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tv   Markus Lanz  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm CET

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on t.w. . this is the news live from berlin germany is in a quote new pandemic at least that's the assessment from chancellor angela merkel after coronavirus crisis talks dragged well into the morning german federal state leaders have agreed a strict piece to shutdown also coming up. short force against the west russia and china's foreign ministers hold talks and slammed the e.u. and the u.s. for sanctioning them over human rights. plus u.s.
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secretary of state antony blinken is in brussels pledging to rebuild and revitalize nato he says the military alliance is another pivotal moment in facing threats around the world. the story of a paralympic equestrian who forced her way back after losing her legs in the brussels airport bombings she's getting ready to compete at the games in tokyo. i'm going to 1st welcome to the program germany is extending its coronavirus lockdown for several more weeks as it grapples with a 3rd wave off the pandemic talks between chancellor angela merkel and regional leaders dragged on into the early hours they were blow their heads over whether to ease. strictures on domestic travel over the easter holiday season ultimately
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agreeing on a strict 5 day national shutdown over the period. by the time they had finally wrapped up nights had turned to morning energy had given way to exhaustion and what began as a one month partial lockdown is no nearly half a year long chancellor angela merkel summed up the seriousness of the situation facing germany. we basically have a new pandemic. the mutation from great britain has taken over means we have a new virus of course of the same kind that with very different properties. of the guns so it's clearly more lethal more contagious and contagious for longer. that's why a restriction john public life will be extended until april 18th and gatherings
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over easter effectively cancelled. the easter lockdown will bring everything to a standstill for 5 consecutive days it will take the wind out of his sails of a pandemic and prevent new infections i know it is a great strain for many many of you hoping to go on holiday over easter but that is a hope that we were all have to put on hold. not everyone germans will still be free to fly in search of some sun providing they test negative before they return home the holiday dispute comes amid a backlash over rules that allow tourists to fly to spain but not to holiday within germany. meanwhile the amish to keep schools and childcare centers open with the help of regular testing for teachers and pupils. longer term leaders are hoping that injecting some margin sea into their vaccination program will help end the
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lockdown. isn't that know of we're in a race to get vaccinated and to feel its effect as soon as possible and for us there are now 2 main strategies caution and flexibility here is. the meeting laid bare the growing tensions between germany's outgoing chancellor and regional leaders a relationship increasingly more of a conflict than consensus. so germany is announcing tighter coronavirus measures to combat what chancellor merkel is now calling a new pandemic let's take a closer look at what has been decided the country's current lockdown will be extended to april 18th the extension will include a shutdown of nearly all shops and businesses for 5 days over easter or public gatherings are prohibited and churches will be asked to hold their easter services on line many germans like to go on vacation during these the period but the ban on
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people holiday inside germany will remain in place but they will be able to whole holiday abroad as well as their destination is not listed as a coronavirus hotspot provided they test negative before boarding their flight home . i'm not joined by political correspondent thomas sparrow thomas the talk struck on for some 12 hours why was it so difficult to find an agreement. politicians have essentially 2 way between understanding that coronavirus fatigue that is evident among many people here in germany and on the other hand understand the reality on the ground with rising infection with exponential growth with a high number of hotspots and with the prospect of the easter holiday coming up where they fear people would travel more and have more contact that's one element that explains why this particular meeting was so difficult so contentious but this is not the only way the only meeting they had that has been so difficult in the
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past the chancellor and regional leaders have also clashed for various reasons and that has to do also with germany's federal system with who exactly decides what can be done in what region and that's something that we've seen throughout the last few months as one issue that has been very difficult between those who attend those meetings. through action been like in germany how do ordinary germans think about this well obviously there are still no polls specifically about the new measures it's only been announced a few hours ago and it was something that happened as you yourself mentioned during the night but if you look at how things have developed in recent weeks and when you ask about the possibility of this lockdown extension you will see that there is no clear majority from the german population us to as to what the course of action should be germans are very much divided into 3 groups of between those who believe that the measures are appropriate those who think they go too far and those who think they don't go far enough the picture is
