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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm CET

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discovery. documentary on. the state of the u. news and these are our top stories the u.s. city of minneapolis has agreed to pay the family of george floyd $27000000.00 to settle a civil lawsuit over his death floyd was killed while in police custody last may former police officer derek shogun is currently on trial for his murder as jury selection under way. myanmar's latest pro-democracy protests have been met with more harsh responses from security forces police fired
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rubber bullets and tear gas during demonstrations in the country's 2 largest cities the un's human rights investigator has accused the military regime of committing crimes against humanity. authorities in one theory and say gunmen have kidnapped dozens of students from a school in the northwestern state of could do no security forces were able to rescue 180 pupils and staff but nearly 40 students are still missing it's the 4th mass kidnapping from a nigerian school since december. this is news from berlin you can follow us on instagram and twitter at studio you news or visit our website w dot com. or off the all. u.s. president joe biden says he's hopeful that by independence day americans will also
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be able to mark their independence from covert 19 by celebrating together he was speaking on 1st day here to the day after the outbreak was classified as a global pandemic and the same day that he signed his $1.00 trillion dollar american rescue plan into law so what will all be easy arose by you. i'm. there and this is the day. this country can do anything. that one republican voted for question. to be these fires getting back to normal. this is the most consequential record. i think this
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is actually one of the worst piece of legislation i've seen. never ever a good bet to bet against the american people. also on the day you will look a while increasing number of african american women say they need a gun to feel safe. because we have been target for. them to the day while much of the world is still struggling with stubborn coronavirus virus case dumbass u.s. president joe biden says americans could have most of the pandemic behind them by mid summer and that's thanks in part to an accelerated vaccination program with a target date for reaching all adults it's being moved forward again americans will also start seeing the benefits of the country's biggest economic stimulus program
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since the new deal during the 1930 s. great depression after president biden signed the landmark legislation into law fulfilling a key election pledge hours later in a primetime t.v. address he laid out his vision for moving forward in the pandemic sending out a message of hope 1st. tonight i'm announcing that i would direct all states tribes and territories to make all adults people 18 and over eligible to be vaccinated no later than may 1 this is not the time to let up. just as we were emerging from a dark winter in a hopeful spring and summer is not the time to not stick with the rules by july the 4th there's a good chance you your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or
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a barbecue and celebrate independence day america is coming back president biden they're offering americans our hope for a covert free future and the promise of financial belief of millions of americans is $1.00 trillion dollars stimulus package gives the social safety net one of its biggest boost in u.s. history some benefits will be felt immediately top of the list of the $1400.00 checks heading to most americans a sum possibly arriving as soon as this weekend there's also an extension of emergency unemployment benefits that are longer term items beyond pandemic relief like expanded tax credits for children which could be made permanent the bill pumps $170000000000.00 into schools universities and colleges tens of billions have been allocated to federal grant and housing assistance and state and local governments will receive 350000000000 to boost their social programs so let's take a closer look at this with the w.'s washington correspondent all of us honest to
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welcome all of so free money all the way at the prospect of a near normal summer this must be music to be is of many americans is that how joe biden's 1st primetime speech went over. well it certainly is a big surprise especially if you look at the time frame now for the vaccines the country has been suffering a lot as you know from the cold 910 demick and now suddenly it looks like everyone can celebrate the 4th of july with certainly we have more mold see and will be eligible for a vaccine by may 1st so many americans of course see that as relief it's all happening a lot faster than expected joe biden when he took office he offered 100000000 doses of thanks seen in the 1st 100 days and now within the same time frame it's 330000000 americans that will be eligible according to his speech of course but let's also not forget the u.s. suffering a lot 500000 people died from cold lives so there's also a lot of pressure on the u.s. government but of course it's not really free money in the long term there was lots
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of republican opposition to this plan because of the staggering cost this is a classic example of big government democratic overreach and the economy is coming back people are getting back strain we're on the way out of this were about a boon it was a liberal wish list they've described is the most progressive domestic legislation in a generation i think one thing that by the ministration really has to focus on is the risk of what do all these debts going to do to us oh it's not a republican senator after another condemning it is they just voicing parties on opposition or is that why the concern amongst americans about the price tag. well there is certainly some concern that goes beyond the party divide you will have to dive into macro economics for that is certainly the biggest stimulus
