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tv   Reporter - Vor Ort  Deutsche Welle  March 21, 2021 11:03am-11:16am CET

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they won't get to work or ride will be wrecked as well that's been a test and i think a lot of people bit of a like up call the government is offering financial assistance to people affected by the floods meteorologists are boarding this exchange whether it's set to continue for several days. and for more on this let's bring in journalist william broome in sydney william we were just looking at some really dramatic pictures the premier of new south wales wells is calling this a once in a century a vent what does she mean by that she means it i know it's a bit of a cliche but it is president i know much of new south wales hasn't seen extreme weather like this for 100 mi as much as western sydney he is we do get heavy rain i've lived in london in many years and when it rains drizzle but here in sydney when it rains it acts need goals and i've often said that even central sydney the roads the streets nope. right and i had to make
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a few detours with friday for instance because the road the drains the. sin the leaflets and how would you say given your experience well prepared were authorities and indeed the population for all this. well one of the state emergency services and other emergency services say that since thursday they received about 7000 and militancy cools i know awful states have also offered and given emergency resources as well i would say they are as head as they could be regarding the people today there are a lot of scent patches we can send a prey sions i went out celebrated sydney and it was certainly a lot of people out the eye for weather probably less than usual but the thing we are experiencing is we get these heavy downpours and then we just get a little bit of rain so we're still able to get around but i know parts of western sydney i'm in central sydney and how did
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a lot worse and it's predict events perhaps tomorrow and in coming days up to 4000 people could be evacuated. and just the big picture wise australia hasn't been having a lot of luck whether or as it seems last year we saw the huge bushfires now we've got this heavy rainfall are people talking of a pattern of extreme weather developing. they certainly are i mean a lot of people previously that. were snakes and spiders these they can see it's the weather and often states such as queensland whether they get bushfires new south wales has a history of bushfires but lately we've had a pretty difficult time in late 212020 we had bush finest fall if i had the flooding although not on a scale of coat of it and now prescriptions happy knees in and we're going into move flooding we've also just come from sama and we're going into also and so we're still costuming outsells to this new cool cold weather only
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a couple of years weeks ago we were out in the sun in shorts enjoying ourselves and now we're going on brothers who always approves. oh ok thank you so much for that insight journalist william broome and a sydney thank you. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world voting is underway in the republic of congo's presidential election denise is expected to extend his 37 year grip on power the main opposition party in congo brazzaville is boycotting the vote which it says is illegal. turkish police have arrested a prominent pro kurdish politician who had been staging a protest in parliament for the past 5 days. had refused to leave the building after he was stripped of his seat and his immunity as a lawmaker. poland has imposed new lockdown restrictions this weekend in response to an exponential rise in code 900 infection rates much of public life will be shut
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down for at least 3 weeks the healthcare system is under strain as hospitals struggle with a surge of new admissions. a state of emergency has been declared in miami beach after large crowds of revelers arrive for spring break it's the 2nd year in a row that authorities in the american resort city have clamped down because of fears that crowds could spread coronavirus. and here's a quick look at some of the other developments in the pandemic germany 7 day incidence rate has jumped up to more than 100 that means authorities could apply new restrictions to stop the virus spreading pakistan's prime minister in iran can has become the latest world leader to test positive for corona virus 2 days after receiving china's sano farm vaccine and the c.e.o. of german vaccine manufacturer biotech is optimistic that the pandemic will be under control by the end of this summer he says the latest lockdowns should be the
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last. berlin is home to one of the world's top orchestras the filler but since last year it hasn't been able to perform in public due to restrictions now the orchestra is looking at ways to change that it's given a test concert with numerous safeguards to protect both players and audience from the coronavirus. romeo and juliet the 1st live concert after feel money concert hall in more than easier. to your audience of 1000 people paid the sum of 20 euros and that included a coach with 19 text despite the 3rd pandemic wave hitting germany with rising numbers of infections these concert goers eagerly starting line. what do you expect from a great concert from the orchestra conductor. finally able to listen to music in a concert hall with many people around. it's good for the so. i
