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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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and young people clearly have the phoenicians this. is 77 percent everything on d.-day. an earthquake that shook the world on the 10th anniversary of the secretion a nuclear disaster japan is the morning we take a look at the relationship of the world's 3rd largest economy has with atomic power also on the show me visiting offspring are rebuilding these solar cells businesses families ran for generations till the sheema disaster struck. welcome to the program on this day 10 years ago a tsunami and an earthquake hits japan's fukushima nuclear plant triggering the
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worst atomic disaster since to noble earlier today japan held a minute's silence to mark the decade since the natural disasters add the following nuclear meltdown and her nairobi to an empress. both took part in the morial event to try 1118000 people died as a result to create tens of thousands more are still unable to return to their homes near the fukushima. now the accident said ripples all over the world and germany has led to a decision to phase out nuclear power elsewhere over the appetite for atomic energy has increased over the last year when it comes to nuclear reactor these united states is leading the way u.s. president joe biden sees atomic power as a key strategy in fighting climate change france's number 2 the government there wants to modernize older plants next on the list are china and russia and even in
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japan where the consequences of the disaster are still painfully apparent nuclear power appears to be there to stay. now for more on this let's bring in claudia comfort she heads the energy transportation and environment department of the german institute for economic research in berlin and correspondent sagna blasko she joins us from tokyo sana let me start with you it has been a they of morning in japan tell us more on how the country has been commemorating this crucial day well during the day a lot of people lends to the seaside they broke flowers they got their hands together in prayer and. i mean it's been a very tough and emotional day for many people i think. it's you know it's not ending here also because of the nuclear plans especially that people think that there is for them this with will be a much longer story. here in berlin as we heard before his human disaster
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has led to the government's decision to phase out nuclear power tell us on what that has meant to europe's biggest economy. well it meant that we now have a concrete deadline so in the next 2 years is. still in place nuclear power plants would be shut down and we increased so germany has increased the sheriff renewable energy jessica lee and to substitute it but we have time now to decommission the power plants but also the nuclear waste issue is not solved which will take us for the next 1000 years to deal with the nuclear chapter it's not close to but for the energy production the check disclosed now earlier i spoke to an advisor to former japanese prime minister and he said nuclear power will will remain crucial for japan and let's listen in here for
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a 2nd. japanese energy. could not go green without using the nuclear power japanese terrain japanese geographic uniqueness makes it a little bit hard compared to other countries which have large plane lands to have solar power wind power and so on so thermal power may be one source of energy at any rate by the bottom line is you have to take advantage of the nuclear power plant with maximum safety reassured that was the former advisor to the japanese prime minister to more eco taniguchi speaking there claudia japan wants to be carbon neutral by 2050 our goals like that only achievable by using nuclear power. now it's a chief of over 100 percent renewable energy and i'm really sad to hear that japan still is relaying on nuclear power because nuclear power is not safe we have seen
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that it's still an earthquake region the costs are extraordinary high and to construct your part hence it's extremely costly and it's much cheaper to increase a share for a new bill energy in japan has a best circumstances also the geo political the geo logical base is there also darwin for solar for geothermal for energy saving and japan so should stick to the strategy to increase a shout towards 100 percent renewable energy sunny over to you in tokyo or the japanese government wants to continue using nuclear power or do the people there make of that 10 years after the focus human disaster. well the majority of the population is very much against nuclear power there's been a change all the time i would say in the beginning people are a little bit unsure can we actually manage without nuclear power will there be too