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a little bit different gad if you look at germany's vaccination program because there there is a very clear majority of those who think that it's not going well at all. you mentioned there are solution program germany is lagging way way way behind countries like the u.s. the u.k. or israel do you think this enough is being done to to catch up. i would certainly say that there's a lot of pressure on politicians to increase their efforts to get more done because they've stressed time and time again that vaccination is the way out of the pandemic one element that they have put in practice that they are trying to develop in the next few weeks by including g.p.'s and family doctors to the whole administration of the vaccines here in germany it's a big question as to whether they will be able to speed things up immediately but at least that's the hope that officials have and they will help speed up things they will help to make them feel more flexible and they will also help to germany to improve its situation when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic on the
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vaccination program in general thomas thank you tony. well here's a round up of some of the other stories making headlines around the world today officials in bangladesh have begun investigating what caused a massive fire that swept through a refugee camp the u.n. says it is 15 people have died and more than 560 were injured while tens of thousands been left homeless nearly a 1000000 refugees live in camps in the region fled persecution in neighboring leon . authorities in australia have issued fresh flood warnings as torrential rains have again pummeled parts of the country officials have ordered 22000 people to be ready to flee their homes potentially joining the 800000 already evacuated high waters have swept away homes and roads in the worst floods in more than half a century. 10 people including a police officer have been killed in a shooting at
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a supermarket in the u.s. state of colorado an injured suspect has been detained the attack in the city of boulder is the 2nd deadly mass shooting in the country in a week. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov has said moscow no longer house relations with the european union only with individual e.u. countries made the comments as he met with his chinese counterpart with the 2 nations affirming that time is in the face of criticism and sanctions by the e.u. and other western powers over human rights abuses in a joint statement the 2 ministers said no country should seek to impose its form of democracy on any other let's bring in the diary of correspondent emily show in moscow emily strong words there from the russian russian foreign minister are we going to see a break in iraq russian relations. well i think those
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words that we're hearing from said again lover all far more bluster and anger than a real indication that russia will break ties with the e.u. after all in a recent interview the russian foreign minister himself sized again that the e.u. is russia's main trade and investment partner and russia is also currently trying to get its vaccines registered in the e.u. so it be rather on strategic to break ties completely now i think instead this is a reaction to the e.u. sanctions that were leveled against russia yesterday and it is of course though part of an increasingly confrontational rhetoric that we've been seeing from russia confrontational words and actions in fact russia has been accusing the u.s. and the e.u. of meddling in its in its national of parents over their reaction to the poisoning of opposition politician aleksey now by i mean for example in february 3 e.u.
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diplomats were expelled i think this is russia really showing if you push us we're going to push back this is also a sign to believe that moscow is moving towards closer cooperation with. knox's mosco bridging forming to council western interests on the world stage i think russia and china as today are very much showing their defiance showing a united front as a reaction to u.s. foreign policy and the diplomatic course that the u.s. seems to have taken there was this recent meeting between u.s. and chinese officials which was very confrontational and there was also joe biden calling a killer this week but i don't think there will be a new block china just isn't that interested in russia economically i think this is more show than a real new block for make. sure thank you ali.
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and how big a wave oliver of commons calls in any new circles that's for that question to our correspondent banned in brussels banned are people concerned that any use calls. prostitutes is not amused but brussels is also not surprised because now the diplomatic specked between the you rush and china is taking. stephen off to the you imposed sanctions yesterday on chinese and also on russian individuals. e.u. coordinator for foreign policies was the purpose was not surprise he said that russia is not controlling taishan of course he said that already one month ago when he came back from moscow from talks with love rolf on the other hand the us still interested in maintaining a kind of partnership a dialogue with russia because russia is needed in so many international conflicts
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and russia has also needed economic advisors because russia is the biggest supplier of energy for many e.u. countries gas and oil and on the other hand russia needs the the you as well because he was the biggest market for russian energy sales. so there's also a conflict now between china and the you but the e.u. would take some comfort in the fact that the united states now has a completely different approach than the last 4 years and that the blinken the foreign minister of the united states is here as we speak in town talking to nato allies and talking also to e.u. institutions the un the us are now teaming up again against china and russia and at the end of the week the leaders of the e.u. will talk about relations to russia. at the summit that will take place on thursday and friday founded in brussels thank you ben.
