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tv   Projekt Zukunft  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2021 6:03pm-6:31pm CET

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you just mentioned it which more specifically there are claims that this would cause blood clotting within patients now the w.h.o. says there is no evidence no connection between the vaccine and these side effects so far proven but still some e.u. member states namely denmark and bulgaria have decided to suspend the use of astronomical while others still continue to administer the vaccine should this this shows that some member states do have a more of an individual approach what is causing more concern at the moment is claims by 5 e.u. country leaders led by the austrian chances of western quotes is that an equal distribution of the vaccine is leading to increased disparity just a little bit of background information the e.u. has decided to buy vaccine all together all $27.00 member states together and distribute it per capita now the austrian chancer claims that denmark and the netherlands have made side deals in the choir more doses and thereby going against this solidarity approach the u.
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itself says this is good this can be perfectly legal if some e.u. countries renounce their share of the doses others are free to buy this but this is likely this is something that is causing tension at the moment and this is also likely something that will be discussed at the upcoming e.u. summit so there's conflict in the e.u. there's also a transatlantic aspect here because the u.s. which has notice way out ahead of its vaccination in comparison to the e.u. has millions of additional unused astra zeneca vaccines that it could donate to the e.u. and it's not so what is the use response to this. that's right william and the e.u. is very closely what's happening in the us their vaccinations effort is much faster as we know in the u.s. the u.s. is sitting on 30000000 more than 30000000 doses of australia that cannot be administered in the u.s. yet because they don't have the green like that but could go be inoculated immediately in the e.u.
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and. this is causing great concerns also that the white house made clear to the that there's no chance in the next coming time that they would get any of these vaccines and this is causing great concerns also regarding another vaccine that was just approved through the johnson and johnson exene where which is produced partially in the u. but finished in the u.s. where you leaders are now fearing that these finished vaccines the finished product will not make its way back across the paula because the export will be bad now we know that e.u. leaders and u.s. leaders are talking we don't know much what's what's coming out of it but he used person said the other week that we are working with the e.u. is working very closely to keep the supply chains open all right we're going to leave it there with max and in brussels thanks very much. let's turn to brazil now where health services are approaching a breaking point as infection rates continue to rise rapidly the country is also
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dealing with high death rates but some in south africa's biggest country say young people aren't taking the pen demick seriously and they keep on partying like it's 2019 let's have a quick look. patients just keep arriving at hospitals in sao paulo public and private clinics a stretch to be limits. where in the middle of an emergency and young brazilians are still going to parties they don't understand how serious the situation is. in many parts of brazil the health system is overloaded and close to breaking point there have been delays in setting up new emergency hospitals people furious. people are dying in here this is not a game. graves of being dug across the country currently more than 2000 people a day dying with corona virus but experts believe the worst is yet to come.
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where washing. it is possible that brazil will soon be recording around $3000.00 victims per day that acceptable. the country's vaccination campaign has been sluggish with frequent interruptions many say the brazilian government waited too long to order vaccine doses as the number of victims grows so does criticism of president also nado who repeatedly downplayed the threat posed by the virus. there is no let up in the anti cool demonstrations in me and more nor in the brutal response from government security forces after several protesters were shot dead by police overnight more people have been killed on saturday at rallies more than 70 people have died in the in the rust and the un rest that started when the army seized power last month. of me and mar are in mourning the minute is going to be all of them he joined as
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a volunteer kite every night. i asked him to take a rest as he was sick but i couldn't stop him. he said he needs to take care of people because the military were attacking them with heavy weapons then they shot and killed him he can't fight back anymore because they knew him a little in the belief that a lot of. the soldiers shot at us during our sit in last night and arrested 3 people they beat them. a group of us went to the police station to request their release then they fired live right after us. one died over there and another one died here are my dollars suma. i. still an air of defiance prevails. even in the face of mounting funerals i mean. the.
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people are determined to keep up the pressure thousands rallied in mandalay many of them teachers and university students the it was it was but moments later police despairs the peaceful protest with tear gas and rubber bullets. amid the escalation of police brutality injuries like these are becoming commonplace. health care workers and volunteers who raced to bring them ice of the line of fire. witness footage from friday in young gone shows police beating 3 men accused of breaking a nighttime curfew they were dragged from their homes and beaten with sticks on the street. 7 in the distance the signs of gunfire.
