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this is home to church use its veto powers that pierce the close like skyscrapers or clear. contrast of the cathedrals. the full 12 o m d w. this is d w news and these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson has denied that his government banned the export of coated 1000 vaccines to the european union he told british lawmakers that he opposes vaccine nationalism in all forms johnson made the statement after european council president shot in the shadow accuse the u.k. of imposing an export ban. former brazilian president of the reason that a silva has slammed president also narrow and his handling of the coronavirus
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pandemic was making his 1st official appearance since his corruption convictions were overturned by a supreme court justice meanwhile brazil has been posting a record deaths from covert 1000 this week marking 2000 fatalities in a single day for the 1st time. the u.s. congress has passed president joe biden's $1.00 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package over republican opposition it will give a direct payments to most taxpayers as well as extended jobless benefits in a major expansion of the country social security and republicans had criticized the bill for being too expensive. this is deja vu news from berlin you can follow us on instagram and twitter at g.w. news or you can visit our website w dot com. today texas allowed all businesses in the state to reopen 100 percent and it ended the
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state wide facemask requirement the number of people infected with the coronavirus is plotted toing it's not going down and only 80 percent of texans have been vaccinated and yet the governor says we've waited long enough a huge risk in a state where the locals claim everything is bigger for the texas themselves let's hope this doesn't apply to the number of people who could soon be headed for the hospital i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day. it is now time to open texas 100 percent why not. you know the timing doesn't make any sense texans have mastered the daily habits to avoid getting coverage in the last 3 or 4 think you've already had 45000 people
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there's a lot of space in texas and now it's going to go up removing state mandates does not in and personal responsibility are concerned here is on the health welfare wellbeing and survival frankly of people across the country. also coming up the political leaders using the pandemic to put a free press under lockdown the european union today pointed the finger at 3 countries hungary poland and our destination tonight slovenia is absolutely a systematic attempt to control the media to silence the critics and the governments are presented are not stopping at criticizing the media they are personally attacking journalists they are particularly attacking. to our viewers on p.b.s. . in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin the day taking the temperature in texas today texas lifted its state wide mask mandate and
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ended all restrictions on businesses texas governor greg abbott saying it's time to focus on saving livelihoods as well as saving lives but in a reminder of how political the pandemic remains in the us the democrat led capital city austin is defining the republican governor by demanding a citywide mass mandate stay in place in a pandemic the actions of a large state such as texas they have consequences that go far beyond the border almost 20 percent of americans have been vaccinated against the corona virus in texas only 8 percent the number of new coronavirus cases in the state is not climbing but it's also not fall and doctors say vaccination levels are still too low the chances of spreading the virus still too high unless everyone keeps wearing those masts aforementioned establishment you need to know what's expected as it
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gets into office at lines and for employees to know what as guess what's coming in . the story you know that the rules you know if you if you want to come in my business you have to be respectful of other people and the other could be in here i did that's just what it is. you know but it was to get into conversation about this you don't need it. it's just each person has their rights make the decision in which they all respect me enough or my 1st guest tonight is dr william schaffner he is a professor of preventive medicine and health policy at vanderbilt university in nashville tennessee dr schaffner it's good to have you back here on the day let me start by listening to president joe biden his reaction earlier this month to that announcement that texas and mississippi would end their mask mandates take a listen. i hope everybody realizes by now these must
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make a difference. we are on across the globe being able of fundamentally. change the nature of this disease because the way which we were able to get vaccines in people's arms in the last the last thing is neanderthal think you know in the meantime her in trying to go to mass forget it it still matters. and the show after the u.s. president he got a lot of boy back from his choice of words there and i'm going to ask you is it neanderthal thinking to end mask mandates while the virus is still spreading all try to i think it is mistaken thinking we're not yet at mission accomplished for sure we're vaccinating more and more people in the united states but this virus is still effecting more people than we want life far we're still at very very high levels and we're coming down a bit but now we're playing most of the country and i am concerned that texas