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and as we just heard u.s. secretary of state and blinken is in brussels on his 1st visit to nato headquarters earlier he spoke about the quote challenges that china poses to the international order he also warned germany over its construction of the north stream 2 gas pipeline with russia saying it ran counter to the european union's own interests he said he was due to meet his german counterparts to discuss the issue. u.s. secretary of state also pledged to help rebuild the transatlantic alliance which he said is facing threats around the world and i've come to brussels because the united states wants to rebuild our partnerships 1st and foremost with our nato allies. we want to revitalize the alliance to make sure it's a strong and effective against the threats of today as it has been in the past and to blinking blink and speaking there we're now joined by
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a brussels bureau chief phenomena to answer blinking there says he wants to revitalize the nato alliance do we have any idea what he means by that. well i think those remarks were clearly a man's to reassure allies that you ask again determines to have their bag that you ask is committed to article 5 the mutual aid clause of the north atlantic treaty and you asked also willing and determined to help reform nato to make it more resilient and better for perth for global challenges such as cyber threats china's rise or climate change and nato secretary-general stoltenberg told us yesterday in an exclusive interview that this is a unique opportunity to open a new chapter in relations with the u.s. and to understand why it is so important we just need to remind ourselves of donald
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trump's presidency and how he's president presidency change international relations and undermines trust between the you ask and its international allies. some of the unfinished north stream pipeline project between russia and germany that's a gas pipeline is still a major friction point in transatlantic relations state is now its specters to tell his german counterpart point blank to stop it what do you make of this. well i mean i'm not surprised because the position has not changed a day still think that north stream too is a bad idea and they want to stop with the you asked administration has also stressed that they are committed to complying with the legislation that requires the governments do you ask governments to sanction companies that participate in this project at the same time the german government says they want to build this
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pipeline to completed they are stressing this is. purely economic project and nothing has nothing to do with geopolitics and i was even told today that the german foreign minister and u.s. secretary of state blinken will meet and talk but that we shouldn't expect any statements after this meeting. or some of the thank you. israelis are heading to the polls today in the country's 4th national election in just 2 years voters face a choice between blocks long standing prime minister benjamin netanyahu and those who seek to oust him with the opposition fragmented many fear the vote will once again leads to a shaky coalition that's if one can be for the toll. every vote counts and every day to action of support. and the power to slips next to the gaza
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border and south in israel she's out in the streets to remind people to vote she has no doubts about who should remain prime minister binyamin netanyahu. directly so it's the moment of the elections i'm here to remind people who is the best to vote for him bibi netanyahu a little good that's all that call the 4th election in 2 years is once again seen as a vote for or against benyamin netanyahu the leader of the likud party ran his election campaign on the much admired covert 19 vaccination drive and the reopening of the economy this time he has several challenges all running on an anything but netanyahu ticket he led pete with his centrist yes a tea party is 2nd in the polls. exley good politician with new hope also aims to replace netanyahu just like right wing enough taliban and from yemenia
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who's left it open whether he would join a coalition with netanyahu we have about 3 to 4 live there is anything that they're . standing divided against that then you know so if you stand together but you are divided. the ability of co-working is very limited so the ability for them to form a coalition that will be able to govern and will be able to survive. is improbable to reach a majority in the knesset the israeli parliament and to form a government parties need to get 61 out of 120 seats for many israelis netanyahu has become an increasingly divisive figure he's been in office since 2009 and he faces corruption charges in court allegations he denies. that and yeah it
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was days are over here has been our prime minister for 15 years that's it we need something new a different prime minister after 7 chevy rebka sure i think baby would be reelected because there's no one more promising although i want to believe there is someone else i don't really treasure or i want the same prime minister to stay because he's good for everyone around you people are living things to the prime minister people are life bibi netanyahu. opinion polls suggest that netanyahu is likud will remain the strongest party what's less clear is who can build a coalition one still robots are counted. rising numbers of class in american migrants among the many unaccompanied children are trying to enter the u.s. from mexico and that's despite the biden administration's warning not to make that journey when he entered office biden reversed many of donald trump's hardline