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feel really really great i don't feel like i'm a guinea pig at all it's an honor to be here today at the sound of people clapping that's a noise that i haven't heard for a long time. but before the applause the crowd would have to get tested instead of a drink and an appetizer if they got their throats swapped 500 people were tested in just 90 minutes and not one of them was positive for corona virus. the technicians who tested the crowd were also allowed to watch the concert on the orchestra were tested to. kind of help i can't describe how happy the orchestra are that they're allowed to play in front of an audience one of them told me they'd bought a new suit for the occasion other members said it's like 10 christmases in one. chief conductor carol petrenko and the berlin philharmonic passion like this hasn't been witnessed in a long time the pilot project in 9 cultural venues runs until easter tickets sold
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out within minutes. sighed to say activity in a volcano that erupted near ices capital on friday appears to be subsiding iceland is the most active volcanic region in europe with an eruption every 5 years on average seismologists say the eruption was small it is not expected to cause major disruption is the 1st time however a volcano has erupted in the area in some 800 years. built through the cracks of this iceland volcano fountains of red to tend to the sky. onlookers watch the barren vent from a distance and experts say it will soon be over. if this we continue as we've seen no i think it's most likely that this is up and will.
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diminish you know slowly decrease in power and terminate in only a few days. iceland has seen a spike in seismic activity every the past few weeks experts said it was only a matter of time before an eruption. it happened in an area that lay dormant for the last 800 lives in 2010 volcanic activity in iceland caused major travel disruption but this relatively small interruption will do little homme. this action will not affect the a traffic the this isn't a few which means that it's moved to petition the smoke that is coming out if it is if there's no ash coming from that so there's no traffic considerations that have to be a. main threat is pollution from the gases those living nearby have been advised to shut their windows. but for locals the volcano has 7 to mostly
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as a spectacle. and it's time for bundesliga football now and robert scored a 1st half hat trick as cruise to an easy win over stuttgart that means the polish striker needs just 5 goals in his remaining 8 matches to equal the record set for the most goals scored in a single season byron striker managed 40 almost 5 decades ago and no one has come near that record until now. robert ever does he is closer than ever to the all time goal scoring record he's already 932 times this season and heads of this crash which took god's bonds afternoon started with a 6 pack when our phones are davies was said so for this challenge to cause wataru and any host their guests from a bit of
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a shock result what don't blow shortly afterwards though when serge cannot really set up for his 1st of the oftener. after this move passing move in the 22nd minute can operate himself doubled by. the 3rd go in the space of 5 minutes then followed when thomas crossed. to convert to. be placed. 4th the striker completes a 1st half hattrick with he's 35th goal of the current campaign. games left 11 though still looks a safe bet to equal or even surpassed good morning record of 40 goals in a single season. i don't want to think about it too much i need to stay patient i'm doing my job how many goes on each school that's a secondary concern at the moment. a quiet
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2nd. accept fight they stay in 7th place while league leaders by and maintain their 4 point christian are at the top of the table. and while he has been piling on the goals for young holland as tied for 2nd in scoring in the league he added 2 more to his total against cologne on saturday 3 minutes into the notch howland managed to get control of the ball on a long pass and poked it into the net for an early lead. but 2 goals put cologne ahead until the 90th minute when holland's last gasp slide made it 22 and with a draw dortmund remain 5th. and have a look now at all of saturday's course as we just saw byron easily beat stood guard leipsic remained 4 points back with a win over bielefeld frankfurt down 5 to 2 well spurs one and last
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place shall get lost again sunday schedule includes her to berlin hosting leverkusen. and did abuse it in depth story reporter is next it follows a german woman who gave up her job and opened a funeral home in the midst of a pandemic stay tuned for more headlines at the top of the next hour with rebecca fritters unlike spicer thanks for watching. but 2015 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war or worry about. i think that era is over misses
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the crisis of our time it's a financial problem like any other financial.


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