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many black oh it's our issues that would hamper the interest reproduction and so on but japan has actually done fine and i mean there were no blackouts japan has substituted of course an important little fellow and he and so on but still even without nuclear policy with very little nuclear. stumm well and i think that has changed people's opinion further and according to surveys around 7075 percent of the japanese are actually against nuclear power and they would like to see it and. somehow power prices in japan have recently been soaring in the cold temperatures on the shoulders of liquid by metro and natural gas how much of an issue is energy security for the country of course the industry needs. and she that's that's clear and they've been a very loud lobby so to speak over the years to to make sure that there will be enough and so on but like i said there have not been any issues in the past years
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and on the other hand japan has increased its capabilities because solar power and wind power there is much more now when it comes to green power compared to 10 years ago so and also the next thing is hydrogen chinese government is very much looking hydrogen these days claudia back to your berlin give us your projection what's sort of role will nuclear energy play in the coming years. the robe is ass trying to decrease simply because of cost simply because of security issue a safety reasons and renewable energy and much cheaper right now and this is why the end of nuclear power is growing even if there will be some construction of some new pop lands but right now the show is already decreasing because we have very old power plants over the globe and the share will not increase and as experts claudia
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comfort in berlin and correspondence on the blast in tokyo thanks to you both. now these anomaly that hit the northern coast of japan not only cost thousands of lives it also destroyed their region's entire economy even today the area has not yet fully recovered but a young entrepreneur is looking to change that by rebuilding his parents' soy sauce sector. this is the rubble of the city of week you sent to cotton and what remains of the mickey hero family traditional so i saw spector. from this hill employees of the factory fled the rising waters kono machine hero is the 9th generation president of the 200 year old family business today he's looking down on what he calls a miracle a new factory. wolf that could do a lot has happened in the last 10 years will build sad moments painful moments
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there were also many fun moments. this is a moment will see if i can do something worthwhile after 10 years to come back to where i was born it's like i'm at the starting line. cotto at 1st rebuilt the company in another part of the country the families microorganisms are the key to the unique taste of the soy sauce and they were able to survive the tsunami in a close container and that's why he's called his so i saw miracle. now a new factory is set to be inaugurated at the end of the year. to really go over the you know in my mind i already know what and where machines will go and it's very nice to think about although you can't see it. sales have slumped during the pandemic kono has used the down time to develop new
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products he wants to take these innovations to the new factory. neither the tsunami's devastation nor the cobe in 1000 pandemic can dampen kano's optimism. now while some countries are backing out of nuclear energy others are blazing ahead into their atomic future in a remote ceremony turkish president richard typed out on joined his russian counterpart vladimir putin in august rating the construction of a new nuclear reactor the 3rd at 3 a cool you power plant in southern turkey oldman where they are promised to continue close cooperation in expanding their power production capabilities in the call. and now to some of the other global business stories making news the us congress has approved president biden's $1.00 trillion dollar economic relief package the bill will give financial aid to millions of families and
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businesses struggling under the pend republicans have criticized the measures for being too expensive saying they inflate the national debts and funnel money to unrelated projects. a facebook consortium has withdrawn plans to install an underwater fiber optic cable between california and hong kong a side of concerns from the u.s. government which fears beijing mij use the system to collect information on citizens the proposed link would have also had branches to taiwan and the philippines. take over a snapple is set to invest over a 1000000000 euros in germany's southern state of bavaria over the next 3 years the company plans to expand its munich research and development base to become the major center for chip design apple said it's aircraft manufacturer boeing is poised to begin paying holiday $500000000.00 victim compensation fund to the families of
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those killed in 2 air crashes $346.00 passengers died in lion air flight 610 and ethiopian airlines flight 302 both operated with boeing's 737 max aircraft. and finally the rise of the internet has meant fewer people heading to their local bookstore over the last couple of decades because in china but one extraordinary chain is bucking that trend. now you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd walk into a cathedral wall than a shop here these paperback palaces have been popping up in cities all over china the architect says they are a celebration hugely of books a country where the volumes available are tightly controlled.
