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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 6, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CET

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women are in charge. of the archipelago has it a retreat or call system for centuries. old form of society. or do you limit differently. what you do with words. and. this culture. that includes over the more. this is news and these are our top stories at the start of a 4 day visit to iraq pope francis has appealed for an end to sectarian violence and religious divisions his trip marks the 1st ever papal visit to iraq it's meant to rally the country's dwindling christian community many have fled abroad to escape persecution he'll meet with political and religious leaders and visit
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a former islamic state group stronghold mosul. running trade disputes each side accuses the other of unfairly subsidizing their respective aircraft makers and boeing. the deal in a phone call with u.s. president joe biden. kenya has begun its long awaited covert 1000 vaccination campaign health ministry director patrick a moth was the 1st to get inoculated following this week's delivery of about a 1000000 doses of the astra zeneca vaccine health care workers are 1st in line for the shops. this is to get the news from berlin you can follow us on instagram and twitter news or you can visit our website state of the dot com.
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for. jamal khashoggi was an exiled saudi journalist who was killed and then butchered inside the saudi embassy in istanbul have a since his film say has been fighting to bring to justice the man identified by u.s. intelligence report as being behind his murder crown prince mohammed bin sultan of saudi arabia so what does have teacher jenkins hope to achieve for have not had filmed say the man she calls her song i'm so gail in berlin and this is the day. we immediately when i got in found a report read it got it and released it and it is outrageous what happened. and i have to the victim was killed his body was dismembered by those who killed him and
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it was then taken out of the consulate building whether forcefully and without any sanction against him against an order that would. we can't get any justice we are going to hold him accountable for human rights abuses saudi arabia stands in the international community with its record. we love the worst of me doing that. also on the day the bass have been awarded at the international film festival at the bella donna on the bass i like never before all. this is the most awaited moment in the festival of the moment where do we know as of the 71st that edition will be announced or a golden goose 'd to 'd. all really poor ideas would produce. good legislation for all of. welcome to the day last we
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hear us president joe biden released an intelligence report identifying saudi arabia's ruler as the one who sanctioned the brutal murder of saudi dissidents and u.s. resident jamal khashoggi but mr biden decided that the diplomatic cost of directly punishing crown prince mohammed bin southbound was too high this despite describing saudi arabia during his election campaign as a pariah state with no redeeming value or mystical showcase fiance isn't giving up she's now at the center of a legal battles from turkey to the u.s. and germany to bring his killers to justice it's a state killing and as such. as important that the state of saudi arabia be held to account to board historically the united states through democratic and republican presidents has not typically sanctioned government leaders of countries where we have diplomatic relations so far more are going to be
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united states as not are not in the actions are too lenient on their findings i would lie n.p.t. and response said billy g. . crown prince mohammed bin sometimes you tease extremely i am in my view oblon magic we're going to make sure that in fact you know if they want to deal with us they have to deal with the way the human rights abuses or roger is that failed so i have a teenager genghis joins us now from istanbul welcome to day w last week president biden released a u.s. intelligence report into 3 miles killing it concluded that crown prince muhammad approved the murder but then the u.s. government imposed no sanctions against the prince what did you think when you have that. i think. the only significant moment finding the 8 but i told all so i think it is not enough we
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doubt any sentient or taking any steps against the criminals and. day all review at least for the dot in any action that wants it if needing or it is needed and it does not mean anything. what should joe biden do about the us. and its roots now couldn't clear more debt and he may be time and he can do more he can do take action against the criminals they couldn't come plants. saudi arabia has convicted people over to mouse killing a sentence 5 of them to death was that justice. i don't think so because they did not about any try to go. to me or publicly they don't have
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any information about people and watched a date why i like to kill jamal and what is his body denise no answers all our questions. and data is not publicly and openly day trial they did not share with doing it of people we did made and warts and there is no and real evidence to believe them right there's a trial at the moment in turkey 26 saudis being tried in turkey over jamal's murder in the saudi arabia is refusing to extradite the suspects what do you hope to come out of the trial in turkey. what's happening in turkey it's according to the talks law it's gold. rights worry and the me and my my lawyers who fought for it did this case in talkie
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and what's took it it from the beginning. and anstice are to do or it and share due to a divorce and not. according to chris low as i told you now so. the 3rd station just happened yesterday. be the follow to case right you're also suing the crown prince and a us court. what does it feel like fighting such a powerful mob. it is it actually it wasn't my. personal choice but why when they just come out of bed i think it's it's it's like kind of.
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part of law and that i feel that i shoot i should ask more because i lost my mind when my husband michael my friend and mine if you will the receipt for me you know time and i said i thought a big responsibility on racial there so i couldn't talk any way just this way seeking justice for general and and and for he thought and for what he said principles that he already who are surely the same. creation and mission and it's time to ask or respect our laws even. what does justice for jamal look like what do you want to see happen. actually. it is kind of how long story and long.
