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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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it's your story ready ready. i'm sure there was a women especially of victims of violence to take part and send us your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. for your another visit to another year you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. you're watching news asia coming up on the program more bad news for hong kong from beijing the leadership has announced it will move forward on what it calls electorial reforms for the territory and what many hong konger see as more authoritarian overreach. and they get the south korea's 1st transgender soldier throws a spotlight on the losing battle for september in the deeply conservative country.
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plus it's not so old of precious gems these dealers are after they search the afghan country for another kind of treasure that's now in short supply. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia what was anticipated has been confirmed at china's annual national people's congress beijing will require that anyone running in future hong kong elections be patriots and by that it's not loyalty to country but loyalty to one political party the chinese communist party. wait for this reason necessary measures must be taken to improve the election system of the hong kong special administrative region eliminate hidden dangers and risks in the system and mechanism and ensure that patriots are the main body of hong kong people
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administering hong kong. in hong kong that process has already begun most recently with 47 pro-democracy politicians and activists detained on trumped up charges of state subversion simply for holding primaries during last year's local elections. the families. have to remember hearing as 47 opposition figures in custody. and i'm president has seen thursday in hong kong many action hopefuls other pro-democracy camp targeted under the national security law because they took part in an unofficial primary last year was that this is not the only political bombshell to hit home call in recent days beijing is overhauling. his most democratic city to only allow so-called patriots to run for public office new
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power will also be given to a committee controlled by beijing to swing candidacy for the. kerry low and opposition district councillor betis probation protests are in 2019 has come 1000090 percent of the seats and had hoped to sustain the protest movement now he says running for elections is no longer an option for him. you know russian could be balder in the past. we have to screen the words on our posters. politicians are more anxious and fearful no one would have imagined today we're not just facing disqualification but also life imprisonment because of our belief. that this or council is to only for democracy in hong kong this was the only 10 percent of the seats in the legislature and a committee dep picks to deceive executive pages flows but up and or that hong kong
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authorities also plan to require our district council those to patch loyalty to the mainland that were disqualified elected officials like there was among those detained he forced his whole pinioned vote before the hearing. it's a wide ranging revenge on all hong kong people and the pro-democracy camp extensive repression one as this is where we stand at the moment do we necessarily have to surrender my hope everyone has the same answer as me no. even before these reforms become reality opposition politicians have routinely been hindered in their work carry law is falling a lawsuit against the authority which without his allowance because his office was one of the polling stations in last year's primary he said that this is just the tip of the iceberg. the authority to change the electoral rules to ensure their
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victory and marginalized us. even if we can't win many seeds we should still strive for. every single chance to fight for resources and positions to speak going to poison and serve the community michael. holmes democratic opposition is prepared for heavy and lows ahead of the kerry low and others are not about to throw in the towel. joining us is activist and pro democrat nathan la now in london these days nathan there's no other recourse is there a creative way for these politicians to represent the people of hong kong now. well for now i think that the result also posed by the beijing government. the home hole that will see some. back up. and become much more fun more to graphic that and then one in 10 to take the very 1st election off of the
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hangover so he's assured me worrying. now we're in the middle of a global pandemic but do you think given all that's happened to hong kong we'll ever see mass protests in the streets again. well definitely i think there's just psychos in the movement and no matter how severe the suppression is there will always be open since the focus is coming out in march again it's just about the right timing zone right within a day so for me i have my face all calm people it's just the time that we have to stick together and try to well go through this very difficult time what worries you the most that beijing hasn't but might and can do to hong kong. what i think most of our. worst worries have become realities they are implementing the national security law which have already quashed our freedom of
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speech and. many other freedoms and also there are reforming the elections so that only the the so-called patriots that the polity allow recognized can be allowed to be involved in an election so these are worst scenarios and we have to lay facing it and of course here in the u.k. what are you focused on and working on these days from london. i think it's always important for us to go on a more international support and china and hong kong people as a message to the world's expression under the national security law if you are in hong kong and you can that in diffuse to foreign media is that criticize the beijing government or proposing any policies that the well could hold them accountable then you also need to to the national security will and you may law in joe for months or years the 30 year so for me i need to do in that sports and child
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try to speak up for home people talk to demolish that are genuinely representing them but their law allowed to do so in on call nathan law thank you so much for joining us thank you so much there's been an outpouring of anger and calls for legal reforms in south korea this week after the country's 1st transgender soldier was found dead in her apartment. was discharged from the military last year after undergoing gender reassignment surgery her death is being treated as suicide. being in the military had been soused childhood dream but the staff sergeant was kicked out of the army after her gender reassignment surgery south korea remains deeply conservative about sexual identity and the rights many gay and transgender koreans have to live under the radar. i think that is the fact that we don't have anti discrimination
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laws in place here that's deeply unfortunate members of sexual minorities a south korean citizens to. have gender reassignment surgery she hoped the military would acknowledge the change but the removal of her male genitals was classified as a mental or physical handicapped and she was discharged. that's when she waived her anonymity and pleaded to be allowed to serve. was found in her home this week in a suspected suicide. interested in. i think she let us know the realities of life the sexual minorities here. were seeing the fact that she spoke out in order to protect herself and yet she had to leave a flight this. illustrated the reality on the ground in south korea.
