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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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this is being hotly debated on both continents. schoolin sort of storage people 13 g.w. . faces d.w. news live from berlin women's rights in tokyo dealt a serious blow to president pulls his country out of an international treaty on violence against women playing to widespread condemnation i don't support a saying the pact damages traditional family. also coming out u.s. president joe biden says and he asian violence is growing across america he tells
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asian american leaders in atlanta as a country cannot remain silent as they mourn the victims of choose days of deadly gun attacks on free mass taj palace. than they say the pandemic restrictions are not proportionate protesters demand an end to lock down measures in germany. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program turkey has pulled out of an international accord designed to protect women from domestic violence and promote equality the council of europe accord is known as the istanbul convention turkey was the 1st signatory in 2011 dozens of nations and the a you followed suit government officials saying domestic law will rather than outside fixes should deal with women's rights and conservatives in turkey say the.
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agreement threatens family values and women's rights group recorded at least 300 femicide in the country last year. and for more on this i'm joined by our turkey correspondent you know on who's at a protest rally in a stamboul you tell us what you're hearing from the women who are there today. well there's a lot of anger and outrage here on the streets in istanbul today women are protesting against president edwin's decision to withdraw from the so-called istanbul convention a landmark international treaty designed to protect women from gender based violence and when this news broke today earlier in the morning that prison hit on by decree decided to a no the rights of occasional this treaty women's rights group started to organize on social media calling for a nationwide protest so this is one of them there you can see right behind me hundreds if not thousands of women came here to gather and to tell the government
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that they are against this decision especially as they say at a time when with things skyrocketing rates of gender based violence here in turkey domestic violence is on the rise according to rights groups and so as you mentioned is the number of famous sites. well i mean conservatives say that their agreement which is designed to protect women in fact threatens family values when is that the official reason is that president why has turkey withdrawn from this accord. well in fact when turkey is signed the it stumbled convention here in istanbul. 11 and it was seen as a breakthrough in terms of gender equality but the discussion here the debate has completely changed last year senior politicians and president had once conservative islam is true to take a view started to argue that this convention encourages. they said immoral
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lifestyles like homosexuality they were met with massive protests by women but now it seems the president is one that's what observers say vote into the pressure coming from hardliners in his ruling coalition so he is trying to reenergize the conservative voter base amid voter base amid an economic downturn so that's what observers say that has domestic reasons what we're seeing here right now. the government not worried about on the rest that this decision could provoke. this these protests are definitely not going to go away i mean we're expecting more of them i guess in the next days and weeks to come because even conservative women told me that they were in favor of this is simple convention so there must be some kind of political russian know here for president if you want to come up with this decision this time. thank you turkey correspondent you dear han in istanbul.
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german chancellor angela merkel says the government could retire and recently loosened lockdown measures if coronavirus case numbers continue to rise a decision could come as soon as monday machall was speaking off for a virtual summit on the country's trouble vaccination program national and regional leaders agreed to measures that would speed things up but anger over the slow pace of the rollout is growing. another rebirth for german our corn berlin's tempelhof a port was used to bring in food to the city's west during the cold war after closure it house refugees during the 25th during crisis and now it's being used as a massive vaccination center. those who he had to get a shot have to should prove they're eligible. and i received an invitation to die i've been waiting for this that i came here immediately. and. until
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now that teacher is one of relatively few germans to be vaccinated the country's been facing vaccine shortages since it launched its program in december so far only priority groups such as the elderly have received a jab but the government says it is expecting vaccine supplies to increase from my prolonged allowing mess that's the nation to begin. we want to vaccinate as many people as we can as quickly and flexibly as possible in the 2nd quarter of 2021 in germany now slogan that night vaccinated and then vaccinate some more info. under the plans family doctors will be sent vaccine doses and allowed to decide which of their patients a most in need of protection against 19 and areas along the country's borders with france and the czech republic receive more doses case dumbass they have been
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especially high because of the infection numbers in germany's neighbors. that's a huge wave receive more devices than planned from the a year. and they go into the border areas which have a lot of cases of specific. but even as the german chancellor promised relief to come she warned that the situation in the countries covered wards is worsening since german leaders decided to partially relax lockdown measures in early march infections have been rising sharply experts are warning tougher measures are inevitable merkel agrees. with seeing an exponential growth and an odd number far above why would we great to stop these relaxations if infection rates get too high well unfortunately have to do so. in recent weeks some german high streets of reopen juta that relaxed lock down soon they could again be forced to close and
