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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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this is news live from berlin tonight a new installment in the clash between russia and the west europe and the united states announcing new sanctions against russian officials moscow is warning that it will retaliate the new sanctions are an answer to the poisoning of privileged critics alexina of all these is u.s. president fighting is he keeping his promise to get tough on russia also coming up hundreds of kidnapped nigerian schoolgirls are released after being held captive by gunmen for danes it's the latest in a series of school abductions nigerians fear it will not be the last and
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a court imposed 3 activist did not offend religious beliefs with their rainbow image of the virgin mary you'll hear from some of the activists who say there is resistance to homophobia in poland. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with an answer to the poisoning today both the european union and the united states in a coordinated move slapped new sanctions on russian officials and companies connected with the poisoning and imprisonment of criminal critic of all me the opposition activists is now serving a 2 and a half year prison sentence washington says its intelligence found moscow was behind of all news poisoning with a nerve agent last august this is the 1st time. time that the new u.s.
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administration has sanctioned russia in response russia's foreign minister says his country is preparing its own set of punishments against the e.u. and the us you. are listening now to our washington bureau b w correspondent oversell is on the story good evening to you. the u.s. has released the names of high ranking officials affected by these sanctions what more can you tell us you know those who are as you mentioned the 1st sanctions off president biden against russia coordinated with the european union and then targeting high ranking russian officials that were brought in connection with this attack and there is another set of sanctions worth mentioning that are on of the u.s. chemical and biological weapons act and they are targeting businesses that are involved in the production of such biological and chemical weapons just like all the chalk the nerve agent that was used to poison the russian opposition leader election of on the and all of this is a 1st step in
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a promise that president biden made and that is of course to take a tougher stance against vladimir putin and this what it looks like is and it looks like the new president is definitely taking a tougher stand against russia russia compared to what president trump did. now donald trump refused sanctions against russia. especially in the long the case but donald trump also as you remember had a special relationship if you will with russia just think of the mahler investigation and all the evidence that was produced that russia want to donald trump to win this election and in fact helped him win this election in that light it was clear that president biden wanted a tougher stance and that is what we're seeing right now it is also an easy sell back home in the united states with these sanctions president biden is upholding american values like democracy the freedom of speech so all of this goes down well here with american voters however we have to point out as well that these sanctions
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have to be seen as rather symbolic moscow has said that it will respond in kind to any of the new sanctions over the vol the what will these this response look like do we know and what does it mean for future us russian relations well it will certainly mean a deterioration of the relationship but let's be clear those relations have been strained for quite some time the u.s. says russia is behaving like an adverse syria and has to be treated as such and that is for many reasons election meddling is just one aspect there were a number of cyber attacks carried out by russia against the united states and of course also the russian role in crises like in belarus and the ukraine worth mentioning and certainly all of these contributed to the strained relationship we are seeing right now. due to the ways to money washington result we thank you.
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hundreds of students kidnapped from their boarding school in northern nigeria have been released the regional governor says the girls are now safe and well after being seized by armed men on friday their abduction was the latest in a series of mass school kidnappings this year. but their ordeal is over. officials say the almost 300 school children are healthy however some did suffer physical wounds it's the psychological impact of their kidnapping thought may take longer to heal. if you did and when did most of us injured our feet and we couldn't continue to walk our captors said they would shoot anybody who didn't continue we walked across the river and they hit us and let us sleep under bushes in a forest. and a mother cried. for the families of the schoolgirls their relief is unsurmountable. i'm going to.