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mississippi and other parts of the country are now removing their masks mandates and masks work they're cheap they're very very effective they protect the wearer and they protect people around us they asked should be the last thing we stop as we fight this outbreak i know i was looking at the numbers 8 percent of the population of texas has been vaccinated so we're not talking about a lot of people and at the same time the number of new infections the case loads they're not going up but they're also not going down we're talking about this plateau does that give these new viral variants the advantage then to come in and to start spreading again of these face masks or not be more. well surely what we're concerned about is indeed these variants which are even more contagious and the parent strain the british parent actually is likely to make you more seriously ill
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if you become infected so we need to do everything we can to reduce the transmission of these variants man asks social distancing good and hygiene avoiding groups that all continues to work while we were vaccinated but we need to do both sorts of things for a period of time until we can relax you know that especially in texas they've not only lifted the mask mandate they've also lifted all the restrictions on business is 100 percent that means people can go back to restaurants for example for dining talk to me a little bit about how the virus spreads indoors particularly in restaurants well clearly indoors prolonged contact close contact in bars and restaurants and other gathering places including religious services that's
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a place that the virus loves to spread and if you have a super contagious virus such as these british variant is that's just an environment where they'll soon be more cases following the cases will come more hospitalizations intensive care unit missions and after that will come the deaths we got new guidelines from the centers for disease control this week about what people who have been vaccinated what they can do now and i was wondering what does that mean if you have a room with some people who have been vaccinated in some here who have it what rules still apply. yeah that's the more difficult question the easier question brant is can a group of people who to vaccinate it get together for dinner or game of cards or whatever and that answers easy that's yes now when vaccinated and unvaccinated people come together the question is who are these only vaccinated people and if
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they've been careful to a day or are we in danger of having them bring the virus into that environment remember that actually means at their best are 95 percent effective not 100 percent so we still have to maintain some caution the governor of the state of texas has said that the people should be able to decide what is best what is right for them we ask you as a public health official is it is it wise to trust the public to take the necessary precautions when you're in a pandemic. you know brant it's less a matter of trust then it's actually a matter of this virus be communicable so what you do for yourself what you decide to do for yourself actually involves others the the image i like to have is at a traffic light we go on the green light and stop on the red light if someone
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drives on the red light. that that's their own volition that's their own independent decision but they endanger not only themselves and others not wearing a mask is like driving on the bridge it's right there when you drive on red and you're also breaking the wall that's an important point there dr william schaffner from vanderbilt university in nashville tennessee as always our jeff is going to talk with you good to get your insights thank you i pleasure. well to morrow march 11th will be exactly one year since the world health organization declared the coronavirus outbreak to be a full blown pandemic despite shutdowns and walk downs these past 12 months our world has changed dramatically one year ago today china reported the 1st drop in new coronavirus cases while numbers here in europe were beginning to explode europe had become the new global epicenter of the pandemic and as you'll see in this look
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back march 10th would be the last day europe's political leaders would be able to talk about the virus with a smile. today may go down in history as the moment when the corona virus mutated geographically we're at the very beginning of this epidemic we have to keep a clear mind that this cannot be business as usual we are facing an exceptional situation it's not an empty what sort of limits the dutch or that he thinks ain't going to work tonight across europe governments are scrambling to put as much space between millions of people and the virus and those who don't know what this is it's a tissue meant to use them for sneezing and chew and if you don't have one cheek use your elbows you have to striving to do what china just it is that even possible it still does from no one will still be shaking hands i'm. sure you saw the sort of
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thing over the. former u.s. president jimmy carter says he is saddened and angry about the restrictions on voting lawmakers in his home state of georgia are considering today the 96 year old carter released a statement which reads american democracy means every eligible person has the right to vote in an election that is fair open and secure we must not lose the progress we have made we must not promote confidence among one segment of the electorate by restricting the participation of others our goal always should be to increase not decrease voter participation. and voters in georgia turned out in record numbers last november electing 2 democrats to the u.s. senate thereby giving democrats control of the u.s. congress republicans say the new legislation is necessary to restore confidence in
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the elections but carter says they are misleading the public with lies championed by former president donald trump trump still claims the election was rigged although he has never provided any proof the renowned and respected u.s. television journalist roger mudd has died he was 93 mudd was one of broadcast journalism original titans working alongside c.b.s. anchor walter cronkite he spent 20 years covering politics in washington which brings us back to former president jimmy carter carter lost the election in 1900 to ronald reagan when your earlier it looked like carter the incumbent could be challenged by fellow democrat massachusetts senator ted kennedy roger mudd interviewed kennedy in 1979 and with one simple direct question the hopes of kennedy for the white house were dashed the reporting prowess of roger mudd is
