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it sells a way as normal x. created in the stool and so on that score goals are always to see if. after 45 minutes of exposure to the freezing cold the patient is left with a red and bulge which needs to be worked on. a little to break up the cell structures a little so to speak. the results are apparent after about 6 to 12 weeks a single treatment can reduce the take notice of a layer of fat by one centimeter to improve the a fact the procedure can be repeated. the message can help to reduce small fat deposits however it can not replace healthy diet and adequate exercise. dermatologists generally warn against the use of too much cream or too much power that there's another embellishing body art form they want to get to 2 world white one out of 330 to 39 year old has one italy tops the chart every
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2nd has its 2 by contrast in other countries to to use a totally frowned upon are banned altogether and this usually has a cultural or religious background in any case remember tutus will last a lifetime so think before you think especially for health reasons. michelle has been thinking about this tattoo for years this. is county rich an artist who specializes in brightly colored and fashion realistic tattoos. michel is a paramedic and he wants a blue star with a 17 twine broad a sleepiest the ancient greek god of healing and medicine. does he actually know why tattoos don't disappear over time. because it was to get things injected into a deeper layer of the skin so when it regenerates the ink doesn't come out. good.
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the scientific consensus was that pigments were locked into a layer of connective tissue but research now shows that the ink actually ends up in the dermis and gulf by wife blood cells called micro fade. at francis x. months a university immunologists discovered that when such a micro fetes dies the pigment is released into the body after a while other margraf a just take up some of the color this way the pigment is transferred from cell to cell. where the explosion runs toward those that actually the doctor orders are very we did not mean the ses are always taking a new ink and then we're dizzy and then taking up again. that also explains why tattoos often fade or become blurry over time the new micro phages don't manage to catch all the ink that's been released. so what happens to the ink that escapes medical physicist both researching that at the university of thing.
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he cut open the lymph nodes of deceased people with tattoos and discovered that some of the pigment had ended up there he found it green here. 100 here. we estimate that about 30 percent of the pigments remain in the skin of the barrow the tattoo hardly notice is the reduction because the colors are so intense the wrist gets carried off some ends up in the lymph nodes in the liver. the smaller amount is eventually expelled from the body. to anybody who wants to get to should be aware of the fact that a lot of the pigment will remain in the body for ever including carcinogenic substances. sometimes. what happens when someone wants to have their tattoos removed such as anita from i want to wear short sleeves at family events or in the summer. i can no longer identify with. my tattoos it's not
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me anymore i want them removed. any toes made an appointment for laser tattoo removal. i really have to force myself to go because it's very painful it's. no wonder as the laser blasts the pigment molecules into smaller pieces and destroys thing closing macrophages other macrophages take up some of the pigment so it doesn't disappear straight away and you don't ask for appointments in all the latest findings from france change these procedures that would be the future of how to move that or to make sure that the michael files won't be a thing of the ink anymore and 2 of the says that would be draining the big months out of the skin. a suggestion that professor boy miller rejects out of hand before . the laser destroys tissue in the skin because it's trying to tears in the skin surface that lets in bacteria so it's not
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a good idea to knock out the macrophages the very cells that would heal the wound and attack the bacteria. michaud carefully considered getting his tattoo and he has certain he'll never have it removed. if you want to keep it forever it's also. probably good he feels that way because that tattoo is here to stay. do you want to know more about beauty. just watch the next report. stretchmarks can affect the belly legs and even the back women are more prone to them than men but find turns problematic. in spanish after i put on 30 kilos during pregnancy and my skin it was overstretched it looks awful i no longer like to wear bikinis in public. also had stretch marks confirmed i grew very quickly as
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a child my skin couldn't catch up and it tore stains and you can see. treats people but stretch marks what causes that. stretch marks occur in the middle layer of the skin of the down this. could be during pregnancy i want to gains a lot of weight or develops a lot of muscle very quickly initially the marks are read like these and over time they become lighter and less visible or efficient is a hell of a 5. and i need your kind nowadays many patients seek treatment even for these less conspicuous marks. in. life. there is a wide range of lotions creams and oils on offer which supposedly minimize stretchmarks. do they work. such oils and creams are very popular effect but at the end of the day they can't
