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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm CET

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passion drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere power fight time intuition love hate money. fans friends find us fans and fans all over. hello and welcome to africa they rarely mention co-produced by n.t.v. in uganda to be in nigeria and in germany i am. with me on origins is michael hi chris how are you today very well sondra thanks a lot and a warm welcome to all you view also out there for me to we have
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a lot in store for you on today's program so let's quickly take a look at what we have coming up. we investigate a blast to go on lake victoria. see how on the entrepreneur in cameroon is recycling but none of trump's. telling how women in the cambia are talking the country is huge plastic waste problem. what does block chain have to do with nature conservation. more than you might think now 3 young startup entrepreneurs in south africa have founded a crypto platform it allows users to trade digital animals and that helps the environment at the same time let's take a closer look at how it works. how the lions with nothing to worry about these big cats of the fin the game reserve in
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south africa are protected but conservation initiatives like these cost money and drumming up the nation's requires a lot of time and effort together with 2 friends and fellow nature lovers jason sims came up with an idea to make donating to animal conservation more attractive with the aid of modern technology all of us grew up in south africa and. all of us. expands the book. love those experiences us as children and crying up we want to preserve that and we've all been following blocked technology for a while and to be able to put that together and merge those 2 passions was was really special for us the 3 friends live in cape town and work as software developers every transaction in the digital block chain can be carried out safely
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and transparently 1st importantly it is recorded so what is their idea exactly all of our different conservation partners on the wild cards platform these conservations have certain types of animals and species that they look after and for every animal that they have we represent that is a unique digital artwork on the block chain that only one person can have and if you own this wild card you essentially pay a monthly amount to actually support that organization and you can see that my new century flowing directly through to that organization is from here on the wild cards digital clock will buy and sell rare animal cards using crypto currency with each card there is a back story details of its purchase history and even the photo of the animal in some cases and every month dredging percent of each card asking price is donated by
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its owner to a conservation organization of their choice $1.00 of the 1st organizations to benefit is that while tomorrow funds and american n.g.o.s that wants to open up a corridor for wildlife migration and south africa the corridor will reconnect animal populations and in the pin the reserve and the east among the least the wetlands park which are still divided by fencing. before the fencing can come down the corridor needs to be cleared of invasive vegetation. than ellen and the green members and all the landscape restoration crews are seeing to that. it's really important that we remove these plants. otherwise the animals eat them and could die. and they also get skin disease and sometimes. great canning is the general manager of baltimore a funded south africa the conservation organization who received more than 45000
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euros in funding through wild cards the money went toward training to remembers and covering the costs of transforming what was once a pineapple farm into a wilderness area how it works do you not know fortunately and what i do know is you know that we are able to find a lot of our conservation work directly through cryptocurrency and and through organizations such as wild cards. while cards make supporting conservation simpler and more direct. because it takes away a lot of the bureaucracy and purifies a to what people really care about which is protecting the environment the wildlife in the pin the game reserve will certainly benefit if more funds are generated it while the card founders are also aware of the desert track to aspect of this game. block change exactions consume large amounts of energy and have a huge c o 2 footprint around 30 kilos of carbon transaction you can uses
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a lot of electricity and this is concerning and i actually don't believe it's sustainable but also taking a step a step back if we were to use the traditional financial system we would be paying you know all of the resources of the bank employees driving to and from work and all the construction of those big buildings but it's a huge concern and we are going to reduce that as much as we can over time as as new technologies come out we'll move to those technologies that are more efficient so while cars has a dynamo you get to solve fun and in a modern and efficient way to help protect critically endangered animals without adversely contributing to the already critical climate crisis. from south africa to germany more precisely to the former border zone about one separated east and west germany to say more of the strip of land is a thriving nature reserve they have been even some sightings of links some dry can
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you tell us more about during the communist era this was a well guarded new populated stretch of mont blanc in the last 3 decades it's been reclaimed by nature we escorted a by we're just on a trip to what used to be but you know summer border and it's now an extraordinary biotope. this was once a heavily fortified border dividing east and west germany today it's the heights national park one of germany's largest nature reserves the park has been overseen by biologist going to cost ever since its creation 30 years ago. the unique thing about this national park is that we're giving nature nearly 25000 hectares of space to do what it wants. it's rare to have such a large forest area with no connection to the timber industry. where nature is free
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reign to show what it can do is. back when the national park was created staff had to start from scratch a stretch of no man's land 100 metres wide was known as the death strip because the communist border guards were under orders to shoot anyone trying to cross in 1989 soldiers were still patrolling the border the barbed wire and concrete fortifications were practically insurmountable. and 3 decades later nature has filled the death struck with new life. the birch trees have managed to prevail so many herbicides and pesticides were used here there's hardly anything would grow and yet so much has happened here in the past 30 years as a few. and it's not just the plants that are making a comeback several rare animal species are also reclaiming their natural habitats
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a hidden camera has captured the latest arrivals. a leaks the predatory wild cat died out a little region around 200 years ago but today more than 100 animals have settled in the area thanks to the intervention of staff. there were links in the hearts region for a long time. until they were killed. they deserved to be back in the hearts and so we started reintroducing them in 1995. it was a successful undertaking which took a lot of hard work the biologist has spent thousands of hours in the woods carefully documenting nature's campaign to recapture its territory along the former border. but staff at the national park are now facing their biggest challenge to date. as far as the eye can see. there used to be
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a huge spruce is here. long drought and rising temperatures weakened the trees and bark beetles finished them off our journey continues on words to the national parks highest point at 1100 meters above sea level we reach our destination the park in. this listening post which used to be sealed off was used by east german and soviet secret services to intercept communications in the west. today it's right next door to the botanists hyde enjoy a garden with hundreds of plants. this means that at least in part the park has returned to its original state over the past 30 years and that makes us really happy but he's not done yet going to cost him plans to carry on until one day east and west have fully grown together again for good.
