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i know it is a great strain for many many of you hope to go on holiday over easter but that is a hope we were all have to put on hold a lot not everyone germans will still be free to fly in search of some sun providing they test negative before they return home the holiday dispute comes amid a backlash over rules that allow tourists to fly to spain but not to holiday within germany. meanwhile the amish to keep schools and childcare centers open with the help of regular testing for teachers and pupils longer term leaders are hoping that injecting some margin c. into their vaccination program will help end the lockdown. isn't that know of we're in a race to get vaccinated and to feel its effect as soon as possible and for us there are now 2 main strategies caution and flexibility here is. the meeting laid
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bare the growing tensions between germany's outgoing chancellor and regional leaders in a relationship increasingly more of a conflict than consensus. so germany is announcing tighter coronavirus measures to combat transfer on the america is calling a new pandemic let's take a closer look at what has been decided the country's current lockdown will be extended april 18th the extension will include a shutdown of nearly all shops and businesses for 5 days over easter all public gatherings are prohibited and churches will be asked to hold their easter services on line many germans like to go on vacation during these the period but the ban on people holidaying inside germany will remain in place but there will be able to holiday abroad as long as their destination is not listed as a coronavirus hotspot and provided they test negative before boarding their flight home. i'm not joined the political correspondent thomas
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sparrow thomas the talk struck down for some 12 hours when was it so difficult to find an agreement politicians had essentially to weigh between understanding that coronavirus fatigue that is evident among many people here in germany and on the other hand understand the reality on the ground with rising infection with exponential growth with a high number of hot spots and with the prospect of the easter holiday coming up where they fear people would travel more and have more contact that's one element that explains why this particular meeting was so difficult so contentious but this is not the only way the only meeting i had that has been so difficult in the past the chancellor and regional leaders have also clashed for various reasons and that has to do also with germany's federal system with who exactly decides what can be done and what region and that's something that we've seen throughout the last few
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months as one issue that has been very difficult between those who attend those meetings erdos what will through action been like in germany how do ordinary germans think about this. well obviously there are still no polls specifically about the new measures it's only been announced a few hours ago and it was something that happened as you yourself mentioned during the night but if you look at how things have developed in recent weeks and when you ask about the possibility of this lockdown extension you will see that there is no clear majority from the german population us to as to what the course of action should be germans are very much divided into 3 groups of between those who believe that the measures are appropriate those who think they go too far and those who think they don't go far enough the picture is a little bit different god if you look at germany's vaccination program because there there is a very clear majority of those who think that it's not going well it'll. do you mentioned there are solution program germany is lagging way way way behind
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countries like the u.s. the u.k. or israel do you think this is enough is being done to to catch up i would certainly say that there's a lot of pressure on politicians to increase their efforts to get more done because they've stressed time and time again god that vaccination is the way out of the pandemic one element that they have put in practice that they are trying to develop in the next few weeks by including g.p.'s and family doctors to the whole administration of the vaccines here in germany it's a big question as to whether they will be able to speed things up immediately but at least that's the hope that officials have and they will help speed up things they will help to make them feel more flexible and they will also help to germany to improve its situation when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic on the vaccination program in general thomas road and thank you so much. the european union prides itself on its open borders between member states but with
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infection rates on the rise across the continent freedom of travel is being restricted as some borders are covered some borders governments try and slow the spread of the coronavirus germany now requires commuters from poland for example to get tested at the border a time consuming and expensive process we follow one polish construction worker from the border town of slowly chip on his long way to work like thousands of poles living near the border rafael mysie ak commutes to germany for a walk every day. but with the coronavirus infection rate much higher in his home country rafael and his polish colleagues now need to pass a rapid results test at the border twice a week they also need to identify themselves with a so-called commuter pass. they will call thieves sorry is your pass it's been issued by the german company that has hired you but the thought of. always carry it