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rebuild the skin so i think it would be difficult to prove that they're useful and there are barely any studies suggesting that they bring about an improvement. can anything help. to try out micro needling. and find it had a friend tried my cranium and was very impressed i want to try it now too because i've had the results a long lasting. but does it work dr. offers the treatment he uses 1.5 and 3 millimeter long needle. means they go fairly deep into the skin for that reason it is not a good idea to do it at home was sterile conditions can't be guaranteed. the needle pricks can be painful so patients are given. the needles create small areas of trauma to the skin which activates the body's internal healing mechanism. the last
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and are produced replacing the scar tissue. so this so that we put a bit of hyaluronic acid on the freshly treated areas which speeds up the body's healing process. depending on the area of the mark 3 or 4 sections are usually necessary to the stretch marks disappear. important to say that micro needling cannot entirely remove the stretch marks but after several months of treatment it can bring about a clear improvement of up to 70 percent. according to several studies it depends on how deep the needles go into the skin. the best results are gained using 3 millimeter long needles.
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has opted for laser treatment for her stretch marks. have already had a few sessions and i'm optimistic that. it has had good experience using pulse of the fractional laser light. it's to be symbiotic and can hurt a little so we have a quiet local anaesthetic cream you do still feel something no you must but you don't have any problems post-treatment there's no pain now nor any risk of infection for so long. as they carry. it in laser so the laser basically creates micro injuries under the skin howards one does a climb for let's go and this encourages the body to restructure the scar tissue of the stretchmarks replacing it with healthy skin i would. most patients need around 3 to 5 sessions depending on the size of the area to be treated. and how effective is it can't go implants has done his own research. by the few known that the
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stretch marks of 16 patients had improved after 3 sessions with the laser and fox and yet on the low the marks hadn't completely disappeared they were very satisfied with the results that we need to complete fortunes and. took part in the study her stretch marks are still visible but as she pleased with the results the how for my skin feel smoother and more even and it looks different i'm happy that i did it just a matter. and what about valley a key month opt for more micro needling sessions as i'm considering the cost space in terms of time and money and how painful it is i think i'll stick with my beauty flaws she writes mark so it is possible to make stretch marks less visible but they won't disappear completely. as i told you in the beginning beauty is a complicated thing so my advice to you don't judge yourself by what others think
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about you or what you think that albus think about you if you want to wear makeup wear makeup and if you don't do well this was a nice show i think it was wonderful so see you again.
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the families. why i subscribe to g.w. books you meet your favorite writer sometimes the story calls me. how to respond to the books i need to. come along the way. people have to say matters to us. that's why we
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listen to stories reporter they're free weekend on d w. by 2050 more than half the world will be leaving with limited water resources. we haven't had to think about our war or worry about. i think that era is over this is the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial we live in a competitive world just called it's cool it's google getting used to me sitting in the english changing the most important commodity junk is. the seriously absorbing all her sitting for commodity starts march 22nd on d w. and when we take steps to restore a forest we play a part in something much bigger. when making
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a better world for our health and for the health of future generations. by replanting and managing the forests of standing we create new spaces where plants and animals comprise me from an economic activity that brings work and improves lives we make a real impact on climate change improve the quality of the air we breathe the food we eat immutably trade will create the environment for our children to grow it's never too late to take action let's restore our forests and create a better future. land. the bunny.
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place. the by. the by. this is the w. news from berlin tempers flare at a meeting between the united states and china the 2 sides clash at their 1st talks since president joe biden took office the u.s. calls beijing a threat to global stability china accuses the u.s. would. also coming up on germany almost the 1st scientists to give the world hope
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that the pandemic will end through vaccination german turkish couple was. backing down in history as the developed developed.


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