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tv   Storfall Corona  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2021 3:15pm-4:01pm CET

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here too to south korean the good plumbing to an antiballistic missile system just a few years ago and they say that you know north korea needs to be engaged and brought into the international community through peace building negotiations that's been the line of south korean president mungy ins policy so far. and remind us please where do things stand right now as we speak between washington and pyongyang because of course with the previous administration we saw a flurry of love letters and affection declaration in public how has the response been this time round. well that flurry of affection between now u.s. president former u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un ended sort of poorly in hanoi vietnam with the breakdown of that summit and no subsequent progress in negotiations between the u.s. and north korea. president biden through his back channel diplomats has
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reached out to north korea to try to bring north korea into some type of negotiations diplomatic discussions north korea has burnt those which are sick and just this week kim jong un's sister that's the north korean leader kim jong un his sister kim your junk said you know advised the u.s. not to make a stink or it wouldn't sleep well over the next 4 years indicating perhaps that north korea has no intention of giving up its nuclear weapons at any point and is maybe tiring of criticism along those lines and this comes also as so great in the u.s. we're engaging in military exercises in the region. all right and in a 30 seconds that we have left together in terms of you have anthony blinken is there to shore up alliances in asia what kind of reception do you think he will get
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. well he's going to be meeting with the chinese in alaska in a day or 2 south korea and the u.s. are in a different position so korea's largest trading partner is trying so it doesn't want to antagonize china or joining necessarily in a strong containment of china and it's a different position with north korea as i mentioned it once he's building in engagement there so in south korea there is this sort of structural dissonance between the u.s. and between the south korean positions at the same time relations between south korea and the u.s. may be getting smoothed over with the biden ministration being a little bit more predictable at least than former president donald trump correspondent frank smith reporting from seoul thank you for your reporting. on ex
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human rights groups are sounding the alarm about germany's deportation of refugees back to places they say are unsafe on like a several other western nations germany regards pakistan as a safe country of origin to be used louisa phonic tofa net met one family from the m idea religious minority they say they face persecution and pakistan. every time on osama does the odd one here and leipsic it feels like a small victory in pakistan the call for prayer would land him in jail ahmed and his family are members of the ahmadiyya community and islamic minority which faces persecution back home 2 years ago they fled to germany. we live in freedom since we came we've been able to wear whatever clothes we want and when we want to veil ourselves no one tries to harm us my husband goes to the mosque and prays there and we don't have to ask ourselves whether he will come home
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or whether someone will come to the mosque and hurt us. the family only has tolerated immigration status here which means they have few rights and it anytime can be arrested and deported back to our life in fear they have heard that a mass deportation is due to take place soon. sania it is not easy to leave your country and now that we've done this that we are here we're being told that we can't stay so where do we go. muddies believe the movements founder was the messiah they are considered heretics in pakistan their persecution is well documented mohammed shows a school books which tell children to fight the infidels signs at the shop entrances that prohibit entry for mahdi's photos from attacks and mahdi mosques still unlike the u.k. in the us germany considers pakistan a safe country of origin leaks says that the government has stepped up deportations
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. clothes and i believe that there is a lack of knowledge or political will. but unfortunately this is to the detriment of the many persecuted people who live here and who are now being deported in large numbers or are still in custody awaiting deportation. for these people it is a matter of life and death. it's good. for the. knows this well he says a mob killed his uncle when he returned to pakistan from the u.k. . achmad in costume are desperate to protect their family but they have exhausted all legal remedies for now there is little they can do just wait and hope they won't be on the next plane. that report by the ease up on whole front as she joins us right now we have to talk more about some of the conversations that she
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has had with people facing possible deportation resa good to see you know we understand that a plane carrying deportees left germany for pakistan today but the family that you profiled in your report was not on board what more can you tell us. yes this is correct according to doug sources the saying last this morning that it's landed a few. hours ago and you carry 3 type this tiny difference he's none of my views but this changes nothing for the family still hasn't tolerated integrations status which means it could be the course of any time and the rest of any time so for them it's basically another round of waiting for the next thing and hoping they won't change according to information the next thing you need on table the 20th now was that you have met and spoken to members of the. community here in germany who are facing deportation possibly what are they telling you about what they expect should
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they be deported to pakistan what's waiting for them there. so in my research you can very much hear that. your community is facing systematic persecution. and this international has issued several reports and in a number of reports even describing this crime in a she. told this information as part of the killings of madness and by the sun. when we see ourselves it's not safe for us magnus to go back to pakistan to the sense back to pakistan so this is just to say it's not on you the community i talked to says that but it's actually been proven also by international organizations like the family in particular told me is that their relatives have used in pakistan that actually go in hiding there and trying to be as little
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visible as possible and so they say here that's coming back. they will be exposed as one of these when you come back to bite this that you're come back from abroad everyone sees you and everyone suspects you're a nominee and that this is exactly what they are afraid of. as we said 20 seconds if you can any signs that the german authorities will change their position regarding this issue. in the small sign the pakistani christian was supposed to be on the think this morning was actually released yesterday evening after a public outcry but germany the german government knows of all the information i've mentioned before they're acting differently than other countries in europe so it's hard to see what will make the change its stance given the amount of information that we have about yes my belief is persecution. find that reporting thank you.