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attesting to another episode of violence in the city. now with us from on the way is an activist his name is david we are worth holding his full name to protect his identity david can you just tell us a little bit of what your witnessing where you are. and couldn't he so just if you could tell us a little bit about what you are witnessing where you are. who you are witnessing something that i've never go to i would witness in my life. and whenever we see protest on international stages what we saw was dispersing peaceful protest it was. quite on the international standard but here they don't draw any police lines they don't follow in standard procedures and
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instead of dispersing the crowds the king to kill us and this morning it was very deadly crackdown and it was really hard thinking moment and moreover we can't we cannot also rest at night because they snatch people at night to use in the military. since they are now in conflict with armed forces across the border. this violence that your experience saying has it forced you to change any tactics in your protests or does it change the way that you and fellow activists confront security forces. since we started protesting after 4 days of still cool which is around february forced or the 3rd and comparing thronged moment detectives of us has
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shifted dramatically so it takes from there. in the military regime there and the way we confront now is more like a flight in to get there and so we started doing that we are we are of white conference damn feast days and we try to disperse that cross as fast as possible and then we quit the week at that different place so what they did was before the pain before they come to crack us down the 1st block though we were going to disbar so that we were trapped inside and then they started killing so it's more like the video game and trying to kill us rather than dispersing peaceful protesters. ok we're going to leave it there were david a mandalay thank you for your views. thank you let's turn now to some
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other stories making news around the world at least 8 people have been killed and dozens wounded by a powerful car bomb in western afghanistan the blast targeted a police station in the city of herat the government blamed the taliban but a spokesman for the group denied responsibility. russian police have arrested about $150.00 opposition politicians and municipal deputies at a conference in moscow accusing them of links to an undesirable organization what they call it organize organizers said participants from all over russia were discussing plans for parliamentary and local elections in september several prominent opposition figures were due to take part. the world's largest neutrino telescope has gone into operation at russia's lake baikal the underwater telescope aims to study signals travelling to earth in the form of high energy neutrino particles scientists think they can help us understand the origins and evolution of the universe. were let's turn to football now and its match day 25 in the
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bundesliga let's take a look at all the results so far byron munich stayed in 1st place 1st place by beating braman demolished last place. downed cologne and mine snuck past freiburg on friday october came out on top of. the hosts proved too strong for winning 31 birds andre hahn sealed the victory with the best of the goals in the 89th minute i was birkenau looks safe from let relegation are without a bonus legal when st january. and there are still 4 more games coming up kicking off soon as dortmund versus hats have brought the in and on sunday labor close in battle be the failed rb leipzig face frankfurt and stuttgart take on hoffenheim. 2 nasa astronauts have completed a final space walk to finish repairs and odd jobs on the outside of the
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international space station american astronauts and russian cosmonauts have been working on the i assess exterior for about a week doing various jobs including sealing to air leaks the work took longer than expected but it's now nearing completion i assess crew discovered 2 leaks in the station or august but sealed them temporarily at that time. and watching you get your news live from berlin shift living in the digital age is coming up next we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour thanks very much. but 2015 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that is over this is
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the crisis of our time it's a financial problem like any other financial we live in a competitive world this cold it's cool it's cool water used to be free but the world is changing the most important commodity tonight is. the freezing. water system or commodity starts march 22nd on d w. can artificial intelligence create art on par with masters like rembrandt and can we even consider at this genuine art in this episode also you ai generated artworks and the software used to make them artificial intelligence be creative our topic today on shift.
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artificial intelligence has become so at bound it can even be used to transform paintings into animations or sketches into photo realistic portraits but ken ai systems become artists and all right with genuine creativity here's what robots afia things i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist one day an ambitious goal for a robot and maybe not all that unrealistic after all sophia's robel peer alter 3 already orchestra 'd 'd. and human robot ada is turning heads in the art world. well robots soon replace human artists the british team behind ada wants us to think hard about these technologies ethical implications is certainly not going to be putting anybody out of any job because just like other technologies a come into place like the camera they were it in the 85th is that the camera was
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going to take a little they didn't. has camera eyes that record her surroundings the rhythms then process this information and forward it to her robotic arm which then sketches portraits the robot combines human interaction with machine learning the so-called human in the loop approach to make art with the art work is very creative one of the astonishing things about. the algorithmic nature of it means that we actually don't know what the output is going to be we don't know what the dog is going to look like and it generally has that supplies of value which it when you see in the world a study by computer scientist ahmed found that when it comes to abstract art we struggle to discern whether a piece is human or machine made. rise musically so when folks who are prime human conoco we're going to run by you know human machine. for example this is human made this piece is ai are created by ahmed held the most creative adversarial network or
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i can this runs to neuronal networks judge discriminator module that decides when the outcome is novel i basically don't think so. human creation if you think of the whole concept of reading them as you do that that's. who then should be credit for machine made artworks the ai system programmers or master painters like the console rembrandt and van gogh whose artworks were used to train the systems and beyond authorship there's the question of money. art by the robot ada has been sold for all. 1000000 euros. in 2018 and a i generated portrait of the made up gentleman edmund development sold at christie's for around 380000 euros the algorithm had been trained with portrait paintings.
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the french collective obvious supplied a fictitious develop the family tree. golden frames and signed the painting with the algorithm and received all the money. if you would like to buy ai generated arguer sell the art ai gallery platform has plenty of moderately priced originals and algorithms supply new ai artworks every day the platform creators want to democratize this new art form all of this raises questions such as what makes art art how much should it cost and what does it take for an artwork to move us. critics say algorithmic art is just a marketing ploy designed to make money they say creativity can only come from the human mind but others argue that ai can help us expand our imagination we asked yet his view he has the center for humans and machines at berlin's max planck institute for human development. to believe it's really up to you like to determine
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whether this is a creative genius or cheating but i do think that in your kind of artist is emerging who understands this kind of and you'll meet you and he's able to wield it in creative ways one painter who does just this is roman lidsky he uses an algorithmic assistant to enhance his creative output. the most it is good music is an algorithm it's a program that serves me in generating new variations on my own art called. the muse helps artists divel. this painting. lipski teamed up with data scientist flo young domani who wrote the program for the painter that analyzes this technique color use composition. that suggests new pictures based on that information.
