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tv   Fit gesund  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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discover. subscribe to. documentaries. coming up today to us in. a meeting of the so-called nations decides to provide vaccines to countries and. what does this initiative from the united states japan australia and india mean for the region and how does it tie in with high level u.s. visits to japan and south korea later in the week. to one cent street kitchen that's a lifeline for the hungry and in the indian capital. i'm
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british babaji welcome to news asia glad you could join us it's an important week in the pacific as the united states seeks to reinvigorate its alliances with partners in the region secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin travelling to japan and south korea to meet their counterparts in the shadow of growing chinese influence in the region it's an outreach that began last week when president joe biden met his counterparts from india australia and japan the so-called quad grouping of nations the 1st ever meeting of leaders of the cord ended with a commitment to ensure a free and open into pacific and the pledge to produce $1000000000.00 of covert 1000 vaccines for the region the leaders also agreed to cooperate in the field of
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emerging technologies and climate change. predicted that joe biden has already presided over a virtual summit of powers with a vested interest in the asia pacific region called the quad it's made up of the us india japan and australia. the leaders agreed to ramp up covert 19 vaccine supplies in asia and to work more closely on security and climate change. and we've launched into a vicious new joint partnership that is going to boost vaccine manufacturing and for the global benefit to strengthen vaccinations to benefit the entire indo-pacific we're stablish to a new mechanism to enhance our cooperation and raise our mutual ambitions as we address the accelerating climate change this is where we live this is where japan leaves this is where india lives and of course with the united states across the pacific has had
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a long term presence and so this is about and i think if the peace and stability in the in diaper see if it can happen if it's all license to be inducted. but it's china that is the real target biden sees the quad as vital to countering beijing's growing might and influence on the asia pacific stage and that means also strengthening alliances beyond to the core of full. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken is heading east this week with stops in south korea and japan both key allies and then on thursday he meets his chinese opposite number in alaska for the 1st time this is an important opportunity for us to lay out in very frank terms. the many concerns that we have with beijing's actions and behavior that are challenging the security prosperity the values of the united states and our partners and allies. washington has said it will not hold back on
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taking a tough line with beijing on issues ranging from taiwan to hong kong and its treatment of the minority muslim weekers and for that the u.s. will need solid backing from its regional partners. and some of those partners are part of the quad grouping of nations which i would like to focus on 1st for more joining me from canberra is rory metcalf he's head of the national security college of the australian national university and author of the book contest for the indoor pacific why china won't map the future professor mark gulf welcome they're given each of the quad nations is significant differences with china is this grouping mainly to ensure china want to map the future in the into pacific thanks for having me on the program the grouping the cord is not purely some kind of end he china club but what it basically is
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is rallying strength in numbers to ensure that china does not dominate the future of the indo-pacific but instead i hope to build a relationship of mutual respect with china but one way china respects the boundaries of others now this grouping is actually more than 13 years all and it's only last week that we have the 1st summit level conference between the leaders what exactly is it offering to the indoor pacific region now. so the group the quote it's much more than talk we have to remember that it began as a disaster relief arrangement after the terrible tsunami in the indian ocean in 2004 these 4 countries are struggling india japan the united states mobilize the forces rapidly to assist the region and out of that grew the idea of building this unusual coalition of cooperation for very different democracies you know that they many
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changes since then and of course the court was dormant for a while but what it's offering the region now really is i think 3 things the court ease a kind of an anchor for cooperation among a dog verse range of countries not just democracies the countries we've interests with respect for rules based order with capabilities a willingness to cooperate that's the 1st thing secondly the quartet is sending a signal to china that there is safety in numbers and that china cannot coerce individual countries alone they will be pushed back and combined the weight of the cord is actually stronger then china and thirdly the court does offer up i a great capability to partnership with with the region whether it was disaster relief 17 years ago whether it's pendennis relief covert vaccine rollout now those are the 3 i think characteristics of the core you speak of cooperation