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starting today ride hailing company hoover will treat its $70000.00 drivers in great britain as workers instead of contractors minimum wage and paid holidays included on the decision follows litigation and a recent loss for the company and the british supreme court. it was the day this model came to a sudden stop driver celebrating victory over the right hailing platform at the u.k. top court last month after judges ruled that must provide workers' rights to thousands of drivers. i'm just so delighted thrilled and relieved that this day has arrived and we've got the right judge. no one has implemented that ruling offering to pay minimum wage holiday pay and pension contributions today is an important day for all drivers in the u.k.
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and the reason for that is because from today any driver who on the uber platform and that's over $70000.00 drivers in total will be able to be paid for holiday time they'll be enrolled in a pension and they'll be able to earn at least a national living wage as a floor and not a ceiling. critics however see the benefits are based on time driver spend paired with a customer not time spent waiting for work despite this from the court the driver also owns for an important drug the purpose is the legislature and the claimants working tone was not limited. to periods when they were actually driving us interests but estimates. it also included any period when the group looked into the group. on a list say the ruling could have huge ramifications for the exploding gag economy
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not just drivers but cyclists. not just the u.k. but farther afield as governments wrestle with the distinction between workers and contractors. could be taking a trip back to court soon over claims its new changes still don't comply with employment law. and some sports news now for you and in sailing team new zealand retain the america's cup after beating italian side luna rossa 73 in the best of 13 series and they did it in a dominant fashion finishing 46 seconds at their challenger in a race 10 marking new zealand's 4th america's cup triumph of a team savor at the victory in front of an exciting home crowd in auckland and where to treat it was for the locals the city only just emerged from a covert 1000 locked down 2 weeks ago. where jealous you're watching it every year is coming up next india we news asia the united states and japan jointly
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condemn chinese behavior and the indo-pacific with look at the finer points of what else they agree on. those stories and a whole lot more coming up next indeed every news asia and of course you can always find all the information and a suspect into our website d.w. dot com and iraq a comment on behalf of all of us thank you for watching. to
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going to see. how will climate change affect us and our children. w dot com slash water. this is the the good news a shaft coming up today china in the crosshairs. of the united states slammed china for its court. in the pacific region for actions reflect the strong words. muslims in sri lanka pushed back against government plans to ban face coverings and closed islamic schools.
