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make up your. bill. this is dave w. news and these are our top stories police have made arrests at a vigil in south london in memory of murder victim sarah ever heard the virgil was officially cancelled after a court denied permission for it to go ahead nevertheless 100 still turned down to pay their respects earlier on saturday a police officer appeared in court charged with ever it's murder. astra zeneca has again cut its forecast for the number of vaccines it will deliver to the
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european union and now says it will deliver just 30000000 doses in the 1st quarter instead of the 80000000 originally agreed astra zeneca is blaming the shortfall on production problems and export restrictions. several people have been killed in demonstrations against me on mars military rulers at least one person was shot dead in the city of p.r.i. several others were killed in the main city and gone where protesters divided one time curfew to hold a candlelight vigil within 70 protestors have been killed since last month's. the state of the news from berlin you can follow us on instagram and twitter at the daily news or visit our website d w dot com. hello
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and welcome to in good shape coming up. fascinating facia a connective tissue that's key to wellbeing and health. muscle cramps what causes them and what can help. but 1st how to build strong and healthy bones. one looks like a belt the other like the mood and the 3rd has the shape of a pea and they're all in here in your wrist because those are 3 wrist bands 8 your body is made up of more than 200 different bows and this is what today shows about. from the tip of our toes to the top of the head bones give us structure and stability and help protect out in organs such as the heart lungs and brain and adult skeleton is usually made up of 206 both up to 52
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teeth. the longest bone is the femur all 5 bone it's also one of the strongest able to bear 30 times our own body weight it's as tough as steel. joins articulate the bones so we can move ball and socket joints allow movement in many directions they're subject to enormous wear and 10. still they often serve us well far into old age and usually work fine longer than artificial replacements some bones are part of our sensory organs the 3 smallest bones are in the middle ear they transmit vibrations caused by sound waves from the drum to the in the ear . bones are living organs and made up of various parts they're covered in a membrane called the periodicity m it contains blood vessels and nerve fibers so it's sensitive to pain the next layer is the compact but after that comes the
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cancer list it's light and porous a bit like a honeycomb and provides structural support the spaces are often filled with marrow mostly yellow marrow the red kind is mainly to be found in the middle or a cavity. the cavity well equipped with blood vessels is where red marrow creates new blood cells we need billions each day. and young children all the bone marrow is red because they need for new blood is high in adults red marrow is only found in a few bones mainly the vertebra ribs breast bone and pelvis calcium is the main component of our bones so we need to get enough of it otherwise they become weak and brittle we also need magnesium and vision indeed to get calcium circulating in the blood into bones. both exercise and impact are important for maintaining bone density and health. strong vital for our health and we all can
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take good care of a. boost in routine how with sports and exercise people who work hard regularly have a higher bone density and this low risk of fractures. the lower legs of track runners have about 30 percent more bone mass than normal the upper arms of a tennis player up to 40 percent more. pleats like volleyball players have the strongest bones as they jump up and hit the ball but can even non athletes train their own bones into better shape we asked physiotherapists reoccurred morse and bone specialist dr salvatore him how that works. to take you higher throughout our bones continue to be remodelled and renewed in response to the stress on them right into old age there's plenty of activity going on constantly. that's because the muscles attached to our bones pull and exert forces on them if the bone doesn't
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move it will fracture over time however that elasticity decreases that's where the team of bone renovators come in cells known as osteoclasts osteoclasts and austere sites the osteoclasts are the cleanup crew breaking down bone tissue that's become too weak. and then come the osteoclasts they replace missing bone material. for the osteo sites. there are 4 men who oversee the entire operation but this otherwise well organized team has a weak link by the time we reach 40 our last start slacking off when it comes to delivering construction material. this can result in a loss of bone mass osteoporosis. but people can help themselves through physical activity 3 are cool most knows
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a range of simple exercises for giving your bones a workout. out in the shopping mall she soon finds passers by eager to join in. our place your pelvis and belly on the ball with your feet providing support of the back and then from around a position you straighten your back and body with your arms forming a u. and then back down again. 2 sessions of 10 repetitions help to bolster all the back muscles which pull on your spine that instructs the body to send fresh bone mass to every vertebra. down through the i could do something for hours for that area. the next exercise is on all fours. the head isn't all that in your hands need to be directly beneath your shoulders and your knees under your hip joints you then stretch out your right arm and your