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still studied and admired to this very day here is that famous exchange followed by months come in terry years later on the stump had a vacancy dominating imposing a masterful officer and personal interview which he can become stilted elliptical and at times appears if he really doesn't want america to get to know him why do you want to be president. were right to make the announcement to run the reasons that i would run is because what was interesting about it was how how really discouraged we were at the results of the interview but once you. i took it into a screening room and you saw this sort of sculpted irish face on the screen of able to to articulate why he wanted to be president everest
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caught almighty he doesn't know. the right to report it something many journalists in the united states and here in europe take for granted at their own peril today the european union called out 3 of its eastern members poland hungary and slovenia saying they are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to clamp down on the work of reporters we want to take a closer look at slovenia where the prime minister is accused of waging a war against the media with a campaign to label journalists as spreaders of fake news observers say his attacks are creating a climate of fear in newsrooms across the country our correspondent barbara biggs will travel to slovenia and met one of the journalists targeted. journalism is really a walk in the park but being regularly attacked by your own government should not be part of the job description that is why i have
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a board slovenian reporter on his experiences when she publishes critical articles right now so on a personal level i'm just fed up but on the professional level i'm just very worried because i don't want to be living in a country without a press or without a vigorous press did she was targeted by a prime minister young team as to stink levi's and leftwing other journalists were compared to prostitutes most attacks are launched on twitter ranging from personal insults to condemning the whole profession he was basically attacking. journalists from the public broadcaster this is something that he's been saying for ever if you repeat the lie often enough it becomes journalism i mean that's what he's been saying in many different ways you know about journalists and about media and do says the barrage of smears and personal assaults has become markedly worse in the
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past year and doesn't play it this time around. and as the answer took the gloves off even the very thin gloves that he used to wear and he doesn't care anymore even slovenia's national news agency is known for its independence and impartiality finds itself under attack the government is questioning its legal basis and threatening to pull funding. the fact is that s.k. is facing really a serious of attempts to destabilize it this instability financial instability and or saw this let's say this credit they show which are going on especially on social media and especially from the high strength of stakeholders they are really warring and they're also about 90 people who are war jobs. so this is a really tough situation slovenia has largely been seen as
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a success story among the ex-communist countries of central europe but experts warn that under this glossy the new year the current government is moving the country in the wrong direction. she's absolutely a systematic attempt to control the media to silence the critics and of course to regain control of your relevant media in this country. during the last year day became much more aggressive much more and to get mystique and the government representatives are not stopping at criticizing the media they are personally attacking journalists they are particularly attacking female journalists so i would say that this is really a behavior that the school speech is not in line with the standards of the union and of course they also feel that there will be some repercussions or that the e.u. will have to make up its mind whether to take a stand and defend press freedom in slovenia as long as there still is a free press to protect in this country. and my colleague who has returned from
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slovenia she's back in brussels tonight you need to you for. what do we make of these 3 countries you've got a pandemic going on in all of them and you've got all 3 of them basically targeting journalists that's more than just a coincidence isn't. absolutely i mean the using the pandemic there have been throughout the last year to tighten the screws even further but let's not forget this has been going on for years particularly in hungary and poland and sylvian is see viktor orban the hungary and prime minister warless as the godfather of the how to abolish press freedom in your country and they're really following his playbook how do you do this you 1st threaten journalists you poison public opinion against them then you start throttling them by new rules and regulations and then you get your supporters and your political cronies to buy up those media step by step and
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after 10 years of the hungary we see today there is simply nothing left and that is what the others are more or less emulating it's like the godfather redux for the journalists that you love to hate let's take the country that you visited that the government is personally attacking individual journalists they are why. they're attacking them because they can poison public opinion against them this way and it really goes to unbelievable extremes younus the entre the prime minister himself a couple of years ago called 2 journalists 2 women journalists who had done a report about right wing tendencies in the countries and groups in the country and the neo nazi groups in the country he had called them cheap prostitutes on twitter in writing and that really is that drive you know takes it to a point where you just sort of wonder how is it possible that in the midst of europe somebody like this can be prime minister so what do you do if you poison
