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tv   Indiens arme Nomaden  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2021 3:15pm-4:01pm CET

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you had vaccinated just over 5 percent of the people by the time israel celebrated vaccinating almost its entire population taking the european way may have prevented an e.u. meltdown but it was painfully slow and the too late course the vaccination effort was slow to get going. it's only now that germany is adding rapid test centers and home testing to his pandemic strategy months after austria merkel's new approach of opening up as mutations gather pace is the wrong move says the opposition i don't think that the measures which are taken between regional leaders and chancellor merkel yes that they will fit you a situation and i think we are right in through 3rd way overall support for the government's coronas strategy is still solid at around 50 percent but it used to be more than 70. within 12 months i'm going to machall went from
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being europe's corona leadership champion who managed to flatten the curve to a chance an increasingly on the defensive over these coming weeks and months her legacy may be rewritten of a corona. and daley a political correspondent simon and young talk through germany's latest steps in combating the virus with karl out of us he's an epidemiologist and a member of the german parliament has become known as a voice of caution in the country. the chancellor talks about an emergency brake if infections go back up you don't believe in the emergency brake i believe and the emergency brake once we are up to let's say an incidence rate of a 100 per 100000 inhabitants per week. we will come back with a lockdown that we currently have so there's the emergency brake and i do not only believe that this is an emergency brake out to believe we will have to use it right
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you've tweeted that the strategy will cost us a lot of covert cases and it won't help the economy on she being too pessimistic. i don't sing on too pessimistic what's going to happen we will have increasing case numbers because we are in a sort of wave and so this asians will not have the current payroll as a certain way and at the same time we will not be able to help the economy because we cannot open restaurants or bars or anything because when there is an increase in caseload such openings for not happen so you agree with the varian leader marcos who says that our hearts tell us to open up but common sense says be cautious don't people need to have a perspective of how lockdown is going to end and losing we have a perspective the perspective is here a vaccination where everyone was prepared to get vaccinated to speed up the
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vaccination podgy we have come up with important decisions i suspect is a very important decisions and to us and asian testing says testing as a wedge technology so there is a prospect. can you predict when the lockdowns will finally end in germany i think that long gone through and in germany once we have that. vaccinate that the majority of the population there's a lot about thank you very much. houses made of scrap material no running water and no electricity that is life for thousands of roma families and serbia many ended up there 2 decades ago while fleeing the war and kosovo temporary shelter has all too often become permanent housing our correspondent funny such are as it had one settlement outside the capital belgrade crossing the road to
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a life no one wants to live a social worker takes us inside this room a settlement it's in the middle of a forest people here are left to fend for themselves they are poor. and they're trying to live day for their. life and they are angry that various politicians have been here they say but nothing has changed see me in my you day when the make it back to the only come when the elections are coming up the they give us some flour sugar or oil and they think that we will live from this gift all year 9 minute day or to be sure that this settlement started out as a makeshift camp for refugees fleeing the war in kosovo more than 2 decades ago that's been samson arrived back then a teenager now a father of 7 show drugs yes. he welcomes us into his house made of scrap material his youngest child is only
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a couple of months old. a lot because i don't want them to live the same life through them or not i've been struggling for so many years i'm most sorry for my wife she has to do the laundry by hand i would buy a washing machine but i have no where to turn it on. with the ongoing pandemic the children had to drop out of school without internet no access and then there is the key legal hurdle to improving their lives so. we have encountered a lot of problems because i did not have any documentation when i came here we did not have the time when we left kosovo. he story is that of so many here one of their biggest obstacles to proper housing and health care documents without i.d.'s people who live here have become legally invisible in serbia. there are hundreds of
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informal roma settlements but this camp is one of the worst people here are living in humane conditions with no electricity no running water they feel ignored and overlooked by the government and the local government in belgrade did not want to answer all questions about the living conditions here. mark of us you have each is not surprised he's been advocating for the rights of the romans to be for years living without access to the very basics is a serious health risk at any time but especially during the current pandemic he says is that when i pointed to my mental and physical their health is extremely affected both physically and mentally and this may at some point escalated before they are sporadic housing programs for people living in former settlements because there is no systematic approach to all informal settlements is them skippy's to the problem which you know you just he believes this is due to discrimination of a community already marginalized in so many parts of the world. they are already
