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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2021 10:30am-11:01am CET

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lots going on in. germany tried and tested to keep. the 60 minutes. passionate drama competition rivalry marketing numbers atmosphere powered by intuition love hate money millionaires fans primes 5 stamps and fans. to go on you tube joining us. this is europe's biggest football stadium in barcelona filled to capacity come back to something that we haven't seen in a long time will pay
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a visit to it later on in the show. i really want to welcome to another edition of your own max with me or host megan leigh here's a look at what else we've got coming up. find out how horse radish can spice up most dishes even to serve. and why one british designer seems kids are as more than just child's play. but we kick off the show in fashion spring is almost here and with it the new clothing trends of the season now the coronavirus pandemic has clearly push people into the comfort zone when it comes to what they wear no one wants to lounge around at home in tight fitting outfits so designers are picking up on this development and adding a little color glitz and glam to the mix. this kind of outfit turns heads
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even in the fashion capital paris for donkey is full in trend with her metallic look and kimono style and she should know she works as a french fashion stylist for various fashion magazines and has already dressed big names like french actress catherine deneuve. said but. it's a bit oversized it shimmers it's just what you need right now you simply want to look good and the sleeves are wide cut. i think this outfit perfectly represents a woman in spring summer 2021. fashion designers are also going perspire calls and silver this season whether from head to toe or more subtly perhaps just with a pair of shoes or a bag decked out in silver fashion journalists can see the desire to party and this trend basically disco clothes to go out and help or spark.
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you know things that are for the evening when nobody's going anywhere the evening but you know you could always get dressed the whole take a selfie the trans color pink and all its nuances guarantees to lift the mood and there's a certain i capture. german designer look who is fusing the striking color with the next trend also inspired by lockdown. this is the essay that we didn't get on the phone and are going to this is the 1st look i started with and the 1st one that came to mind it's just pajamas. so this is what i lived in during the 1st weeks. and everything and i wondered what i could make out of it and thought why not pink pajamas this are just going to die in coffins but i think it's great you can go shopping in them too you can leave the shirt open or button it up depending on who you run into at the supermarket cold. the comfortable oversized look is also one of his favorites fashion editors view
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this trend as a reaction to the long hours spent at home. being relaxed the. volume. has to be done in a. ideally it should be made to recycle regenerate from brick. but in the current season a bit of extra volume is trending in the upper arms to. the sleeves are really fashionable right now. i think the shoulders are much bigger so we're not really in the eighty's but there was a slight. we had the big and much. very important lots of work and they can be. broiled or they can be. transparent
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but. voluminous. and here's another eye catcher crop tops are back in a number of different styles there midriffs are in trend. but there's good news for those who want to cover up to minimalist chic. people like. in the. ninety's. when. there was. a little twist it was. so fashion take note. casual outfits without a lot of that made from premium fabrics and with a special note or sporty touch we'll be in hot demand this summer.
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next up we are off to barcelona to visit a site that many football fans have on their bucket list the camp new stadium is home to the famous football club f.c. barcelona and it's the biggest of its kind in europe now when in full operation it seats around $100000.00 people but because of covert restrictions the stadium is only offering virtual tours for now but euro max reporter hendrick velim visited the site before the lockdown and he showed us why it's in a league all of its own. to some this is just another stadium. but for others it's a sacred site one where soccer emotion and petritsch has melted together. with my football skills i'm practically made for this stage. the largest stadium in europe poland with f.c.
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barcelona the scene of countless triumph. and 2nd home 2 superstars. to. come no or new fields opened in 1957 and has become a landmark in barcelona. the mediterranean city is the capital of the autonomous community catalonia in northeastern spain. is famous for its culture and lifestyle and for its soccer club f.c. barcelona it was club members and fans who helped finance the construction of the stadium. its capacity of $99354.00 spectators makes it europe's biggest stadium it's an impressive space especially during a classical matches between f.c. barcelona and the arch rival they all know that. beneath the stadium i meet a man who rarely misses an f.c.
