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this is d.w. news wire from berlin tonight the u.k. and the european union and claims of vaccine nationalism british foreign minister boris johnson has denied that his government is blocking the export of vaccines european council president charles michel says other walk will look at how this latest round was affecting relations between london and brussels also coming up shots fired at protesters in myanmar as the military crackdown continues the un security council a strongly condemned the phone to the use of force but so far calls for restraint
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have gone unheeded and japan marched 10 years since the triple disaster of earthquake tsunami and nuclear meltdown we'll take a look at how the country has been coping with the 1st country to vaccinate. p.g. but we're committed to doing dr whether there is a challenge to try to get. there. speaks with jordan's foreign minister about the country's struggle to vaccinate not just its own citizens but also hundreds of thousands of refugees. viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and to all of you around the world welcome we begin tonight with another diplomatic row between the european union and former member grade.
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britain this one over coated 19 banks seems british prime minister boris johnson says that his government has not block the sale of covert 1000 back scenes to the e.u. and this was after london summoned the e.u.'s on boy to explain accusations made by a european council president charles michel michelle accusing the u.k. of imposing a ban on exports of vaccines produced in its territory this latest spat comes as the e.u. faces increasing criticism over its slow vaccination role well. let's have a listen now to what boris johnson said earlier today in britain's house of commons i that we wish to correct the suggestion from the european council president that the u.k. has blocked vaccine exports and let me be clear we have not blocked the export of a single coded 19 vaccine oh vaccine comparatives this pandemic has put us all on the same side in the battle could global health we oppose vaccine
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nationalism in all its forms are more let's take the story now to london to. fill joins me good evening to you charlotte boris johnson says there is no ban the european union says we're talking about a de facto ban what is it. well let's 1st will be clear on what we're talking about here this is in relation to the astra zeneca vaccine that's the bank scene that is produced the only vaccine that is produced here in the u.k. and this is the latest installment of a spat about the supply of that vaccine to the e.u. now the e.u. is painting a picture here of the u.k. essentially benefiting from a britain cruel spurs whereby it can has a priority to receive 2 for it to vaccinate its population with doses of the vaccine produced in the u.k. and the u.k. here for its part is pushing back very hard on any claims that there is an outright
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ban on on the export of vaccines from the u.k. z. mentioned just now the pushback is so strong that it's hope e.u. diplomat was summoned to discuss the claims that such a ban existed but the e.u. pointing out that the data just isn't there at the moment to so look at how much the u.k. is exporting the vaccine meaning that it's muddy waters in the u.k. they pushing back very hard in britain has had a very successful back solution draw its european union and vaccination role well remains very slow is this because britain has more vaccines or is there more to the story than there. i think that it is a bigger picture that you need to look at that goes beyond just supply i mean 1st of all i think britain would see would point out that the banks a nation program started earlier here since december in fact it's now banks unaided
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always are given the 1st dose of the vaccine to almost 23000000 people it was so it started a different dosing strategy it decided relatively early on that it was going to separate the doses by up to 12 weeks meaning that more people could receive the 1st dose of the vaccine faster it was a relatively controversial strategy at the time but it's something that isn't seen to be supported by the data that emerging even in over 60 five's in the older population we know that there was get to citizen in other parts of europe about the efficacy of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine in over 60 five's no such debate was had in the u.k. so the trust levels as well when it comes to the arts with astra zeneca vaccine are higher w.'s shortfalls until with the latest tonight in london charlotte is always thank you. one year into the pandemic many teenagers are struggling to cope mentally and emotionally after months of miss
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school disrupted social lives and the heavy responsibility of protecting their loved ones in belgium mental health services for young adults are now overwhelmed the w. visited one hospital to see how the pandemic is impacting vulnerable young people. long months of loctite and have been a vassal for many young people. teenagers in acute mental distress come to them in hospital for psychiatric care often after traumatic events or suicide attempts among the residents is this 17 year old we're calling alexandra covert it was an extra thing that just made me kind of collapse it was the one thing of too much to have in my high risk so i had to be. kind of isolated from i found. myself still by most of i couldn't my parents alexandra is not alone in struggling to cope with covert but she's one
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of those fortunate enough to access this hospital's help director sophie marks says new admission requests for troubled teens have skyrocketed since january. maass thinks that's due to exhaustion exam stress and dashed hopes for a return to normality. although makeshift rooms were added there are no places left and no even the waiting list is closed. can you choose between a societal 15 year old and a suicidal 16 year old it's impossible with a doctor must believe the authorities could save lives by prioritising teens as society reopened. this path and proof read we need to create spaces for play for joy and for conversation and so all young people can once again be part of the social fabric of life something so crucial for teenagers. if not there's a real risk their mental health will keep deteriorating and i'm truly afraid to say
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it rates increase what it feels like we're at the edge of that tsunami and urgently need to build flood defenses. the only homes as the young people living here build up their emotional defenses to reenter the outside world alexandra hopes sharing her story will give strength to other teens who are suffering. we're all struggling with this situation but the fact that we're all still here and we're all still fighting against is something very positive and something that will make grow and we'll be able to look after and say wow i've ones through these tough times i made it. her priority is getting better as soon as she can which could open the door for another young person who needs help. our list gets of the speed of the other stories that are making headlines around the world the u.s.