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various action plans and national police. to improve the living conditions of froma together they are one of the requirements to join the european union one day but such plans and policies require a stronger political will to implement them so settlements like this one cease to exist reported by funny for each other the ballina has awarded its top prizes on the closing day of the film festival and the golden bear for best picture went to bad luck banging or looney porn well talk about some of the other winners in just a minute but 1st let's take a look at the jury's favorite. this woman is a role model she's a teacher even she has a right to privacy but these days private lives all too often end up on social media. in
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this case a totally private video has gone viral it shows the teacher having sex it's no one's business but everyone has an opinion should she be allowed to stay in her profession and continue to teach children. the teacher is now suddenly in the public eye. 2 to 3 winds in the middle of the road reversed to get away i got that but it's a bit but the fact that. the film is about chauvinism conspiracy theories and hypocrisy and post communist romania told us a biting satire for the jury of this year's bellina it was a stroke of genius. a stroke of genius let's get the opinion of our movie buff in chief culture scott roxboro welcome back what's your take scott is it a deserving winner. yeah i mean it definitely had the best title of the bally
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nala but i'm not certain if it was the best film i mean this is a it's a social satire this movie i found the humor a bit scattershot really but there is definite something quite significant about this film and that was how it was made it was made in romania during the cold that walked down and all the members of the production including all the cast members were wearing masks the entire time also on screen and socially distance so it definitely is of its time and i think that's one of the reasons maybe the jury gave it its top prize because just looking at this film you know this is a covert era. the big question is whether it's going to stand the test of time and whether anyone will be interested in watching it 2 or 3 years from now at this wasn't the only one or there were others around them up for us. yeah i mean a couple of films that were that one today i really agreed with the jury gave its 1st a gender nonspecific acting prize the 1st time in ballet no history for the best leading performance to a man on
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a german actress for her performance and i'm your man this is a scythe i screwball comedy and she plays a german scientist who's sort of wary of relationships was assigned an android played by dan stevens of downton abbey fame and he's supposed to satisfy her every need but things don't really work out as planned and the 2 end up in couples therapy a lot of fun one of my favorite films of this year's ballot now that's another one of the highlight is another german film it's a documentary called have bachman and his classroom won a special jury prize today this is a fly on the wall documentary set in a german classroom in a small village which has a vast majority of migrant children of children on german descent in the classroom very touching very heartwarming documentary that i really i really loved in europe being broadly knowledge and how did this 1st ever online edition feel was the magic on. i wouldn't quite say that i i think the the lot of us really good i love the lot of the films that i saw but it's not really the same watching all these movies on your couch at home i mean i really
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a lot of that experience of the bell and seeing the films together the big audience and in a dark theater in the cold of berlin hopefully we're going to have a little bit of that this summer hopefully not the cold but at least the group experience because we're going to show the winners of this year's ballon out at a big event in the summer cold welling right always a pleasure thanks for that update you know. coming up next andy w. news asia china's leader is a green light plans to tighten their grip on hong kong. and south korea's 1st transgender soldier has been found dead in a suspected suicide because of borders are asking why and how to come to that. and the afghan man who searched far and wide for what has become a rare pride is on the international market. that of work coming up with melissa chan after just a short break from member there's always more on the daily news up and t
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be assumed. to be a good. match. to discover. the way. subscribe to the documentary on you tube. you're watching news asia coming up on the program more bad news for hong kong from banking the leadership has announced it will be the board on what it calls electoral reforms for the territory in what many hong kong are seen as more authoritarian overreach. and the death of south korea's 1st transgender soldier throws a spotlight on the losing battle for 2nd in a deeply conservative country. plus it's not too old of precious gems these dealers
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are after they search the afghan country for another kind of treasure that's now in short supply. i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia what was anticipated has been confirmed at china's annual national people's congress beijing will require that anyone running in future hong kong elections be patriots and by that it's not loyalty to country but loyalty to one political party the chinese communist party wait for this reason necessary measures must be taken to ensure groove the election system of the hong kong special administrative region eliminate hidden dangers and risks in the system and mechanism and ensure that patriots are the main body of hong kong people