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i'm british welcome to news asia glad you could join us the united states and japan say they are committed to opposing china's quote coersion and destabilizing behavior towards countries in the in the pacific region the commitment comes after a joint meeting between u.s. secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin with their japanese counterparts in tokyo lincoln and austin other 1st members of president joe biden's cabinet to travel up to asia to shore up alliances in the region at a time of growing chinese assertiveness. the decades long friendship between the u.s. and japan was rattled by donald trump's turbulent america 1st policy but now after a high level visit by america's top diplomats and its defense chief things are back on track secretary austin and i are the 1st members of president biden's cabinet to make an overseas trip and for that trip we come to japan because for more than 60 years our lives has been
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a cornerstone of peace security and prosperity not only for our 2 countries but for the region and indeed for the world president biden's decision to send key ministers to tokyo as their 1st overseas visit means a lot for japan which sees its alliance with the u.s. is the cornerstone of its diplomatic and security policies equally given an increasingly assertive china the u.s. faces growing tensions in asia and it needs like minded allies the talks produce and pointedly sharp rhetoric aimed at beijing were united in the vision of a free and open into a pacific region where countries follow the rules cooperate whenever they can and resolve their differences peacefully and in particular we will push back of necessary when china uses coercion or aggression to get its way the discussions cut the diplomatic efforts to resume talks with north korea about its development of
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nuclear weapons. china's crackdown on democracy and human rights in hong kong. and china's treatment of the muslim we got minority rights groups believe at least 1000000 weak as have been incarcerated in camps in the vast northwestern changing region. and then there's china's territorial claims in the east china sea japan opposes china's claim to the japanese controlled send cockle islands called the i.u. in china in the east china sea and china's increased activity in the disputed area . finally blinken also reaffirmed the importance of the 3 way partnership between the u.s. japan and south korea which is why he headed to after leaving tokyo. for more i'm joined by jeff thinks them have their activation studies at temple
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university in tokyo professor concerned what was looking fall from this visit and didn't get it. well absolutely you know they are very pleased that the biden ministration made tokyo their 1st stop overseas the symbolism cannot be overstated i mean it's so important or japan to strengthen this alliance to show china to north korea that the allies are standing shoulder to shoulder so in austin visit here very welcome and i think that they like the tone now there are a prius strong statements made against china in relation to its core coal washroom and destabilizing behavior in the region but japan is also trying to as a 3rd largest trading partner with japan balance these trade ties with security
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concerns. well that is very good question clearly japan is very worried about china's regional hedger monic ambitions on the other hand it is doing very well by the rise of china so during the private trump administration the big concern here was the collateral damage caused by trump's trade war and so bite in there hope he will maintain some sort of more stable diplomacy and enable japan to sort of have it both ways they want to maintain a very hot economic relationship they also think that there are good reasons why they have a chilly political diplomatic relationship japan totally agrees with secretary states lincolns accusations that japan china has been very aggressive and
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assertive overseas and japan is happy to hear that strong rhetoric it's not as comfortable with the rhetoric on human rights blake in mention that china is very repressive. mentioned the recent developments in hong kong democracy without democrat repression of the week to bet on those issues japan tends to maintain a very low profile and it's not in favor of st john's for example on myanmar south korea has taken a much stronger stance in line with washington's strong pressure against that and the bloody crackdown in myanmar japan pretty much opposes that. there was a lot of stress on the free and the pacific in their joint statement off of the meetings. a greater cooperation between the u.s. and japanese navy is to keep syrians open. well i mean they are
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allies longstanding allies so the establishment of the quad which is the security element of the free and open indo-pacific. basically hasn't necessarily changed that much in terms of bilateral mabel cooperation when it does do is bring in australia and india but india you know really is not inclined to project its naval power beyond the indian ocean so not sure that that's much of a game changer so the idea here is the quad in the free and open in the pacific is about containing china and countering its rise and beijing i think up until now remains undeterred and not particularly impressed by the korean your current show offer came up for discussion during the talks from europe talked about
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a trilateral approach involving south korea how will this move forward given the significant differences between japan and south korea. yes well after relations between tokyo sall are the worst i've ever seen. and so the united states before it came over here who issued a documents saying that the south korean japanese relationship is the most important but is also the most troubled and so washington wants the 2 allies to get over their shared past stop fighting over their history and concentrate on the looming problems of north korea and china and so in the visit to south korea what's going to happen or what can blink in do i don't think really there are any encouraging signs of an easy bilateral relations and that means it can be very difficult to leverage the trier lateral alliance the way that washington prefers.