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congress has just approved a sweeping pandemic release this is the 1st major trial of the by the administration the bill is now set to be signed into law by president joe biden the measures include really. payments for most americans and billions of dollars for schools local authorities and businesses former brazilian president luis inacio lula da silva has criticised the government's handling of the corona virus pandemic the state of the economy and key policies lula made the comments during his 1st official appearance since his corruption conviction was thrown out by brazil's supreme court over the weekend russia's media watchdog says it is slowing the speed at which content can be uploaded to twitter accusing the social media platform of failing to remove 3000 posts containing banned or even legal content the kremlin has been clamping down on social media sites in recent months for hosting content
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supporting imprisoned opposition figure alexy. at least one person has died in clashes between students and police in johannesburg south africa the protests were held over college tuition fees thousands of people have been unable to register to study this academic year because of money owed from 2020. security forces in me and more have raided a neighborhood in young gone that houses railway workers who have been striking in protest over last month's military coup the new government has been cracking down with increasing force using tear gas water cannon and live rounds on protesters the united nations security council has strongly condemned the military's use of violence but at least 60 people have been killed so far and more than 2000 arrested . the moment any member of the overthrown political party dreads c.c.t.v. catches security forces as they pull up and rush into the house of john maher of
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the national league for democracy party he's a former volunteer guard for ousted leader aung sang suu kyi. john meagher in his white t. shirt is pulled from the home and pushed into a waiting vehicle as more assault weapon wielding forces move in to get in on the moments. such arrests have not slowed activism in myanmar this in da way in the southeast where a protest turned into a sit down with makeshift barricades at either end. another sit down protest in the northern city of mandalay so engineering students figure a way to keep police at bay using bricks turned vertically in the roadway the strategy is for quick hit gatherings and then a retreat to avoid security forces. and in mandalay police again arrived with a vengeance slowed perhaps by the bricks. but the sound of armaments can be heard
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as yet again protesters make a run for it avoiding arrest or much worse at the hands of security forces. security forces like those who took john maher the now detained member of the overthrown and l.d. party armed personnel snapped pictures and got set to drive off with their detainee who is no doubt aware that 2 fellow party members have died in police custody in recent days the troops also found the keys to john maher's vehicle and decided to take it into custody as well. china is under scrutiny again for its treatment of muslim we get a report from a u.s. based group of experts says china has violated every part of the united nations genocide convention activists say that china has detained 1000000 we in detention centers like this one seen here in which china says is
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a vocational training center beijing controls all available footage from these sites but the report describes them as extra do you do. centers where we suffered torture rape and forced labor china has denied those allegations claiming the reeducation programs have helped fight extremism in the region. if more now i'm joined by azeem ibrahim one of the report's authors it's good to have you on the program talk to me a little bit about your describe if you could what is it that the wiggers are enduring. so ben the. enduring essentially what his agent would say to this report indicates this report that we undertook as probably d. most comprehensive and detailed report on changes beach of the convention viewed over testimonials of over $15000.00 former detainees and we could all but he
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could that would change as only laws its own diktats and his manuals and he seems very clear that over 50 expands global experience and international law and genoese aid and net chain of policy have all come to the conclusion that cheney as in clear breach of the genocide convention of 1988. you said you conducted interviews how were you able to gather information and analysis beyond that because we know this region has been cordoned off for years it's almost impossible for even reporters to get into. yes so we didn't have access to the individual's day play in the camps we did take a look at the evidence of former detainees many of them of given testimony was and is indeed to be says all of these testimony was out in the globe and so we utilize that machida you are known with all publicly. you know much of it satellite information and much of cheney's government's own documentation and terms of how
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they want to be how they want to treat this they want to treat the ego so if i can just mention a few that can and can't to destroy you know the white the mode completely destroy them root and branch break the airline huge. audience so it's very clear exactly what the cheney's government is trying to do with the beakers and their safety trying to do and we get identity i mean this is a horrible accusations that are being made in your report from wondering can china be held accountable at all for the. well this is the new and the general state convention is 152 party states are pocky to it including china and so so the onus no falls upon the other 151 tool chain accountable and if they did not do so according to the genocide convention and the complicit with the general state the convention was set up to prevent genocide 8 bezos who they have to punish those those parties that engage in this kind of behavior so business as usual cannot