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administering hong kong. in hong kong that process has already begun most recently with 47 pro-democracy politicians and activists detained on trumped up charges of state subversion simply for holding primaries during last year's local elections. families. to remember hearing as 47 opposition figures for remanded in custody for subversion and unprecedented scenes thursday in hong kong many are you action hopefuls other pro-democracy camm targeted under the national security law because they took part in an unofficial primary last year. this is not the only political bombshell to hit home call in recent days beijing is over the whole idea of his most democratic city to only allow so-called patriots to run for public. new power also be given to a comedy controlled by beijing to swing care than just
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a chair. kerry low and opposition district councillor betis probation protests are in 2019 has come 1000090 percent of the seats and had hoped to sustain the protest movement for now he says running for elections is no longer an option for him. russian could be balder in the past. we have to screen the words on our posters. politicians are more anxious and fearful no one would have imagined the day we're not just facing disqualification but also life imprisonment because of our belief. that this or council is to only for democracy in hong kong this was nearly 10 percent of the seats in the legislature and a comedy death picks to deceive executive patients was what up and or that whole
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call authorities also plan to require our there are counselors to patch loyalty to the mail and the other small of my elected officials like there was among those detained he forced his hope union vote before the hearing. obama gets a wide ranging revenge on all hong kong people and the pro-democracy camp extensive repression one as this is where we stand at the moment do we necessarily have to surrender my hope everyone has the same answer as me no. even before these reforms become reality opposition politicians have routinely been hindered in their work carry laws falling a lawsuit against the authority which with howard his allowance because his office was one of the polling stations in last year's primary he said that this is just a tip of the iceberg. the authority to change the electoral rules to ensure their victory and marginalized us. even if we can't win many seats we should still strive
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for. every single chance to fight for resources and positions to speak going to poison and serve the community michael. holmes democratic opposition is prepared to have the up close and the kerry low and others are not about to throw in the towel . joining us is activist and pro democrat nathan la now in london these days nathan there's no other recourse is there a creative way for these politicians to represent the people of hong kong now. well for now i think of the result also posed by the beijing government. the home the whole that's will see some. back. and become much more. all too graphic that they won. the very 1st election off of the hangover so it's
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surely worrying. now we're in the middle of a global pandemic but do you think given all that's happened to hong kong will ever see mass protests in the streets again. but definitely i think there's just psychos in your movement and no matter how severe the suppression is there will always be open since you for these are coming out in march again it's just about the right timing zone right within a day so for me i have my face on people it's just the time that we have to stick together and try to well go through this very difficult time. what worries you the most that beijing hasn't but might and can do to hong kong. what i think most of. worse worries have become realities they are implementing the national security law which have already quashed our freedom of
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speech and many other freedoms and also there are reforming the elections so that only the the so-called patriots that the polity allow 7 recognized can be allowed to be involved in election so these are worst scenarios and we asked and they facing it's and of course here in the u.k. what are you focused on and working on these days from london. i think it's always important for us to go on a more international support and china and hong kong people as a message to the world's expression under the national security law if you are in hong kong and you can't and if used to foreign media is that criticize the beijing government or proposing any policies that could hold them accountable then you also need to to the national security will and you may law in joe for months or years or 30 years so for me i need to do in that sports and child try to speak up for home
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people and talk to demolish that are genuinely representing them but there are a lot to do so in on call nathan la thank you so much for joining us thank you so much there's been an outpouring of anger and calls for legal reforms in south korea this week after the country's 1st transgender soldier was found dead in her apartment. was discharged from the military last year after undergoing gender reassignment surgery her death is being treated as suicide. being in the military had been be an issue soused childhood dream but the staff sergeant was kicked out of the army after her gender reassignment surgery south korea remains deeply conservative about sexual identity and the rights many gay and transgender koreans have to live under the radar. i think that is the fact
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that we don't have anti discrimination laws in place here that's deeply unfortunate members of sexual minorities are south korean citizens too. after b.n. had gender reassignment surgery she hoped the military would acknowledge the change but the removal of her male genitals was classified as a mental or physical handicapped and she was discharged. that's when she waived her anonymity and pleaded to be allowed to serve. was found in her home this week in a suspected suicide. i think she let us know the realities of life of sexual minorities here. the fact that she spoke out in order to protect herself and yet she had to leave a flight this. illustrated the reality on the ground in south korea. is.