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i'm very happy. you know i guess i'm not god has brought our or deal to an end that he knew and were so happy because i'm in this that i thank god for everything . i do i love that about god i did it to him that i let what he wanted to me would have not allowed them to be in that the students were abducted from this boarding school by an armed gang last friday government officials have been in talks with the kidnappers known locally as bandits. they say these bandits in zamfara state often kidnap for ransom money and to press for the release of their members held in prison authorities are searching for the culprits you think on this one don't think that. this one this is just somebody you know you would. give you 2. when you see something on phones
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that balls are floating in an industry that. nigeria's president also tweeted saying they're working hard to bring an end to these grim and heartbreaking incidents of kidnapping saying the military and the police will continue to go after the kidnappers this latest kidnapping was nigeria's 4th mass abduction in less than 3 months this time it had a happy ending but there are fears that children may become the kidnappers target once again. are staying in nigeria of the united nations as a terror attack in the country's northeast was directly targeted at several humanitarian aid facilities a hospital and the premises of aid agencies in the town of de quote were reportedly set ablaze or damaged affecting the support given to nearly 100000 people islamic state militants are suspected of being responsible. here's some of the other
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stories now that are making headlines around the world government in afghanistan have shot and killed 3 women who work for a broadcaster in the city of jalalabad government sources say the women were attacked separately on their way home from work these are the latest in a series of shootings in bombings targeting journalists and other professionals in recent weeks reporters without borders has accused saudi arabia's crown prince of crimes against humanity over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi the media watchdog has filed a complaint with germany's public prosecutor seeking an inquiry into the country's international jurisdictional the group accuses saudi arabia of persecuting the shogun and dozens of other journalists indonesia's melts in a boom that has been throwing volcanic ash as high as 5000 meters into the sky activity has increased in the last week though there have been no new evacuation orders the volcano was dormant for for centuries before erupting in 2010 previous
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eruptions of killed dozens of people reggae legend bunny wailer has died in kingston jamaica he was 73 is career spanned 7 decades but he's best known for co-founding the whalers the group that catapulted bob marley to global fame where there was the group's last surviving original member no cause of death has been given but he's been hospitalized since december. foreign ministers from southeast asian countries have held talks with me and mars military junta in an attempt to tackle the crisis in the country protesters continue to turn out in force after the military seized power one month ago security forces are stepping up their response as the unrest claims an increasing number of law. saying goodbye to a friend the funeral of a young man shot dead by police just one victim of an escalating crackdown by me
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and mas military thousands accompanied his coffin free of the streets people showing for 3 finger salute a gesture that has come to symbolize solidarity and resistance. throughout the bookers we want democracy they are not armed and justice the road to court and our human rights back for we also want justice for our fallen heroes who have given their lives for this revolution they are not armed with an old dog or. crowds with saluting in the i'm gone too despite the crackdown protesters continue to flood the streets here and across the country. many gather behind barricades of homemade shields hoping to slow or stop the police response. as security forces struggle to disperse them they've resorted to increasing levels of violence deploying more to cannon firing rubber bullets and even live ammunition as an activist and young gone
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told d.w. news. industry or bullets and the feud has shots there that crew out to myanmar people know the military is not a military organization anywhere they are already terrorists organizations. as the standoff continues international pressure on the military is mounting. on the situation is worrying that because an increasing number of civilians have lost of a lives young and or injured and monogamy. and it is worrying because if it is not addressed at once this crisis could affect peace and security in the entire region man. myanmar's neighbors have called on the army to stop the killing release political prisoners and return become tree to democracy until that happens or protesters say
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they will continue mobilizing name matter what. this is the image that almost landed 3 polish activists in prison for 2 years it depicts the virgin mary with a rainbow halo activists hung the image of a polished turds back in 2019 today a court found them not guilty of offending religious beliefs the case was seen as a test of freedom of speech under a deeply conservative polish government. the relief to be acquitted after nearly 2 years of uncertainty. poland's criminal code prohibits offending religious sentiment violators face up to 2 years in prison but the judge ruled the activists had aimed only to fight for equal rights for poland l g b t community and you because now the prosecution failed to prove that the actions of
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the defendants were intentionally insulting towards the religious beliefs of catholics or that they desecrated the icon of the virgin mary of since the whole over the case centered on an image of the black madonna or a chance to hope for one of poland's most revered catholic icons with an l.g. bt rainbow in april 29th seen 3 activists put up the poster in the central town of what's in response to a church exhibition that equated the acronym l g b t with lines and hatred. one of the activists told t w she was delighted with the ruling. that the judge today of the 1st instance. so said so many important words for that a g b t people. including this very famous rainbow not everybody. nor in justice party has become increasingly conservative and the