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if he is a sailing board and lead from 100 percent recycled plastic were 1st reported on eat when it was still under construction now going on in a way to own the waters of lake korea and were there. from a distance it looks like a typical sailing boat but it's not it's actually made of recycled plastic objects and covered in repurposed flip flops inspired by the traditional dow trading vessels it was built on the kenyan coast and is now plying the waters of lake victoria. what's particularly unique about this one is that it is the world's 1st recycled plastic sailing down our hope over time is to create sector industry where people are able to build small boats traditional boats canoes was. except for also from recycled waste so it's just showing you that you can push the boundaries of what is possible with waste materials. the idea was born on the island of lima
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virtually car free the people here rely on donkeys carts and of course boats to get around for centuries local fishermen have built their own wooden douse a craft handed down from generation to generation. boat builder ali skandha and his team wanted to see if they could construct one of the traditional boats out of plastic substituting wood with plastic posed a challenge. but it also has benefits. because every part of one piece of the tree so you're going to have a lot of trees. the islands coastline like coastlines all over the world is increasingly littered with plastic waste only part of which is generated by the islanders even more washes up on it shores. the boat builders and the community regularly collect plastic on the beaches and take it to
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a recycling plant on the mainland to be processed. after being shredded the plastic is melted at a high temperature and molded in the shape of the boat frames. and. it's a great circulate color me to the waste we can here we process that separate the different kinds of plastic. usable stuff. and ali and his team doing a fantastic job putting together. the crew have already sailed from kenya to zanzibar in their plastic and are now touring like victoria they hope their project will raise awareness of marine plastic pollution and inspire others to take action . staying with the topic of recycling over to come.
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down to well. let's see. what environments. others grow fast but each tree only flowers and best fruit once. trees being harvested it's cut down and its trunk and leaves are left to decompose . cameroon produces about $4000000.00 tons of bananas a year. entrepreneur. realize that banana trunks don't have to end up as waste but are a valuable raw material every month she buy some $300.00 banana tree trunks from local farmers the startup is based in the capital. she and her team peel fibers off the trunks. and then similar the strands of fiber for several
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hours. the brew is then dried in the sun and processed into paper. for the walls i care about environmental work doing something about the nation i say plastic bags littering the streets and blocking drains it's time to look for an alternative to plastic that's what motivates me only more safely unfit. company produces $100.00 eco friendly pieces of packaging per day and sells them to retailers for between $1.00 and $3.00 your rose the product is 100 percent handmade and biodegradable. and how about you if you are also doing your bit tell us about it visit our websites oh send us a tweet. hash tag doing your best. jack your story. for our next report we got
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to many west african countries a functioning system and west serious problem is everywhere in reeva's or in fields and piled up in the streets a women's initiative is helping to reduce the amount of rubbish and also. while providing the women with some extra income. walking woman is. so enjoyable because to be horny as women when ever they are committed they are committed and in any development in the war when they are really on the bottom of the hour in anything and they never step back here with you know pushed to the limit. easier to see see if they found out on the in geo women's initiative the gambia. at
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a landfill mia ceases village these remain collecting discarded plastic glass and left over fabric down to buy local seamstresses if you know what to look for this plenty to be found my arm susie was one of his 1st partners she remembers that there was some initial skepticism about the project and the idea of women gaining financial independence. day over the next 5 years ago are there when he started in 1000 to 7 my family thought i was crazy as a young married woman i was expected to get up in the morning cook food for my husband in the kitchen but my family and my husband had to watch me heading off to the dumping ground where they told me i wasn't a good wife they expected me to be home with my husband they had no idea what i was up to well over by the field i woke up at the beginning. of this time of the
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there's not much grain in the central group very john the days are hot and the rains wouldn't come for a few months but people still need to and i live in one. day i'll tell you. it was a good trip to the members of the community and i never blame them for that because that's the mission of the culture that we're living in what i already said culture is us reality one who. is about the situation that we are living and what fuels us men reading is not a problem but women also today they have a right to lead. because they are contributing. to their recycling center in the village of jail where. comes from was the 1st in the gambia she employed just 5 women to begin with they'll collect and clean up all plastic bags and then move them into attractive reusable wants to date up to 20000 people across the country walk with or for all. they produce briquette soap bugs jewelry