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barcelona home game and this has been a fan for as long as he can remember. you know it's like bring healing. when you when you are really young you can hear with your family. and it's a strange feeling for my 2nd. the parson museum in the stadiums building chronicles the triumphs of the club's 120 year history. 5 champions league victories numerous titles and its record as spain's number one cup winner but f.c. barcelona wants to be more than a club miscue uncloak as museum director george of penthouse put it to me. all those players i think that finally they understand that there's something else that receiving a salary at the end of the month and. playing and living here having fun
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because finally you are playing for the war. unlike many other soccer clubs f.c. barcelona is not owned by big investors but by its members many cattle and see it and indeed the stadium itself as an integral part of their identity it's due for innovation soon it's about an hour without. saying war. when we decide we knew this they knew some people watching. outside buffalo are. no way. our stadium is our d.n.a. you know it's part of our past. i get a chance to fulfill one of my biggest wishes to peek behind the scenes of a soccer stadium the biggest surprise for me is the catholic chapel right next to the player channel here pius chorus can pray for divine intervention. and this is
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the locker room for the visiting team. when i was a little boy i always ask myself what it must feel like to run into the pitchers of players in such a shoot stadium and now i've got the chance to find out. let's go. this is what players see just before they set foot on the pitch. and it's just what my own dream looked like when i was a little boy. unfortunately it will remain a dream for me. it was awesome i was really impressed by the stage and even when it was empty to be able to be there usually only the stars are allowed was a really great feeling and the magic this location creates was 10 when it was empty .
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well the series of europe to the max isn't just on t.v. you can watch more of it on our youtube channel or enjoy it in a brand new book now if you enter our draw you will have a chance at becoming the proud owner of 111 extreme places in europe that you shouldn't miss just go to our website for all the details on how to take part. well is social media expands so do the number of so-called influencers antic as who are out to create more content and gain more viewers so one influencer came up with the idea of putting these creative minds together under one roof up to 8 successful social media stars are living in an apartment in italy aimed at honing their skills
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when it comes to content and sharing now it's an experiment that started in the u.s. and has now caught on in europe. welcome to the 1st tick tock shared apartment in italy piece take soccer's have lived together since october 2020 this stylish milan apartment is their stage and their mission is to produce content for social media 21 year old simona bellini is the oldest read. didn't. know there is more than just a home for a tick tock it's a place that helps us develop personal. we all want to do something with our lives and make our dreams come true mine is to become an actor. but i mean that everyone here has different dreams and ideas we all want to achieve something. most of them are already tick tock stars with over
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a 1000000 followers every day they polish their on camera performance. martial arts or acting classes are on the program together they produce short video clips benefiting from each other's popularity to reach a wider audience. 'd the 500 square meter apartment boasts a trendy colors and modern design every element is a real eye catcher put in just the right place. because being successful on social media means making an impression death is the brainchild of artists john. in creating def house it was important to me that the target audience would be able to identify with the design concept. that it takes talkers influencers and artists and other shared houses live in luxury. but that creates a kind of aloofness or distance and that's something we wanted to avoid here that
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it created in 2019 the hype house in los angeles was the 1st tick-tock shared home and its recipe for success was then recreated in 2020 in europe in france the u.k. . and now as of october 2020 in italy once a successful influencer himself is just simply greco food decides who gets to move into death. i got to see it. but i mean that's. prepared to work on themselves and we offer them classes to help them develop personal values. and then pass on those values to their audiences. not as teachers but here today what they've learned to other young people. who perhaps don't have these opportunities.
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today is the founder of web star's channel an italian digital company specialized in strategic marketing for game flow enters. after all companies are increasingly targeting generation c. and its growing influence and purchasing power. this house represents a new form of media. journalists employing the language codes and grammar and even to appeal to their generation of. shared homes or the new publishing houses and to fund them we need to go to the world. in other words advertising. the influencers receive a cut of the ad revenue and produce up to $100.00 pieces of content a day. their private lives may have taken a backseat for the moment but that doesn't matter. they all want to seize the opportunity here and now.
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are supposed to talk about crucial topics produce valuable content and teach important lesson so we have a lot of responsibility it makes sense because we have a large audience and we're better able to share important topics ideas and values. this way we can help our followers. the deaf house influencers may not be paying rent what might look like a neverending party is actually a pretty tough job. you. treat yourself in head on over to instagram to. join us on your own mats and travel to some of europe's finest milk looser and sample milk lettering specialties. that as we showed lead cutting edge are stunning architecture and fashion here on instagram. died friday and unsettling.
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time now to spice things up a bit chili pepper and ginger are all ingredients that give certain dishes a special kick but what about horseradish now it doesn't always get the credit that it deserves now i bet you didn't know that here in germany horseradish has been cultivated for almost 500 years and you will find it in most kitchens now freshly graded horseradish certainly does pack a punch. filled with horseradish cream.
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everything. as if. it's mainly. brings tears to your eyes if you try it freshly grated. flavor with earth. it's something very hard. very versatile you can also use it in desserts which is hard to imagine it 1st.
