commander of the allied forces in europe in his letter the private asked eisenhower whether there was
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anything more to his service then to quote kill or be killed eisenhower was a seasoned realist he'd seen up close the devastation of war he was clear eyed about the life and death consequences of putting american lives on the line to defend our allies yet he still believed as he responded in a letter to that soldier that quote true human objectives comprise something far richer and more constructive than mere survival of the strong the united states and its allies he wrote had to work together to build a system rooted in shared values and these words were were not so different from the values that guided our everyday life in the united states as eisenhower put it attempting to solve and decency in fairness and in justice the multitude of problems that constantly present themselves to us that doesn't mean trying to solve
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every problem in the world. rather it means that when we must address a problem we do not lose sight of our values which are simultaneously a source of our strength and humility eisenhower told the soldier that he hoped his words would provide a small bit of optimism and faith now eisenhower couldn't have imagined many of the challenges we face today but he knew that whatever new threats emerged we would want to face them with partners who shared our values the last year has been one of the most challenging times in the history of our nations and still we've not emerged from the crisis even if we see real reason for hope but our cooperation with allies and partners provides us with more than a small bit of optimism and faith it shows us the way forward together rooted in our shared values and committed not only to rebuilding our alliances and partnerships but to building them back better if we do this there are no challenges
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we cannot and will not overcome thank you very much. and that was that and blinking i speaking there at a summit of nato foreign ministers in brussels and in that address he touched on some of the most divisive issues facing the alliance the telling nato members that the united states sees china as a threat to collective security but mr gleason's that the united states wouldn't force its european allies into an us or them choice on china and also talked about the strain ties with russia mr blinken stressed the importance of multi-lateralism and working together with america's partners in europe and he emphasized that washington is committed to the nato alliance after the troubled times of the presidency we've got so much to dissect and likely i have the william to craft here with me on the set did we just watch a vow renewal of valor ceremony i mean there was talk about creating
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a more perfect union who was his audience. a difficult one. and a contrasting one. blinking is america's top diplomat was a very diplomatic speech we just heard he's speaking to the american people 1st and foremost he any speaking also to european publics as well trying to walk a fine line that it's in both of their interests that the nato alliance remains strong and that the u.s. has a forward position in that alliance he really looked at challenges that in my conversations with people in other former and current officials and policy policy experts have been telling me the last several weeks which is twofold one how can nato and european allies be sure that the u.s. is really back which is the exception is donald trump the exception that threatens allies that wants to walk away from the world that wants to go it alone that wants
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to have unilateral decisions euro sum game or is the joe biden view of the world the exception and you know in 4 years we'll just have another donald trump like figure back in the office ripping up years and decades of promises and commitments . and trying to answer that question is very very difficult to try to get europeans and nato allies to believe that the joe biden view of the world is the regular real status quo and not the other which leads us to the other challenge that we just heard in that speech that again many people have been telling me which is. to maintain that joe biden's you have the world in the good it in for the good of nato and e.u. european allies you need public support in the united states to vote for those kinds of people who have those kinds of world views and you need to make sure that the nato alliance is in u.s. public interest voter interest we heard a lot from blinken just now about how diplomacy we also heard this from biden earlier diplomacy is not just is not detached from the good from the good of the
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american people that it's connected to domestic policy is connected to the well being of the welfare of individual average americans and european partners they were part of you to step up and make that case and how do they do that things like being committed to nuclear weapons sharing being committed to standing up and maybe troop commitments here or there standing up to china standing up to russia sanctions these kinds of things but that has been the contradictory aspect of then upsetting european publics so you might gain the u.s. public confidence while losing the european the european public conference confidence and that has political effects in elections and who's in power in those and then ultimately trickles up to the relationships between the u.s. and europe and that's what this speech was trying to balance both sides with both those audiences it's a really really delicate balance there how much of an inflection point is this i don't know if it's an inflection point so much as a continuation of either resetting or restarting or going back to
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a traditional multilateral view of the world of shared interests shared values that it's not just alliances or not just as donald trump would see it transactional based on very physical tangible interests but they go deeper to values and they go deeper to democratic ideals like human rights like open or free elections like free media those kinds of things and the blinking is of course not the present united states he doesn't set the policy so therefore it's not an inflection point in that sense but it is of course is it was a very strong reputation of what we've already her. from joe biden we've heard from lincoln not only this weekend brought in brussels but in multiple forms over the last several weeks you know 23 months that joe biden has been president and the blank with secretary of state all right thank you so much for that for an hour william like to get the reaction now from the u.s. we can cross over to our washington correspondent kelly much more who has been listening and i believe she can hear us now currently are you there there you are
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what i can tell you we're set out for you. well i think it was pretty interesting to see what he can said about china and he says the united states want forced and their allies into or them choice with china and also that the countries can work through it with china were possible for example in the topics on innovations of climate change but he's saying this is after knowing that there have been some sanctions we know that this is a very important statement from his side but he knows that the european union recently already imposed sanctions against china together with with the united states and with and with canada because of the human rights situation in china so beijing also reacted to this sanctions with more sanctions against 5 members of the parliament lincoln is saying there is no way that he has an alliance with the european union in a political way against china why because of the shared values like for example