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country's catholic church it openly opposes gay rights the move for me is what matters here is that homophobia is not characteristic of all polish catholics we need to differentiate between the bishops and the people especially young people who don't find our activities offensive. it's a victory figure he writes in poland but the activists legal battles on terror yet prosecutors say they will appeal the decision. finally we were flying the famous british street artist banksy has been back at work a new painting has appeared on one of the walls of a former prison in the english town of reading campaigners have been trying to turn the former jail into an art center for several years now its most famous inmate was 19th century poet and playwright oscar wilde he was sentenced to prison there he was convicted of having sex with another male. you're watching
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news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news followed by the day i have to see you then. the fight against the corona virus pandemic. has. the rate of infection been developing what does the latest research say. information and context the coronavirus update. on t w. w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series continues this season the stories focus on hate
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speech prevention sustainable charcoal production. all of the soda are available online and of course you can share and discuss on africa's facebook page and other social media platforms. hard fighters to know. that. you may not realize it but you with mathematical models every day something as simple as the weather forecast is actually a complex model based on countless data points. today prediction models are critical to coronavirus planning kopek 19 is still new and it's hard to anticipate how it will spread and whom it will affect models can give scientists government officials and doctors previews of how to stop the virus and safe lives. welcome to
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a covert 900 special i want to jones and to some extent off contributed to predicts in models today by getting tested it's just like all the anchors here it's a precaution but those tests on individuals a costly a researcher in wanda came up with an efficient alternative in the battle against the pandemic rwanda's coronavirus task force relies on comprehensive contact tracing. to get an up to date picture of how much the corona virus has spread rwanda tests a cross-section of the population regularly using an engine. a strategy called pool testing. the brains behind the strategy is wilfred defun a professor at the african institute for mathematical science. if you go to the community and test people it doesn't tell you how many people actually infected because everybody so you always sample and so to go from the sample to the truth to
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reality you know. the calculations involve complex algorithms defun has translated them for us into an example from everyday life. this thing is really simple so imagine that you have 9 cups of. bins and you know that a chair which corpus the beings you was cool and just so you might find. if you're doing 9. to avoid this effort the mathematician resorts to a simple yet efficient trick he combines being samples from different parts if all of beans in this pool are good he no longer has to test each part individually only if there are better beans in the sample must he perform tests the principle can be
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applied any time groups are tested and it can be used to combat covert 19. in rwanda sets of 10 and 20 samples are combined and tested similar. if the pool test result is negative all the subjects in the pool sample are indicated as not having kovac 19 but if the pooled result is positive each sample is retested individually. the advantages of the pulling out portions just to reduce the cost spends to the for the agents to do the turnaround term for results and also to test a massively in the community also the group just. for the community so those are the advantages for these if the virus is spread dramatically pulled samples test positive too often and retesting becomes costly and time consuming so far however africa has low number of cases compared to
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western countries and the method is proving useful there this is really the purpose of the african countries but not only african countries even for the roping countries since we did a lot of these and the problem is the. pulling up close tonight of people and so we have been approached by similar countries ghana and kenya are now applying the strategy to mass testing in greece have also come from the us and in britain the university of edinburgh is testing students with this method. all about is a lecturer in statistic in the department of mathematics at imperial college london welcome to our program and before we get into the nitty gritty of mathematical modeling just very very briefly what exactly is it that you do at your department. thanks for having me today so i am part of the empirical culture on the covert 19
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response team and we've looked at you know various kinds of infectious disease models to inform public health responses to the epidemic i guess the 1st and probably one of the most important pieces was wearied scenarios on what would prevent hospitals to collapse and what prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths in the population said i was the 1st one and we showed it so as resistance in general knocked out capping off non-essential services and will be fundamental to that later on we looked at the age groups that sustained yet the damage showing that it's primarily dispensed to 49 year olds don't drive spread 78 percent of all transmissions occur from those individuals with limited. contributions from school age children and more recently we looked at a spread of the war once. in england and p. 100 cell and we sure hope you were 17 and its. effect of 1.5 to