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the military's response it wasn't in a position to say anything about the death of a civilian but after an outpouring of anger on social media official condolences were quickly offered and booms death was labeled as unfortunate groomers from. afghanistan's rug hunters are increasingly rare as rare as the antique hand when carpets they seek they weather blizzards beatings from armed robbers and fighting with insurgents in their quest to track down the last of afghanistan's antique rugs rugs that can fetch thousands on the international market. he drew a lot of them when the system is so chary i like a liz an afghan rug hunter to find the hand-woven antique treasures for sale in his carpal show in spends weeks sometimes months on horseback with donkeys in tow
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deep in the jacket badlands of northern afghanistan it's a perilous way of making a living circle more of a stick of the buddha or gen good but what it was during the war all the main roads were blocked. so we had to take the carpets but we took them off the truck and then we had to reload them on to the wagon. pretty good at one point way up the mountain we had to take the carpets onto our shoulders and then we crossed the mountain that way on foot. that you should be going down since we're very high if you can deal with. afghanistan's carpet belt stretches west from northern province along those beckon turkmenistan the borders and down across the frontier with iran the most sought after carpets are often decades old woven from hand spun wool made with dyes
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concocted from roots herb's and flower petals once dowry gifts these rugs are brought back to be washed and then dried outside so the sun can bring out that color as a single carpet can fetch thousands of dollars on the international market efficient earns a place in the showrooms of premier drug dealers but finding the genuine articles amongst the fakes and cheap imitations is more difficult now than ever the amount of all tribal carpets from afghanistan have just. the mondavi used to get around 10 to 15 years ago is not the same amount that we get now i maybe around 10 person are to move you in 10 percent maybe 5 percent of the real treasures of our foreign car proved is a renewable decades of conflict displacement and urbanization have all taken their toll the market has now flooded with cheaper rugs that can be produced on mass and
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afghans rug hunters say their trade has changed forever. we leave you with pictures from a farmers protest in india saturday will mark a 100 days of demonstrations against new laws liberalizing agricultural markets this one blocks a long stretch of highway leading to the capital delhi thanks for watching have a good weekend and goodbye. we're all set to show their citizenship and. take on the. world war 2 stories that matter. for these. new fire makes.