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human rights i also think we should. consider that in history the united states has a very often taking the shield and the word of human rights to act in certain regions but then at the same time history has shown that there has been a double standard and that the human rights title has been sometimes used. and at the end there have been some interests from the united states' national interest behind bat so i think this is an important point it's nice to listen to blink and to see this new u.s. american government talking about human rights talking about alliances something we missed during the past the government under donald trump yes but it's also important to consider that history has shown that there is sometimes a double standard on that how do you think his speech should be received where you
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are in the u.s. do you think people watching it would be happy with the message that he conveyed in brussels. yeah proly he they're going i don't know if they're really going to listen to that because the united states is right now focusing on the pandemic on the immigration issue in the south and borders so this are like the main topics right now here dominating the news so i would think that american citizens would be really focused right now on what lincoln is saying and in brussels. and that's what william also. trying to catch the attention by saying that this issues are important for american citizens and he's trying to do that also to try to talk to the people who probably would support the former government from donald trump because that will trump always refer to the american people and so this is something that the current
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administration doesn't want to lose same day still want to refer it to the american people and to tell them and to show them why international policies are also important for them for every one of them even for the smallest farmers in the united states and that's what he try to do but it's difficult to keep that balance between nationalism and internet and the international and iran has so it's it has been difficult for him to try to but i don't really think that the american citizens would be really focusing in the words he said today in russia in brussels were let's talk politics in terms of how much support does mr blinken have in washington for his recent with nato. he does have support because at some points he's even acting like the former administration did for example let's talk about russia blinken said yesterday that there might be some sanctions against german companies if they cooperate still
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cooperate in the construction of this gas pipeline in the last 2 and doing that he was acting like the administration of donald trump did it so there is a couple pie and one of the very seldom one speech in the current i mean it's also . a fax from the secret service here in washington indicating that russia. had something to do with the election in 2020 that there was a meddling from russia in the twenty's for any presidential election here in the sates so i don't think we can save that the senate and the house of representatives a completely agrees with what lincoln is saying probably a majority yes but definitely not everyone russia was meddling in favor of donald trump let's not forget that currently much more reporting from washington thank you so much for your input a pleasure. all right now i want to give you
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a round up of some of the other stories making news around the world a large cargo ship has turned sideways and run aground in egypt's suez canal blocking traffic in one of the world's most crucial waterways well the ever given is 400 meters long and weighs in at 200000 tons that will tug boats are trying to dislodge the freighter. an erupting volcano has forced guatemala to close its international airport ash from the mountain as coated the runway and the aircraft at the rock airport the volcano south of guatemala city is one of the world's most active it's been spewing out ashes and violence will jeans for several weeks. the chinese cities of hong kong and macau have suspended the use of the biotech iser covert 1000 baxi defective packaging was reported in one batch of the drug but he say they have acted as a precautionary measure the vaccines manufacturers say there is no reason to
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believe safety is that this. german chancellor angela merkel has canceled plans for a stricter pandemic shutdown over the easter break well following an unexpected crisis meeting with state leaders just americal said the hastily drawn up plans were her own mistake this comes just a day after leaders had announced a 5 day hard along down from if a 1st which would have shut most shops and church services but there was criticism and confusion over the measures and how they would be enforced there was also anger at domestic holidays being restricted while some international trips were still out . let's take a listen now to chancellor merkel speaking at a press conference earlier today. with us but the idea of an easter shutdown was proposed with the best of intentions limiting because we urgently need to slow down and reverse the 3rd wave of. pandemic they're not fighting nevertheless this
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proposal was a mistake and there are good reasons for making it but it was not possible to implement it properly at such short notice that. i feel was a mistake must be acknowledged as such and above all it must be corrected as soon as possible. blanks would have at the same time i'm well aware that this entire situation is causing added uncertainty. but all i deeply regret this and i ask all citizens to forgive me. that was a chance of speaking i want to go where chief political editor because that kirsner is the tracking that story for you mikhail culpa from the head of the government was there so much pushback. there was and seemed to have been idea that came up really very late into the night i was sitting outside those negotiations and it came from angela merkel's camp and it took everybody by
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surprise it was in none of the drafts that have been circulated before it was decided and then all sides found out that they should have probably consulted with those who have to implement it there were so many questions on how to put this into practice also to make it court proof that in the end angela merkel decided a u. turn on policy a very unusual one and at the same time stressing that it was her fault alone not the other 16 to vote she signed off on this document to blame and that now would take place pretty much as planned and she's now slowly relying on the emergency brake that she had already defined with state premiers weeks ago which means once the incidence rates hit $100.00 and above within the space of 7 days per 100000 inhabitants then those possible easing of lockdowns possible openings of