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public opinion you denigrate people you denigrate their opinions and what the ruling party in slovenia hopes to do somehow is to really get rid of any free media any free journalism that will sort of criticize the government and we know what's at the end of that it's a sort of attack recy and this is not a slippery slope this seems to really be really like a steep hill that things are sliding down there and you hope the public is able to recognize this when someone is is hitting someone below the belt what about people in slovenia i mean what what do they think about the media. some of course i mean who are following the more right wing populist a mindset they they they by this i mean you you have the the usual echo chambers in on social media and so those people who follow this they will believe it and it has to a certain extent already poisoned public debate people started to stop believing in
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politics at all they think all politicians are somehow just nasty people and have a bad character that lumping the one side together was the other side this time a lot of people also well fighting back against this will start our media who report freely or if we try to defend themselves but they would need help from the outside of it if they don't get it and if you can continue on this way it's not going to take very long another couple of years and it will have been god will have been going the way hungary has done in the 1st place yeah this is a cautionary tale of what happens when you take a free press for granted. in brussels tonight barbers always thank you. tomorrow japan will poles to remember the natural and the manmade disasters that forever scarred the people and their country exactly 10 years ago
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a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami the tidal wave slammed into the coast and set a chain reaction in motion a nuclear meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant more than 18000 people died the land around the power plant contaminated with radiation uninhabitable to this very day we have this report now from inside the exclusion zone now me it's a ghost town situated just a few kilometers from the fukushima nuclear power plant the only thing left is memories from march 28th levon. samuel cano grew up here. nowadays he rarely visits the family home it lies in the exclusion zone. where it's been too dangerous to live ever since. to call it what i don't find it time misted still instead i feel more that everything has gotten worse. now there's just silence here.
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but sammy o'connor is still haunted by the sound of the tsunami. and the image of the wave destroying everything in its path he's stuck in his mind. body there. have to respect nature these are nature's warning signs that you must treat the earth with care and you're going to get you to feel. some you know used to work at the power plant. now he wants nothing more to do with nuclear energy. one look at the area explains why the backs littering the ground are filled with radioactive soil an entire city has been eradicated and almost no one wants to live here cleaning up the damage will take generations thousands are busy on the site of the nuclear plant but the toughest work is yet to come west. there's no blueprint
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for the work here and even though we're making progress you still come up against problems you didn't anticipate. you can you want to do much of. the work is recover spent nuclear fuel and make sure the reactors a constantly pumps with cooling water the water is purified but it's still contaminated and it may have to be dumped into the ocean at some point. the area is still in a state of emergency according to greenpeace. we're already in year 10 of the nuclear disaster that will be going on for at least the rest of this century . japan has invested billions of euros rebuilt towns and constructed entirely new ones but they are mostly empty filled only with those who work at the power plant or the elderly. sammy o'connor who hates the word reconstruction he says nothing will be like it was before. the gravesite of his family lies in the exclusion zone
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no sure not over but just look at what i have to put on the kinds of annoying things i have to put up with just to visit a grave site it won't be over tomorrow or in 10 years or even decades from now that's why sami a kano feels compelled to talk about what happened on march 11th 2011. and that is our world tonight the day it's almost gone but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. you can follow me a forgotten even and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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blacks know in southern siberia. for environmental activists it's further proof of the consequences of an air pollution. they're demanding the relocation of endangered residents. from any tree that's responsible is also a major source of reliable income focused on europe. next on d. w. . its discovery was groundbreaking at the same time it was the beginning
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of unimaginable destruction. the tama. whenever something goes wrong always played down and tough stuff. still in the industry because whoever has it. and the energy our friends to come. the good. old is. the stories that matter to you.
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we are here is actually on fire. hello and welcome to focus on europe with me liz show germany is currently witnessing a record number of people quitting the catholic church one of the reasons is reports of children being sexually abused by clerics there's a lot of outrage in the ark diocese of cologne which is one of the largest diocese in germany.


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