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with you and also your most recent test results only want you to move or of one of . the of. the queue in front of the test site is long delaying the commuters rafał works as a foreman and he has to instruct his workers over the phone as he waits his turn. to go through the wall we need to do 2 coronavirus tests a week and i don't know what this means in terms of costs i might have to pay for all myself. before taking the tests the builders have to fill out a lengthy form by hand the bureaucracy does nothing to speed up the process. no telephone between me. and that we're finally it's rafael's turn to his surprise he's charged 23 year olds. polish commuters a supposed to receive one weekly test for free but that information doesn't seem to
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have reached the test center. ever go through or go with what i'm relieved that the test was negative and i can go to work. or. soon i'll have to queue up again for hours at the border good. all this time wastage and money spent the day of the hardest death. rafael mysie at will be 2 hours late for work. he and his colleagues might have to work overtime today. you're watching the news still to come. to the party is dot com and one dutch city of sleaze but how is this happening in the middle of the pandemic a correspondent puts on her dancing shoes and the face mask to find out. but 1st here's a roundup of some other stories making news around the world officials in bangladesh have begun investigating what caused a massive fire that swept through
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a ridge or refugee camp the u.n. says at least 15 people have died and more than 560 were injured while tens of thousands have been left homeless nearly a 1000000 refugees living in camps in the region having fled persecution in the neighboring me a mark. the 3rd is not stray have issued fresh flood warnings us to rancho rains have again pummeled parts of the country officials who have ordered $22000.00 people to be ready to flee their homes potentially joining the 18000 already evacuated high waters swept away homes and roads in the worst flood in more than half a century. 10 people including a police officer have been killed in a shooting at a supermarket in the u.s. state of colorado an injured suspect is being detained in the attack in the city of boulder is the 2nd deadly mass shooting in the country in a week. russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov said moscow is
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no lot longer has relations with the european union only with individual e.u. countries lover of made the comments as he met with his chinese counterpart with the 2 nations affirming their ties in the face of criticism and sanctions by the e.u. and other western powers over human rights abuses in a joint statement the 2 ministers said no country should seek to impose its form of democracy on any other. let's bring in correspondent emily show in moscow emily strong words from the russian the russian foreign minister we're going to see a break in. relations well i think those words that we're hearing from said again love are all far more bluster and anger than a real indication that russia will break ties with the e.u. after all in a recent interview the russian foreign minister himself and for sized again that
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the e.u. is russia's main trade and investment partner and russia is also currently trying to get its vaccines to be registered in the u. so it be rather on strategic to break ties completely now i think instead this is a reaction to the e.u. sanctions that were leveled against russia yesterday and it is of course though part of an increasingly confrontational rhetoric that we've been seeing from russia confrontational words and actions in fact russia has been accusing the u.s. and the e.u. of meddling in its in its national affairs over their reaction to the poisoning of opposition politician aleksey now vining for example in february 3 e.u. diplomats were expelled i think this is russia really showing if you push us we're going to push back this is also a sign and leave that moscow is moving towards closer cooperation with. knox's most
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called bridging forming to council western interests on the world stage. i think russia and china's today are very much showing their defiance showing a united front as a reaction to u.s. foreign policy and the diplomatic course that the u.s. seems to have taken there was this recent meeting between u.s. and chinese officials which was very confrontational and there was also joe biden calling putin a killer this week but i don't think there will be a new block china just isn't that interested in russia economically i think this is more show than a real new block for make. sure thank you ali. and how big a wave oliver offs commons calls in any new circles that's for that question to our correspondent than that he had in brussels banned are people concerned that any you