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quite impressive that's a show if you want war go ahead and check out our website and to dot com slash. poland thanks for watching over successful. the fight against the coronavirus tend to have much. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and contacts. virus update. on d w. how does a virus spread. why do we parent and when we're. just 3 of the topics covered in the weekly radio. if you would like and new
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information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you get your podcast you can also find us at. ford slash science. a return to normality surely that's possible with so many vaccines and with so many people having recovered from covert and immunity passport could so that china has launched one so has israel and chile. other countries are reluctant they say the passports could lull us into a false sense of security order by society into the haves and have nots. there's a lot to take into account when it comes to a health passport or the digital version which sounds practical but not everyone's
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got a mobile phone plus vaccinated people may still spread the disease and not everyone can get the jab then there's the dilemma of data protection identity theft and international human rights we'll talk to a lawyer about that in a moment 1st this report from the w.c. in israel. since september classes at this television studio have been held online because of the pandemic now people can attend again and christian but only those who hold the queen pass the paris issued mystery of hers was given only to vaccinated people or those recovered from call it 90 so it's an amazing feeling and everyone vaccinated. there's no fear and it feels like and apparently we are broadcasting classes that are taking place
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here we are broadcasting them for people who still. think it is rare for the east restrictions after prolonged lockdown most museums and stores have been opened for but cultural and sports events would be made. it accessible to cream pass holders. israel is one of the 1st countries trying to get life back to normal opening up has also opened a debate over a variety of legal and moral questions of limiting personal liberties as there is someone not rushing to get the vaccine we are limiting few people and i believe this is balance we are not doing that for good you can really enjoy a cultural life you will enjoy those balls you will enjoy you know going to the gym but in this time of the temporary base on the short term we will let all
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of people being vaccinated all the coverage from corona to have the green posts it remains unclear whether international travel could also billing to the green pass for now is vast ben gurion airport will remain closed to keep virus variants at bay . travelling is not yet on the mind of this crew a film 10 friends and 2 recent memory aged between 84 and 95 they had to play their favorite chinese board game are shown on line for the past year after their vaccinations they feel safe again to meet i feel like at this point i am free i mean just to be able to talk to people you know it's wonderful very nice to see everybody's ok and remained pretty healthy throughout the year but very lonely and. it really is a wonderful feeling it's
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a 1st but cautious step back to some kind of normality. and of a new scheme is an associate professor of law at the university of exeter a research focuses on human rights digital lore and data protection so are immunity passports in general a good or a bad idea what do you reckon well let's talk about or think general they may contribute to the long term management off the bat and then make for example by facilitating return to travel to war of the large sports events but at the same time they even though we can say that it's good news that governments and new or institutions are looking at considering this passports at the same time they should be oakley or that they pose a number of questions to the protection previous and human rights and these questions should be taken into consideration so it would be
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a good idea to have the courage to help us for it in so far as governments and new readers consider these issues and put forward a clear framework clear guidelines and the roadmap for how we're going to implement these digital health boards in the coming months what are the concrete risks i mean how difficult could something like this make life for someone who isn't healthy for example. let me in for an example that may illustrate that so if we think about the facts in both boards or covered past boards that would start to be required by of storage is to excise public spaces and private spaces based on diet some people would be able to move freely that would be because of those diet would have been vaccinated or doors that would have tested negative for cold feet but on the other hand we would have people that would not have access
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to these places and if they cannot prove it if they cannot have access to the vaccines or if they cannot have access to taxed they cannot prove their health status and therefore they would have their freedoms and rights to fight to restrict it so that could be the case for example of pregnant women for whom is not yet considered safe to get a vaccine and now it remains a woman that is pregnant that cannot be vaccinated cannot also afford to pay for a covert test at an airport for example before travelling well in that case or she would be excluded from a variety of places and that can be quite considerable. if specially if we think about big caves of progress on women's rights that we have achieved and that's made being put into question in the case of publication of these to help us or to in a way that is not compatible with their rights so that's why we need to have