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package in the history of the united states was 1.9 trillion u.s. dollars that is printed money it will or it might dry if inflation at all has repercussions on society so there are fears of spiking prices on the impact this has on the stock market and therefore then also on pension so there is a lot of concern but at the same time of course. many millions of americans are unemployed and that aid is really urgently needed. but it looks like the u.s. is increasingly looking towards the end of the pond very but despite his optimism about the summit president biden emphasized the need to remain vigilant so are american still prepared to keep to the rules. that really depends phil where you are into who you're talking to the mask for instance has become a question of faith really highly politicized and some states are beginning to lift their mask mandates texas for instance and that against the will of president biden
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and also against the will of the scent of control so the texas governor is up for reelection in 2 years and he's certainly trying to secure the concert a conservative vote in his state and we met a member of the members off a bike or a co-op in the or austin who were celebrating a mask burning event let's take a look. a different kind of texas barbecue older they have all been waiting for the mask mandate is history and members of the w.t.f. biker club burn what they think is a symbol of suppression c c. it is an extremely happy day for us we are elated out here we put this event together and invited the community to come out and it's been a great turnout and we are all celebrating and you know our freedom that's really what this is about. at the university of texas in austin vaccination is underweight
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but with new variance spreading many here is think that it's still too early to draw up the mast mandate we're nowhere near herd immunity so. myself i'm going to wear the mask it certainly doesn't mean the pandemic is over and i think it could work we would need to another spike i honestly think it was in a smart decision made by i know that things next 2 months are very important and crucial and like being able to be born. mask or no mask the topic remains highly controversial in texas and it could end up in the courts. the city of austin has issued its own mask mandate and that has led to a new dispute the state of texas threatened to sue. the city of the mayor doesn't drop his mask mandate the question of wearing a mask continues to be a highly divisive topic here in texas and across the united states bar owner taylor ziebart has reopened his brewery but continues to demand masks for his customers he
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says the state left him and the hospitality industry alone with the pandemic with a mass mandate it gave us a little bit of power to enforce these rules and it's the onus is on us now to keep 4 people safe and keep the public safe and we don't really have a you know a last line of defense there within the state friend or foe for now the w.t.f. biker club members they've given their mess. so all of us all about texas what about the rest of the country want to people think about what texas is doing. well there is certainly a lot of criticism in particular when it comes to the fallout of course of lifting the masked men date so even in texas if you go to the bigger cities there and especially in austin the capital people are very critical off that move and texas is also not the only state that has lifted the mask mandate there is mississippi
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and wyoming also following some of them might others might be other states coming soon and then you have some states that never really had a mask mandate like cells the cold which by the way we've traveled there as well to cover the situation there has suffered more than the other states with a higher death rate of course and a higher rate of infection so it really does come down to the republican strongholds and there is of course a lot of concern and we've seen that also in the report that lifting the mask mandate now would lead to another spike of new infections also especially with the variants right now spreading and that is also something that we've been hearing from president biden over and over again and he says it's way too early right now to sort of to stop wearing you know mass and that is voices that we've heard not only in texas but all across the united states who is joe biden very pleased about the america's vaccine a rollout so is the american public generally as pleased as he is about these
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efforts. well you know it's fair to say yes recent polls suggest that some 60 percent of americans are supportive and think joe biden is doing a good job in handling the pandemic and especially with regards to the vaccine rollout of course his success that he was able to deliver last night in his speech is one part of it of course and it's a different tone in contrast if you look at how donald trump sounded and and if you look at and listen to joe biden now he's also made the pandemic his top priority but in all fairness the success was laid by donald trump himself of course did a poor job in containing the pandemic and was criticized a lot over the role he played that led 250-0000 casualties but he bought a lot of vaccine doses when he was still in office and joe biden is continuing his path theory it's adding science to the equation and many of course appreciate that
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. no republicans voted for this hugely expensive relief package where does that leave joe biden's hope for bipartisanship. well that was a of course to be expected that the republicans have a critical take on this simply because of the sheer size and it's really against the political believes that the state should have such a large role when it comes to helping aiding in that situation of economic downturn. joe biden of course as always emphasized that he wants to not govern against the republicans but that he wants to unite the country and he's certainly seeing his limitations here very quickly more quickly than expected so this is going to be very interesting to look at and to follow whether he as a as a president now will be able to reach out to the republicans who was always known