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circles. is not amused but brussels is also not surprised because now the diplomat expect between the you rush and china is taking us stephen off the you imposed sanctions yesterday on chinese and also on russian individuals. e.u. coordinator for foreign policies was the purpose was not surprise he said that russia is in a country taishan because he said that already one month ago when he came back from moscow from talks with love rolph on the other hand the us still interested in maintaining a kind of partnership a dialogue with russia because russia is needed in so many international conflicts and russia has also needed economic advice because russia is the biggest supplier of energy for many e.u. countries gas and oil and on the other hand russia needs the the you as well
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because he was the biggest market for russian energy sales and so there's also a conflict now between china and the you but the e.u. would take some comfort in the fact that the united states now has a completely different approach than the last 4 years and that the blinken the foreign minister of the united states is here as we speak in town talking to nato allies and talking also to e.u. institutions the u.n. the u.s. are now teaming up again against china and russia and at the end of the week the leaders of the e.u. will talk about relations to russia. at the summit that pro take place here on thursday and friday bentley that in brussels thank you ben. and as banters to mention the u.s. secretary of state antony blinken is in brasil than he has warned germany over its
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construction of a pipeline with russia speaking on his 1st visit to nato headquarters in brussels blinken said the north stream 2 gas pipeline running from russia to germany ran counter to the european union's own interests he said he was due to meet his german counterpart to discuss the issue lincoln also pledged to help rebuild the transatlantic alliance which he said is facing threats around the world. and i've come to brussels because the united states wants to rebuild our partnerships 1st and foremost with our nato allies. we want to revitalize the alliance to make sure it's as strong and effective against the threats of today as it has been in the past and some of lincoln's big bad israelis are heading to the polls today in the country's 4th national election in just 2 years voters face a choice between block starts back a longstanding prime minister benjamin netanyahu and those who seek to oust him with the opposition fragmented many fear the vote will once again leads to
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a shaky coalition if one can be formed a toll. every vote counts and every day to action of support to. 'd and not to see this next to the gaza border and south in israel she's out in the streets to remind people to vote she has no doubts about who should remain prime minister benjamin netanyahu or. directly so it's the moment of the elections i'm here to remind people who is the best to vote for him bibi netanyahu the liquid that's that call the 4th election in 2 years is once again seen as a vote for or against benyamin netanyahu the leader of that he could party vent his election campaign on the much at my cold 19 vaccination drive and the reopening of the economy this time he has several challenges all running on an anything but
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netanyahu ticket. pete with his centrist yes a tea party is 2nd in the polls. actually could put it. with new hope also aims to replace netanyahu just like right wing enough taliban and from yemeni know who's left it open whether you would join a coalition with netanyahu we have about 3 to 4. standing divided against that then you know so if you stand together but you are divided the ability of co-working is very limited so the ability for them to form a coalition that will be able to govern and will be able to survive is improbable to reach a majority in the knesset the israeli parliament and to form a government parties need to get 61 out of 120 seats for many israelis netanyahu has become an increasingly divisive figure he's been in office since 2009
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and he faces corruption charges in court allegations he denies that i know of as netanyahu was days are over he has been our prime minister for 15 years that's it we need something new a different prime minister nothing can achieve a kind of sure i think baby would be reelected because there's no one more promising although i want to believe there is someone else i don't really treasure a little i want the same prime minister to stay because he's good for everyone look around you people are living thanks to the prime minister people our life bibi netanyahu. opinion polls suggest that netanyahu sleekly it will remain the strongest party what's less clear is who can build a coalition one still votes are counted. i don't is now from
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tel aviv is dalia sheindlin she's policy fellow at the century foundation is this election essentially an up or down vote on benjamin netanyahu. that's a very good question because if you ask many of the voters and many of the political campaigns and even political party leaders it certainly seems so i think the prime you know offering that some of the parties are saying is either we will keep its and yeah in power which is for example what the shots party saying which is the loyalist party or netanyahu has committed itself to going into a coalition with him and of course the challenger on the right the breakaway party . are left likud in order to challenge and you have however it's worth remembering that israelis the units on yahoo as either someone they love or hate not because of pure emotion but because he represents fundamentally distinct views on ideology policy on the core issues that define israeli life from the israeli palestinian