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and toys some of the best selling items are passes made from reclaimed plastic. village banks a look after the money and buy the women groups around the country so it doesn't all go towards the household spending. we want to empower them and want to train them on economy how you can economy little that they have so when they receive them one is from the sins of the process if it is $100.00 you have to sit back and tell us how much we want to do want to tick or whatever happens you have to put someone into here because we are planning for them or. when is not to cease it was growing up this area was covered with mahogany and occasion trees the 1st ration and climate change have transformed the landscape into an arid step. funded by donations the women's initiative also started a project called the forest the future. from
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a well era gets the newly planted seedlings along with indigenous trees like mahogany the women a growing mongol and coconut trees this up in a tree necessary but will eventually be distributed across the country. you want to make a change. be 100 percent sure that it will never be overnight and then you have to have an expectation that if it is 100 people living within your area $75.00 but then we see in awe at the beginning what let that be a motivation for you let everybody tried to make sure that whatever you are establishing let it be a reality and it is helping to society. now 2 years ago we visited a farm in ghana whose livelihood was on death rates due to increase in the poor
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harvest recently where we turn to see how things develop that's right sandra we're better off with our cocoa farmer again i've found that but there is no watch well when it's in this village of all the importance of protecting the environment and the forest. saplings in full bloom. some of the pods are already nearly right. in. orlando us mando is expecting a rich cocoa harvest this year. we're. very fast it's not like what we used to plant. it would take the old cocoa seeds for years to bear fruit. but with these it's only 2 years that's really fast for us. it means we can all enjoy it and make money earlier.
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it wasn't always like this 2 years ago the trees were hit by a disease called swollen shoot virus which left harvests ruined. but trees weren't his only problem he also had to look on while part of his land was cleared to make way for a path. so. all this is part of the farm i planted cocoa planting and everything here just like in the other parts but the timber contractors cleared it and didn't give me anything white farmers in the be a district know how important their trees are for the climate and keep the soil healthy felling trees leads to drier conditions that in turn leaves the trees more vulnerable to past like these ants. or. is dealing with infestation but he has
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a trick. from a blockage in this way no air gets to the ends and they die inside. simple and effective. but just as things were starting to look up for him and his family the coronavirus struck raising fears about how the disease will impact his business. it's become a problem covert has really worried us if i say it hasn't be lying. before you could rely on selling small amounts or at least nothing but if buyers don't you have no choice but to live with that worry that. we're really suffering here. you know what it's not. farmers like orlando often have trouble accessing loans because their holdings are too small teams as collateral now are local savings
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initiative has been established to hope out and just farmers in weathering the pandemic. orlando was among those who attended a training session on financial management i mean no doubt after this month of the new innovative problems it takes about 3 years or more before the farm start foot in. another starts would you put it wise to copy from a sense to see how. happy that you faced before the food starts and start putting. orlando's hoping to use the loan to expand and develop his plantation he wants to be ready for what happens after the pandemic . the improved prospects said even prompted his son who seemed to consider quitting his job as a teacher to give farming a go himself
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a long time soon another friend who didn't have much. to the family and any solid food would do that when one day from someone comes. and running. a new generation and a good harvest in sight for a wonder was money things are looking up. we have reached the end of this edition of eco africom us you've seen so many ideas that can help us protect the environment and also in our lives but for now the time has come for me to say goodbye i am sundered we now go from kampala here in uganda . bye sun dried look forward to seeing you again next week and good bye to all of you have you also all this well but you be sure to cheer the end of next week until then good bye from me krista lamps in lagos nigeria.
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in. the for. 2021 summer fashion trend. is also great and lift your mood. glamorous and compliment and be done. with a disco glitter on top marks. coffee. and the tops are making a comeback. now son jerome. 30 minutes on double.
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they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural riches were brutally stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from the ones that have yet to heal. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on both continents. stolen soul starts deeper 13 on t.w. . more than 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. with christianity firmly established there is
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a greater demand for houses of worship. and both religious and secular leaders are eager to display their power so churches become palaces. the race begins who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. stone masons builders and architects compete with each other to have a good project. this is how massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers are created. contest of the cathedral. 12 d w. played
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. this is d.w. news live from berlin no end in sign to germany's lock down regional leaders seek to extend prescriptions beyond easter as the number of covert cases soars infection rates are past the threshold set to protect hospitals from being overwhelmed also on the show poland enters a new lockdown as corona virus can.


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