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stonemasons builders in the projects compete with each other to. do projects. this is home massive churches with towers that pierce the clouds like skyscrapers or create a. contest of the cathedrals. you go 12 on t w. this is d w news and these are our top stories european union regulators say benefits of astra zeneca has thrown a virus vaccine outweigh the risk of any possible side effects more than a dozen e.u. countries have stopped using its off to isolated reports of blood clots the european medicines agency is conducting a review and will report later this week the. u.s.
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secretary of state anthony blinken has been in tokyo for talks on his 1st trip abroad since taking office lincoln and defense secretary and boylston are next heading to south korea where talks are expected to focus on north korea's nuclear weapons program. and dozens of families are holding funerals of people killed during anti crew protests in myanmar activists say security forces have killed the case $180.00 protesters in total the army has imposed martial law in many areas but demonstrations are continuing. this is news from then you can find much more news and analysis on our website dot com.
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or. there is new evidence linking the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine with blood clots and yet half of all european union countries have stopped using the vaccine for worries over blood clots now does this decision doesn't make the situation for anyone safer as a 3rd wave of infections grips europe doctors agree that an accelerated vaccination rollout is needed now more than ever tonight what are europeans getting the very opposite i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. you got manifest the facts of holes in the rocks the against the question mop the u.k. regulator the european regulators and the w.a.p.
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i will say that the astra zeneca vaccine is safe and people should continue to take it as a really questionable association between the facts and that since there is no indication that oxidation has called these temptations we would for the time gain that command that countries continue. saxony to the streets in a cup so this is actually shaking it is saving lives. also coming up a volcano ready to erupt on iceland geologists issued the warning earlier this month but so far no good just tens of thousands of earthquakes and lots of sleepless nights right now everyone is sleep deprived because the earth is constantly moving day on nights some place up better than others. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states into all of you around the world welcome we begin the day in
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europe's vaccination vacuum for the past month. europeans have watched the u.k. and the united states with a mixture of envy and growing anger today for example 2 and a half 1000000 corona virus vaccine shots were administered in the united states today here in berlin the vaccination centers where most jabs are given they were closed germany and 12 other countries in the european union have temporarily suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine citing concerns about a link to blood clots but there is no evidence of any link yesterday astra zeneca said so along with the world health organization and today the european medicines agency added there is no indication that the vaccine calls is blood clots a decision on what to do next is expected this coming thursday the astra zeneca vaccine was supposed to be the use workhorse making possible the inoculation of 70
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percent of all e.u. residents by summer's end with the vaccines removal even temporarily that goal is looking more and more out of reach a hastily arranged online news conference at the european medicines agency in amsterdam regulate is a scrambling to respond to the need to crisis and co fing the e.u. troubled vaccination campaign more than a dozen member states have suspended use of the astra zeneca vaccine over concerns it could cause blood clots. while the investigation is ongoing we are currently we are still firmly convinced that the benefits of the are so pathetic that vaccine in preventing code 19 we think that sophia is risk of health but i thank you and that outweigh the risk of the side effects there is no indication that vaccination has caused these conditions they have not come up in the clinical
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trials and they're not listed as known arse or expected side effects with this vaccine. germany france italy and spain have all stopped and ministering the vaccine that move has been widely criticized having failed to pick your enough doses the e.u. is already well behind others like the u.k. the us and israel in inoculating its population. vaccination is more than ever in order to decrease the number of infected people we recognize the significant and regrettable challenges around production and delivery but we do however urge member states to use all the available goes. but some welcome the suspension or the europe wide stroke was a wise decision we need transparency we need knowledge and we need to assure people
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that the vaccines are safe it is not going to take forever then we can decide whether to release the vaccine again played. regulators will unveil the findings of their review of the astra zeneca vaccine on thursday policymakers are hoping the investigation will increase confidence in the vaccine but with antibiotics sentiment already running high in many member states raising the alarm might already have had the opposite effect. well tonight here in the european union there are some 8000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine still inside bottles waiting to be injected into arms let's turn now to someone who can help us understand what connection if any there is between this vaccine and blood clots dr mary cushman is a vascular hematology and a professor of medicine and pathology at the university of vermont on twitter her moniker is mary wear our masks cushman our because when it's good to have you on
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the day before we talk about the astra zeneca vaccine tell us what do we know about how kovac 19 affects the blood and claudy well that's a really interesting question so when people become infected and have severe illness significant enough to require hospital stay we know that there are pretty significant arrangements or activations of the clotting and inflammatory systems and for some patients this leads to the development of blood clots otherwise known as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism and these are clots that occur or start in the leg veins and can break travel to the lungs causing serious illness it's very interesting also that the activation of clotting that scene seems to predict people who will develop lung failure and some people get these very small.