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comes down to the amount underscoring the taste of horseradish with. anything. cream or. the sharpness away. reduce the sharpness. cooking or steaming it also causes it to lose a good portion of its. horseradish. and mustard. a field of horseradish but it's very labor intensive however our organic farm. still grows at them growing horseradish is a lot of work around 1000 working hours per hector is one of the most labor intensive plants in farming it must be and a couple times a year and when it's harvested it has to be dug up. and sorted by hand no machine
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can do that because every root is different that wouldn't work. the tractor just loosens up the ground the rest is done by hand just to harvest accounts for close to half of the total time it's very labor intensive outside europe horseradish is only grown in a few countries such as the u.s. and china the plant itself is native to south eastern europe for a long time horseradish was along with mustard the only affordable spicy condiment available. primarily in southern germany for almost 500 years the term but there again horseradish is a designation of origin that's protected by the e.u. the family run company is now in its 6th generation here in bavaria it turns horseradish roots into a specialty sold in jars it is the world's oldest horseradish brand horseradish is really healthy used as a traditional medicine in a condiment since antiquity. it contains many valuable nutrients minerals and
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antibiotic substances. most strikingly horseradish contains twice as much vitamin c. as a lemon still most people eat horseradish because of its taste was marginally i like it best cold with bread whether with cheese or cold cuts it goes with most everything. and prefer blue without cream so it. is also becoming increasingly popular in fine cuisine and not only. seeing the world through the. eyes of a child can be refreshing funny and even artistic now would you recognize this portrait me according to a 6 year old well one british father took his children sketches and turned them into an internet sensation and now kids from all over the world tom curtis their childlike drawings which he transforms into 3 d.
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images well we caught up with him in britain to see how he makes their dreams come true. these animals are one of a kind. of horse with no neck a cat with human teeth. and a cow with cause. these are what children's drawings would look like if they came to life. british designer tom curtis came up with the idea of a world in which children's imaginative become reality. the 1st drawing we actually brought to life was a portrait. of me and i coming knew it was going to be pretty grotesque and of course the process is actually quite long so i could see it developing into this hideous picture so the his the drawing and then the actual real. looks like that. she thought she married the wrong person.
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curtis began his project things i have drawn in 2015 when his children were younger their drawings of animals monsters cars and people inspired him. with the help of digital technology he transformed them into surprising pictures. i think. special about the projects that encourage kids to be creative and i think this. computer pool but what does it gets them draw. on a piece of paper the ideas for his children's drawings often came from excursions his family took around their home villages northwest of london curtis and his wife encourage their children to express themselves creatively. picture editing helps motivate them. and it really.
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you know. as a family project went global within a couple of years after it was just friends who sent their children. he would create. them. then he started posting. after instagram today tom curtis receives around. from children all over the world. and. it takes 15 hours to transform.
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a media agency he edits the pictures and is. drawn before. so for example. from the original photograph i'm going to bring it to the picture here put it into place zoom in so you can see the detail and make sure it fits nicely and then we can even move it around a little bit so a photo of a rabbit becomes a fantastical creature from a child's imagination. the designer sons are now reaching the age where they're too old to contribute drawings themselves but thanks to the artworks they were seized from around the world tom curtis will continue to bring children's fantasies to life. and with that we come to the end of another show now don't forget to follow us on
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facebook and until we meet again for me and the rest of the crew here in berlin stay safe and we'll see you again soon.
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what's going on here oh no it's a house of your very own from a printer. computer games that are healing. my dog needs electricity. shift explains delivers facts and shows what the future holds
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oh yeah living in the digital world shift. in 15 minutes on d w. on the road with our super hero. my mission is clear kushti get antony closely should explore germany. they dive in and check everything out there's a lot going on in. germany tried and tested checking. in 30 minutes on d w. we're all set. to go beyond t.l.c.'s.
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extreme take on the world. oh this is where all of the stories that matter to you. don. not good. for. me. we are here is actually on fire. they've been robbed of their soul that's what a people experiences when their heritage is taken from them. countless cultural riches were really stolen from africa and carted off to europe by colonialists. each artifact has blood on it from this have yet to feel. what should be done with the stone or from africa. this is being hotly debated on
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both continents. stolen soul starts april 13th on t.w. . this is if you give you news live from berlin germany faces the prospect of a new lock down. chancellor angela merkel says her country could soon introduce an emergency measures to combat rising infection numbers but there is growing anger at the sluggish pace of vaccination also coming up. molten lava pours from the ground as a long.


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