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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2021 5:00am-5:31am CET

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the rules say. the use. of the word or the word. those whom you're using the word. the way. the use. in. this is news and these are our top stories the leaders of germany's 16 federal states and chancellor i'm going markel have agreed to extend the country's coronavirus lockdown measures until the 20th of march however chancellor merkel said a number of lockdown measures would soon be relaxed if infection rates allow it announcement
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comes after talks between the chancellor and regional leaders. security is tight in washington d.c. with police preparing for another possible attack on the u.s. capital by extremists some conspiracy theorists believe former president donald trump is due to be sworn in for a 2nd term in office and thursday authorities have charged more than $300.00 people for the violence capital seizure on january 6th. the u.n. says at least a $38.00 people have been killed at pro-democracy protests in myanmar it's the latest in the military's violent crackdown since seizing power a month ago international negotiators have failed to make any diplomatic breakthrough in talks with the country's military junta. the state of news from berlin you can follow us on instagram and twitter at to do w. news or visit our website w dot com. the
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a.f.d. the alternative for germany is the leading opposition political party in the german parliament it is a political force to be reckoned with it is also apparently a threat to democracy germany's domestic intelligence agency has placed the a.f.d. under official observation the secret police making no secret about the danger or the dilemma how do you police a party that is popular with the people in berlin this is the day. hitler and the nazis and just the peace of 3rd pulled but now successful 1000 year history as experience from all of history we know is that in a democracy. and a means of the democracy now can be voted into office. if you're not defamed as
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a right wing extremist you are doing something wrong with. the authorities and we don't want this of violence this is a way for you to see a good city and i see the point of no return because the moderates are getting fewer and fewer but i don't see any way of saving it. and i guess the signal is that this team of democracy is up to defend itself against the enemies. also coming up she made headlines when she donated $1000000.00 for corona virus vaccine research well that was money well spent now dolly parton is getting a dose of her own medicine. back seeing that scene that scene then see. that he still has it in a boxing exene that scene then see which one should. in that to. but to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and to all of your around the world welcome we begin the day with germany's new biggest open secret the country's domestic intelligence agency the secret service is now officially observing the main opposition party in parliament this is a green light for an investigation that could end with the secret service declaring the a.f.d. an extremist party the news was made public today and it should be no surprise 2 years ago domestic intelligence began scrutinizing much that the a.f.p. was offering for public consumption speeches and social media that often targeted foreigners and questioned the legitimacy of liberal democracy last year intelligence classified the youth wing of the party as an extremist group the move to watch the entire party has outraged its leadership today some of its most prominent politicians accuse the secret service of a political hit job and attempt to weaken the party just before state and national
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elections are scheduled to take place this year in a moment i'll speak with a founding member of the a.f.p. about today's news but 1st we have this report. the right wing populist e.f.t. flushed major triumph in 2017 when it entered the jam in pollen meant becoming the largest opposition party ever since the f.t. has offended relishing in islamophobia racism and the glorification of geminis past . hitler and the nazis are just a piece of bird poop and now successful 1000 year history some a.f.d. members openly support the xenophobic movement piggy among them extreme right to enough. heat the potties loudest and most aggressive anti immigrant rabble rosa. and this i'm one of nation accepts that the children and youth in their own country regard school as
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a nightmare because they have bullied beaten until meant by migrant not shows. funded the parties in town to group the wing which jam and security authority flagged as right wing extremist and response the wing was dissolved however its leader and supporters remain active in the party but no gemini's intelligence service says the entire poxy is under surveillance. well i'm joined by frank christiane hons who he is a founding member of the alternative for germany party here in berlin it's good to have you on the show mr han solo domestic intelligence here in germany has reason to suspect that your party is becoming or is already is an extremist party or you. of course not i mean what we do what we have to do as a position is to criticize the government and we have reasons you have to your rescue policy which which is
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a big problem we have the no interest policy which is really a danger for pension is we have an income of elite image migrants and this is what the majority of the people do not want we had several reasons also seeing the european union some criticisms and the ely trying to make it a super state we want to remain as france spain is italy and the other european countries and the state doing policy for our country but mr hanson to get that was allies but it is we are not a nationalist movement we're just a democratic party criticizing our government when it's necessary but a bunch of discreet you're criticising the government is not the same thing as becoming an extremist party last year the secret service here in germany that began watching the youth wing of your party where it says radicalization is believed to already be taking place i mean the fear here is that the far right in germany has