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the military's response it wasn't in a position to say anything about the death of a civilian but after an outpouring of anger on social media official condolences were quickly offered and death was labeled as unfortunate. afghanistan's rug hunters are increasingly rare as rare as the antique hand-woven carpets they seek they weather blizzards beatings from armed right. and fighting with insurgents in their quest to track down the last of afghanistan's antique rugs rugs that can fetch thousands on the international market. the troops of them the for the father shari are like hey liz an afghan rug hunter to find the hand-woven antique treasures for sale in his karpal show spends weeks sometimes months on horseback with donkeys in turn deep in the jacket badlands of northern
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afghanistan it's a perilous way of making a living circle more of a circle the buddha or john would both like it was during the war all the main roads were blocked. so we had to take the carpets we took them off the truck and then we had to reload them on to the wagon. pretty good about one point way up the mountain we had to take the carpets onto our shoulders and then we cross the mountain that way on foot. that there should be going around since we're very hurried you can deal with. afghanistan's carpet belt stretches west from northern province along those beckon turkmenistan the borders and down across the frontier with iran the most sought after carpets are often decades old woven from hand spun wool made with dyes concocted from roots herb's and flower petals once dowry gifts
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these rugs are brought back to be washed and then dried outside so the sun can bring out that color as a single carpet can fetch thousands of dollars on the international market efficient earns a place in the showrooms of premier drug dealers but finding the genuine articles amongst the fakes and cheap imitations is more difficult now than ever the amount of all tribal carpets from afghanistan have just shtick there mondavi used to get around 10 to 15 years ago is not the same amount that we get now i maybe around 10 person are not viewing 10 percent maybe 5 percent of the real treasures of off on corporate is a really well decades of conflict displacement and urbanization have all taken their toll the market has now flooded with cheaper rugs that can be produced on us
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and afghans rug hunters say that trade has changed forever. we leave you with pictures from a farmers protest in india saturday will mark a 100 days of demonstrations against new laws liberalizing agricultural markets this one blocks a long stretch of highway leading to the capital delhi thanks for watching have a good weekend and goodbye. the phone against the corona virus pandemic. has the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update 19. on t w. every journey begins with the 1st step and
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everyone encouraging the 1st word to conclude the coax in germany. why not the moon for. its simple mind on your mobile and for a. double using the learning course. german made easy. patients on ventilators. overwhelmed doctors. face masks knockdowns. army trucks taking away the bodies of coded 9000 victims and new infections and
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deaths reported every day. until march 2020 these were images only seen in china where the virus felt far away but in the blink of an eye it had hit northern italy and spread to the whole of europe. in a matter of weeks a worldwide pandemic would be declared and our lives would never be the same. welcome to our coverage not one special auntie w. i want to get johnson berlin and i vividly remember sitting here in the studio last year reporting on the horace in the italian region of lombardy little did we know that 19 would soon dominate all our lives and still dust. may once again look like a quiet northern italian city. but it was here that the pandemic gained its foothold in europe. it was the 1st place where the horrors of covert 19 were felt
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outside of china emergency stations were transformed into intensive care units and not all patients could be treated cemeteries were overflowing and military trucks had to transport coffins out of the city the pope john the 23rd hospital was at the center of the outbreak. today the number of coronavirus patients is a small fraction of a year ago. the director of the emergency station suspects that barrack a most residents have developed a form of herd immunity to the virus. many of the people who had antibodies in their blood last march were tested again in december and they still had antibodies in their blood 8 months later of those people hardly anyone was infected again. after the 1st wave the city's health officials ordered extensive blood tests showed who had already been infected more
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than 40 percent of those tested had antibodies against covert 19 perhaps explaining why significantly fewer people were infected during the 2nd wave in late 2020 but now another problem has officials concerned. i think we may have survived the worst of it but it's far from over we have to look carefully at the mutations that are spreading because they could completely change the virus and the situation here. the outbreak left even survivors traumatized and it wiped out nearly an entire generation of seniors among them stefano fusco grandfather. there's a saying that fits this tragedy very well every time an old man dies it's like a library was burned down we saw a lot of libraries burned here it's a huge wound that will never heal. he said to look down and back i'm ok much too
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late to save those like his grandfather. he founded an organization to seek justice and take legal action against the public officials he said let it happen 5000 people joined up. but for now fusco says he wants to transform anger into something constructive and one year after the coronavirus catastrophe to make sure that something like that never happens again. and i'm joined now on the line by and rico starchy head of the critical care department i.c.u. at kramer hospital and it's in the criminal of course also being a beautiful old town and along with the region that was hit by the pandemic last spring and dr stuart to you were right in the thick of it how did you experience that terrible 1st wave last spring. yeah i. can recall exactly the time when we knew that we were facing the 19th. because we had
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been the very 1st one to diagnose with these infection in europe and at that time it was clear that we were forced to face something which was totally unexpected and nobody in the last. one 'd 100 here here in europe so. the idea that we have to find the way to defy against a funding problem which was that we astonishing in the end you had to make conscious choices also something that you probably don't have to do every day. yeah i think that what should be clear that. this scenario we were forced to to face was a sort of worst scenario is sort of mass casualty program where the diffusion on my
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schedule these when there's a huge disproportion between the number on the sion you have to take care to take care and research these that you have of being able to is that the timing was a very difficult very important to. her which. he shows which means he later a speech means. how to read. a range and leave. the hospital organizational to me thinketh which was the talk of the different from the routine. that must have been very tough for me not all your colleagues still on board or did some say this is too much so i quit. yeah i promise you that as i mentioned. to cool the situation was there a sort of for worst scenario worst situation. what was the shoot what was.
