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traditionalists i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. and got my license to work as a swimming instructor to share knowledge to children younger dogs just random stuff just. what's your story take part share it on in for migrants dot. welcome to global 3000. women have been campaigning for their rights for more than 170 years but it wasn't until the 20th century that things started to change when for example the right to vote was introduced in several european countries. but we're still a long way from true equality even today many countries have laws and regulations
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in place which discriminate against women and there are regular steps backwards to . but increasing numbers of women around the world a standing up for themselves. the coronavirus pandemic has revealed just how big the task is a research conducted by the international monetary fund revealed that recent lock downs have been particularly tough for women and that's partly because it's women who commonly work in social roles often as caregivers and in 2020 there were fewer job openings in these sectors. even in industrial countries it can be hard for women to find work in certain sectors it's even tougher when traditional ideals and beliefs are added into the mix that some women in iran approving it is possible like those on the island of handgun in the persian gulf. for us
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patients is of the essence. every day she waits patiently with her fishing line out on the open sea her grandfather taught her to fish as a child. i think i was in the 3rd grade when i 1st really wanted to learn how to fish i went out all the time back there and we cut many different kinds of fish. you know. the woman at the helm mother her own often comes along to. the catches aren't nearly as big as they were in the past but as i'm still gets excited about each and every one. that is yet. what we do here is a very hard work it's not work that's usually associated with women but the women of the hanger model and fish just like the men do. ireland lies in the
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persian gulf near the strait of hormuz the region is the world's most important oil artery as well as a stage for international disputes including conflicts. global tensions that all affect the fishing community there. these circumstances all have an impact on us we all live with a sense of unease and you worry about what might happen tomorrow what will we come up against in the future i mean. where is that is ireland have lived from fishing for years a lack of food learned means farming is not an option. only 500 people live on so it's all hands on deck. says it doesn't matter if they are men or women she's one of the oldest fish or women on the island and she currently has a problem her engine is broken she says low quality fuel and sexist officials are
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responsible. as if i could buy some said eyes fuel with my fishing license the fuel i buy would be of better quality without a license i have to pay a lot more and it is just too expensive. according to her be no woman has ever had a fishing license she pays twice as much for gas as male fishes even though she's been doing the same work as them for more than 30 years. officials say we're not really fishers and that we're just doing it as a hobby so the women here are just fishing for fun oh you've seen yourself the fishing is our job here on hunger island. but things are starting to change tourists from the mainland have now discovered hang on and they come for dolphin watching and to take a breather. they not only ignoring the corona pandemic but also many regulations
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imposed by the iranian government. the women on the island are now selling their own crafts as well as a good deal of kitsch from china. as a misunderstood for a while their tourism and fishing can go hand in hand she runs a small restaurant and serves her fish to visitors. her grandmother looks after both of her children. what exactly her husband does remains unclear. the fact of the matter is that here everything is done by women. you don't know where the hind it's not like this everywhere in iran many people still regard women as incapable we want to show them that men and women are equals we compliment each other we can do everything a man can do and we want to prove that to everyone the family. business is going
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pretty well as some profits from the local culture because for many on the mainland it seems exotic. besides that the majority of iranians can no longer afford to travel outside the country. the dollar tells us that this persian gulf island is an affordable alternative she and her friends are backpacking and it's their 1st time here but. enjoy reading them. i really like it here especially the people they're so friendly and lively and i like that everything feels a bit more free here thank you but yeah at the end of the day the rules are still in place so it's all relative. ok there. we meet up with the again the fisher woman who's both broke down. she set up a small drink stand on the beach right by the tourist trail. even though the stand
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provides her with a stunning view of the sea she's still not totally happy with things. more than me i thank god i can earn my living like this but it's still not like it was when i was out at sea nothing can replace fishing it gives me a lot of peace and it just makes me feel complete. i was home schooled also continue to revolve around fishing regardless of how successful his business with tourists is. but the fact that the women on hang on island have built something of their own despite iran's weak economy will be valuable in the coming years. my goal is to make sure the next generation here can find work work leads to progress and if it also teaches foreigners more about our island yeah that's even better i want to get on the family. as she says goodbye as i'm
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tells us that the sea has given her many gifts she hopes she'll never have to leave . women at the helm when it comes to many important issues too like freedom and equality climate emergency. women have made important discoveries or a space planning as they have dedicated their lives to animal protection or have risked their lives to fight racism and hatred despite centuries of discrimination and women have often played a huge part in history and they continue to do so with passion humanity and courage . you know when people tell me that they hated most of the don't like dogs or that. you don't want to missing forget about it mission trip with loved ones of our families and our friends all over this transaction but this is one relationship with we human beings and animals but
