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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. corner. hot spots for some chat and some great culture memorials to boot. travel we go. from. the 1st. we are living during the most extraordinary time in history. transportable before the electorate to know. much about how. the rest of the
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mobility show. sounds the charge on tesla and the rest of the competition with the new $87.00. volvo is headed for an all electric future with cars like the x e 40 recharge. it sounds good on paper feels even better. but crazy. from the maverick to simply mad machines goes up the unconventional variety is just noise. i think really really well because you go to do stuff with the music people as we hope you will too let's go crazy. a new car that is throwing down the guy. once led to the likes of tesla and porsche
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on a quest to conquer the world. the neo e.t. 7 is a sports sedan of the super live a variety. it comes with a 1000 kilometer range from one single charge with cardless of the whether. it's also accompanied by a world's 1st battery swapping system. packed with $648.00 horsepower it makes the dash to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds. neo's visionary c.e.o. has grand plans for the 87 years it's a 2nd living room with cutting edge technology. to a big factor in those plans is a combination of digital tech artificial intelligence and a committed community. towards you i like the futuristic aspect and the design that it's a leading global brand in electric vehicles all mere songs we hope to launch in europe
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as well soon. and it was with global reach in mind that william lee unveiled his latest model in chengdu in early 2021 e.t. 7. isn't she if you really. think that this car is the purest example yet of the futuristic design. tesla neo is targeting young tech savvy urbanites and building an entire community around its brand. was those we are neo drivers we're part of the neo family. took us it's made in china it's chinese people who are building neo cars which. neo day is an annual extravaganza open to all car owners and the company spares no expense recruiting some of china's biggest celebrities for the event like rock singer. wang fang.
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but the real star of the show is another man founder and c.e.o. william lee. hello everyone. and courage are what drive us welcome i am william lee. lee founded neo when 2014 when he was already a self-made billionaire he made his fortune from various internet startups including a web site for trading used cars the key to his success was being more innovative and wiser to developments than the competition neo's stocks soared over the course of 2020 as did that of tesla. the story of william lee is similar to that of the long mosque the founder of his american rival. more so than established carmakers neo invested in a sense of community among its customers while relatively new in china it has
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proved to hit drivers have set up their own clubs like this one in quito we like them that compared to tesla neo is a brand that really understands chinese people. club members organize outings and charity events and communicate regularly with the company neo has an active commitment to its users as customers are called a lot of owners install an app on their phone that keeps them in constant contact with neo and in many cases queries are answered by the c.e.o. himself. china is home to the world's biggest market for electric cars and one boosted by government subsidies you'll you'll get this shit i chose it because it's more enjoyable to drive. you don't have to worry about anything. that's built in neo software enables users to link up with popular apps lie. we
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chad and the digital assistant know me like i'll be. back and open the driver's window and. all of this is intended to appeal primarily to the young online generation. we believe that our model will be in demand in any country with the creative and upbeat lifestyle. down because some mean live. is a german engineer now based in china he's the chief of technology at center on automation ensuite shows and was one of neo's 1st customers. for 2 years now he's been driving an e.s.a. 8 china's 1st premium as. for this cause it's. $650.00 p. calls polo is actually. neo was one of the 1st companies to make racing
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cars for formula in 2018 it moved on to designing s.u.v.s for the chinese market targeting well off families with prices ranging between 457-0000 euros. the new $87.00 is aimed at a sporty or clientele it boasts $650.00 horsepower and a solid state battery with 150 kilowatt hours in the biggest version. neo promises a range of 1000 kilometers or more which has caused quite a stir in the automotive industry after all that's a figure no other electric car has ever managed. in portended lot of demand our main competitors for now are traditional combustion engine cars in the same price bracket if we compare ourselves to them i don't see. any
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disadvantages whether it's the performance the integration of intelligence systems interior design the digital experience autonomous driving features or our service quality. i think we're very competitive on all fronts i mean i doubt those are your for but it's in the mule's of. the new g.t. 7 is not yet available for testing but instead treats us to a sneak preview in his 2 year old e s 8 it already has some of the same autonomy as driving features like lane keeping assist technology that enjoys state subsidies as does the infrastructure. to use it always and for sure will rule if necessary but i know what is possible and what not so i can already see when it's a little bit tricky. never look willing. to actually know we changed the expressway so you're not doing anything nor has everything for weather my feet
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on the pedals and on my hands your. god the beloved brick wall. but for electric car makers range remains the biggest challenge and this is where the chinese company has found a neat solution and enabling customers to swap empty batteries for full ones. for at this moment you see we have you know 2 cos in front of one is in. so we have to read in the contract they're also 12344. currently the company has a little more than 200 swap stations around china most of them in big cities or alongside highways with an eye on people making long distance trips for shorter journeys cars can be refueled a charging stations the battery swap takes less than 10 minutes it's fully