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and history sometimes getting justice or seeking just justice take time. but i don't know actually does it all until when or what we will get justice in the end of the lot but i don't think what will happen in the future but i'm doing my torn my back as. i feel that i hope. and. all and one day we all get justice together and you will see i believe. and to mount was achieved so much in his life but obviously he made a lot of powerful enemies did you ever feel in danger because of his work you know i didn't feel any danger. we are talking about this issue and i asked him
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and he told me. this same don't it's not worry about our lives and a secretary or scare or something like that i wasn't not that's not actually did i know of any against general and wasn't no any. any you know all dangerous. for for his life for i was not is there tights and i know a lot. more when jamal i mean when you think of jamal how do you think of him what what image comes to your mind what sort of man was he yes i am miss jamal. as a person and sir john. i miss him or i i wonder.
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when i feel something very incredible or good i want to share with him. i miss hearing his voice and he wants. actually a room where he was going to be different person for me like a wisdom man and. intellectual part was very. pretty or different for me and. i feel a lot of good seeing say sometimes when i feel bad that. i remember him directly i need to impeach me it's made me more comfortable more peaceful. when was sort of your last and we thank you for joining us here at the job you have to judge angus thank you so much you are. british prime minister boris johnson has long had what many might call
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a creative relationship with the truth as a journalist he was sacked for making up quotes as a politician he was sacked for being allegedly dishonest about an extramarital affair but it was the claims made during the $26.00 to brag seat campaign that brought his talents to a new and much wider audience particularly his assertion that leaving the e.u. would mean an extra 350000000 pounds a week for britain's national health service well britain voted to leave the e.u. mr johnson became prime minister and his government has just awarded n.h.s. work there's a long for said pay increase for many that's about an extra 3 pounds 50 a week. well my next guest had mr johnson pegged as an unrepentant and inveterate liar not particularly diplomatic language for someone who was france's ambassador to the u.k. during the rather to britain's decision to leave the e.u. as well as being in london during those turbulent years of campaigning sylvie
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burman was also to france and russia and china now retired from the david rhotic service she's free to speak and write her mind her new book good bye be tight it is out now welcome to the w. as we take stock of knowledge your leaders around the world britain the united states and russia amongst them a naive person might ask well what's wrong with being an inveterate liar what look what it gets you. well i think precisely the lines are not as important as the. well and you should everything when no you should. read. you remind you was sacked. when he was a correspondent. for the times when he was. the general you wrote your of the east and very intentionally the
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e.u. nations. and that's the beauty. of it people and soft wants it was a sense this is of also because it was charismatic. i think we don't consider. that as we used to do political life and by the way what i said in the book is that it was not. enough. though i said enough for your words not in your answer pretty stiff so to say maybe not. yes so it's a well known fact it's not so secret or so everybody knew that's exactly what your show. ok the answer. and so course britain has now the left you and he we are in the middle of a covert crisis and as the e.u.
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countries struggle to vaccinate their way out of the pandemic i just a little bit jealous of the way that the british speedboats as a sort of on the line described it has been able to get its people vaccinated while the european tonka is still wondering whether it's vox vaccines are ever going to arrive. well i think we've been to see who. we graduate. not necessarily every question the environment about our correction. though the british for their strategy you know i. think we should of course have seen also and this started before us not because not bricks it's because that's the transition period they were from. but it's a sort of that you hope you will accelerate in france as well in germany
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and in europe and africa will run to do. this because certainly they're important. are smaller countries hard to struggle. while their laboratories it wouldn't have been good unfortunately we don't feel you know where we are in ok and that's not. you served in russia for a couple of years so let's talk about vladimir putin who is believed to be behind assassinations here in germany in berlin and of course in britain even expelled 3 european diplomats while the e.u. foreign policy chief was in moscow is he now out of control. i don't think it is an article i'm sure all but it's true that. the secret out well what's. partisan off benny of course was not. 96 but i don't know if you didn't even see. the
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infosys by the. russians also he said it was a question what. do you think 1st and our 1st scream diplomats during visits are just the bar was a very bad decision i think it started but i don't think it is wise when series e.u. . mission to russia just to. the e.u. the e.u. and. our largest neighbor russia and we need to happen to a relationship and sometimes it's because of the that we don't have a strategy to what's there what's russia at the start just. come and say well the result was massive. thank you for joining us former french ambassador sylvie been. interior.
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many communities and police departments in the united states are still struggling to build or indeed rebuild trust following last year's so-called some a racial reckoning on the killing of george floyd in minneapolis almost 9 months ago. has been to moses lake that's a small town in washington state like so many communities across the country it has redefined its relationships with police on almost daily basis despite this it seemed untouched by many of the problems plaguing the us police departments stephan simons reports. it's 6 o'clock in the morning shift change at the moses lake police department the handover is done quickly the overnight team leaves for home but they cite officers and to their patrol cars.