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a system in place and we need governments to think about. the employment of the deployment of this fast and this next nation's that would inform the digital help us courts in a clear way and have it thought through so that we don't encourage this type of response so what should governments do to ensure that these passports are safe and nondiscriminatory. i believe they're trimming points here 1st that they should limit the purpose of using this tool so that that's called sunset clause it's right to limiting that to the use it during the pandemic or not going beyond that then the secondly there are they protection and courtesy considerations that should be thinking to account and that should be butin to the the zine of these tools for example even if people consented to have their they stored and collected and
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purpose for this uses they should. be in the desert and they can function should still being the design of these products and thirdly there is questions of accessibility and affordability of the tests and the vaccines that should be available to all before any big ploy meant all these 2 and a bit risky joining us from exiting with thank you very much thank. and for more on vaccines let's get you over to our science correspondent eric williams he's been looking at your questions that you've been sending us now egypt chattel. once you get the vaccine how long does it take to actually walk. this depends on a few different things like which vaccine you receive whether one or 2 doses are involved how old you are and other health factors and when you say how long does it take to work i'd say you can't really put it that way since an immune response
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isn't an on off switch but it's more of a sliding scale that grows steadily more reliable over the short to medium term on the other hand that vaccine induced immune response might also tail off and grow weaker over the long term we haven't been giving kobe 1000 back seems to people long enough to know how long lasting their effects will be it might turn out that you for instance need a booster shot somewhere down the road to remind your body that the disease is still out there and still a danger all that said there are some general guidelines that deserve a mention the most obvious is that getting the 1st dose of a vaccine doesn't mean it's time to rip off your mask and party all vaccines at least a couple of weeks to bring the 1st measurable preventive effects that's how long
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the immune system needs to begin mounting an effective response to a new pathogen and before you receive the 2nd dose from the 2 those vaccine you won't have the full blown protection promised by trials that's because of the 1st dose puts the immune system on a word while the 2nd one kind of kicks it up a gear so for example a new study has shown that the pfizer bio on. check that scene was about 70 percent effective at preventing symptomatic infection starting 3 weeks after the 1st dose which is when you're supposed to get the 2nd one that then boosts effectiveness to over 90 percent within the next couple of weeks all in all that therefore takes over a month to reach the full protection provided by that vaccine others take a similar amount of time to unfold their full potential.
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eric williams there and finally some good news gibraltar says it's coming out of lockdown after the success of its vaccination campaign covert has killed $93.00 people in the british territory at the southern tip of spain but the rapid supply of vaccine doses from the u.k. has helped turn things around gibraltar now says it's on track to complete vaccination by the end of the month for both residents and commuters from spain is what some of them had to say. and i'm going on right now a couple of months ago having stepped foot in spain so it's a big part of our lives the scrabble board on the road as the new series each week around the songs will. travel i'm looking forward to most of my kids have a constable going to hold the fact that. they not everybody has their accent. you know when i make it if. you are going to say
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i missed having coffee with friends i was speaking to my french during nap time and saying i'm sorry but i have to i can hear again from the fridge eat something go back to the couch you can have your cake and eat it too thanks for watching stay safe and a single concern about the flu. in
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. black snow in southern siberia not in for environmental activists it's further proof of the consequences of an air pollution increase almost. there demanding the relocation of endangered residents. but from any tree that's responsible is also a major source of reliable income focus on europe. in 30 minutes on d w. into the conflict zone to sebastian germany's you might
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follow soon zone the most folklife these days also freshens a national criticism of its new streams to gas deal with most go from those nations for this soft on top of my guess is me from foreigners the christian democrats and andrea is me this is gulf news closely to junk food rights in favor of business conflict zone. 90 minutes on d w. w all. people have to say matters to us. that's why i'm listening to their stories. reporter every weekend. d.w.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin china deals a fresh flow to what is left of democracy in hong kong the communist party makes another move to crackdown on opposition in the territory beijing says it wants patriots to run the city in the future. also coming up security forces in me in march else several more protesters as demonstrations against the military coup continue. and when will the nightmare and one year after the world health organization declares the coronavirus to be a pandemic and a threat to the entire work.


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