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conflict to the nature of israel's democratic institutions the judiciary to some extent the economy even socially liberal ideas versus conservative religious views and so israelis are voting on it and yeah who in support of the world view and which direction the country will go next. in support of a world who is one thing but with no also be able to profit from the rather stunning success of the israeli vaccination campaign. interesting leigh it hasn't really changed his electoral fortunes very much so far in polling and we have lots and lots of public opinion polls and they've been very consistent and it's and you know who has 36 seats in the outgoing knesset and his range almost without any variation over this entire election campaign in the surveys has been $2830.00 seeds with a very slight rise towards the end which a couple of surveys gave him 32 seats now that certainly makes him the strongest
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party but it looks like he will be losing some seats relative to the last election you might look at that at the success of the vaccination policy and the roll out as retaining his votes in a situation where he is vulnerable as you pointed out he is on currently on trial for 3 different counts of corruption many israelis simply think he's been around too long he has been serving for the last 12 years 15 years cumulatively if you count the 1990 s. and in a normal situation you would expect his vote to drop so perhaps the vaccinations have helped him retain 1st place but they don't appear to be pushing him any stronger and certainly the prone it's on yahoo parties those who would go into the block with in a coalition with them are still not crossing 60 seats in any of the surveys we'll see what happens of course and we can always expect surprises but it doesn't seem like the vaccinations have changed people's minds for or against him political analyst stonechild lived in tel aviv thank you donna thank you.
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now when was the last time you went to a concert or a big event with hundreds of people packed tightly into one space starts not been possible for many of us due to the pandemic but revelers in one dutch city well forget about coronavirus just for one weekend they took part in a test event run by an organization that's looking to see how we can best return to some sort of normality while keeping safe. arm in arm face to face for just one weekend in one park in one dutch city beating hasan people dance like there's no one watching. it feels like before corona like immediately in fact plenty of people are watching doctors government officials and event organizers in an initiative called field lab this is more than
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a concert it is part of a series of scientific and social experiments the aim to see how people interact when the loud some freedom from coronavirus restrictions everyone here agreed to wear trackers so that all their moves at the concert can be recorded they will be what it is a little bit where. we don't there would not only be ok they all tested negative to get in and will take another test 5 days after the event if anyone test positive contacts can be traced. is a doctor in a coded ward she knows what's at stake here and she's confident the risks are minimal everyone there is negative and it's searing. partiers are being observed in their natural habitat most people here aren't wearing masks and the experiment requires that the experts don't interfere and is the boss is one of the doctors working with the field the project and he admits to being just a little nervous people are careful at the beginning and then during the party it
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will be they will be very much lou. so we want to have the way they party usually because otherwise all the data we would have would be it would be senseless field babs peter limbert says he's confident the data will prove that these precautions and if sizes can safely expand i think we can prove that we really can increase the capacity of fishes maybe in steps maybe starting with 50 percent go to 70 or 80 percent and in the end we want to have the real goal south 100 percent i really hope for everybody in industry as a super art and yet somehow we get out of this as soon as possible but for now dr buss says party's over we do this to allow more to give more possibilities in the future but at this time people really should stick to the rules outside this pile of events in other words what happens in bidding hasan stays and feeding.
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well. you actually didn't need use live from berlin the small world news at the top of the all the don't go away. sucka show. up next i'm going to office in berlin.
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some employment in the relegation battle. that sent a muslim opposing as mine speech common. on the top a little has changed and life is a given nothing away. is likely to win when the 2 teams come.