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relieve ever the timing but thank you so much for joining us jeff kingston and korea continues to remain in focus but secretaries blinken and austin in south korea today to meet their opposite numbers of course beautiful cheering on those meetings which continue until tomorrow but these trips to japan and south korea are meant to get a coalition of like minded nations on board ahead of the budget administration's 1st high level meeting with chinese officials in alaska on thursday china's treatment of its muslim weaker population its actions in the south china sea and its crackdown in hong kong are expected to be discussed in fact the united states has now sanctioned an additional $24.00 officials in mainland china and hong kong or of a variable in beijing is cracked in the city and if there was any doubt as to how the u.s. views china's activities in the region the following statement by a senior pentagon official makes it quite. china is the greatest long terms to
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treat strategic threat to the security in the 21st century the chinese communist party insidious and corrosive and corrupt influences that were globally and in this region some examples include their pursuit of multiple port deals loans for political leverage backs in diplomacy that undermine sovereignty state surveillance i-t. and the exploitation of resources such as illegal and regulated unreported fishing . focus on china will remain through this week as the u.s. seeks to energize into pacific alliances i had to for meeting with chinese officials in alaska. advocates for muslim community have condemned the government plans to ban religious face coverings and close islamic schools in the country a cabinet minister announced the plans last weekend saying it was needed for national security government has taken a tough security line after
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a suicide bomb attacks in april 29000 that killed hundreds of people. muslim face coverings already not allowed in some shops in sri lanka are relatively rare sight in public but a government minister in the majority buddhist country has announced plans to ban them altogether. yesterday i signed a cabinet paper to ban the burka it affects our national security directly. and the old days muslim women and girls never wore the burka it is a sign of religious extremism that came about recently and we're definitely going to ban it. sri lankan muslims who make up about 9 percent of the population feel the ban as an attack on their community. i myself. often at the gate for these i don't read it myself but i do at the cape
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like obviously. he she missed him on the lies to be able to get what she wants the government trying to enforce a dress code on the main difference the. thing does on the rights of women who they are what she longs be the short dress that she wants to be or even if she wants to cover her face the sri lankan government has a strained relationship with its muslim citizens in a practice that only ended last month hundreds of muslims who died of cope at 19 were forcibly cremated despite their family's pleas to give them a proper burial. this. conclusion of the government opposition against the muslims because. they forcibly could need to do with 350 muslims know they have come up with this burn on fisk over the proposals still pending cabinet approval no timeline for the decision
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has been given to the public. that's it for today's other stories on our website. and. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection in developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts the coronavirus update. on t w. culture. hair.
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superfood. starlog. lifestyle during. this hospital in the colombian coastal town to michael wasn't prepared for the pandemic. the intensive care unit was only built after $1000.00 had reached the city and infected thousands. from the capital. the population here has never been the focus of government decisions. now it's paying for the lack of health infrastructure like many other remote parts of the country. coronaviruses riskier for indigenous communities lack of health services
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in clean water poverty keeping variants out of rural county. has been difficult but adults in remote parts are getting priority access to the vaccine aboriginal and torres strait islander people prevented widespread infections in australia with their own travel restrictions that actually roll out is getting underway indigenous groups are also among the 1st to be getting the job in new zealand the us canada and brazil but things don't look so good in colombia. andres rojas has been working for here in the intensive care unit of the st andrews hospital into. it's the only hospital in the far southwest of colombia a year ago the clinic didn't have any intensive care beds things changed quickly when the covert 9000 pandemic began and made. at the start of the 1st outbreak we had more than 2500 patients 21 of them died and 17 were transferred to another
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hospital. what was. happening to marco hospital is one of many provincial clinics in colombia that opened up intensive care units for the 1st time during the pandemic. and also it was only after the pandemic hit that we could even think about setting up an intensive care station at the moment it provides 13 units with monitors breathing devices electric beds and step who we trained ourselves. according to dr of us some funding came from the government but most of it came from private initiatives local businesses were especially generous with their donations to moscow is dependent on the tourist industry this is an advertisement from better times the location is the pacific coast next to ecuador us border around 1000 kilometers from the capital of bogota tourists come here from around the world despite the locations popularity medical infrastructure was
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largely ignored by politicians in the capital of bogota. before the hospital had. 38 oxygen tanks imagine that trying to get through a pandemic with 38 tanks of oxygen thanks to donations from local businesses totaling 400000 pesos we could set up the hospital with a liquid oxygen tank. this helps a little but the 2nd wave of infections is now bringing a shortage of medicine no one here can think about vaccines against cope at 19 the staff are approaching burnout. you can feel their tiredness some staff members have fainted from exhaustion their working hours are very very long or. at the beginning of march 117000 facts in doses were delivered to bogota these were meant to reach 50000000
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colombians but nobody in to moscow believes that they will get a single dose. on mario the us is a research fellow with the department of politics and international relations at the university of sheffield why is the situation so difficult in some of colombia's modularized communities. well drawn to understand the tradition of these marginalized communities is important to take into consideration what the form of government called the historical depth of along in the state level rural areas which basically can be summarized in 4 aspects the 1st one is the. developing gar which refers to rural areas not having basic services they want electricity to brought hospitals or schools the 2nd reversed law social inequality concentration according to poke fun 66 percent of reductive live.