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moses lake is home to roughly $25000.00 residents the majority is white the largest minority is hispanic accounting for 40 percent of the population african-americans account for only one and a half percent the town is considered a so-called high crime area its crime rate of 43 pull 1000 residents makes it a community with one of the highest crime rates in the united states we are with officer rudy valdez on his patrol. you know this is my hometown i grew up in. so it's very near and dear to my heart and know a lot of people here you know a lot of the. people in the community that i've grown up with myself and is important for me to be able to get back to my community back of the department we meet with police chief of moses lake kevin fur the 53 year old has 30 years of experience in law enforcement he took the job as chief here 5 years ago and manages
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42 offices now. one of the biggest challenges that we have is that we have a fair amount of gang activity drug activity. violent crime and then a lot of property crime and many police departments all across the u.s. still struggle to maintain or to rebuild mutual trust with their communities after the killing of george floyd in minneapolis almost 9 months ago however moses lake police seem to be completely untouched by problems of police overreach of police brutality of problems related to systemic racism an implicit bias how is that possible for the chief recruiting staff that mimics the fabric of the community is a top priority however there's more that makes for good policing and for running a police department well says for accountability a lot of the issues that we're facing nationwide a lot of the reason for all this police reform is because chiefs and sheriffs are holding their people accountable he adds rigorous officer training relationship
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building transparency and constant communication with his staff and with the community equally significant i will give my staff my officers the support the training you name and i will give them everything they need to be successful knowing that that day's going to happen when someone is going to screw up and i hope that when they do make a mistake and it does become public that we've got a good enough relationship with the community that i can go out in front of them say you know what we made a mistake. perhaps this small town and its police department could offer some lessons for other communities. in the belly an international film festival has awarded its top prize is on its closing day on the golden bath for best picture went to bad luck i'm banging on looney. talk about some of the other when it's just a moment 1st off let's take a look at the jury's favorite photo. this woman is a role model she's
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a teacher even she has a right to privacy but these days private lives all too often end up on social media. in this case a totally private video has gone viral it shows the teacher having sex it's no one's business but everyone has an opinion should she be allowed to stay in her profession and continue to teach children. the teacher is now suddenly in the public eye. to feel lindsay need a little bit of reverse to get away i got that but it's a bit but that's. the film is about chauvinism conspiracy theories and hypocrisy and post communist romania told as a biting satire for the jury of this year's barely knowledge it was a stroke of genius. was it well well that's got to your opinion of that 8 of those
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movie buff in chief. culture scott wrote for welcome scott what do you think was a deserving winner. i don't know i mean bad banging or guneet or i mean that had a load to serve surprise so still get them. to fill the cell i mean the footage that we just saw doesn't really give it or do it credit because there's also some pretty extreme imagery definitely not suitable for work i will not it was my paper film i have to admit on the $1000000000.00 but it's a decent sort of social commentary social satire film for me was a little bit missed in terms of the comedy comedy targets that it was aiming at but i think or a sort of understand why the jury picked that because the way this film was made. it was made in lockdown in romania so everyone in the film including all the actors
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wear masks all the time and there are socially distance so it's it's very much of its time is very much says this was filmmaking. in 20202021 this is what cinema looks like right now so it's very much much of it's not that big question i have is were you going to care about this film and in 2 or 3 years on. the other one as far as. i mean a lot of other pics by the journey i definitely agree with. the 1st time this year berlin didn't have a gender actor or and so they had a single award for best leading performance which went to a modern german actress for her performance in. screwball comedy with the sort of twist it's called i'm your man and she plays the german scientist who is a single and a bit weary of relationships and she's assigned a robot an android played by dan stevens the british actor of don't have
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a thing and he's been programmed to satisfy her every need things don't work out just as planned and they end up in couples therapy quite fun a nice twist on sort of that side by concept that was one of my fate. films with alan alan and another german philip one prize a special jury prize was a documentary that i really like. and it's class and it's final argument about teacher in germany and he has. a class of almost entirely migrant children or children of immigrant backgrounds and these are kids that we hear a lot about in the new years in germany but we don't really get a chance to actually see them to hear them to see what they think about the world very very very you know emotionally emotionally with also one of my picks from and i'm worried about the bell our itself is 1st have online edition how did it feel. the films were great i really loved that but i mean watching all the films from i
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myself. just isn't the same they're going to have a real in personnel in our this summer i'm really looking forward to that because you see these movies on the big screen not just on a lot right to say here on our big screen. as ever thank you. i mean i instead of done the conversation i continues online you can join us on twitter i abstain w. new so you can follow me out of phil gramm don't forget to use the hash tag that it was watching a good thing. or .
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cower behind. she is one of the few female cab drivers in the song she tries to just a few hours a day her son died grandia while she says she talked about the war and how he she feels to be able to provide
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a better life for me. to. read. next to the. dreamy number next to beijing. talk to richard. i'm sunshine and move on a. road trip. an exciting discovery inside. 16 on. more. by 2050 more than half the world will be leaving with limited water resources we haven't had to think about our water or worry about. i think that era is over
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misses the crisis of our time it's a financial product like any other financial believe in a competitive world it's just cold it's cold it's been cold water used to be free and the world is changing the most important commodity jim has. d.c. flamed it's a water city or commodity starts march 22nd on d w. hello everybody and a well accountable ram on the raft. we are living during the most extraordinary time this trip.


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