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failed in your party a place to organize it's a unified. yes i know this is what is set but it's not true and you have to see that in no other western democracy or western country there is a central intelligence interior for own parties and i mean this is very very strange situation and you know the only the government parties like the s.p. in the city you they force the secret service in order to to get a bonus and try to get as under surveillance because they want a real competitor just out of the out of the competition and that's all we have and we have general elections in september and that's what they have throat from because we have not the corona crisis we have the economic crisis and there's certain points in the actual policy which the population of. the major
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major. person general population don't want so they still want to scupper us and that we go beyond the 5 percent and in order that the majority of the center right people which we actually want us to vote we consider as a center right party and they want us out of competition that's a problem and that's why they do that mr you say that germany is the only country where you have a domestic secret service surveillance possibilities but but that's all transparent i mean we know that it's happening isn't that a strength of german democracy that you know that you're being surveilled but it's being done out in the open there there isn't any secrecy. no you know we have we have. several intends to control this by by justice we had several trials against the office of the central intelligence and this is a process where officially it's not been this event is not yet official because
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it is the central intelligence office may not say so it's a stock by several courts to do so too glamorous because of this the neutrality that half and the competition rules. of course in the media get close to them and they say oh this is outed today under surveillance but i can assure you and your spectators that we are right wing center right wing party like the tories like the other parties where we are in identity and freedom. and there is no danger of any one of us in indirection tooth overthrow the government or to overthrow the system of course this is correct that you that see this interim central intelligence may put parties under surveillance if they are really against the system and want to overthrow dick but there's nothing within our party neither the program and nothing like that that we want to do we want to read established in
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a democracy that democracy. where the people get more power to decide like more and i can switzerland but there's no danger at all in this respect you know there are numerous state elections this year and there's the national election coming up in september about a month ago at the a.f. tea party convention in dresden you said that we don't want these surveillance because it discourages voters are you afraid that the news today is that going to damage you at the ballot box. you know the problem is that. since the beginning actually of the party in the when we when we were founded in 2013 actually the media and the government parties they that already then said that we're right wing and the extremists i think this narrative as has come to an end does not disturb the voters from us because we have
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a certain 10 percent in all of these. and all the same qualities of this and they will not be able to get us below 5 percent when we would get out of parliament so i think this intent will fail because there is a demand for our party because mrs merkel says this former central as a center right party c.d.u. to the left and even to the green left side and there is a lack of representation as some scientists say and this is actually the gap we feel and what we will find out what the voters are thinking with as these regional elections begin to take place across germany mr frank christiane hands over the alternative for germany party we appreciate your time tonight thank you for the pleasure thank you very much indeed. in the dr seuss children's book if iran does there is
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a line that reads this zookeeper new keepers simply astounding he travels so far that you think he draw when do you suppose this young fellow will stop. well the answer is now 6 books by dr seuss one of the world's best loved children's authors are being pulled from publication because of illustrations viewed as racist and insensitive the 6 titles include if iran. dr seuss's books emphasize the weird and wacky the author's use of simple rhyme and word play has entertained and educated children for generations. but his use of caricature as of asian and black people in several stories has been criticized as being racist now in the business to preserve stock to seuss legacy dr seuss enterprises is pulling 6 of his titles the move has angered many who claim it's just another example of so-called cancell culture. what people need to realize is
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if dr seuss king get cancelled what can't be. i don't even really this is a kids' book to me i think everyone should desensitized you know. the guy who's gets offended easily and i think this whole society is way off that way off the hook but dr seuss enterprises says the books to try people in ways which are hurtful and wrong the business made the decision after months of consultation with panels of educators an expert's many of whom have applauded the move. they were very very thoughtful about the way they did this and i think they recognize that you know these 6 books really don't fit with the way we think today about to picton people and so i appreciate their decision and i think that they've
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done it in a way that still recognizes the vast works that dr seuss has provided to many of us among the 6 titles discontinued our if i ran the zoo scrambled eggs super delegates poll and on beyond zebra but with dr seuss's catalogue including more than 60 classic titles it seems hard to believe that his stories are going to disappear from the pages of history any time soon. there are 87000000 europeans who have some form of disability within the e.u. our goal is to bring positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities in the e.u. and beyond we must ensure their rights and achieve a union of equality that was held in the dolly there the european union's commissioner for equality speaking about what the e.u.