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there's no on funds. that all for human and animal rights has made her famous throughout india in 2012 she set up this animal sanctuary near delhi. at all creatures great and small she and her team look after some 800 animals. from cattle to dogs guinea pigs to parakeets each one finds a new home with angelica among the animals have come to us in the accident cases we had closed down illegal circus saw some of the dogs and the horses came from there. so of course some horses were abandoned and we got them full of wounds and you know things like that bull bull is one of them she arrived as a mere 3 month old at couple months sanctuary severely injured and deeply traumatized
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she was a victim of a feud between 2 villages in which someone put her eyes out in an act of revenge. so i realised that we had to change. the way see associated what you associated with human beings we had to change it denied so that all everyone who came to visit anyone enter was here every day someone would read to her those who could sing i would ask them to sing after about 45 months she started coming outside and then after 6 months she allowed us to tertiary allowed anyone to go in and then we allowed it out. and animal sanctuary wasn't always part of the. agenda the 63 year old is founder and director of now as india a charity which mainly supports young people who are hiv positive and aids sufferers. for me the frightening aspect
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was that this was something that wasn't being spoken about which is why it was frightening i saw them for actually going from men to men to women and their 4 children. it was very clear to me. but no one wanted to address their dog about so it took a lot of work to make that happen. nance has been active for over 25 years isn't it since adopted the further m. of gaining legal recognition for the community now set up the 1st orphanage for children with hiv and aids in delhi along with a program for empowering young women and decriminalizing homosexuality. that program prompted a long march through the courts to the supreme court itself the judge actually said something as ridiculous as. we're about this gave people a miniscule minority so i'm like going what is your definition of minuscule amount
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of b because we're going to forget about 10 percent of the population but even if one percent of the population look at. what it is. but for actually there's still an awful lot left to do members of the l g b t community still don't have the same basic rights as the rest of the population. that leaves here wishing for one thing in particular. i would like to see all of us come together. because. when you come together though and battlefield voice is amplified. we're really interested in how people live in different countries today we need to couple in kenya. and we were in the room.
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long long. time to come up. how i welcome to my house. this is my house month since this is our living room. and this is a necklace i wish i had because i was given to doing i very special case and. this white collar to me with peace and with this red red beads to present.
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will i must say culture. you don't even stay for sometimes because we are very much visit. now we are looking after a couple of sheeps and as well as comments close i have come no i don't hear so most of the time we have 20 best health sites all but today and they even name our life time as only we time we can notice or comment what state t.v. we want to hear what's going on in our country. this is to be i would add
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a new song but peanuts put the bees we leave to give i'm deeply behind peace what if. i hate me or at least save me. equality in politics education health and earnings there's still a long road ahead if we continue to move it our current pace it'll take another 100 years before we attain real equality between the genders that's according to the 2020 global gender gap report in many countries there's still a big divide when it comes to politics and the economy but there are some nations leading the way among them sweden finland norway and top of the bunch is iceland with almost 88 percent equality women their have key roles in all areas of society and they have a decisive influence on the country's climate and environmental policies.
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what better place to save the planet from global warming than iceland it has energy to spare everywhere the ground is in motion. scientists call it an act of volcanic area. icelanders have long realized that the country's hot springs can serve as much more than just tourist attractions. a half hour's drive east of the capital reykjavik lies the hedley chevy power station it's been generating electricity and heat from steam since 2006 it's become one of the world's biggest geothermal power plants but there's another reason why scientists entrepreneurs and reporters are now flocking here. they want to meet with a dirty a c.e.o.
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of a company called carfax it's working to reverse the greenhouse effect albeit on a small scale. basically what's happening is that we are stuck in the office fear through this machine ever see a 2 states there were specific democratic within. this year when it. and so what comes out of the buff is so much their office here with with let's go see it that. they began using this kind of vacuum cleaner for carbon dioxide 8 years ago supported in part by e.u. research funds it can now suck up several 1000 tons of the gas in one of the pumping stations out of the tear explains what then happens to the c o 2 so here we have our own on the ground right transforming. busier too that was captured up to kupchak watt and it is all the water and this is then what we have jacked into the subsurface 700 meters underground. the c
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o 2 then reacts with the basalt rock and is captured and stored there permanently it's a method that works especially well in the volcanic rock here this is a piece of yourself to court to see the c o $20.00 feeling of babies within there within the bus off the factors but also on the force so gradually this all of these these still on course could fill up with monopolists you through depending on how much greater. the technology is still very expensive it also consumes a lot of water and can only be used in specific terrain still carve fix is convinced that this technology will eventually help to reduce the amount of c o 2 in the atmosphere worldwide. few countries in the world are feeling the effects of climate change as acutely as iceland it's once mighty glaciers are shrinking continually scientists believe these ice rivers which grew throughout the millennia
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will have disappeared within a mere 150 years. so iceland's environment minister is taking action reykjavik aims to make the country c o 2 neutral by 2040 they're turning to new technology. g.'s and a belief in ancient sagas. we have these stories and i some thought trolls became storms when there if they were exposed to sun. we can say that we are trying to. turn c o 2 into stone where us trolls were turned into stone and the matter sucked. but that alone won't be enough since iceland's colonization 95 percent of its forests have been lost millions of euros are to be invested in reforesting large expanses of the island nation something which should also help the c o 2 atmospheric balance sheet iceland has no they can't save the planet on their