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bit a statistician a result i'm atlee a matrix of numbers so you can think of the muse as a very clever number generator because it can determine the color values of images in such a way that something novel and exciting is created. those folks in your soul doesn't candles i'm for the heart of the music is a pretty trained neural network that was originally developed to distinguish cats from dogs and recognize different objects on pictures a few years ago researchers discovered that such a pre-trained neural network can be used to extract certain features such as brightness colors shapes and even style from images. all spit on so extra lipski always wanted to paint abstract pictures it wasn't until he worked with program that he was happy with his output he says his paintings have become more colorful expressive and bold also thanks to the computer generated images you
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didn't need to move the i'm in a kind of dialogue with the muse in a loop and we influence each other. to the digital images inspire me to evolve those uses and because i see them use as only a tool it will never replace me. what a cool collaboration and there are plenty more out there ai artists is an organization that brings together creative types with a lot for tech like alexander raven he uses highly advanced g p $23.00 neural networks to generate descriptions of artworks he then creates actual art based on these the world of music also offers fantastic scope for collaboration between human and machine. the installation meandering river seen here in berlin features algorithm 'd generated images of rivers and ai piano music. human piano players spent
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hours improvising to the abstract river trajectories. their music was used to train the ai system which improvises to the footage in the exhibition. christiane no such has grown accustomed to working with ai this group is. it feels as if this is another instrument in fact i'd even say it feels like there's another musician sitting beside you and you have to work with but you need to get to know this musician and figure out how to collaborate. from the. products offer similar perks c.e.o. my ackerman developed lyrics studio a piece of software that assists seasoned musicians can beginners in writing song lyrics the program makes suggestions for the next lines based on a user specific style. musician have been corroborated with each other when writing songs or century that's
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a normal way to write songs in the future to some degree already right now there are another collaborator where people are worried where people are weary if they don't want day i can control but it really doesn't have. it's all about her design the system. the app elisia make suggestions for the musical composition one of ackerman's university colleagues used it to compose an italian opera without any prior musical training. here elisia was trained using works by the italian composer giacomo put the ai then helped write the push in the lake area set in the computer game world of warcraft is a person manages to write songs in the style of bach. or any other composer we would think of it as quite creative but then when a computer doesn't make sense doubt it well maybe that's not creative enough. muse
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net is another air system it's able to generate compositions reminiscent of musical greats like chuck tom or mozart. listen to a piece of music that is accomplished by an ai since it is able to examine responses because be exactly. does not understand our emotions. even used to complete unfinished 10th symphony. fancy playing around with the basic version of news that yourself will show you how to unleash your inner composer and experiment with other fun tools as well. the open ai blog post a basic version is muse net you can select an artist like mozart and a song by adele for example and let the algorithm fuse both styles in the advanced settings you can also generate brand new songs and add additional instruments.
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but if you play a piano duet with an ai we found it sounded best when. one after another. this is go get the program using a generated adversarial network it will transform your sketches and doodles into photo realistic images. while deep art will give your holiday snaps an artsy make over inspired by some of the world's most famous painters this technology is based on a neural styled transfer algorithm. and then there's to decide which turns
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a photo of you into a comic version of yourself. well that does somewhat resemble me don't you think all these clever algorithms are trained using preexisting human artworks usually the data used is based on western art more diversity in these data sets would certainly booze the creativity even further so what do you make of ai generated art think it's simply a bad imitation of human art or do you think this technology can broaden our imagination in any case i think all art lies in the eye of the beholder and that there's great potential to boost creativity with technology we haven't interviewed the robot 8 about this you can find a video on our you tube channel as always let us know your thoughts so you soon could buy.
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you can buy fashion but not. take noon on a fashion tour around the continent. meet the people who hasn't gone. see from traditional patterns i'm still a cool look. and find some of the beauty pageant little twists. to be said. this motor home is motorists. it's a practice site for forensic technicians. did the killer enjoy a chunk of. your printer just seems. to think. there's a threat and a new technology can help solve the. world today. 60 minutes. w.'s crime fighters are back but africa's most
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successful radio drama series continues the only desserts are available online and of course you can share and discuss song w. africa's facebook and other social media platforms. to me and now. hello and welcome to the 77 percent the show for africa's youth my name is even the money and this week we're bringing you the show from my hometown this is beautiful green city in the sun i'm talking about the capital of kenya nairobi. well a very special show for you today so stick around as we take you on a fashion to around the continent yes i said fashion today we'll look at what we're saying about ourselves with the clothes and rituals to wear.


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