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clots in very small vessels of the lungs that contribute to the lung failure so we're doing a lot of research on on this to see if blood thinning treatments will slow the progression of the disease once patients become significantly ill in hospital knowing all of this how widely do you think it is that a particular vaccine the astra zeneca vaccine in this case could be causing blood clotting problems. yeah i ran the numbers and looked at all the available evidence that i could find and it's important to understand that 2 types of clots that are being discussed in this context 1st is the deep vein thrombosis embolism that i mentioned. the 2nd is something called cerebral vein from bosis which is the same idea it's one clots form in the dream blood back from the brain the cerebral veins and these are more rare types of clots and based on
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information in the news reports i can estimate that the rate of getting a deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolus after the shot is about 6 for every 1000000 patients getting the hot shot and the rate of 3 leads from both of us is 10 times less than that about 0.6 per 1000000 people getting the shot so when you put that into context you have to think about well what's the rate in the general population of these events who are not getting the shot and who are of a similar age and you can calculate this based upon information that we know from the epidemiology at these diseases and it turns out that the chance of it. after the shot is about 30 times lower than the background rate in the population so and even the rate of both this is 3 times lower so based on what we think we know and what we're seeing in news reports anyway it would appear to me that the rate is
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actually lower than the rate in the general population which would go against everything we've been hearing here in europe because the fear has been the vaccine actually in crease the chances and you're saying it's the opposite. i think so and part of the issues revolving from both this being a relatively rare disease it doesn't get a lot of research dollars put to or it right to improve its understanding and so i think there's a different perception of how common it is or how rare it is. by different people and so you know you have to you can't compare you know in the trials that lead to the approval of the vaccine for example you can't determine in those trials what the actual rate of clotting is because it's just not common enough yeah but you know if you believe this ruling from both this was a lot more rare you might be more concerned but the best estimates we have for the rate of 3000000 from both this is about one per 100000 each year in the general
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population so i mean we were with what you're telling us it makes it even more puzzling then what we have seen in the last couple of days here with countries suspending the astra zeneca virus how do you explain it dr is it possible that public health officials have been working with incomplete or flawed information. you know it's hard for me to really say in these cases it's always possible there's information that is known that's not public for example you know not because anyone's trying to hide anything but but perhaps. agencies are dealing with different information that that we don't have access to and what i'm telling you is simply the information that i can ascertain based upon my reading and what the news reports are saying about this so. you know i think that you have to try to 2nd guess what is happening but i think. that i think it's looking to me like it
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should not be something of concern well i mean i think what you have to say have definitely going to be of interest to a lot of people here in the european union and it may make a lot of people wanting to get a shot. even angry over what's been going on but to marry cushman with the university of vermont we appreciate your time and valuable insights tonight thank you. you're welcome. she made history when she was elected in november as the 1st woman vice president of the united states today vice president come a harris delivered her 1st address as vice president at the u.n. conference on gender equality in the empowerment of women here is made the case that democracy without the empowerment of women is fundamentally flawed she highlighted progress made in the united states but she warned nothing can be taken for granted take a listen in every presidential election for the last 56 years in the united states
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more women have voted than men more women than ever before serving the united states congress more women than ever are their families breadwinner and just last week the president nominated 2 women to take the helm of 2 of our 11 combatant commands. women in the united states lead our local state and national governments make major decisions regarding our nation's security and drive major growth in our economy these are signs of progress these are signs of strength but friends we cannot take this progress for granted specially now covered 1000 has threatened the economic security of the physical security and the health of women everywhere are just pick up the discussion now with my next guest i'm happy to welcome to the day a mirror a ross the director of the bard college globalization and international affairs