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he didn't say to peacetime or getting zation was that dr lee reverted so. that the defining. many many hours to be cool and so she's also let me say that. all the main theme for an intense east means. senior class which means a huge need of ice you care so the physician where guided. prayer by. the sion with their e critical condition and so nobody nobody sees no nobody surrender to the situation if you are asking me walk as being the cause of these choices for sure has been extremely hard so what is the situation now compared to years ago.
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let me say that from the you're going to show up the of course now we are well prepared and we. we know better discounting the bullets but all of these guys on fixing the very beginning these was totally unknown and so that was a nice sure that time now we are more ready and we have a more deeper knowledge about what we have to do and about the walk to call the men section bottom 1st chellaney meantime we have became the core section curve and the it didn't your logic perspective barry close to the 1st wasteful. fortunes the thing that we have to try so we could be. the longer waiting for the vaccines clock a g. . 20 minute and just very briefly if you could utter
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a wish to politicians what do they need to do now. i think that we have to talk there and we have to bother again the actual. research the walkies the now is variable and forecasting very wisely what to do in the next to freemount clean order to address our export talk to an eco started from criminal hospital in italy thank you so much. thank you now one positive side effect of the pandemic more people have been getting a flu jab but there are still reservations towards 1000 maxine's on a justified time to ask eric. my elderly and eyes have already survived the infection is vaccination recommended for them. i'm not a doctor and your in-laws need to talk to one about what's recommended for their
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specific unique medical situation but they can't go into that discussion informed so let's go back over a few fundamentals of this pandemic that are important to keep in mind 1st and foremost the elderly are the group most at risk when they get this disease in some places 4 in 5 of the people who have died from coke at 19 have been over 65 that's why in fact seen rollouts nearly everywhere the elderly are at the top of the distribution list because evidence is now really piling up that back seems really do reduce severe disease hospitalization and death in that group 2nd in trials older people generally responded very well to approved vaccines and going on 300000000 shots worldwide they're still doing so
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so the chances that a vaccine will present some times of danger to their health are vanishingly small and there's a reason why which is that seems don't make you sick many people still have to be reminded of that approved vaccines don't contain sars kovi 2 they contain things that fake an infection with it and that can cause side effects as your immune system reacts sometimes even. fairly powerful side effects but but those are signs the vaccine is working and are almost always quite short term the 3rd point i want to make is that health authorities pretty much all recommend everyone get backs unaided when they have the chance even if they have the disease and have recovered because then the vaccine at as a booster and can help shore up the immune response even more there might be some
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instances for example where someone is extremely frail or where there are serious underlying conditions where doctors might recommend postponing back summation but if they were recommending that for my in-laws i'd certainly make them explain why because vaccines saved lives. and there it williams will be back next week as well colbert munching special thanks for watching.
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a sow's are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. crime fighters to mindanao. why are people forced to hide in trucks. muck. there are many reasons. to play there are many cancers place. and there are many stories. playing make up your own. place.
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w. made for mines. play . but the day that we do line from berlin pope francis arrives chair rock for the country's 1st papal visit the pontiff is urging to windowing numbers of iraqi christians to stay put and out rebuild after years of war and persecution also coming up. china has shifted its focus from the fight against the coronavirus to longer term economic goals beijing also moves to tighten its grip on hong kong.
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and the golden bear goes through as dark.


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