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amongst a diverse range of nations but then each of these nations not just on the court but then if you look further from like ossie on for example there have individual trade tires were china and china has a huge presence in the region i'm just wondering if it comes down to. the countries picking sides either you or china or you over the quarter another initiative like for example. you know look i think nobody in the region wants to pick sides and if they're being pushed to pick sides now it's china that's doing the pushing maybe donald trump was pushing but that's changed now the biden administration is taking a much smarter approach and importantly when you scratch the surface when you do opinion polling for example on the elites in southeast asia in the s. and countries you find that most of them want a stronger american engagement in the region and most of them want a wide range of partners japan india australia the european union in the region to
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create a context where chinese power is absorbed and is not dominant i think most of the circumstances in the region are going to fall short of all out war and in those circumstances in that gray zone of constant competition that's with the chord and its coalition building its creative coalition building can have an effect but at the end of the day the chord remains a very much a grouping do you see this progress of the status of an alliance for example along the lines of nato for instance no i don't and i think that's part of the point of the chords not planning to be some kind of alliance that gives china and all tonight and it's about offering alternatives to other countries in the region sure individual chord countries do have their own alliance relationships a stranger in the united states japan and the united states india is nobody's
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formal ally so i think we're going to see a really more like complex subtle a priority security than we sort of europe during the cold war our quick comment from your professor the mecca of on their visits to south korea and japan by secretary of state antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin what are they hoping to achieve with these visits. well it's very clear that the boyden administration is reengaging in a very constructive way with the whole indo-pacific region not only east asian countries like japan and south korea but also with india australia indonesia and many others but the japan and korea relationships are an important start because they are america's key treaty allies along with a stranger and so there's a reassurance the that america is not going to put transactional costs on japan or korea in the way that donald trump did there's also a commitment that america will support them in protecting their interests whether
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it's against china or north korea and frankly i think there is a commitment to dialogue to listening which i think was missing in trying to describe and so i think gotten is off to a strong start here in the pacific here in asia right in mecca from the australian national university pleasure talking to him thank you for joining us. thank you indeed. and that's professor metcalf was saying the u.s. dialogue in the region will be in evidence all through this week between the 15th and 18th of march researchers start antony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin will be in tokyo and seoul to meet their counterparts on the 18th and any blink in the metal security advisor jake sullivan need to chinese foreign minister one year and top diplomat young g g in alaska and between the 19th and 21st of march lloyd austin is the new delhi talking to senior officials there. coverage of
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all of that all this week on the news asia. in the indian capital delhi a street kitchen run by a former id professional has become a lifesaver for the poor and the needy for just one cent people can eat a full meal. it's lunchtime every day former i.t. expert praveen going al works in his street kitchen in delhi over 1000 people in need come here every day to eat the special thing about this kitchen is that a full lunch costs just one cent. coming up a group of friends and i wanted to do something to combat hunger in delhi and founded this street kitchen we can proudly say that our food taste as good as that it weddings the former governor and the duck. over 1500 kilos of food stuffs are cooked up here every day the kitchen is mostly funded by donations it
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means that many people in need like 9 year old sone can now afford lunch. my father can barely walk he works but his salary is very low if it weren't for this street kitchen we probably wouldn't be able to survive. as currently expanding the street kitchen with the donations he is now purchasing rickshaws and using them to bring his food to schools or charities in the area. and others over africa giving the poor something to eat is our job there's no point in just hoarding money in the end what counts isn't wealth but what you do for others. one thing is certain for praveen he'd like to run the street kitchen for the rest of his life. that's a bit of a there's more on did of a dog gone forward slash live you know with images of the worst sandstorm to hit in 10 years and events that's grounded flights and shudder the city in all i'm sure
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but moral of the sea that by. the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection. in developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19 special. on t w. and you hear me now here yes we can hear you can handle 50 years of german chancellor angela merkel and you've never tired have surprise