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wants to do for people with disabilities over the next 10 years. she joins me now from brussels she has been looking into the situation for disabled people here in the e.u. good evening to you terry the e.u. has a 10 year plan to achieve equality for people with disabilities in all member countries where are the biggest gaps in rights between people with and without disabilities. well brant this is the 2nd 10 year plan so clearly the 1st one didn't achieve everything and it's probably good that everyone acknowledges that because when you look across the block despite the fact that laws exist saying there shouldn't be any barriers to transportation education health care they're very much are when it comes down to it in daily life for example you can't guarantee that a ramp is going to appear outside every doorway or that there are elevators in every metro station or or that there's a school nearby your home if you have a child that needs help with learning disabilities so it's one thing for laws to be
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on the books it's another one for them to be implemented throughout the member state i mean down to every little village and there's a lot of work to do on that but brant perhaps even slower to change is the mindset helena dolly said today that one out of 2 people with disabilities feels discriminated against their day or how 50 percent of them live in poverty and there are twice as likely to leave school early so there are a lot of challenges faced by them and i think you'll be a bit shocked to hear some of the things that i heard from a german green european parliamentarians country in london 7 who let me tag along on part of her work day at the european parliament. someone like you can't do that country money and seat and was told as a teenager who dreams of being a t.v. reporter nobody would like to see a person with little disability in front of the camera no don't even think about this life flying to the moon instead and was told to be grateful for the offer of
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an office job in an institution for people with disabilities hidden away from the public. no i don't feel that the guy you went super angry and you will never find a job somewhere else she managed to find one fed up with the last. of options available to people with disabilities langan's even became a politician and now a member of the european parliament i decided ok what can i do where's the places for me and there was no place so i created my own space. if nobody cares what you are doing you're totally free to do what you want what she wants is equal rights and opportunities sometimes even she can't predict practical obstacles at 1st she couldn't even vote she couldn't push the buttons on the electronic box her mailbox
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was too high since i said please be aware it would be nice to put my mail order in the highest box here half. she says she was told the system simply had to go alphabetically langan's you don't was one of the driving forces behind the european parliament's 2020 resolution laying out its priorities for the e.u. commission's new disability strategy and access to opportunity is inclusion and participation of basic human rights among lawmakers demand initiatives to improve the rights of people with disabilities in all policy areas to guarantee access to health care employment transport and housing and to make sure the pandemic doesn't make things worse long and is confident things are slowly moving in the right direction there's an openness. and. so i'm always positive otherwise i couldn't do that job you have to be positive. even though it's
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a tiny step it's a step. and although it's not the rule she dreamed of as a child katrina long and see been is in front of the camera and making news. indeed she is and hers is a story terry shared by many i would assume i did some checking today the european parliament has 705 members out of those 705 people from 26 countries she is the only woman with a visible disability that surprises me i expected there to be more well if you consider that one in 4 people in the european union and this is true in the united states as well probably worldwide has a disability do the math that means that out of these smaller than 700 lawmakers you'd have well over 150 people with disabilities being represented in the parliament instead culturing is the only female and there are 2 male lawmakers also
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with disabilities so that's 3 total clearly they are not represented but when you hear this statistic brant a 2800 study found that literally not one e.u. member state could guarantee the right to vote for people with disabilities 18 of them a blind person can't vote unassisted and 9 of them you have to write the ballot you have to write on the ballot so if you've got trouble writing you can't vote so when you hear that maybe it's not so surprising that more people with disabilities don't get elected in the united states many of our viewers maybe will remember 990 the american would civil disabilities act became law that was 31 years ago is the european union lending behind here. well it's a bit behind in legislation if you compare it to the united states but it did have this 1st disability strategy on paper from 2010 however brant even the united nations only passed the convention on the rights of people with disabilities in
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2006 so clearly legislation is far behind but as i said and as i learned from cutting langan sippin is also the mindset of everyone that needs to change along with the laws to be used teri schultz joining us tonight from brussels excellent reporting terry as always thank you thank you. u.s. president joe biden says there will be enough coronavirus vaccines to immunize all adults in the country by the end of may that's 2 months earlier than initially forecast many states are now announcing plans to ease restrictions texas is lifting its masked men date in an attempt to return to a pre and dimmick normal as early as next week but public health officials are warning it is still much too early. one shot and the war has gone several states have begun rolling out the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine the 3rd now approved in the country with the world's worst coronavirus death toll.
