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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CET

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this is deja news a live from berlin serious charges against man mars generals from the un special rapporteur tour. issuing them to be sure you your religion related boy. are you going to shake you should. use as crimes against protesters include a murder torture and force of disappearing it's also coming up on the show another vaccine for the european union regulators approve the johnson and johnson shots unlike the others already being used this one only requires
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a single dose. and to japan a mourns the more than 18000 people killed in the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck the country 10 years ago. hello i'm claire richards and welcome to the show it is a severe indictment the un's human rights investigator on myanmar says the new military regime is likely committing crimes against humanity with its deadly crackdown on people protesting last month's coup special tom andrews told the un human rights council that the military junta had murdered at least 70 people and that more than 2000 have been unlawfully detained he's calling for sanctions against the country's military leaders let's take a listen to what he had to say. as of this moment credible reports indicate that mean more security forces should murdered at least 70 people that
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a president those murdered were fathers sons mothers daughters husbands and wives they were educators they were engineers they were students they were many ages but we're going to have all of those murdered were members of generation c. or young people under the age of 25. mattered president their country of being more is being controlled by a murderous illegal regime its current leadership propecia where do the atrocity crimes that are the focus of the charge of genocide before the international criminal court of justice. un special rapporteur on myanmar tom andrews speaking there his comments followed news that 9 protesters were killed by security forces on thursday leaving more families mourning the loss of loved ones. like she has a son is 2 months pregnant and a husband who is determined to join protesters on the streets of me and i don't know only what he goes to the protest every day even though i ask him not to. the
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little i told him then be trouble if something happens because we have a child and another baby on the way. to go and i can't stop and let me out me that i'm what foods children be raised without a father a husband chipman food shot dead by security forces at a yangon protest. there you know downer and he said it's worth dying for now though he's worried about people not joining the protests. if so democracy won't return to the country he's worried about democracy now what that has passed away. was the violence isn't slowing down and me in my. peaceful protests and there would be fissures for oppression in water rights group amnesty international is calling a killing spree. more protestors were killed across the country on thursday the
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bloodshed not intimidating doors at the demonstrations. my lot who knew what we protest peacefully but they cracked down on us violently it's ok the more they crackdown the stronger the revolution is we will continue until we win something now that. the protests started last month in response to the military seizing power and detaining civilian leader aung sun suu kyi. the ruling you into made their most serious allegations against her to date without evidence they claim sued she took illegal payments of $600000.00 u.s. dollars and gold and pay from her party denied the allegations. the military also reiterated that they will remain in power until the new elections are held but haven't offered a date. that isn't good enough for the protesters who are about to continue their demonstrations that matter the cost. down
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a lot yeah well the european union's medicines regulator has approved the use of the johnson and johnson corona virus vaccine that's the 4th to get the go ahead in the e.u. and the 1st to require only a single dose and hopes this will help speed up the use vaccination rollout which has been a criticized as going to slowly in trials that johnson and johnson shot was 67 percent effective at preventing people from getting cove it and it's already being used in the united states the approval comes as several european countries a pause the use of the astra zeneca vaccine this as a precaution until they can rule out a potential link to blood clots. denmark norway and iceland have temporarily stopped all use of the astra zeneca vaccine after some people develop blood clots authorities say it's very rare and there's no known connection to the vaccine but they want to investigate that for sure should they do this for me i think it's the right decision to put the astra zeneca vaccines on hold for the time being until we
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have enough medical reasoning for continuing the vaccination and of course i'm as upset as everyone else about this and the potential consequences but it's probably too soon to conclude on this matter when there's a risk of course it has to be uncovered and put in house a not i am a basic was just getting from now to the european medicines agency says so for the data shows the incidence of vaccinated people getting blood clots is no higher than unvaccinated point of view echoed by the british regulator 11000000 doses have already been administered across the u.k. . those countries that have decided to polls delivery they've made a choice. balancing risks i think ultimately it's likely that this will be found to be not a. multiplies the coals really related to the vaccine book choices to. prove. the french health minister said he saw no need to
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suspend use of the astra zeneca vaccine france and germany are among the e.u. countries that will keep using it. what we call the risk benefit ratio which are the benefits from the vaccination is at this stage judged to be higher than the risks and of course investigations into that are in progress in france and other countries. intensive research will now be carried out and only time will tell whether the health authorities in denmark norway and iceland were justified in making their difficult decision. let's get you up to speed now on some other stories making news at this hour the judge in the george floyd case in the u.s. state of minneapolis city of minneapolis has reinstated a 3rd degree murder charge against derrick chauvin a former police officer now faces it 2 charges of murder and one of manslaughter floyd died last year when shown and knelt on his neck for almost 9 s. . tens of millions of daffodils have been left unpicked because the u.k.