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1.6 more transmissible the current variance harvest in a 2nd and when you say you look at all these things what exactly does this mean i mean talk us through the prices for example of what you've been doing in brazil. so we start by you know the lies in the real real time data as it comes in and is reported so in this case it's a case data initially but a case of data from from analysis hospital dates are just number of admissions a number of deaths burial dates are it sounds you know it's been horrific and in indiana. and then we try to interpret it as data with mathematical models so these are. not indian wells it's a little bit unintuitive to to work with them it's not like i throw you a ball and you know where it lands so we really need
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a small dose to help us understand what's going on and how do you translate those models that are not linea for policymakers to understand what's going on so that they can decide on specific missions what we show you know the fits to the data itself along with 95 percent credible and the holds to president certainty we show for cost in our various what if scenarios and there's no single forecast right. but the difference in areas what would happen if you know if mobility were to reduce in a population what you know and other. and then based on that you know based on that communication very thick asian from several teams different analysis from different regions alternately decisions being made at a policy level i mean let's take a concrete example because here in germany and there's
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a lot of discussions right now politicians are talking about how to end the lockdown now if german chancellor angela merkel came to you and asked you what happens to the infection rate if we were to open schools and restaurants next week could you provide her with a model. you know. yes so that is what we've been doing that they are not they are out for the past year for the british government and it's just one aspect more than 10 of our more league teams and institutions across the u.k. who come together and he back into this and so it's a. it's a very busy it's been a very busy period. i bet but they actually didn't taking you're not giving advice you give them a model so they still have to sort of figure out what it means and make the right policy decision can you support them somehow to. maybe try to make authority to have ever tried to really make the best transparent and easily accessible as possible so you know we give them graphs and they give timelines and projections
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and conferences by having very similar incidents from very different times of models. transparent to some sense that undergo being one and the law and all these models all right so if you're expensive bill these days certainly but when the pandemic is over if it's over one day what models would you like to work on. what you know what i could not he was not the only infectious disease out there in the world and you know primarily wrecking the nature be. you know many other diseases are you've heard about aid and friends on the 1st case the snow christian the transmission's. already happened does year so there's no shortage of problems to twerk. i'm afraid you're right yes all of that happening from imperial college in london thank you so much for your time. searching cognitive gears now you'll see
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what i mean what derek. how much of the population has to be vaccinated before we reach herd immunity. everyone wants to know this number which from the start has generally been estimated at roughly 70 percent of the population the problem is that pinning it down exactly isn't possible yet because there are still so many moving parts and this pandemic 2 of the most important factors that can have a major impact on herd protection are still big question marks the 1st is the extent to which people who've been vaccinated can still potentially catch and transmit the disease even if they never develop symptoms themselves the data we have so far on this aspect is quite positive evidence from a couple of larger studies now in peer review indicates that at least some approved
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vaccines appear to help lower a recipient's chances of being a transmitter after being vaccinated maybe dramatically the 2nd factor that plays a key role and how soon we reach herd protection involves variants when the virus mutates to become more transmissible people who get it grow more contagious so they give it to more people on average and that makes achieving her protection more difficult another potentially problematic facet of this problem is that that variance can also mutate in ways that lower existing immune protection to sars kovi to whether for those who've been vaccinated or for those who have had the disease so variants could turn people we thought were protected back into potential
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and factors to. spikey upon the rebels many see spalling case numbers and countries with high vaccination rates as evidence that herd protection is already beginning to influence the course of the pandemic but we won't really know we have that until we get there. and that's it thanks for watching. tick tock. a dark day for the teams at the bottom of the league last place to shite that loses sacks it's coach and plans for the 2nd division. but the competition is also struggling for relegation contenders for defeat causing hardly any threat to the closing teams goal kicker. g.w. . every
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journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word in the nico piece in germany to find your kind of. success why not born with him. to suffer it's simple online on your mobile and free. t.w. zealand in course free germany made easy. what is different on the islands of the south. here women are in charge. the archipelago has had a patriarchal system for centuries and. the rare form of society.
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women differently. what they did with their power. and how sustainable is this culture. is over rango starts marching on t.w. .


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