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border policies wus carolina filed this report. tester abraham barberry lives in the united states but tries regularly to his church on the mexican side he's an unconventional priest he migrated to houston over 3 decades ago with his mother. after a difficult past and a direct scene he started a new life and became a baptist minister he's now one of the few people on the mexican side in math a model school. as many immigrants as possible in his church it's here on the mexican side where people arrive from a long and a very dangerous journey they're waiting to apply for political asylum in the united states many of them don't know how long they're going to wait to. get that. currently there are 74 immigrants from central america
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mexico and cuba sheltered here many of them are also from chiapas a region in mexico known for drug trafficking and are criminal activity against indigenous people is very high. and tip was nice it would be that it's not safe and she passes not for my kids this is why we're asking for political asylum because we know that kids are safer there so they must get in most critics who most need. my goal is to arrive in the u.s. and be granted political asylum to have freedom and peace for me and my kids and i trust the president biden is going to help us and proceed in the casinos by you know that presser abraham's mission is to help something he has been doing for years with his unconventional rapper church by attempting to attract young people from the area to his congregation but some weeks ago he notice he has to do something to help the immigrants on the streets of my thumb or us but also record
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and we noticed there were so many people they didn't know where to go. we're going to help them when people ask me if i think they're going to make it over to the u.s. or tell them the truth. i don't think so if you want to. know . however having a skate from repression in cuba or live threats by the drug mafia in on duress they are convinced anything else is better so they wait and keep hoping. some football news now in the german bundesliga by a liver cause fired their coach peter bosch after a poor run of form that saw them claim just 3 league wins this year and get knocked out of both the german cup and league the dutchman took over in december 28th in a managed 4th and 5th place finishes in the bundesliga his side had occupied 2nd
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spot earlier this season but are now in 6 losing 3 near the hat in his last match in charge this sunday for stuttgart coach on his voice will take over until the end of the season. a little over 5 years ago the brussels airport bombings devastated the lives of many travelers including be at least a little of it he then 17 year old was hit by the blast and underwent a double amputation below the knees but she has bounced back from the tragedy and is gearing up for her 1st paralympic games as an equestrian athlete. training for tokyo they are through still love letters happiest on horseback have began competing in dressage at the age of 12 soon she will be heading to japan to take part in her 1st paralympic games. back in 2016 she was at brussels airport when a suicide bomber set off his explosives right next to her resulting injuries caused
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her to lose both her legs below the knee she battled back and was competing on horseback just one year later now riding for team usa. and her determination is on show in the gym where she works tirelessly. for go i want to maintain my autonomy as much as possible because it helps the horses around me just to get into my car myself and to dismantle my chair i need to be in good physical shape so exercising is very important to have a. lot for you. those working with her appreciate her drive and commitment she loves it here. knows how to work hard but things add up especially with some of the stuff she deals with it adds up so i heard they could be a lot longer than one of our days if she gets if she does
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a little bit too much she will she feels it a little more one thing that could help her be even more autonomous is a new custom electronic eggs or skeleton that will enable her to walk independently . then want to be able to walk sit down get up it will help me a lot in life i will be able for example to put gasoline in my car to do things for which i usually have to call someone and it will give me freedom in the life i have lost since the attacks. she did if you know there's. still riding on her horse will presumably remain her preferred method of moving around as sea goes for gold in tokyo. well good luck to you watching d.w. news here's a reminder of all top story this hour german chancellor angela merkel says germany
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is in a new pandemic and as the country grapples with an exponential rise in coronavirus cases leaders have agreed to extend the country's lockdown until mid april with shops restaurants and bars to remain closed and a strict 5 day shop will be enforced over the easter holiday. that's it from me other news seem more world news up to the top of the hour of course don't go away come on coming up next close up.