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automated with the empty unit being removed and replaced with a new one in a procedure that no super charger no matter how fast can compete with. new also offers its batteries on a rental basis which allows customers to avoid the financial risk of a battery defect or failure. we have a number of algorithms to analyze the batteries help if a battery is not in good condition it's withdrawn from the cycle that's an advantage of our swap system we can guarantee our customers that they will always have a healthy battery in their car so the color of the ends but longer trips within china still need to be carefully planned and broken down into stages so as not to exceed the given range swamp stations in rural areas are few and far between. in january functionally instead embarked on an adventurous 11 day trek from his
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current residence in eastern china to the tibetan plateau in the west of the country covering over 6000 kilometers. this is actually had a street already 4300 meter height and one morning we have some snow and ice on the road. and up here to the neo did just fine shalom stead had discussed his plans beforehand with the company and wherever he needed to charge up they have a team to help out something. that really impressed the german engineer. a level of service in line with neil's ambitious goal to become the company with the highest customer satisfaction worldwide in the automotive industry. even in the night to us that people are they always have some people from the service they can give you some support. but as faithful as many fans
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are the company wants to see a lot more of them but. the new york community is getting bigger and bigger last year we added 43728 new car owners in total we've already exceeded 75000. that said the numbers on chip that impressive for a market that sounds more than $20000000.00 cars a year even looking at the $1300000.00 new electric cars sold in china any willy neo is a minor player. sluggish sales almost led the company to bankruptcy 2 years ago prevented only by a government bailout. when you know time we were facing the most complicated situation that a startup can face and we're grateful to our users for standing with us and difficult times function. there's also been technical setbacks one time a neo was stuck in the middle of a road in downtown beijing due to an untimely system update a p.r.
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disaster and there's another issue. everything there is in chinese but it does give me the opportunity to learn to use more and the battle because i always learning but doing what. i say think now it is called 2 years and. you still have a little possibility to every just going through a system it's a little bit funny. he also cites a few other minor flaws such as the. condition controls but overall he is very much a satisfied meal use of. the company is now planning to expand into europe probably 1st to norway and then to bigger countries this car has all. true besides us here in germany i'm a german engineer i'm. goofy to us. this is one
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of the best cause i ever drove in my life but. you know to the best. and once the car goes on sale in europe. might finally get its english touch screen display. when i believe customers in europe will be able to buy our cars by the end of 2021 asia europe and then the world's william levy has high hopes for the neo p.t. 781000 kilometer range together with a solid state battery a winning combination that no other electric car can currently match.
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today. paul will need 40 recharge the 1st ever fully electric paul volcker. taxi 40 recharge steps into a 2nd one that is already heavily crowded so what can it offer to stand out from the competitive is what i want to check out today 1st up how does it fare in terms of battery and. we call features 78. 75 you know what they can effectively be used. to. 114. and if you mostly dry in the city you will get even. that is also what i experienced during my drive here. it is. in that segment. that compares favorably with the 262320 kilometers reached by other electric s.u.v.s. or opel. to match that 500 figure
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you have to move to bigger models like the mercedes q.c. and id for. so what about the out for the car to. one at the front of one of the rear wall so. the car can make the. sounds good on paper even. crazy. speed up 180. it's. the. be able to go faster than 180. that's. speaking of which not so long ago the stereotype of geography teachers cars so if
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you were going to have a crash there was no better car to be a. safety has been paramount for the swedish company ever since its debut model in 1027 and that sterling reputation has been maintained over the decades. but with cars growing in size from one generation to the next they also grew in weight and speed. so with road safety still a priority volvo boat we announced that all its 2021 model year cars will have a top speed limited to 180 kilometers per hour. well those are also equipped with the latest assist technologies to help prevent accidents from happening in the 1st place. back to our test the x e 40 can be recharged at a peak rate of $150.00 kilowatts with 40 minutes sufficient to reach 80 percent of capacity. many rivals struggle to charge with just $100.00 kilowatts means i
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usually see. this with the poles to also peaches the same google based infotainment system which is very nice. and that similarity is no coincidence pollstar was volvo's in house tuning on before becoming a separate brand 2017 that said the x c 4060 are designed bears no relation to that of the full. well those plans to sell 1000000 electrified by 2025 what might sound like an ambitious plan at 1st glance at the council the goal if you can see. that this is not only means they cost but also a hybrid car that can drive it. but bobos environmental commitment is not just limited to. the sweetest car maker has set itself the target of becoming c o 2 neutral by 2040. by the history.