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to go. on d. w. . migrant workers europe's main packing industry. thousands of romanians come to germany to earn a decent living. and on the romanian job market the gap is filled by asians. by a social dumping. it's a spider desperation. close up. in 60 minutes d.w. . you like it. do you want to. get up
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that. case then buckle up put the pedal. to the medal let's ride. back. on t.w. . last. couple of this league has delivered some frilling scenes this season it's been crazy competitive with tight races up and down the table. but what's truly
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interesting is just who are involved in these races some surprising sides have been flying much higher than expected. newly promoted stuttgart have to fight all expectations taking the lead by storm and pushing for europe but nothing can bring a soaring squash down to earth quicker than a days with both in munich. lucky on your own berlin have also been punching well above their weight in the european conversation but they have to face an even bigger positive surprise package i talked frank. while the only thing truly shocking about is how they managed to remain so i'm spectacular despite sitting securely in a champions league spot to so bad coming. we've got a high flying is crash landings and everything in between this week on the kick up
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. let's start with 2 over performance under seal has been on preference for its top gun the season netting 19 goals and a huge factor in frankfurt form they came into this clash and 4th place on track for the champions league. frankfurt hosted 7th place only on berlin also performing above expectations thanks in part to mexico's a leona knocking on europe's door and having lost a 4 game since his return from injury. and the visitors fired the 1st warning shots in the opening minute. but tonight. this looked every bit a clash of 2 teams that love to attack. 6 at. frankfurt
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immediately fired a shot of their own the difference being this went into the net. and blasted the honest but under a silver it was the 20th of the campaign for the portugal international. part of the hotel looked on in approval as phillip costed beautifully teed up silver for the opening goal. but didn't we mention only own have a seasoned shop user of their own just 5 minutes later schools that made it one euro. was. frankfurt protester than a quarter has had to have been felled by alien rason in the build up and they seem to have a point but so the goals to it. were back in business and look to be the better side who were they. just look at what all that and they stood in the 35th minute. yes that was his own net the ball went
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into. under-aged was trying to pass it back to his goalkeeper but the ball cold wind towards the net and under his little slipped before he could get to it. coach it was fisher was beside himself. the momentum had now swung even at indio more playing better front foot pounds to gain a few minutes later. this time silva turn provided a cottage and fired in one of his own 3 on. the hosts really look the part of champions league contenders. must have felt like they were playing pick your poison when silva added another 2 minutes later his 21st of the season. pinpoint a passing slice through the limbs make defense smooth finishing left them scattered
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on the ground. girl did i do it and we conceded 3 goals in 6 minutes that won't do you you can't play football like that we can't play football like that it. was. only on one not to be counted out but closer also back to bryce as he had done in my 1st encounter early of the season by placing the ball exactly where it needed to be. here for 2. while they're also in the race for europe they now had some hope after a 1st half that saw 6 goals that wouldn't make a fast a season and the visitors came out firing in the 2nd half will play unpoliced up here under slater tonight redemption by the woodwork. was the one you had 24 goal attempts to frankfurt's 9 but the hosts made this count timothy chandler
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hammered the final nail in the coffin and stoppage time. taking advantage of another known defensive blunder 5 to the final school statistic that actually counts. trends that proved they were more effective and mature than any own more of a true top team like the violinist remain one of the season's big surprises and they will likely never forget this stunning moment. one of the things that makes football the beautiful game is how an unexpected events can turn the course of a match i think once again i'll keep up what is out justice no doubt. my load. was a most states that on days didn't look up to see well lou it's all walls and i think lucas lives at the wrong moment thank you book again.
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that's where he slipped lutes up the bowl coming back with a lot of pies vontae and it goes all the way corn only gallo his 1st own goal in the bonus league to want the front but. the ones on the i took it down and wanted to play it back to the keeper with my left foot i don't know if the ball sprung up a little bit but i definitely connected well with it i shouldn't have allowed it to happen but it did me in a moment because you had better luck next time you go but and now for another team surprising the leak. what could be running through valvetrain course head maybe he's asking himself what he has to do to get caught up in the netherlands he schooled 16 goals this season controlled maybe it's down to his club.
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books but maybe on course to qualify for the champions me but they aren't exactly grabbing the headlines they win him. conspicuous bunch. for example midfield master monkey arnold kept in germany to the euro under 21 title in 2017 but keeps getting snubbed by her left despite performances and goals like this. both book coach out of a glass now doesn't mind this way his charges stay fresh and fit. 8 minutes into the match against bremen and anil took one of his deadly free kicks and his team were one nil up. a different angle shows it was bringin is just sergeant with the unfortunately place teta. again both spoke to the league the season in an unspectacular amana. tried to take credit for the goal although everyone knew it wasn't really his doing.