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new year mean known years we're going to debut and how last year's just one song so that when you bring you a makeover and you've never thought to have a surprise do so with what is supposed to smell cool really what moves. along the way maurice and critics who join us for metals lifestyle. merlins international film festival is always good for a few surprises and the winner of the golden bear in 2021 is just that and we'll hear more about how the chips fell at the belly not in just a moment and also coming up. they dance in the streets their faces covered to protest rising violence against women in their country the chilean dance collective
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my last cup which i buy. on the online industry portion of the 7. the 1st bell in iowa has come to an end after 4 intense days of screenings a jury made up of 6 former golden bear winners has spoken and the golden bear for 2021 goes to romanian director rod of jude's film entitled bad luck banging or loony porn and the title is your biggest hint as to why we can't show you much of it. this woman is a role model she's a teacher even she has a right to privacy but these days private lives all too often end up on social media. in this case a totally private video has gone viral it shows the teacher having sex it's no one's business but everyone has an opinion should she be allowed to stay in her
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profession and continue to teach children. the teacher is now suddenly in the public eye. 2 to 3.3. 0 reverse to get by i got that but it's a bit but the fact that. the film is about chauvinism conspiracy theories and hypocrisy in post communist romania told us a biting satire for the jury of this year's barely knowledge it was a stroke of genius. and scott rockstro joins me once again from bond to talk about the film that none of us had bet on hi scott bad luck banging or loony porn means the golden bear what's your take on this decision. well i mean they did pick the field with the best title i have to say i definitely agree with that. i mean this was my favorite i'll be perfectly honest it's a social satire. the images that we just saw don't really do it justice because
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there's a lot of very hardcore imagery also in this film definitely not for everybody it's it's it is a nice interesting look at political talkers see and it's quite extreme but i finally found humor quite scattershot but what is interesting about this film is how it was made i mean this movie was shot entirely under lockdown in romania and all the members of the production including the actors were all wearing masks the whole time so maybe that's why the jury picked it because it definitely is of its time it looks like no other film before and probably since will look like it looks like a corona era film the big question is whether anybody will want to watch this movie and in a couple of years time is very interesting with this jury because it was a very different body knowledge area this year you could tell they were really focusing on craft. yeah definitely definitely and i think it's significant that 3 of the members of this jury are from central eastern europe and this is
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a eastern european film from iranian style of humor and the way it looks at particularly sexual hypocrisy in eastern europe i think is quite significant that probably appealed to a number of the members of the jury that could be one reason why they picked that i didn't pick my choice you know i know they didn't and i don't want them going light i think about where we're who were perhaps the other know were the winners in your opinion. yeah greta with some of the choices made by the jury they had their 1st gender neutral acting prize the silver bear for best performance and it went to the german actress. she was the star of this screwball comedy with a side by concept called i'm your man she plays in that she plays a german scientist who's a single and really wary of relationships and she's assigned an android who's supposed to satisfy her every need to play by dan stevens of down abbey fame things don't go as planned and they too end up in couples therapy very funny movie a nice twist on sort of interesting concept and it was one of my favorites of the
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festival and another one i'd have to mention is a documentary called have and his classroom which won a special jury prize this is a look at a small village classroom in germany elementary school where the majority of students are migrants or from immigrant background it's a real fly on the wall documentary but i think really really touching very very emotional and wonderful look at these kids who we often talk about in germany but we almost never get to hear what they have to say yeah very interesting viewpoint and i'm looking forward to those films that's got everything very unusual barely knowledge as it took place mostly. online tell us a little bit about the overall experience and did it do the festival justice. yeah it was very strange this is the 1st time i've been doing this 20 years that 1st time i've ever had an on line. the films were quite good actually so that's definitely a plus and the experience wasn't too unpleasant but watching movies on your couch
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for a week isn't really the same experience berlin is the world's largest public film festival and audience experience hopefully we'll have a little bit of that in the summer because the winners. this year will be presented again at an open public festival coronal willing in june yeah well let's certainly hope that that will be allowed to happen the audience focused portion of this 2 part barely not on the belly not a 71 the suspense is over for now and now we just need to see all of those great films thanks very much for all of your analyses this week scott roxboro in bonn. all the statistics are sobering joining the coronavirus pandemic of violence against women has soared in latin america where rates of domestic abuse and femicide have gone through the roof since lockdowns 1st began about a year ago international women's day is our cue to raise awareness of this fact and in our series on artist activist my colleague sophia button bag has this report
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from santiago de chile. this is a bad news correspondent into i'm going to present to a group of women that dances masts in the streets outside to raise awareness of gender violence and the power of women to fight for their rights meet the dance collective. reversing for the big performance the dance collective. prepares its choreography for international women's day more than 50 women have come together dominique is one of them. not my for me the collective and dancing in the collective is liberation enjoyment pleasure friendship it's a space where i feel more protected and where i can be more myself in my view was a. means dance masked one dance the red balaclavas offer a little protection from police tear gas but they also provide anonymity the masks have become their trademark.