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with. migrant workers drops me packing industry. thousands of romanians come to term. and on the romanian job market the gap is filled by asian workers. social dumping. it's a spider desperation. close up. next
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on the little. boy. can you hear me no no yes yes we're going to hear you and how last year's german sauce and i want to bring you an angle a man called as you've never cut have the full surprise yourself with blood that is possible who is medical really what moves and what also who talks to people who follows her along the way admirers and critics alike how is the world's most powerful woman shaping her legacy joining us from echols lasagnes. carefully. don't seem. to get.
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discovered. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. several german meatpacking plants with other coronavirus thousands of workers were in. the snow what else my men will never go back to germany was as it was the worst expire. i've ever had it hotter than a man. more than full mean romanians work in foreign countries mostly in
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western europe many put in long hours for not paying some can visit their families and leave few weeks a year their best girl has to earn money so that we can survive with them some of this group them. this has created a labor shortage in romania so many employers civil hired workers from asia they usually pay the minimum wage doesn't treat your ice palace where a maid all day is really hard work that being. any good i need to provide for my wife and son to give them a nice life that's why i came to romania. in
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april 2020 cheering a new wife as kofi cases in europe 25000 romanians left their hands to work in germany they took off from the airport inclusion in the us and romania on special flights and arranged by jimmy's agriculture ministry. among them is alberto google and his wife maria. i'm the one up with a live one going to build up what i called all kinds of romanian companies to try to find a job already gotten no response at that down one man because of covert we have no food and no money. is up but now fortunately not we're going to germany to work next is to go on. the average monthly wage for unskilled workers in romania is about $300.00 euros a month and these people will likely only not move and that in germany. the book went out the 1st 2 months on an asparagus farm and then we'll go to work and a slaughter house of the public john. knows he's running
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a risk of contracting coverage but he has to earn money. the average minimum wage in germany is just under 10 euros per hour that's more than 3 times what it is in romania. elisabetta move to the is also moving to germany that there's a market but there will try to protect ourselves against the virus so much of them but we have to work at the bottom i don't have a job here all my guessing and everything in romania has been shut down because it covered all the cement glom there aren't many jobs here anyway and if you do find a job well it won't pay much that is that they move the slope up and down. oh i am. for alberta and the real defense job in germany was a disaster. better to cell phone pitches that showed the living conditions were
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going on despite the pandemic workers lived close together in containers. go to maria became ill. before you moved out in the here's a video of my wife it was cold outside and she had a headache and a fever and the container next door there were 4 romanian suspected of having covered all of it with. i'll bet i got into an argument with a supervisor the marina within 5 had. our call more or so that were a week ago my wife and i were flown to germany to pick asparagus or you know been pushed but i'm all on 4th or 5th board but the company screwed us over tricked us ship. treated us like slaves school of it's. that you can't just now also for the supervisor kicked us out to get at it because
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that's so for the time being we'll have to sleep on a street. just a few days i'll bet i managed to find jobs for himself and his wife at a meat packing plant owned by the 2 news corp. we've come to the bavarian town a striving to meet eric mcconnell a romanian citizen who works for nonprofit human rights organization mcconnell advises romanian migrant workers on their legal rights and he says he's been flooded with calls from people who need his help. mcconnell says the working conditions for many for maintenance in germany are atrocious he provide some examples. the myth about the development for the hour right now are some companies have threatened these workers seen in form of fake or
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public with information about the business they're fired right away and they don't get. really fundamental mane of one of many of the workers live in housing that the company provides dished out and if they cause trouble that tossed out onto the street before the house. that's what happened to alberto he was fired and he and his wife were forced to leave the company housing for 3 days the couple slept in the woods mcconnell has heard lots of these stories it when asked what it is or not the company always does this at night because there are no lawyers or union officials around when a wise person defeats workers have heard of me they'll call if not they end up on the street at night with no money the workers want to keep their jobs so most of them don't complain next we traveled to a village in romania to meet elisabetta moldovan.