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government failed to include a flower farmers in a scheme to admit migrant farm workers after breakfast at many growers have also abandoned exports give to the new e.u. border checks. japan has marks the 10th anniversary of the massive earthquake that set off a tsunami and triggered a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear plant it was the world's worst nuclear disaster since turned opal and 10 years on its effects are still being felt. that to 46 pm life in japan stood still for one minute. and people in a walkie in the fukushima prefecture joined to remember the moment of who're. i can't believe it's already been 10 years since my grandmother died. when i watch videos of march 11th or when someone says the day outloud i think of her and
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remember all never see her again. on march 11th 2011 a quake off the east coast of japan released the tsunami it was so powerful it destroyed towns and villages up to 10 kilometers inland more than 15000 people were killed the floods also breached the fukushima nuclear power plant which wasn't connected to the tsunami warning system important safety systems were missing this led to the collapse of the power supply and the cooling circuit explosions and core meltdowns occurred in 3 reactor units large amounts of radioactivity were released and more than 160000 people had to leave their homes. many areas around the nuclear power plant are uninhabitable even to this day and hardly anyone has returned since neighborhoods were rebuilt. on the 10th anniversary of this
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catastrophe and her naruhito acknowledge that for many survivors the disaster is still not over. i believe that it is important for all of us to unite our hearts and to forever stand with the people from the disaster affected areas and the prime minister assured the nation he will never forget the lessons learned from the catastrophe. i once again pledge here that we will continue to review life protecting disaster prevention and mitigation policies. you can meet but there is only one thing the prime minister did not promise that japan will phase out nuclear energy. well a collage of digital images has sold for almost $70000000.00 in a world 1st for
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a major auction house the work by contemporary artist of people exists only as a j. pedophile and it was a 13 years in the making people says the price tag which makes them one of the most expensive living artists in the world was on a fathomable the winning better is now the owner of a digital assets known as and f.t. or nonfunctional token sales of which have been driessen a. love that has left you scratching your head then you may not be alone and joining me now to hopefully bring some more clarity to the world of digital art sales and n.f.c. is our reporter matthew mark so matthew this person who's just spent $70000000.00 on this artwork what have they actually bought as a good question claire kind of almost seems ludicrous to say that. the winning bidder would be taking home a masterpiece that they can hide probably on their wall but instead they will be sent. a pretty handsome high rez wanted 21 of those in pics and i would hope so
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along with that jeep a file they'll be sent and if fungible token then that's the important part that's the that's the expensive part and that proves that they or the original artwork with this in a few days is really a kind of exploding market at the moment and months of it say the way it works is it's done using block chain technology which proves that that whoever has the whoever say. i kind of can explain it so if i sent your fault too. i email her i have a copy of the photo you have a copy of the photo we both claim that we own the photo but with this the chain can see once i send it to you i no longer have the file and you have the file and you are the owner and that's transparent and so this is really seen as the future for digital no shit yeah i mean it sounds like it but this is also such a momentous moment in the worlds of art do you think these f.t.'s are going to be the future for art auctions as well i think i think almost certainly i mean this is
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just the start. but it's not a flash in the pond be full whose result work we saw today that sold for $70000000.00 he recently sold and called cross will cross walk which sold for $6600000.00 he's kind of a lot today leonardo da vinci but people have be willing to pay for it not just art like this also for tweets the national basketball association has begun selling and this team is called top short sports fans can buy clips of the favorite players playing iconic shots no they don't own the copyright to these 2 these images their consumer is a digital collector's item trading cards would you say exactly yeah the digital era yeah the console so this is one of seen as the future of digital ownership and a lot of people are kind of smart actually maybe we will we will see in the years to come i love the artwork i'll be keeping an eye on these
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n f t's in years to come as you say matthew mark thank you very much for that update. i mean researchers at a university in japan have found that 2 species of sea slugs can pop off their heads and their entire bodies the biologists recorded the feat of a regeneration which can be achieved in just a couple of weeks the original decapitated body can also go on living for days or even months without its head the ability to limbs or organs is not a new thing to the animal kingdom but this is the 1st example of an entire body in recrown. for. and it's freezing in russia and one ballerina has used the subzero temperatures to go dancing on water. van de novo is going viral with this video shot at minus 15 degrees celsius she took to the frozen a gulf of finland performing a scene from swan lake and she posted the footage in protest against plans to build
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a porch because the construction would just stretch of beach popular with both people and with swans. that's a news update after a sour doc film is up next and of course there's always more on our website days of you to come and play richardson and from the whole team thanks much for joining us . more than half the world will be leaving with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our war i think grad viewer is over it's a financial product like any other financial thing that is changing the most important commodity shooters can be treated little her miss since a teen or commodity starts march 22nd on d. w. .