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program in new york city is the rossley has worked with the o.e.c.d. in syria and she also served at the u.s. state department working with madeline albright and richard holbrooke it's good to have you on the program i've been looking forward to talking with you especially knowing that you are a proponent of a feminist foreign policy you know this month you tweeted to u.s. secretary of state blinken and you asked him what he thinks of the midst foreign policy tell us what is a feminist foreign policy. well thank you for having me on us foreign policy is a term that was quite in 2013 by sweden sweden was the 1st country to adopt an approach on feminist foreign policy and essentially what it is it's a modern approach to the world. it really moves away from looking at the world through a one dimensional lens through the perspective of men and includes women and people
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of color and people who have always been not at the decisionmaking table and really what we're looking out for in policy we're still stuck in a 20th century mindset for much of the 20th century wheat nations have approached foreign policy through measure by measuring how much output do they have g.d.p. and their military strength i think this past year with the coup in 1000 pandemic we've actually seen that growth in military strength really didn't matter what actually does matter is the strength the strength of your citizenry and of your democracy. when you say examples of a feminist foreign policy at work around the world i mean are there any examples that come to mind immediately well sweden pioneered feminist foreign policy and since then we've had canada france and mexico adopt a miss foreign policy but i think the world including the united states is now
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being closer to this this inclusive mater of lands of approaching the world which means that we actually consider issues that go beyond national borders and security sewer considering issues like climate change trade economics. and bringing them into the fold and understanding how they impact not just nations at large but how they are impacting people particularly women. i remember reading a poll recently and the findings were clear there would be fewer conflicts and more peace in the world if more women were in power and setting foreign policy what do you say to that i mean do you agree. it means that the studies show that when women are at the negotiating table during conflicts in peace negotiations that she
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c.l.s. 64 percent longer which goes to show you that you know it really doesn't matter who is at the table and i think really what part feminists foreign policy is getting at is not having women represented for the sake of their gender but having women represented because of the perspectives that women bring to the table and the additional solutions that they can bring to conflicts whether it's to complex already issues like global public health to climate change to trade in economics i think the fundamental implements a feminist foreign policy has how do we actually get to addressing these global challenges that have now cross borders have become transnational and really affect every citizen of the world and you know what happens to a country's foreign policy when women are equal partners in the making of that policy you mentioned sweden and i can't help but thinking it just it makes it's
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almost seems like it's common sense that if we have men and women at the table then the ability to understand each other is going to automatically be greater. but it's not even just a met matter of understanding one another i mean certainly that is it is definitely important but we are actually measuring the health of the nation and looking at how do we actually make progress we need to start looking at things that were from the past and right now we measure you know economic success with g.d.p. the social progress index actually looks at countries wellbeing basic whether our country can meet basic human needs for its society society and the opportunities that that its citizens can can reach and when you're measuring it on that basis you know states actually comes in 28 and the countries that are are at top our norway
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finland gen mark new zealand sweden and what all these countries have in common they have in common with these really focus on gender equality and including women that that's a very good point they also have paid maternity leave that is sometimes months or years compared to the united states of course where there is none of the medically offered a mirror ossie directly barred. but there it is improving our ranchi that director of the bard college globalization and international affairs program in new york it was good having you on the show we appreciate your time and your insights tonight thank you thank you for having me. well you know it has to be extreme when people living beside a volcano are tired of waiting for that volcano to erupt well that describes the situation at the moment for the people in iceland earlier this month a geologist sounded the alarm of a possible eruption and the ground has not stopped shaking sense in what is being
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called an unprecedented seismic event tens of thousands of little earthquakes have rattled homes in the country south keeping a nation on edge and without much sleep. experts say it could happen at any minute. here on the wreck in as peninsula icelanders wait for an imminent eruption in the area surrounding might. but among the few residents in this small fishing town the mood is not so much one of concern as it is exhaustion so a situation in green that it is quite uncomfortable right now everyone is sleep deprived because the earth is constantly moving all day on lights some earth quakes of bigger than others randy. is a school teacher and lifelong resident here. experts say that an eruption from the brewing volcano will likely occur in an uninhabited zone and not pose