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left leg and then draw in your right elbow to meet your left knee in the middle and then stretch out again very good. exercises like this are called functional training. as long as you don't have osteoporosis you can practice at home on your own as a preventative measure. if you do have osteoporosis you should ask your doctor to prescribe sessions with a physio therapist alone or in a group. the final exercise is for beefing up your fiber and your training equipment here consists of 2 bottles of water and you move forward one step at a time using your knees springs. it's the spring if that matters not how low you go you should do this for one or 2 minutes at a time. and the exercise also means
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a workout for our sense of balance helping to keep us on feet and avoid nasty falls more good news for those good old bones. almost 80 percent of our bone structure consists of calcium compounds that's why it's good to know which foods contain a lot of calcium and which foods calcium leaching foods that's a perfect mission for medical peter to find out together with an expert. when it comes to serving up a recipe for healthy bones dr chef and kevin think has plenty of dietary tips easing off the only just you has years of experience helping patients to help themselves. hello let's talk about our bones. reports. products also important for our bones because our
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continent what's your opinion as an expert we. command daily intake of one glass of milk 2 slices of cheese and cottage cheese. it's not concerned what. green vegetables have a high. concentration like broccoli we have also mineral waters that have a high. concentration up to 600 milligrams pollutants so if you take one or 2 liters of these the constant intake is sufficient. and so for. cause you a lot of work or is that also important for older people it's absolutely important in young age because then we're building our bones but also in post-menopausal
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women or all the men and it's also very important to have a high council intake so that the bone is not. getting weaker and getting problems severe problems. substance to our bones as water indeed was that yes vitamin d. is absolutely important in the whole. bone prose so the transport. and integration of calcium into the bone is depending on vitamin d. so if you do not have sufficient vitamin d. in your blood. your bone will get severe problems normally if we see the sun every day we get enough by to be activated in our blood we need 30 minutes like one up to one hour per day and this is. in germany quite difficult other countries
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where this is not a problem. but in regions where this is a problem we supplements and vitamins the 802-1000 international units per day you should take them. with your breakfast or with their lunch because they need some fat to be really resolved but what about substances to be need for both the vitamin side we need might even be 12 and folic acid which for instance in tilts i do mean b 12 is also in dairy products. in fish and meat on the other foods that interfere with our. or liev schreiber or both what that all about fate is a really big problem we have lots of 1st feed in our food especially in convenience foods and koch. which is a lie coke too but you shouldn't have too much force feed daily intake
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because this is accounts in the problem for the council result. on the other hand we have oxalic acid which is for instance high concentration and chart which is also interfering in the ball with the cancer and so the consume cannot really be resolved ok i am supposed to. have died from the diet for my liver of a brain and so all of our borders to go up ripped us all into where they live yes it's important to eat a balanced diet if you eat pizza and drink coke every day this is not good for your brain for your bones and for nothing not for your heart to whom you have to eat on the basis of vegetables and fruits drinking is very important string of water and other. fluids and.
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carbohydrates proteins and meat and fish dairy products very important and then just a little bit of sugar and a little bit of fat and then you have a perfectly balanced diet ok i get my summary every day a green salad with lots of stresses in the cellar that sounds perfect like this you're going to get really old. for those under your work and. those can it only break they can develop diseases as well like their own cancer it's a rare disease that it affects mainly children and adolescents the symptoms are not very specific because pain in the arms in the legs or in the joints could have various other causes so bone cancer is often misdiagnosed so that's why treatment often start at a late stage and many. forced to make a very tough decision and florian fischer is in his element for him being able to
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run around the soccer pitch like this is nothing short of a miracle. it's a lot of fun to play with the guys here we're a great bunch and don't care about who has what health condition on the pitch everyone's equals and we just enjoy playing. playing on crutches clearly doesn't diminish the fun. now 23 fisher was 6 when he had his 1st kick about on the pitch he dreamt of becoming a soccer pro but he kept having a nagging pain in his right knee for years his doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong and then finally came the diagnosis bone cancer. i was 14 so of course i had other things on my mind i didn't know how my life would go on and my parents didn't know how to deal with the diagnosis either. but in the back of my mind i was thinking what about the.


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