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continue for the countries are significant to the general convention how concerned are you that geopolitics though will be a part of the equation here and prevent the international community from doing what it needs to do to stop these human rights abuses. well obviously that's a deep concern you know change as a global superpower know as not one small poxy country in a corner of the world that you can isolate and punish it countries out in the global and complete alliance on change all for the own economic growth particularly poor score but you know many european countries are looking to china for its recovery so many of them are reluctant to call it change which is why the use all sorts of obfuscation computing mechanisms to try to avoid responsibility for example saying that we need a commission of inquiry we need a court to make this determination you know the facts aren't straight except so these i don't believe in tactics of countries that don't really want to step up to
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the sponsibility under this convention as a member here with the latest on this reports claiming attempts at genocide against the weaker minority in china as in we appreciate your time your insights tonight thank you. thanks for having me but in japan is preparing to mark the 10th anniversary of 2 of the worst disasters in that country's history the massive earthquake and tsunami a natural disaster that then caused a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant more than 18000 people were killed and there was widespread devastation here's a look back at what happened 10 years ago tomorrow. much 112011. japan's east coast is rocked by the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the country actually afterwards a tsunami ripped through fukushima prefecture taking everything with it. this is.
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the fukushima nuclear power plant leading to explosions and meltdowns at 3 reactors . of doubts. over tens of kilometer around. thousands of people lost their lives as a result of the disaster tens of thousands were forced to evacuate their homes. at a press conference just 9 months later japan's prime minister at the time yoshihiko noda maintained the situation was under control. but the battle wasn't over the fukushima meltdown would count as the most severe nuclear accident since the chernobyl disaster in 1906. to this day there is still only restricted access to 1600 square kilometers of land around the disabled china bill neatly a power plant at around 230 square kilometers from the contamination zone is much
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smaller but it will remain uninhabitable for decades to come. now we have. it out we have still 70000 people that. what back to so well in fact it's a human tragedy. the fukushima nuclear disaster continues to contaminate the air the earth and the groundwater to this day bags a radioactive contaminated soil life scattered throughout the province it's still unclear where the waste should be stored in the long term the city of turkey or was saved by a stroke of luck wind pushed the radioactive cloud away from the city and out to sea previously released. journey in the ocean and in the past. not at this level shortly after the catastrophe radiation levels in a large number of marine animals measured much higher than the limit values
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considered safe in japan today those levels are down significantly but the fishing industry in japan is only recovering slowly. in order to keep you cool in the reactors from melting tons of the used each day to cool them and the 1000000 tons of contaminated water from the cooling pipes is stored in hundreds of tanks not a power plant but because storage space is limited and the tanks will soon reach capacity the japanese government is considering discharging the contaminated move into the sea in 2020000. we do not expect in the room on all fours because he said that's that's. all i would say it's rather it's a problem of image so that's the main point form. residents fishermen and environmentalist say that plan offers no solution to an ongoing disaster i'm joined now by our environmental reporter sara stephan going to sarah and we just heard in
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that report that the japanese government is planning to release contaminated water into the ocean next year is that a good idea well that certainly depends who you ask if you ask the japanese government or plant operator tepco they will tell you it's safe because the water there radioactive water will be flows are out it will be diluted and it will be discharged into the ocean over a long period of time and the only radioactive element that's also at least standing is tritium and they say that's relatively harmless however a locals local residents fisherman and environmentalist do have concerns and have said well 1st of all we don't really know what the long term effects on the environment are and there are also concerns that not everything will be filtered out correctly and now because of this fierce resistance there's actually another option on the table now which is to to store additional tang's outside of the past