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braman control and cool fed could see trouble brewing on the horizon plus from a lack swagger but they were efficient and clearly better. it was meant to be this time around the big cast would have his moment. coach class now knows his team will keep at it and deliver the goods when the time is right. light in the 42nd minute when a blocked call felt of a cost on a silver platter. 7 set up the wolves 2nd. he may not be a household name but he is an austrian international and a rock in this robust team. this is the epitome of all spoke of a stiff resistance until they cost schools up. both book have the league 2nd best offense and with big cost now in 17 goals also
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one of the best attacking us. the 2nd core was as we want to do it very high praise winning the ball and it's looks like it was a little bit of a lucky that the ball comes to outwait us but this is when we. move to the ball or to get or it's very often that the ball comes to our strike and while it is a great finisher it was the dutchman's 50th goal since joining the club at this rate the fans without a monument and his honor he's one of the league's most efficient finishers. but let's not forget opponents' braman who pulled one back from kevin not out before the break still that a no real threat to clubs above them. to move fate on course for their 14th win if the season and came close to extending their lead in to kevin battle in the 2nd house. even because it could have added to his tally.
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absolutely if you would everyone every single person i know it seemed wants to play in a champions league so we have to and we will fighting for the. gospel when another game an unremarkable fashion that won't mind if they remain on course to qualify for the glamorous champions league next up the compact. after. pushing for a champions league spot dortmund headed to cologne meeting points to billy goats winless in 5 should have been ideal hosts indeed a warm welcome arrived after just 3 minutes thanks to emery john's pass and telling hold a nice little finishing. goal which had it all delicate touch strength and a composed finish. a week to seal the deal. but cologne levelled
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fruit entree due to a spot kick. before halftime. things got even worse for dortmund when cologne took the lead through smile jacobi in the 65th minute. a bad day at the office for dortmund's defenders nothing new that. all of us saw a golden opportunity ping off the post lights on. even boy wonder began to look worried. about the poachers perseverance paid off eventually to 90th minute top in rescue until 2 points dropped for one european hopeful let's find out how another go home in the capital. is under pressure with late accusing stuttering a trip to hasn't provided a chance to get things back on track. but the home side struck fast they did it
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with style. davis he has a fax 1st go for has one nil and a 4th minute. and then it was 2 so then you come back here when least my tears could have a brazilian did the rest. at 30 match goal drought is finally over for the hatton much time. a 3rd goal arrived before half time after some dizzying movement in the box on court about finally got the crucial shot away. couzens men not clearly not mag for added humiliation. uncomfortable viewing for peter it was later cousens heaviest defeat of the season. but now to 2 teams in even worse for. smiling faces in the stands on
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a rare sight these days yet glovebox 70. straight losses shall give some to miss a. lot of false revival began after 15 minutes marcus to the excellent wing play causing the usual chaos before last until smash time to break the deadlock. was left looking unimpressed with his defenders. from line up hardly had to work to make it to hill from a corner after the alamo shell has netminder with a familiar feeling. there was no denying it was a bold pick lock box the good colonel himself sealed a 30 defeat and. parker was i'm glad i finally got it when under those replacement seems set xabi alonso will reportedly take over for the falls in the off season. mind another side praying for points. and i will get to the dream started hoffenheim
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after clumsy defending allowed what it got sold to help in the scoring. by unlearning chris richards with the costly era and the opening minutes. which in sumptuous bowl to e.s.p. 2 made a man shortly after to take the international made no mistake to level schools. but a short corner to dominic or just moments later again had in mind steve vantage and 3 points. out of the relegation zone for the 1st time since match day 8 a cool space celebration. feingold arrived for this home game in their away strip the result of a kit clash which would have caused issues for a color blind fly ball player. michael coach made his own clothing adjustments ahead of kick off. by himself.


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