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her. ours is the small but 1st tile planets it's a generous planet it's always given us what we need to survive and grow. today there are nearly 8000000000 people in the world and we still dream of abundance. our use of digital and green technologies has skyrocketed as a result we devour gigantic quantities of metals but what if we've gone too far in our exploitation of the earth. in the 21st century scarcity is threatening. perhaps it's time to seek our metals elsewhere.
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we are the 1st generation that can look at the planets and can look at the stars and see we can go there we can do that we can touch the stalls we can touch the planets. chanter scullion is just 23 years old after it selling in his studies of international trade he founded the asteroid mining corporation in the british city of liverpool it's far from being a multinational corporation he has a few colleagues across europe they any rent office space when they need it what mitch hunter scullion are selling is an idea we are on a planet which is 56000 kilometers in diameter and we are in a position whereby the resources with a growing population are built up would lead to policing and a source system comparable to the sources that our society needs to explain for at least a 100 years ago. you can find almost every the source you can find on air for an
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asteroid just unveiling quantities to give you some approximate figures all the mains on air force could only mean 200 tons of platinum on a single one kilometer diameter asteroid of metallic composition we can these noble expect to faint at least a 100 photos and tons of platinum asteroids unit of possession where one asteroids can provide more plot them and then every made in human has to be combined. deep space industries. chanter scullion isn't the 1st to bet on the idea of space resources nearly a decade ago. deep space industries and planetary resources appeared on the scene to great p.r. fanfare with his enjoyment dr peter. seattle april 2012th the vision of planetary resources is to make the resources of space available to humanity both in space and here on earth the earth is feeling
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a resource pinch and ultimately we have the ability to turn that which is scarce into abundant and so now is the time that we need it most both us companies were created thanks to major private funding eric anderson we also have been fortunate enough to to include in our company 2 of the key people at google so we have larry page from google eric schmidt from google this is smart money investing in one of the largest commercial opportunities ever going to space to gain resources for the benefit of humanity. these new players fronted their finances and their ambitions and that was enough to get the blogosphere excited about their potential.
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in the history of astronomy the existence of asteroids was unknown until recently yet without realizing it we've always encountered them thanks to the fact that full to us as meteorites. go to send you look at the sky you don't see rocks for getting used to the idea that rocks could fall from the straw it took until the late 18th century and it is you tim said. naylor is a professor at the national museum of natural history in paris he's responsible for the meteorite collection. through descent to minutes all through the 17th and 18th centuries there was an idea of them. meteoroids might be thunderstorms or lightning stone even cynical over some scholars who could conceive of rocks falling from the heavens and they couldn't think of anything beyond the atmosphere. in 794 german mathematician and me was the 1st to propose that their origin was
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outside the atmosphere little by little the entire scientific community accepted the idea that meteorites come from bodies of rock traveling through the solar system. in the 1801 italian astronomer drew seppi p.m.c. map to the stars on january 24th he detected the shadow of a planet his calculations told him should exist between mars and jupiter. in fact he had just discovered ceres the largest asteroid in our solar system other discoveries followed palace juno vesta in 868100 objects were detected. today we've counted nearly a 1000000 asteroids which all bit between mars and jupiter in the so-called
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asteroid belt. city on a fire $100.00 solo of stores across the asteroid belt with my eyes closed and the asteroids are numerous small in an infinitely large space the probability of a country $100.00 still very low as to if it. patrick michel is an astrophysicist at the nice observatory. he's an asteroid specialist who has taken part in the largest solar system exploration missions of nasa and other big space agencies in 2012 planetary resources i asked him to join their team of top flight consultants to still asteroids contain resources similar to what's found on earth because
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they're the remains of the building blocks which formed the earth and other planets in the beginning 4.5 or 6 or 7000000000 years ago our solar system was a disk of gas and dust and circling the song when the dust began to come together into clumps some of which ended up as planets heart of this material never managed to form a planet and that of the tween mars and jupiter and the asteroid belt these are still. it is probably the case that nearby jupiter with its gravitational force prevented these asteroids from gathering as it were given. in other words every time these asteroids tried to unite jupiter's gravitation would disperse them again. far from jupiter's influence billions of asteroids did manage to collect little by little they formed the earth as it grew its composition changed to lagos it left also left your bodies and