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yourself with what is possible who is medical really what moved back and what. we talked to people who followed her along the way admirers and critics alike now as the world's most powerful woman shaking hands if they join us from eccles last stop . covert 19 does not discriminate between the rich and the poor but the wider effects of the pandemic have hit some much harder than others marginalized communities are bearing the biggest burden take europe's largest ethnic minority the roma for example. a section of society that's already felt let down by governments across europe now feels even less protected by society finding it harder to access state
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help. the pandemic has widened the gulf between the haves and the have nots and few groups have borne witness to that like the roma. imagine trying to live through a pandemic without the basics you need to keep safe no running water no electricity well that's the reality for many of your millions of roma the continent's biggest ethnic minority is also perhaps its most marginalised and the coronavirus pandemic has only further exposed how vulnerable their. crossing the road to a life no one wants to live a social worker takes us inside this roma settlement it's in the middle of a forest people here are left to fend for themselves they are poor. and trying to live day for their. life and they are angry that various politicians have been here they say but nothing has changed me and my you dave in the make it
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back to the only come when the elections are coming up they give us some flour sugar or oil and macaroni and they think that we will live from this gift all year 9 minute. this settlement started out as a makeshift camp for refugees fleeing the war in kosovo more than 2 decades ago that's when sampson arrived back then a teenager now a father of 7 children. he welcomes us into his house made of scrap material his youngest child is only a couple of months old probably the most of the. lot because i don't want them to live in the same life through them or not i've been struggling for so many years i'm most sorry for my wife to morrow that she has to do laundry by hand i would buy a washing machine but i have no where to turn it on. with
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the ongoing pandemic the children had to drop out of school without internet no access and then there is the key legal hurdle to improving their lives so. we have encountered a lot of problems because i did not have any documentation when i came here we did not have the time when we left kosovo. he story is that of so many here one of their biggest obstacles to proper housing and health care documents without i.d.'s people who live here have become legally invisible in serbia. there are hundreds of informal roma settlements that this camp is one of the worst people here living in inhumane conditions with no electricity no running water they feel ignored and overlooked by the government and the local government in belgrade did not want to answer all questions about the living conditions here mark of us if you have each
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is not surprised he's been advocating for the rights of the romans to be for years living without access to the very basics is a serious health risk at any time but especially during the current pandemic he says are used to connect more and more to the mental and physical harm to their health is extremely affected both physically and mentally and this may at some point ask an auditor or store they are sporadic housing programs for people living in informal settlements but there is no systematic approach to all informal settlements is them stupid is to question the problem for china is he believes this is due to discrimination of a community already marginalized in so many parts of the world. they are already various action plans and national police ensued bia to improve the living conditions of froma together they are one of drew quiet to join the european union one day but such plants and police require a stronger political will to implement them so settlements like this one cease to
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exist well let's discuss the problems facing roma during the pandemic with v.m. brush from the your opinion roma rights center thanks a lot for joining us and just explain to us the specific challenges facing roma during the pandemic. thank you so. the european or american center. received reports also remember many people and facing lack of access to adequate housing conditions or lack of access to water and x. ray city or had to carry on saw ahead the route situation meant mbalula and the nancy grace fuse to enter and major from our neighbor who also these economy is facing serious backlash on social security support as they
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in many cases where in inform our settings they are employed in core market soul in in the financial and every patient packages and really they are not included so did these all these these issues are adding to the already bad and magine of that situation off from many people and when it comes to the pandemic and that marginalize a certain you talk about where do we say sort of the the tangible effects for example our government is failing to take into account right now when it comes to public health texan masses for example. i would say that we haven't heard yet of our serious outbreaks and in many communities but we see that for example where many communities are treated