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a threat to the town's residents. what can be expected is a spectacular love a show with fine tunes which could extend up to 20 or even 100 meters in the air. i think everyone who lives and get interviews just waiting for an eruption will be a slow and steady interruption they tell us just so we can get more peace and quiet and i know there will be the earthquakes but maybe not as big as we have passed. many are escaping to the capital of reykjavik merely to get a break and escape the night. but got man's daughter is staying behind she's confident there will be enough advance warning if the threat to residents increases as for now she only earns for a good night's sleep. sleepless in iceland torrents who would have thought let's go down to iceland bring in seismologist dr august of 2 year from iceland geo survey
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she is in the capital it's good to have you on the program you've seen what hundreds of tremors in the past 24 hours just how long can this go wanna meet at some point there has to be a release of pressure doesn't there. yes yes. yes that's the honest. on the 24th of february you had almost full 40000 wakes up to the date to date so it's a continuous base. we can have a dyke intrusion like this at that united freeze or that or ever so these are the scenarios we're looking into. the moment but it could if it actually happens then we expect the ethics to stop but we don't know when or if that will happen with the what is going on here exactly that i mean how finance can the situation change.
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yeah it is difficult to say but it can change fast that we it's they have us favored monitored both at sites moment tests and g.p.s. instruments sent us satellite images 0 been expecting to see the signal if something big happens but also to say that if an eruption. this will be. a fish of action it's not a hot taints and we expect it to be quite gentle and it's not going to be explosive ha it's going to be quite quiet and should it be dangerous to people and let it stand next to the fishes ok what i was going to see for someone who's living next to a volcano that's about to erupt you seem very cold so the danger level than you would say is relatively low. yes to see people it's as if you know there's some infrastructure that might see it that sense of pipelines and i
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think that that they made a new sense for people. well i think i like it in. a continuous quakes because we have been small ones and then and big ones that actually produce quite a lot of shaking and i've found that they can make well i'm situated it's such a difficult to tell them to stay away depending on the. tent. it's full for this type of interaction it's maybe annoying but it's not dangerous for them it's what about the people there who are living close to the book you know they're in grenada vic how many people are we talking about. i think they're an order of 4000 people living around there and then you have also like settlements and villages and they know what's inside of fence independence but then take a break in the past so you have some population so we have about 250000
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people in the vicinity of. the possibly russian sites there was a very big book and a corruption in iceland back in 2010 and it disrupted a lot of the air traffic what was the name of the volcano it's on the tip of my tongue. but it's a great a.f.l. player which means ireland mountain ash you know ok it's and i would never have to think in 2010 say right to the explosive. state that you will remember you know close to european airspace that was selfish of action on the flank of it's ok to. we've just been very quiet. after some seismicity so that when it's more. and is more similar to well expect to see they can as beat me don't expect to see another day at the u. . we it's almost impossible that it would happen just because it's tough to.
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juggle situation and then set up so we expect like a fish a gentle fish or option which would be quite quite beautiful if you just stay away from a lot of safe yeah i mean i think i agree with you stay away from the waba flow dr goldberg we're going systems here joining us tonight from iceland with you know the latest on these earthquakes and a volcano that may or may not erupt we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you. my. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me at brett goff t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day to see of the never thought.
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to own. or not to own. what about assuring come instead. of. the change in thinking is changing the economy to create something new.
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the economics magazine in germany. next. they were mutating into a nameless mass. their bodies mere tools the history of the slave trade is now for those who stray obstructs how the greed for power and profits plummeted an entire continent is consumed and. this time europe's expansion for all the world in our series. the amount of plastic is increasing every year many i'm gonna watching online for the. holiday destinations and drowning in toxic might.
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come. in from here your exploits mean tons of plastic waste. is the other way. after all the fun is interest cyclable. make up your own mind. w. made for minds. soldiering on that's pretty much all we can do until the well it's been vaccinated the pandemic continues to pound economies companies and individuals.


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