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was. elisabetta also had a hard time while working in germany she'd been employed at the same strawberry farm for several months every year since 2010. to 2 months of work she was paid 3700 euros but in 2020 chick came back a much earlier than expected and without any money. well. hi there you surely are busy that albert. i just calling we'd say. she's elisabetta sister. also works occasionally in foreign countries most recently as a nurse in italy but she lost that job because of the pandemic. i
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thought you were doing fine in germany with a good showing and suddenly there you were on the web and on t.v. and you're talking to a labor minister what was that all about. but there was thought well we organized a protest demonstration. along with the owner and the minister violetta alexandru came to visit us at the farm in germany. elisabetta and the other workers who paid only a fraction of what they'd been promised son nothing so $150.00 harvest workers most of them from romania held a protest march the demonstration called the attention of romania's labor minister . over any problem and he wanted to find out why we hadn't been paid and then she asked me why did you go to germany in the 1st place did someone force you to go on a so i looked at her and said well minister i had to leave because i had no other
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way to around money. i couldn't find a job in romania she does that she came on my own opinion it. elisabetta work to local cotton factory for 50 years then she lost her job in this part of romania it's nearly impossible to find work the pays well so now elisabetta looks after the household and her grandchildren. as like us this is our house. my husband and i do. had a loan from the bank and started building in 2007 japan on up wasn't a boy we had to go to germany to work so that we could make the loan payments but. she that that's their words her eyes on our street you'll see 2 new houses later lots of people here get a bad loan and then go off to work in germany england italy or other countries to make the payment scott. i'll pick up the sleigh not that there's
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a bunch of lads. romania's population is just over 19000000 about 9000000 people have jobs. 4000000 of those people work abroad during the summer and that number can rise to 5000000 as people take seasonal jobs on founds or at construction sites. the minimum wage in romania is 2 euro $81.00 an hour that wages higher and many western european countries. for example it's 9 euros $35.00 in germany and in france it's 10 year i 15. we've come to this village in southern romania to visit help like to go. he's just come back from germany and feel his dean may have been infected with corona virus.
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just because he's so hot right now he says his work in a german meat packing plant was a nightmare. and good luck if not of my memory i'll never go back to germany glad if not even when the pandemic is over it was the worst experience i've ever had. alberto was working at a plant owned by the 2 news corp more than 1500 workers they were infected with coverage including some of his colleagues beast. pictures of the facility would take in the form of the outbreak. because finch m.f. i was scared to tell you the truth i knew that the virus was dangerous and i'm always and i was right in the middle of it at work. when you're carrying around a 50 kilograms slab of meat you can't keep a social distance so everyone was in close contact with each other and we had to
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keep working i was so scared that i felt sick when i told my boss that i wanted to stay home i also wanted to talk to a doctor for michael he said you're not going anywhere. a few days before the plant was forced to close alberto go down and went back to romania but his wife continued to work as long as she could. i. i left because i was so afraid of getting sick will never be with my wife wanted to stay to keep earning money despite the risk to her health and i. may even manias who work in the gym a meat packing industry had gone to eric mcconnell for help then why did the company will punish them for speaking out so we agreed not to show their faces. to . the french mirage jesus i don't buy that i don't understand the company's promise
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big wages up to 2000 euros a month or not but they also promised normal working hours it's been a good idea much fun for. when the new workers arrive at the plant they find out of they'll have to work 12 sometimes even 16 hours a day. and then the resigned company housing with 56 or even 10 people to a room and. mcconnell meets with the workers in public places away from the prying eyes of the bosses. when you meet i think it's the mood when a worker finally gets the courage to complain to a supervisor he's in for a rough time and how defensive they'll tell him keep your mouth shut otherwise you're out the door if it's going to threaten to withhold the workers' pay for to slap them with a fine because they can't find someone to replace them right away. she called you
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should this kind of psychological pressure amounts to modern day slavery. was. elisabetta son powell also wants to work in germany in spite of the pandemic. powell is 20 years old and still lives with his parents he has a job but it doesn't pay very well. if it is if i go to germany i'll miss my parents and my girlfriend a lot. more and i even worry that my girlfriend will leave me but at least i'll be earning good money at all suggested 1. 1000 aber patron works in the german meat packing plant he's taking a few days off so he can visit his family in town has lots of questions about his job. to. do it out there also tell me what are the conditions like.