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asteroids and planets are like a hot inside because of radioactive decay. on the temperature rises they melt and when a body made up of rock and metal melts the denser metal tends to be found at the center of the body because the rocks are found on the outside. for me when earth was formed iron pulled out of the elements which tend to bond with our own gold and platinum for example will feel so all the precious elements went into the core so that remains in the mantle comes from impacts that took place after earth formed plentiful mice on that we call that later. part of that view of bones of rare metals we have of the mantle can only be explained by the collision of asteroids of book the when you wear a piece of jewelry much of what you heard of comes from celestial matter the asteroids. in that case the riches of the earth's crust are only a tiny fraction of what's in the asteroid belt. after studying the characteristics
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of meteorites that came from there we can sort asteroids into 3 main types. type objects are mostly silicates richard rocky material resistant and formed near the sun c c type or carbon type asteroids rich in water for form to beyond jupiter where water can condense them there's a kind that contains your helicopter. type. for metal. these are also the rarest type one of them is psyche and metallic mammoth more than 200 kilometers in diameter it's a product of the solar system's intense phases of formation many planetary embryos have formed but unlike earth these massive bodies with iron cause never reached
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a sufficient size to withstand collisions. according to space miners fragments of these metal cause would contain much higher proportions of rare metals than those found on earth they travel through space more than 250000000 kilometers away they can't be accessed without the help of celestial mechanics. between mars and jupiter that are unstable regions in which celestial bodies orbit the sun on a lengthening trajectory that's lengthening can reduce the need. and distance from the song and make them intersect with earth's trajectories in terms of the thrust needed to reach them from earth some of them are more accessible than the moon. these asteroids that sometimes pass very close to our planet and known as near earth objects. there are more than $20000.00 of
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them. and they are the main targets of space minus. the asteroid mining corporation as the bill can go good not to the utilization of species or cease. we're looking to prospect explore and extract methuen of some asteroids. our 1st project is to sensual could be to be thought of fact defoe's must royds. this type of database already exist the most famous one is asked to rank the numbers found there can make the headstand but for the most part they're merely estimations based on the type and size of the asteroids observed. to accurately assess the solar system's resources space minus the developing their own observation methods. to achieve this mit chanter scullion is working with john
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moore's university in liverpool. professor ian steele is an astronomer who specializes in studying meteorites using spectroscopy. spectroscopy simply the process of splitting light into its colors takes the light and one of them passing through a drop of water that we have to remember we passed through a piece of glass so either prism or grating shows lots of lines ruled on it and not to the same option it splits the light into a different color so we can observe it if we just look at something like assume that has a more all the colors of the rainbow in it because the sun is made of lots of different gases if we look at the spectrum of a single element like new york of let me just get a few different colors. like a fingerprint patterns of different wavelengths of light different colors of light which is unique to that element. could be in theory can determine any element
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because all the elements of their own different chemical signatures and all their own different patterns of light asteroids are a long way away in space so obviously we can't sample them directly so instead we have to look at the life of the bits of asteroid which we call me to write to the fall to the ground on the. steel compares the light spectrum of the meteorites with that of the asteroid he observes from earth and combines the 2 he's then able to estimate the composition of each asteroid that the observation process from earth is not seizing. the light from them is very faint. we need the biggest telescope to observe them to collect as much light as possible and that makes it more precise but it will still never be as good as we can record here on the poetry on the earth to round the earth we obviously have no atmosphere around us so there's nothing blocking the
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different wavelengths of light so we can make a more fine discrimination between different types of asteroids because remember what we're trying to do here is not necessarily just find asteroids that are iron in them we want to find us troy's at our platinum group and where we're metals the signatures are much more subtle so the challenge with a project we want to do with e.m.c. is taking the spectrograph that we've built for telescopes on the earth so we operate a telescope out of the palm a big tuna telescope that weighs 20 tons and i suspect a graph on it with 10 kilograms what we've got to do is try miniaturized that down into something it will fit in a cube sat it's only the size of a cereal packet and most only we have a few kilograms. i'm ready. i'm also ready wait wait a minute let me read just go pro. or cube sat is a new standard of miniature satellites based on 10 by 10 centimeter modules that can be assembled together their components i mean expense.


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