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long be a youth in the hands of 0.4 percent of the total population and the 3rd one is the brawling of the lack of states presence in some areas of software not of still under control of illegal groups and their forth that happened there was war in is there something question. the question became so are we share according to all doesn't that give report of the center of study committee it indicates that more than 200000 people were killed in the last 15 years and more than 5000000 of colombia where these plays in rural areas or disease are a preacher of that indicates why this situation is so complicated for these communities hi mario can you tell me what happened to the peace process that has improved the situation in some way. well the baseball just something bored a lot mark in colombia he study initially was portrayed as
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a way of bringing to one in 50 years of war which is was an iraqi of the die really strongly appealed to the international community and this is why it also was surrounded by international organizations but what this interestingly what happened in colombia during their 4 g. are. the conversations in how bond or could have a serious of national and regional forums where convened by negotiating parties which allow people to discuss their points of the peace legenda basically people get employed being discussed in agrarian reform political parties the question of big themes. transition and just this institutional of illegal groups we gave of the sense of columbia that the peace process was a great opportunity to transform peacefully all of these social problems that we
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have historically have been the contrary so does bring a lot of hope but at the same time. there is no room for end of the big the big 30 over there not come but there are a friend in a lot of implementation of the process is a lot of concern as we see all the high hopes that enough of the population be met . when the compliance and. rainy social problems remain especially for african lumbee in groups i believe how how is the pandemic affecting their situation. i think. many more upper end structural problems in the us if you caused in some growth areas. just to give you an idea before the plan b. me 40 percent of the post be told where the closest. unsolder form of government declare a state of social emergency. going to be and k.
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. hospitals here earlier were completely unprepared to the without. basically the lack of resources sunday lack of. a community where yes. something that they have really struggled to live with. what is more concerning for these communities is the joy of the bible by those who they reemergence of by a little which allow us to see their faults you question not seen demeo which is there can be mission of their. element in peach on a green good solutions to people and to dealing with the problem effectively. so what's the best way to tackle the big divide in colombia and ensure these people get treated all vaccinated. i think the 1st thing we need to think about is hard to be 45. there wake up and yet have pressing the cons we are not thinking
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this is a political problem but as a social problem as i have probably saw i dream big government needs to listen as well the more people the same from the territory from what the local. but the local administration is out of its message is that the local administrations are sending to the to the local to the central government in order to get better results in a way that the columbia zillion with yes. it will have to leave that one hollywood he has thank you very much for being on the show today. thank you very much if you've got a question about the corona virus feel free to get in contact with our science correspondent. if you are a symptomatic and don't know you have 19 is it dangerous to be vaccinated. the short answer to this appears to be no but it's a pretty complicated question so of course there's
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a little more to it than that current advice from the u.s. centers for disease control focuses mostly on whether or not people who've had the disease and recovered can be safely backs unaided afterwards the answer to that is a clear yes however the c.d.c. is far less clear about people who might have an active asymptomatic infection at the moment they get a shot the implication though is certainly that there's no reason to think that bax a nation would pose a danger that's because the guidelines do say there's no need to test negative for infection before you're vaccinated they also say that even if you've been exposed and have been tested and are awaiting results if you live somewhere like a rest home you should go ahead and be vaccinated as long as you don't have any symptoms i'm sure the guidelines wouldn't say either one of those things if there
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were suspected dangers for people with asymptomatic infections being given the shot and that the c.d.c. would adopt a much more cautious approach but it's important also to remember something else at the same time if you know you've been exposed and are in quarantine but aren't showing any symptoms don't go get vaccinated and tell your quarantine period has passed because you might be an asymptomatic carrier and even though we've established the vaccine doesn't pose a threat to you in that case you could still pose a potential threat to people who are vaccinated you so wait out your couple of weeks just in case to protect them. and just briefly the world health organization says the astra zeneca vaccine rollout should continue for now some countries have stopped over reports of blood clots
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finally we leave you with images from sao paulo brazil's biggest city now more of a ghost town they usually bustling mega city of 21000000 people went into curfew this week to try to stop the corona virus from spreading several brazilian cities are running out of hospital beds as cases rise and the crisis worsens. as for what you're. going.
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place. to place. blame. this is you know we news life for a girl and a ticket to travel the e.u. plans to roll out a vaccine certificate to ease travel and the block back or say it's a crucial lifeline for the continent's hard hit tourism industry the critics of raise concerns about scrivener nation also coming out the world health organization meanwhile tells girlfriends keep using astra zeneca as coronavirus vaccine it says the benefits outweigh the risks of side effects plus talking tough america's top diplomat condemns the authoritarian regime in north korea.


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