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what sort of work do you do and how many hours a day on the 3 of them at the door. and i work in the stores house neck meat from 4500 pigs a day sounds like a tough job. that you don't have. kids or you can't understand why powell would want to go to germany to work. don't wake up at night because i think i hear my child crying will come with that part of course is just a dream. pretty bad and loving if i could find a job here. elizabeth his brother also works in a german meat packing plant for many romanians taking jobs like that is the only way that they can provide for their families. there by so fucking the i'm really worried brother and his wife and the children have been diagnosed with covered. they haven't answered their phone for 2 weeks. and now has some
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power also wants to go to germany to work. i wish she wouldn't not this year anyway not while we're still dealing with a pandemic. if you went to germany i worry all the time. that there are. so many local residents have left clues that some prisoners who put in workers from asia to fill the gap usually worked at low paying jobs. these men from sri lanka came to romania in late 29 tain. all of them are unskilled workers. including 39 year old.
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sri lanka to look forward to the age of 18 he married and had a son he hasn't seen his family for more than a. that was my wife just now i'll go upstairs where the signals better and then i'll call her back. i should cuts down his expenses so that he can afford a good internet connection for these calls he also sends money home he gets by on the equivalent of about 100 euros a month it's a hard life but the cools with his family make it worthwhile. i want to see them and talk to them every day. when i see my son's face i feel a little better. it helps me relax and the tension inside me just goes away.
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sugar has worked in kuwait dubai and singapore his life there wasn't much better than a decent now i don't know what would happen to them if i died. but as long as i'm alive i'll try to help my family. i work hard. i don't need a lot in life. but i'll provide a good life for my song and my wife. i'll keep trying. that's why i came to romania. meanwhile there's good news and bad thrill it's a bad time. for has been sultan has found a new job despite the carotid pandemic. but he'll have to leave the country again. my poor husband is going to france again to work in construction or he can't earn a living violin or are they nia and we need the money so early yeah so what else
1:49 pm
should i pack my agent and take the shorts was ok. to overalls and i think that's all there. it's always hard to say could bikes just best of you sent them plenty by hope that you'll be ok as the guns but i'm so afraid that this time something bad is going to happen. i'm also worried about the virus but i'll do everything i can to feed my family. elizabeth until tonight if they have no other option. meanwhile back inclusion the shift of the commercial kitchen where shoka works is
1:50 pm
upset the employees from sri lanka haven't shown up for work yet. here are 2 of them on their way to a bank for hadn't been paid in several days so they've gone on strike. today people are going to work because we haven't gotten our salary yet. my family is waiting for the money i'm going to check my account right now. i sure couldn't see equivalent of about 400 euros a month he needs his money and is ready to fight for it. i keep checking my account over and over again. things are going well. i can't sleep they won't send the money so we won't go to work things like having like these so i know that the families in freeland by you
1:51 pm
know so we have some programs that when we came here you have no problem feeling that's all you want but you're right. i mean miles all timely for the airport in about an hour. it. is time to feed the peaks one last time. fast as it will give my wife will take care of the animals while i'm gone and it was when i went that. zoltan plans to work in france until november during that time who come back home several times to visit. you know it's hard for me to leave my family guess that but i have to go to france to earn money a few of those while i'm there i won't be able to see my grandchildren my wife and my son. and that makes me very sad.