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in speaking of the environment the ecosystem has the ecosystem in the fukushima prefecture has it recovered. well certainly radiation levels aren't as high as they were 10 years ago however there are still hot spots of radiation even today and greenpeace japan said that there are some areas that haven't been decontaminated at all notably forests and that causes problems when there are typhoons or when there's heavy rainfall because it essentially washes down gritty forested areas and actually greenpeace japan said that they have found evidence of 3 contemplation and just last month fisherman found a type of fish that had 5 times the amount of cesium that is allowed and what about the human angle of this how were the locals coping 10 years after of survive being a major natural disaster and at the same don
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a major nuclear. will certainly not everyone who was evacuated at the time who had to flee their homes not everyone has returned to. many decided to stay there had been living for a number of years and even those who have returned some of them are concerned about radiation and some actually have have taken to to measuring their own radiation levels just so that that they know where they're at and just to put this into perspective the town of now mia for instance. it used to have 20000 people and now only a fraction of those have returned you know it's hard to imagine what it must have been like 10 years ago served up from g.w. environment sir thank you. jordan says it is not getting enough coronavirus vaccines from kovacs that's the global initiative to get doses to countries in need
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speaking exclusively to deal with your jordan's foreign minister said the middle eastern nation is reaching out to china and russia to get enough vaccines and warned against politicizing the issue jordan faces the additional task of providing vaccinations to hundreds of thousands of refugees from the war in neighboring syria the foreign minister iman safadi is here in berlin to discuss the crisis as well as other regional issues with his german counterpart i could must use richard walker sat down with iman safadi to discuss jordan's daunting back to nation jail. jordan has been praised for providing refugees with vaccinations but jordan is getting a rather small number of vaccinations from the international community if you look at the kovacs system that has been set up in the 1st allocation from kovacs jordan is getting around 440000 says that's barely more doses than have been administered
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in just a single city your population is more than 20 times that you have refugees as well do you feel that it's not really enough obviously the number of those we've gotten . thus far is not enough we are working extremely hard on trying to get the amount that we need to. box in it our population. everybody who is in jordan we were the 1st country to vaccinate a syrian refugee we're committed to doing got there is a challenge to try to get the old back scenes that are out there but are you disappointed that western countries have a prioritizing their own populations to such a massive extent none of us a safe until all of us are safe i mean. the virus doesn't. border's the experience that we had with the vaccine has shown how interconnected we are it must be a global commodity everybody must have equal access to the vaccine and we also
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received a large number of doses of the sino farm vaccine your own prime minister reportedly received a sign of vaccine we are in talks with the chinese government to try and get more of that we're also in talks with astra zeneca. with the russian government to try and get sputnik up with the buys are more there now so pretty much we're knocking on every door that is out there to try and get the vaccine you concerned about you know this this issue of vaccines turning into a little bit of a geo political battlefield you know there's concern in the west that the russians and the chinese kind of crowding in bringing their vaccines when western supplies are failing nobody will benefit from politicizing this issue i think we have enough politics to deal with this is a. area where politics should not be a factor what should be a factor is ensuring that we all protect our citizens because again all or are protected none of our citizens safe and politics come up and should not become
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a factor as a society many thanks for speaking to us thank you. i finally. baby gorilla finally has a name thousands of berliners took part in an online vote and they chose the name for last month's new addition to the zoo's gorilla family 1st time mom bebe took a break and snack on a special fruit vegetable feast to mark to was named. that's a happy mother and a happy till. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around we'll be right back.
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stuff up for what are for his suits to these issues his share i guess. you know harvest so delicately and not touch and delicate topic africa's population is growing fast. enough people. the solution for the future. is 77 percent now. on d.-day. but 2050 more the hof the world will be leaving with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that era is over this is the crisis of our time it's a financial problem like any other financial we live in
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a competitive world this cold it's cool it's too cool. to be free and the world is changing the most important commodity and it is. the freezing. city or commodity starts march 22nd on t.w. . and. today texas allowed all businesses in the state to reopen 100 percent and it ended the state wide facemask requirement the number of people infected with the coronavirus is 5 towing it's not going dale and only 8 percent of texans have been backs unaided and yet the governor says we've waited long enough a huge risk in a state where the locals claim everything is bigger for the texas themselves let's hope this doesn't apply to the number of people who could soon be headed for the hospital i'm bored golf in berlin.


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