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for being a politician who was able to make deals with the other side or if in times of polarization like the one we are living through right now this will be impossible so certainly one of the big challenges for the biden presidency silence in washington thank you much in the day on the w. still to come campaigning in the era of covert ahead of the key state elections this weekend we'll see how german politicians are trying to reach voters safely and meet individual people but try to keep my distance you carry a basket flip flyers which she tried to and i thought touching the other person it's all a bit tedious. and gun and ammunition sales spiked in the u.k. and the you asked beginning of the pandemic a year ago setting a new record in 2020 much of being creases down to 1st time going to do so
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especially women and africa african americans reacting to the ongoing racial tensions in the country. with 2 women who say 2020 was the year they got serious about protecting themselves. i've always been a kind of person that's like oh no let's let one let's just fight i would peace and everything but the war that was going is not that is not possible kirsten and her friend keisha dennis still said carrying guns not because their jobs are dangerous is a makeup artist and done to say his stylist but because life as an african-american woman is frightening if god was lost when racist marlon's police brutality and protest against that took over the streets of america including the city of new orleans the 1st part is why firearm was actually i was saying me of 2020 so just just less than
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a year ago and i partially because i recognize that some stuff was happening in my neighborhood and also around the country and used to roll over and i didn't want to be a sitting duck she's not alone so many in the us guns are the only sort of a few african-americans and women accounted for a large spike in gun sales during the trauma that was 2020. there's been a huge at stake in like 5 like you know firearms owners because we have been target for so long and we're sick and tired of it we're just sick and tired of it. there's no resolution for us we can't rely on on anyone really it's just different as in our back but ourselves. a lot of black men are not allowed to own guns partially because they've been incarcerated so their rights have been taken away. and there isn't
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a single home in the black community so to take their selves and their kids. with guns don't always protect from guns 3 people died in an incident at a new point shooting range just a day before we visited last year and firearms resulted in more than $40000.00 deaths in the u.s. a record. having a gun alone is not going to save you and sometimes they can be the worst because you have it in the n.r.a. you think that will probably get you shot faster than i have. done this is going to follow have friend in becoming an instructor. had a gun and knew how to use it she decided to help others handle them safely. and slee i feel that the real question should be. why are people making us feel threatened. what will we bring to the table that threatens other people. and until
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they can answer that question we're going to keep giving aren't going to keep defending ourselves we're going to keep educating ourselves this is our thing now. now here in germany 2 states go to the polls on sunday in the country's 1st regional election since the start of the pandemic the votes being watched closely here head of germany's national elections in september it will decide who succeeds chancellor i'm going to back after 16 years and i very government hopes that most adults will be vaccinated but for the pandemic restrictions mean campaigning for this weekend's regional elections are very decidedly different feel. campaigning in times of a lock down. it's a strange state election where voters only get to see the politicians on posters online and sort of meeting them face to face it helps if you're already well known . at the headquarters of the social democrats. current state crimea. is getting
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ready for daily live stream. that because of corona i can travel to all the constituencies to have my usual big campaign events where the candidates invited all the candidates to come here and i try and we try to convey our political messages young was a fad and i want to and a common my was digital and it looks relaxed but it's actually a well practiced routine over the past few weeks kyra has hosted 52 individual s.p.d. candidates from the various constituencies the live streams of broadcast why you tube facebook and instagram small tenuously what is missing is face to face interaction with the voters. of course the kind of that still need people but in a very limited way i do that from time to time and i meet individual people but try to keep my distance you carry a basket full of flyers which you try to hand out without touching the other person and it's all a bit tedious but it's much better because you get actual feedback like
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a feedback is the big disadvantage of the online campaign. but digital campaigning also opens new doors. gap china general secretary of the opposition christian democratic union sees the digital campaign as an opportunity he and his party have the more difficult job of making their relatively unknown top candidate more popular vent here we are a function i don't like it here. when we advertised an event in the past there was always a relatively high reluctance to attend you had to have a really good speaker for people to say i've never gone to see do you party event but i'll go to this one that meant that we often had about 100 people at these events and that was fine but we also knew all of them on social media it's different their reluctance to just watch a live stream is much slower and very loving if you need to go because of a month ago most importantly though says china is the relatability of the candidate which is why in his instagram life talk with