1:52 pm
that since romania joined the e.u. in 2007 zoltan and elisabetta have been working abroad on and off. now it's time to say goodbye once again. i want to sometimes friends will take him to the airport. he's on his way to the friend's house right now. the best that i understand that he has to leave to earn money for us went to the here in a couple of months and we won't be able to work at all just. by confusion issue because salary has finally been deposited in his bank account so he and his colleagues headed off to work there for our slice and they hope that they won't be fired i shook a woods 10 to 12 ounce a day for less than 3 years so now it. is there's the meat that i work with
1:53 pm
it's beef. if i have to cut it up and make hamburger patties it's really hard work we have to turn out 30 or $35.00 kilos of meat every day i that's all i do on this job but it is so. and today he'll have to make up for the 4 hours that he lost while he was on strike. a worker every day in the burger prep section. we really have to prepare a lot of meat we make patties every day. people from asia have now filled a number of unskilled jobs in romania most of them are employed in the case during meat packing and construction sectors. the number of asian workers in romania has risen sharply in recent is most of the illegally illegally. here at the official statistics and
1:54 pm
2015 romanian issued 5500 work faces of people from asia and 2018 that number rose to 15000 and by 2020 that figure had doubled 230000 despite the pandemic. we visit out there to google again he knows that his wife is healthy but is now in quarantine. i'll bet her friends a colleague who became infected with the virus while he was working at the meat packing plant. people were getting sick one after another. the company bosses kept us working even though a lot of people were getting sick. if the authorities and the media had stepped in or they'd still be working on the ground. when they. can't understand why his colleagues still wants to stay in germany. with. my
1:55 pm
father my father. eric mcconnell is on his way to northern germany to help 2 romanians who want to apply for government legal 8 lawsuits in the meat packing industry are increasingly common these days. in men defects in shop the work has changed over the years for 10 or 20 years ago you had a qualified foreman at the slaughterhouse your grandmother's is going on tom people were paid a decent wage and worked just 8 hours a day that is go up there i she can feel there were 3 shifts sometimes 4 is one management respected the work. is but that's not the case today that is because. in the last decade the number of unskilled foreign workers in the german meat packing industry has tripled to have a 50000. packing
1:56 pm
to a showcase and his colleagues have just finished their shift. it's 1 in the morning . who did it hot it was tough today because we were really busy afterwards we had to clean up so we didn't finish until midnight and there were just 4 of us then we went out for a beer and now we're heading home. i had to pay an employment agency in sri lanka a 2000 euro commission to get a 2 year work permit. it's often the same for other romanians. all of us had to borrow money to pay the fee. and some borrowed from their families . but i borrowed money from a bank. so now i have to pay interest on the loans. and send money to my family or. most of the money the show to enjoy in the 1st 6 months in
1:57 pm
romania went to pay back the employment agency so he couldn't afford to send money to his family. meanwhile would manage to track down all those who google again he's moved to another country. i'm now in mt sweden doing handy work. we get up at 5 every morning and then the company takes us to work in a bus and it's sort of like a hardware store people come in and tell us what they want renovated or repaired and then we do it but it pays only $1000.00 euros a month. alberto just know when you return home or how his wife in germany is getting along. at the same time elizabeth is waiting for her husband's old time to cool down from his new job in france. he's
1:58 pm
been there for 4 days now. baby jimmy. what do i want for the future here's the. subhumans but i want the whole family to be together with them something i want them to find jobs here in romania so the jobs that pay an honest wage so that we don't have to move to foreign countries to work i was lying about that. so that my sweetie. i was waiting for your call it was the bottom i can't wait to see you in 6 weeks then i miss you so much already.
1:59 pm
staying up today don't miss our highlights w. . program online w. dot com highlights. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection going developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of the code of special monday to friday.
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this is the news live from berlin germany is in quote a new kind demick at least that's the assessment from chancellor angela merkel federal and state leaders have announced the country's toughest shutdown yet over easter they'll be no church service says that almost all shops remain closed also coming off a show of force against the west.


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