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all right considering this go do it because it just takes so much pressure off of you worrying about getting. more and more thing to biden administration is now asking states to prioritize vaccinating teachers in hopes of reopening schools quickly but the president says it will be some time before the pandemic is over why do i think you're back to the. caution given the nature of that because we don't know for sure but my hope is by this time next year we're going to be back to. one very big state is pushing to reopen a lot sooner texas governor wants to put an end to the pandemics economic damage. but the active next wednesday. all businesses of any type are allowed to open 100 percent also i mean in doing the stay wide
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mask mandate. one houston restaurant owner welcome to the news but said most customers supported keeping the existing safety measures. we have all of our table spot on the park. at a certain distance which makes them feel comfortable and everyone likes the idea that we require people to wear a mast texas isn't the only state easing restrictions in spite of health experts warnings about new variants spreading. governments will be watching closely to see what happens as more of the u.s. reopens. its me i'm finally going to get mad vaccine i'm so excited i've been waiting while i'm old enough to get it and they're smart enough to keep it so i'm very happy that i'm going to get mom and done the shot that i want to live and let me think if they want their due to that was the 75 year old american country singer dolly parton
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about to receive a 1st dose of the corona virus vaccine she did it for all the world to see because she wants all the world to be vaccinated and she puts her money where her heart is the maternal vaccine was developed in part thanks to a 1000000 dollar donation from. actually that scene that scene there look see i'm dead you know if you please do his duty that scene let's see that scene there to see what should they did in that to really. you know john to be floating down but i'm serious about the vaccine i think we all want to give back to normal whatever that is so i just want to say to all of you pal words out there do these things to cheat in school or not. anyway that's my message to you so i'm going to call on mom for you and dr knot. and he's going to
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pop me in my whole room and so on one cause you mean i'm going to mask up for still get my hair back or ruins roman rule of you know. ok that they're not even here in the real show how are you how hard. i even had a little cut out of my shirt i missed it over here cause i'm sure you can just reach down in there sure if on the muscle some water go. well if you take this long to feel now on the phone it was. well up in way this is the symbol everyone is here. to get it right it ok fine during the hour messed up my beauty more ok i'm just going to do like to get it with my mobile no more clouds. pending and they.
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say don't be a chicken squawk get out there. if you didn't love dolly now you well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter. or you can follow me at brant go off t.v. and remember one. what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see that everybody.
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trafficking and brute force in the netherlands 16 drug dealers are now on trial it is the largest criminal. and involves the kind of violence that the mother in law has never seen. at the heart of the issue lies one feisty. true control of the
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country. some good supplier her home. next. once revered. now a despised beggar. the forgotten the mom. ballons mining engineer closed the countryside. by. abandoned by the government. but still proud of their history india is a nomad it's. nice to meet. you know that 77 percent. are younger than. me and me and you. came to know what time of voice is
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what. the 77 percent talk about the. front part of the flash from charles a peeping tom this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend v.w. . at a bit of. a low end welcome to focus on europe with me liz show glad to have your company as a day recently german authorities seized the largest haul of cocaine ever found in the country the drugs were discovered in containers.


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