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a startup founder china focuses more on his guest and only highlights his own political ambitions at the end of the life soft skills one might say. back in the social democrats living room chat up to 300 people have queued in the numbers of far cry from those of a big name influencer but the politicians are satisfied after all these original elections and for many a purely digital campaign is new territory. take a closer look at this right they doubly political correspondent simon young welcome simon we just heard about one of the states voting this weekend. that is being watched perhaps more closely why. well phil as ever these state elections will be looked at for a sense of where the national mood is heading and what you need to understand is that the the c.d.u. the christian democrats are the country's most popular party nationally thing about 33 percent support in polls and indeed for most of the past year they've polled
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more than double any other party but of course that can change and what we're seeing in inverting bag is a drop in christian democrats support by about a 5th of over recent weeks and it's also been being away in rhineland calatinus sure there so. the question is why well i think one of the big reasons the things that preoccupying voters around the country at the moment is corona of course there's a sense that the government has not done a great job on vaccinations of course lockdowns of people really fatigues and now there are stories of christian democrat parliamentarians or even seeking to enrich themselves by you know organizing deals for corona facemasks so we're seeing a dainton support that may be played out this weekend and the question will be in
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bad inverted bag can the green a christian democrat coalition that same government in that state carry on if it can't if it drops out well that'll be a blow for anglo-american conservatives and could have an impact in terms of support going forward to september in the national election right so what sort of clues might sunday's vote be able to give us about the shifts in preferences that head of general that general election in september. well as i say the key the key thing is the trend around the c.d.u. if it's not possible to continue that that green green c.d.u. coalition there and then that could have national significance has been a lot of speculation in recent years about the possibility of something similar being tried at national level and surface such a coalition were to disappear and angela merkel as we know is also stepping down
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she's disappearing politically so that could mean tough times ahead for the christian democrats another thing to talk about is the social democrats they are of course in government still at national level but they've been struggling to rebuild after disastrous results in recent years at national polls the thing will be if they can come back a bit of a can do well in these elections at the weekend without taking away votes from greens that could open up the possibility of left wing coalition social democrats greens which the likes of which we've seen before and the 3rd thing i'd mention phil is if the conservatives weaken does that open some space for the far right you turreted for germany on the right so far no shines of that happening but of course regional elections can throw up some surprises and you mentioned america stepping down a suppose a big question still to be decided is who will be the conservatives that candidate
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for chancellor to succeed her as this weekend's vote likely to influence the decision of briefly on mine. it could have an impact fail because the critic christian democrats are going to face a choice as you say pretty much the choice seems to come down to our men last at the c.d.u. party leader or on the other side the bavarian state leader marcus certain he's a good communicator he's got a national profile as a as a man demanding tough action on coronavirus but most analysts seem to think if the cd does well this weekend or at least doesn't lose too badly that could cement the new leader our men lasher in his position and could mean that he has an easy ride to become the party's choice to replace angela merkel when the time comes later this year argue that they probably political correspondents i mean you. finally tonight is being called
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a twins speak globally there appears to be more double births right now than ever before or to new research one in every $42.00 children born these days is a twin that translates to about $1600000.00 twins every year 30 percent more than in the 1980 s. scientists say advances in reproductive technology make fatter before one of us out of work for the double got us researchers say that not at twins a driving a trend number of identical twins remains the same. so now you know the day is almost done the conversation continues online you can join us on twitter i. mean from let me fill gail the other day.
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to the point strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. u.s. president joe biden wants to reform america's immigration system to make it more compassionate and humane the e.u. applauds the sentiment but it's sticking to its own policy the full truth you are all keeping indifference so whose mind. to the point. of next comedy w. w's
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crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate speech cholera prevention and sustainable chocolate production all of a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to mindanao. by 2050 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that era is over this is the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial we live in
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a competitive world is this cold it's cool it's cool water used to be free but the world is changing to most important commodity chimeras. be freezing. water mississippi or commodity starts march 22nd on t w. joe biden is taking a huge risk the new u.s. president is making reform of america's outdated immigration system one of his key policy goals critics though say any hint of a more humane approach will only trigger a new surge of immigrants heading for america's southern border meanwhile the e.u. is taking a tougher approach one that observers.


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