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differently when it comes to a number of cases. $1000.00 infection cases for example. in will be area and tire or in many neighborhoods where karen even if the matter how many people were actually infected by the fires and dire need of homes where there are canteen the military checkpoints need very forty's for forces taking care not entering or or leaving those remaining neighborhoods and also for example agriculture or planes they trade these neighborhoods exists in fact and which you can and i believe. in you know rightly their press. need that hold so these these this is just a man of the examples that that draw money people faced during the cold in $19.00
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and also another part of these. met many or many people have because of the exclusion and. there's corn the sions so all they are more one marital money comes to the writers because it's as just studies and throughout europe shows. on every stand 15 years many people are really less down now. down and down and the major this society a lot of the problems you talked about they relate to social exclusion ultimately welcome be done to improve the situation forever. i think one of the movie to overcome the system of segregation and oppression by racists system is that there are many people being included in decision making progress
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dresses and police and also making sure and dad these be really actually jews and financial and i'd be shunned measures do not exclude from any communities and that that mean the means that their activity to f.e.m.a. these actions to ensure that the many people equally enjoy their rights. brush oil from the european roma rights center thank you for joining us thank you a growing number of countries also spending there are lots of the astra zeneca covered 19 vaccine have a safety concerns among them now ah the netherlands book area island i am the democratic republic of congo they stopped giving the shot following reports of an increased risk of blood clots but astra zeneca insists there is no evidence to support that the world health organization is also urging countries to continue
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using the vaccine. you know and i was put the past the program where we put one of your questions to ask science correspondent is there equator. kevin 1000 is transmitted by iris house so why do i have all that protective clothing. personal protective equipment or more precisely shortages of it has been an ongoing issue for for many countries since the start of this pandemic p p e for health care workers includes a wide range of gear from 6 to phase shields to gloves to gallons and the point behind all of those products is to provide a barrier between what you want to keep out which in this case is a respiratory pathogen transmitted primarily the aerosols through the air and the person wearing the p.p. however c.d.c.
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recommendations for people taking care of recovering kovac 1000 patients at home don't include ones to wear head to foot protective clothing but only to wear effective masks and at times to put on single use gloves health care professionals in hospital wards however are regularly exposed to much higher levels of the virus than a caregiver at home sars could be to can't enter the body directly through the skin which provides a very effective protective barrier but it can settle on it and and remain capable of infecting someone for a while. now i believe that for the average person the chances of infecting yourself by transferring the virus from a surface where it settled to your face via your hands that that chance is actually quite low but that danger is multiplied for someone who spends their days in
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a ward followed coughing coded 1000 patients so donning items like downs and other protective clothing is an important way to shield yourself if you work with those people on a daily basis. and that's all from us until next time take out. the for. the the i'm going. to get the by going to. the i'm going to get.
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to. the bottom of. this motor home is motorists. it's a practice site for forensic technicians. did the killer enjoy a chocolate on. the print is going. to. silver of a friend a new technology can help soften towards getting. $90000000.00 you're. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses
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a huge construction boom. christianity from established itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power to a. but trace began. who can create the tallest biggest and most beautiful structures. stories of builders and architects compete with each other players is how massive churches are created the led contest of the cooking tools for. all 12 on d w. one we take
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steps to restore a forest we play a part in something much bigger. when making a better world for our health and for the health for future generations. by replanting and managing all forests are standing we create new spaces where plants and animals comprise a common economic activity that brings wealth and includes life so we make a real impact on climate change improves the quality of the air we breathe the food we eat and litter we trade will create an environment for our children to it's never too late to take action let's restore the forests and create a better. place
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. the be. the best player. this is it every news live from berlin a punishing defeat for germany's ruling conservatives chancellor merkel c.d.u. takes a big hit in 2 key regional elections we'll talk to a c.p.u. m.p. about the driving at the polls and the future of the party also coming up. me and mar activists press on with protests despite a weekend of deadly violence there has been international condemnation following sunday's army violence in yangon meanwhile the military has imposed martial law in parts.


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