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of this production side we intend to reduce the global supply chain and c o 2 emissions by a quarter plus by then our cars are said to have a 25 percent share of recycled materials adding all that together by 2025 we plan to have a 25 percent reduction in c o 2 emissions across all our operations that stuff that the. sponsor will take to. another part of that climate plan is shifting its entire production to electric cars by. 2030 and a further bonus here is that most cars have minimal. recharge . in the car on the interior another great thing with the cars is the brake energy recuperation.
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and if you take you. very much. braking i'll be honest but not all cars out there come with such an effective energy recovery center. it takes a few minutes to get used to because usually if you approach. the gas and. if you completely take your. brake and if you. even make it to the. way before. it's a feature that you rivals to x.e. 40 can offer. by the way. to complete standstill if you take your foot off the pedal most other cars will keep rolling along at around 7 kilometers an hour always been
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a car making the produced. jury a car. you can also buy the price. you get. and i have to admit it is really driving in here. has a fantastic range and a high charging speed it also has an extremely quiet interior and pretty. for the acceleration on the downside the relatively high price tag and the cap on the speed of the pole star $2.00 for example can go up to 205 kilometers per hour with the same power train while some other volvo models topped out at 250.
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racing along country roads at 111 kilometers an hour in the world's fastest bat. china from britain set a new world record in 2008 doing day he specializes in the construction of completely crazy cars. so anything is possible i do like exploring stuff i'm very curious about how things work and i really really do love sort of dragging things together they shouldn't be together could i make a call that was nothing like a cop would still be streaming gold. all over say that some of the control going to syria will spark conventional man you've got your indicator of stuff you're lying and the whole one as well as all on here so everything is nice and close easy to get hold of he's made it into the guinness world records 8 times. i guess nobody else is really doing that so it's quite nice to be in that strange space but it's also about pushing the limits and just seeing
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how far you can take that and i think you know that's really where i guess some of the record started to come in and i would say that the social record was just naturally curious for retrospect to me and said you know we did you know that i think 7 months i honestly think is a world record. the song was steered by a piece of paper and braked with. its gas pedal is knee operated and china earned his 1st world record when he drove the sofa around a track at a motor show and a spectator time 10. i said. and it was. like the world's fastest motorized bathroom fixtures and fittings are attached to a motorcycle frame when it comes to creating new forms of mobility china likes to
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break with convention and simply let his imagination run wild creations like his mobile are the result he's constantly updating it. and. engineering product design he became famous as a car expert on a british t.v. show. he's been constructing his mad machine near london. but this is a. this is money. most of it's kind of the minute i screamed on this with the it was printed on his latest record pushing the all electric vehicle to a top speed of $100.00 in 1000 kilometers per hour wasn't a problem but there were
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a few additional challenges. quite a few rules beginners down and then also for sure to serve ice cream before and after the event and that was really the nub of the problem. that's because he had to develop a new technology to allow his ice cream machine to run on battery power rather than diesel he's patented his green ice cream machine and now it's being employed in ice cream trucks in the meantime his record has now been. but his electric ice cream van project still gives him the drive to do more like actually change the world and make it a better place i mean who wants to use all fields are there eyes get right i'm in the guinness world record thing is fun but there is now there's always been an engineering purpose behind it that's part of the challenge it's just nice to do stuff for fun but at the same time has a 2nd or 3rd purpose as well i think really that's really where this is going you
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go to do stuff but it's amuses people but it has to have a point. and china could provide valuable impetus for new kinds of mobility the record breaking rebel is used to getting things moving even things that normally stay put. and we'll be getting things moving again with more revolutionary mobility next week on read.
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you can die fast. but not style so we take you on a fashion to around the continent. meet the people who dress as an art form. see how traditional patterns are still a cool look and find out of that and beauty pageant with a twist to 77 percent. 30 minutes d.w. . my country is one of the richest countries in latin america.
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my country is one of the most devastated countries in the world. to my countrymen what has happened to. a filmmaker searches for answers venezuela the bitter legacy of hugo charlton's in 75 minutes on t.w. . how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when we'll all miss him. just 3 of the topics covered and the weekly radio program. if you would like and more information on the chrono laroche or any other science topic you should really
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check out our podcast if you get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at christine's elling dot com forum slash science. more than a 1000 years ago europe witnesses a huge construction boom. christianity for me established itself. both religious and secular leaders or eager to display their power. to trace begins. the tallest biggest most beautiful structures. stone masons builders architects with each other. this is home massive churches or create a. contest of book. stores. on w. .
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50 w. news life of regional elections in germany test the national mood ahead of this year's general election chancellor merkel's conservatives face blowback over the how to blend of the coronavirus crisis and a scandal over time demi profiteering also coming out british police manhandle women protesting against male violence government ministers are demanding an explanation for the heavy handed response at a vigil for murder victim sara.


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