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shops would all be rolled back and there would be further contact restrictions but no doubt this damages her and it also damages the entire way this crisis has been handled so far indeed because i mean it is a really remarkable turn of events she's a very cautious person as you illustrated before she then after she admitted that she made a mistake she basically took the fall she didn't have to take a grilling in front of parliament. yes there was in fact she apologized twice within the space of just over half an hour because she apologized the chancery then she drove over to parliament and there she faced m.p.'s question time and of course she got quite quite a bit of criticism there also questioning the support that she has the very form of sitting together with the state premiers and parliament had for some time been
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pushing to be much more part of the decision making to have such measures like this deep lock down that she wanted to go into agreed upon in parliament rather than amongst that round of state premiers these are all technicalities the real question is credibility and she was also challenged on where that testing strategy is where all those tests she said enough tests i had the chance afterwards to speak to an m.p. and if you do knowledge ist from her own governing coalition from the social democrats who says well those tests on to on the ground so there is a missing link somewhere there is a disconnect and she is now relying on what has been agreed to before which experts say weren't enough to break this wave here in germany you know you political editor reporting thank you very much. well while the world is desperately in need of more
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coronavirus vaccines almost $30000000.00 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine have been discovered at a plant in italy the doses were found during an inspection by italian authorities after a question from the european commission and it's not yet clear if the doses were exported found the discovery could worsen the ease relations with astra zeneca which has slashed its supply targets to the block britain also wants access to the company's produced doses. of a more on this i'm joined now by. in brussels i mean this i mean it's just boggles the mind everybody is looking desperately for vaccines and then just $30000000.00 doses just happened to be found in southern italy well this is a fillin finished so this is a plant where vaccines are bottles and here's the good news those vaccines have been produced in the u. they come from belgium and they come from the netherlands so it's astra zeneca made
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in the e.u. and of course these vaccines are not made overnight you don't make 3029000000 doses overnight and and here is something that raises a bit of an eyebrow at least if indeed those vaccines were sitting around on use this would be a huge scandal particularly against the background that astra zeneca just in march announced that they will not deliver $300000000.00 doses to the u.s. promised but instead just $1100000000.00 and so instead of the 300000000 promised now of course this is not going to do any good the relationship between astra zeneca and the e.u. which has been beset by problems from the get go this wednesday the e.u. announced tougher export rules on vaccines to prevent what it describes as an unfair one way flow out of the block are we well underway to having a prolonged period of vaccine. but that at least is something that you officials want to avoid with exactly that step that gives them the flexibility to actually
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threaten to retaliate if they face an unfair situation and the argument here in brussels is look the e.u. is the part of the world that exports most of the vaccine that's the pharmacy of the world if you want some some 42000000 doses so far have been exported but on the other hand little has come back from certain countries for instance from the u.s. and no vaccines have come from the u.k. and no vaccines have come and that is where the e.u. now says we want a fair share and that is why they have put a mechanism in place that talks about reciprocity that looks at how much do we get back before we let vaccines out to countries that actually do not what believe into the system of of sharing vaccines of keeping global supply chains running. this reporting from brussels thank you very much. well next a year since the tokyo olympics were delayed by the pandemic the torch relay is finally set to restart the olympic flame began its journey at the beginning of last
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march at mount a limb best and grease the torch arrived in japan and week later the flame has been kept a light since then and will now travel through the host nation starting in the nuclear disaster site if around 10000 runners will be involved the games begin in july. and finally to california where it is hoped the population of america's national symbol the bald eagle is about to get a boost of reading pair is incubating a single egg in a nest 50 meters above the ground birdwatchers expect the chick to hatch in the next few days the parents are taking it in turns to stay with the egg and go hunting for food. great stuff there as you know we near this is a reminder now of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour the u.s. secretary of state anthony blanket has addressed nato allies in brussels admitting
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trust between the partners has been shaken mr blinken said the alliance needs to come together to face threats from china and russia but he still warning germany not to complete the north stream 2 gas pipeline with russia. and germany has an unexpectedly canceled plans for a stricter lock down over easter americans held a crisis meeting with state leaders following criticism over the plans for a 5 day shutdown she now says the plans were not practical and were a mistake. but there's the press for now you're up to date up next in the music business magazine made in germany and hopes and at the top of the hour.
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the an.
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appearance of the essence of. germany's reputation in the global classroom always topping the charts. as a reality check reveals some subjects are lining the high. end in environmental sustainability. social justice and. a little tutoring wouldn't go amiss. to me into a. next w. .
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more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest most beautiful structure. stone masons builders and of architects compete with each other to whom to come to our jobs. this is home massive churches
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with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created a. contest of the cathedral starts people 12th on d. w. . the germans on known for the humor it's their efficiency and organizational skills that is so impressive i think they secretly dream of the sound of documents being stamped stapled and filed away the bureaucracy here is a night bag and get me started it's because the germans love to plan everything and they usually do a good job of it but they are.


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