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is one of 4 women who co-founded the collective in november 29 teams during protests against social inequality and sheelagh. if i say anything more than hiding our identities we want to protect them because there's been a lot of political persecution for a long time even before the uprising. we want to form a collective with a common face at a. protest i'm not moon i but part of the collective. this is the 1st time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that the women have met to rehearse. where a feminist dance collective and our motivation is to make art less elitist to take downs on to the streets and to understand that our bodies are our 1st territory of
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struggle we dance not for others before ourselves our choreographies are always based on urban dances such as dancehall trekking and hip hop. on international women's day last year some 300 women in the collective danced in the streets of santiago wearing red masks some 2000000 people protested across the whole country social injustice in chile led to a revolt in october 2019 against the country's neoliberal economic and social model from the beginning that protest movement was a feminist one. the walls in santiago bear witness to this protest and to the struggle against the patriarchy and the culture of machismo the women of. want to use their dance performances to draw attention to violence against women and. their psyche to me that's up. from the moment i leave my house i'm exposed to street
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harassment we are exposed to obstetric violence violence against women is present in all forms everywhere at home at work in the health care system within families. we live with a myriad of violence i want to believe it will be eradicated but it's a long process because we're in a paradigm shift for sam we. actually are told this collective is about far more than dance the women support each other and give one another strength they say protesting and dancing together has changed them. up in the end the affair. we need more learning about feminism we're learning to love ourselves and not be competitive with each other but to really find a nucleus where we can express ourselves and be ourselves with each other. he. says dancing with the collective has helped her learn self acceptance.
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can't thank you i feel it for me in particular it changed the way i show myself to the world to those close to me and to myself that many will read masks to draw attention to inequality and uncover one's true self the group will perform this new choreography on march 8th in the heart of the chilean capital. and more power to them while finally art lovers sense of risk and adventure will be put to the test at a very unusual exhibition in the northwestern russian region of where complete immersion into the chilly northern arc is literally a must because it's located under the ice of the white seas so see for yourself if you'd be willing to go this far. what suits and tolerance for low temperatures are indispensable for visitors wanting to witness this special exhibition held underwater. the pictures are
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cool i saw them before but under the sea they look different the effect this very interesting with the torch light they started to shine and look 3 dimensional. but the. photographer victor in the news displaying photographs of white sea flora and fauna to raise awareness for bio life or risk to the climate change the artworks will remain underwater until mid april when the ice starts to melt rendering visits to the exhibition site impossible. no because there's a group of 3 yes it's well known that the climate is changing it's the facts although it is minus 30 here today the white sea is the southernmost of all arctic sea it changes very fast it may happen that those creatures whose life is frozen into the ice will become extinct in the white sea in the near future.
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also on display in the underwater exhibition or sculptures by artist denise slaughter it really shaped objects are inspired by marine creatures living under the ice of the white sea reinterpreted to fit the artist's unique vision. some cool art to say the least of which i do stay warm over the weekend and until we meet again all the best from us here in berlin this point of.
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the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing. measures are being taken. what does the latest research say. information and context. the coronavirus of data the code of special monday to friday on t.w. . guy and on games did you know that 700000000000 landed on him or killed worldwide but it's not just the animals that are suffering the student violence if you want to know how when flick to the crease and the hulk shows strange stuff as we think it is listen to our podcast on
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the green thumbs. going into an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans in it in colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to fast way in a. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. frank food. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and trialling services. biala gassed at
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frankfurt airport city managed by for. the day that we needed line from berlin pope francis arrives in iraq for the 1st papal visit to the country the pontiff is urging gwendolyn numbers of iraqi christians to stay put and help rebuild after years of war and the president you should also coming out. china moves to tighten its a grip on hong kong and phasing shifts its focus from the fines against the
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coronavirus to longer term goals.


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