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own but they're developing technologies that other countries can also employ in the future and the idea that believing in elves and trolls can also help well we need all the assistance we can get. in this week's global ideas we go to south africa to learn how text breaks can promote nature conservation something that's easier than it sounds south africa is famous for its wild life for vast areas of almost untouched land now an ngo there is working to turn much of that into nature reserves we met up with 2 of its teams in the can do in the east of the country and chemist grown in the west. no plantations no crops no combine harvesters 88 percent of land in south africa is not suitable for agriculture it's too rugged too dry and too on
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even. but everywhere you look you see life in abundance the country boasts rich biodiversity but how best to preserve it in south africa environmental protection is. chronically under financed. that's where candace stephens comes in she's a tax specialist that the n.-g. o. wilderness foundation africa she wants to encourage landowners to turn their holdings into nature reserves the government offers a tax incentive to do so. it's going. what you're doing here is looking off to south africa's natural wealth in the public good and so there's this unique tax incentive to benefit that bite of this
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city so even as you plow money time if an energy into looking after the sun families may think you're not getting any other not only is a special tax incentive just to give a little bit back this man is already converted his land into a protected area he can write off the cost of the purchase over 25 year period that extra cash and pocket he would be able to to give a little bit more financial sustainability to you in managing this in perpetuity and so that you could put a little bit more interest which would be your decision and you know what needs to happen on the side of photographer cost fund of endor purchased the land 5 years ago and has taken countless pictures of the area since then it rarely rains here but when it does the landscape is transformed into a pageant of color. another special feature about this area of land is that it could act as
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a corridor for wild animals since it's located between 2 different protected areas . we standing here on about on the northern border. to the west and you see yourself stretching down national park and then to the north east look up. and you can see the proposed corridor linking the 2 protected. once upon a time this area was farmland this was going back for a long time since the 17th hundreds. with the settlers the pioneers that that formed here with a high rainfall that time but due to global warming and the rainfall diminished quite a bit and it just became impossible for these people to to make a living with cattle and agriculture and eventually they had to sell and that's why we both in the farms for conservation with climate change threatening biodiversity
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can just stevens has not found it difficult to persuade other landowners to follow suit tax is not everybody's favorite subject and when tax season rolls around it's not like everybody. so my experience with is that they understand that there are implications to tax and financial and so they want to fully understand what that texas means for them. dozens of landowners have signed up to the scheme her 1st experience of implementing the program was in the kwazulu-natal province in order to protect the land locals introduced a herd of cattle. the animals serve an important function keeping the grass short helps prevent wildfires in the dry season but it's just the start we want you for a time when the whole nature reserve will be fenced and then will slowly introduce
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going starting with the plains game which will be zebra springbok. be learned. from those type of animals and then once they are established slowly the cup will be removed the animals will be free to run on the whole nature reserve. the chance rebates that kandor stevens has been promoting have gone some way towards addressing the shortage of funding for environmental protection in south africa and in the future she's hopeful of further progress in this development. conservation work can become the mainstream and become something that's part of everyday life and not something that's a fret and with additional finance that's sustainable it means that we're protecting biodiversity on a scale that we haven't done before and if we can also that global challenge with
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all the resources that we have at our disposal you might just have a chance of saving the world around us. that's all from us this week on global 3000 we hope you enjoy the show tell us what you thought right to global 3000 at e.w. dot com and check us out on facebook to. see you next week take care.
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are we about to run dry. no. water is very big business and it's getting at us gas. what do we have to do not too high and dry. do we have to rethink the water industry. maybe enjoy the benefits of
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w. is quite as simple as it 6. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. experience not to morrow to. buy 2050 more than half the world will be living with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that era is over misses the craze. survive time it's a financial product like any other financial model of the world is changing the most important commodity and it is called the free saving millions of her necessity
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for commodity starts march 22nd on d w. they were forced into a nameless mass. of their bodies near tools. the history of the slave trade is africa's history. it describes housing for profit plummeted an entire continent into chaos and violence and the slave system created the greatest player accumulation of wealth the world had ever seen up to that moment in time this is the journey back into the history of slavery and i think we will truly be making progress when we all accept the history of slavery as all of our history. our documentary series slavery routs starts march 10th on you.
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play. play. this is the news the live from britain's royal family breaks his silence on accusations of racism buckingham palace says the queen is saddened by the challenges faced by prince harry and his wife meghan and that their claims will be addressed in private not public. also coming up in the show. the jury selection begins in the case of george floyd minneapolis is bracing for the trial of the white former police officer accused of his murder our correspondent is there with
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the latest. and to.


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