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with widespread vaccination still a government promise it's uncertain when the country will be back to normal. thousands of people have gathered in the german city of council to protest coronavirus restrictions demanding an immediate end to measures and at controlling the pandemic authorities have expressed fears the demonstration could turn into a super spreader event the movement has attracted conspiracy theorists and he back says and right wing extremists. that cross straight to castle now and talk to date of his benjamin of various groups he's standing by for us at that protest venue and all the but there's also been some counter protests happening elsewhere in the city what more can you tell us. that's right we're also getting reports of clashes between 2 different groups who leads had also deployed and already used there where are you seeing reports because it's not happening here with this
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approach is against the run of our projects and is happening on the other side of the river in the city center will be going to soon for the update on the situation right here right now this group has been peaceful so far and you've of course been speaking to people there one of the protesters at that particular protest been saying. that right we've been talking on several you can see the muslim days just to come to this protest for people from other cities in germany to come from all this process are quite different some of them say that they would you don't even believe in them and jamey others criticize germany work with bert scenes and others that is not necessary that this vaccine truth be necessary so that several protest several idea of it is well but remember that the organizers of this protest to say that they want an immediate lifting them all the restrictions that they see is violation of their civil rights. and certainly looks more like
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a concert behind you than a protest and not as many people taking part as expected and also look at people and really sticking to corunna guidelines how is police been reacting. yeah that's right i mean this city of course is trying to prevent this protest over fears that it could become a source for an event afterwards in the never instance it was allowed but with 2 conditions no one is still so this is in the other one is a matter as you can see most of the people here are not wearing masks because these overloads yourself created it is necessary to wear a mask but not even the people we're looking the other cities have a man wearing it may have been several problems for people to wear a mask but if you can see it's not happening right bill no signs that this procedure will be dissolved by police any time soon. benjamin alvarez there he was speaking to us from the german city of consul thank you. let's take it out some other stories making news around the world all thirteen's in japan have issued
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a tsunami advisory after a magnitude $7.00 earthquake struck off the northeastern coast the quake caused how outages in the prefecture and shook buildings in the capital tokyo 300 meters to the south there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage to property. record rains and widespread flooding in australia have prompted authorities to issue evacuation orders for much of the east coast officials are telling people in sydney to stay at home they have warned the record rainfall could become life threatening authorities say it'll continue into next week. in a dormant volcano in southwest an island has erupted for the 1st time in nearly 800 years the eruption came after thousands of small earthquakes in the region in recent weeks the area is a seismic hotspot and just 40 kilometers from the capital reykjavik. u.s. president joe biden and vice president kemal have condemned and he asian violence
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in the u.s. which they say has spiked since the start of a coronavirus pandemic biden implicitly blamed the former president donald trump 1st stoking hate by calling covert 9 tame the china virus biden's comments came during a visit to atlanta where a gunman killed 8 people in massive palos on choose day. america was shaken with these scenes from just a few days ago 8 people were gunned down at 3 different message palace in and around atlanta most of those killed were of asian descent and according to local asian american leaders are just one example of a rising tide of attacks against asian americans the situation has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic which started in asia even though the motive of the alleged killer is not clear u.s. president joe biden who met with local asian american leaders in atlanta on friday said change is needed but we have to change our hearts hague can have no say for
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brut america it must stop and so on all of us all of us together to make it stop police say the suspect denies that he did it out of racism he has suggested he did it to end his sex addiction and eradicate the temptation of massage parlors or never the motivation we know this to marry a woman walking up and down the streets and we're waking up each morning the past year feeling their safety the safety of their loved ones are at stake. they've been. learning scapegoating harassed their rude verbal abuse old physically assaulted killed the suspect has confessed to the crimes and has been charged with murder in its. foreign fans will not be able to attend this summer's olympic games in tokyo with
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organizers citing coronavirus restrictions the games were to take place last year but were postponed due to the pandemic organizers have confirmed that only japan based fans will be allowed to attend they say their stance has the backing of the international olympic committee and the refund an estimated 1000000 overstays fans who had already bought tickets can go out and tennis world number one novak djokovic has announced he's pulled out of the miami open which begins on monday a muscle injury has kept track of which off the court since he won the australian open in february he was expected to make his comeback in miami he tweeted that he'd skipped the tournament to spend more time with his family the serbians arch rivals roger federer and rafael nadal will also miss the miami event through injury. and that's if you're up to date this hour up next is our reporter series stay tuned for that i'll be back with more news headlines at the top of the hour and don't forget as always our web site data dot com and you can follow us on social media as
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well at g.w. news i'm rebecca ritter's from am the entire tank thanks very much for watching. you're. i'm going to. carefully. listen. to the.


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