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tv   Der Tag  Deutsche Welle  February 23, 2021 2:00am-2:31am CET

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please. t.w. . this is the news live from berlin boris johnson lays out a plan to end in england's coronavirus lock down the british prime minister details of multistage proposal to reopen the country starting 1st with schools all limits on socialising could be lifted by some but only if strict conditions are met also coming up the new european sanctions over russia's opposition crackdown on foreign
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ministers of e.u. countries back punitive measures directed at those responsible for the jailing of kremlin critic alexander validate. plus bowling grounds dozens of its triple 7 aircraft following a catastrophic engine failure that lifted in 1st stop a plane debris. i'm charred great welcome to the show british prime minister boris johnson has unveiled a step by step plan to ease england's coronavirus lockdown under this proposal schools will open again on march the 8th followed by a gradual reopening of the economy starting in april infections and deaths have been declining in england amid a strong vaccination dr johnson said he's the. down roadmap was designed to be
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a cautious but irreversible path back to normality. pupils across england just still learning is home but in just 2 weeks they'll return to the classroom opening schools is the 1st step in boris johnson's plan to successfully ease lockdown measures every 5 weeks there is no credible route to a 0 or indeed a 0. word and we cannot persist indefinitely with restrictions that debilitate our economy our physical and mental well being and the life chances of our children allowing people to socialize again is the priority with restrictions on outdoor gatherings relaxing just before easter next on the list is reopening non-essential businesses by the end of april followed by pubs and restaurants by mid may all limits on socialising could then be lifted by the end of june everything stopped or there's an awful lot of people that need to pay their
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rent their kids so i would like to see things opened up quicker but i think if we did a long time now i know it's not 9 to 15 long now i mean potentially some things. just. like. that something johnson wants to avoid with hopes of a complete end to lock downs pinned on the vaccine rollout the biotech pfizer and oxford astra zeneca jobs have so far offered strong protection the prime minister says the plan will be adapted if infection numbers rise but also insists that measures must be eased soon. we can't escape the fact that lifting lockdown will result in more cases more hospitalizations and sadly more deaths and this would happen whenever lockdown is lifted whether now or in 6 or 9 months because there will always be some vulnerable people who are not
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protected by the bat says the government is investigating a controversial proposal to introduce covert status certificates that's despite ministers repeatedly denying they would consider the use of these vaccine passports fearing they could be discriminatory a report of the review is expected to be published before june. as we just heard the u.k. is considering introducing vaccine certificates our reporter joel dahl roy has been looking me into this joel how has this idea been gaining traction well it seems almost certain that vaccines the tickets will be part of the post pandemic reality in some form the u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he thinks they may be used to allow travel but he says they shouldn't be allowed used to grant access to services or for example to go to the pub however other countries are already granting special privileges to those who have been inoculated israel has recently rolled out its green badge
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program and that gives recipients the opportunity to go to gyms to cultural events and hotels across europe countries are quite divided about this idea spain and denmark for example want to have digital certificates to allow people to travel to southern countries which want to revive the tourism industries however leaders in france and germany are far more cautious they say that giving special privileges to the vaccination vaccinated would be unfair especially as not everyone has access to the vaccines and we're not even sure if they restrict virus transmission now but whether governments accept the idea or not private companies may push ahead for example the airline industry is working on a digital vaccination app and air new zealand says it will begin trialing that within a few weeks ok now the u.k. has set about. laying out how it's going to reopen what are are the european countries doing in lifting restrictions will some european countries are actually
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going ahead of the u.k. and reopen even though they don't have the same level of vaccination here in germany schools have reopened in several states for the youngest classes and that's at the same time as corona virus infection rates are actually increasing across the country chancellor angela merkel says she's working on her own step based reopening plan although as always she's being very cautious about that now are you. countries are also unlocking spain and italy parts of those countries bars and restaurants are reopened but the crucial difference here is that in the united kingdom more than a quarter of all people have already received their 1st vaccination shot while here in europe it's only around 4 percent ok let's let's turn our attention to the u.s. now joel because they have just rates 500000 coronavirus related deaths the u.s. president joe biden put that number into perspective here's what he had to say. today we mark a truly groom heartbreaking milestone. 500000
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71. dead. that's more americans who died in one year pandemic than a world war one war 2 the vietnam war combined. as more lives lost this virus than any other nation on earth but this week knowledge the scale of this man's death in america remember each person in the life they lived. u.s. president joe biden describing what he called a heartbreaking milestone jole dulled roy what else did joe biden have to say when he gave a very emotional address there and he was really at times talking about the pain of losing loved ones in very moving terms he also called for an end to the politics
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and misinformation that is divided families is trying to reduce the bipartisanship that is surrounding the pandemic approach one year ago today the former president president claimed that his administration had this virus under control a week after that the u.s. markets 1st and then here we are a year later with half a 1000000 deaths that's one 5th of the entire global death toll from covert $94.00 president biden has been taking part in ceremonies to mock that milestone and he's ordered the flags be lowered at half mast at all federal buildings for the coming days. just terrible and a jolt d.w. reporter thank you let's take a look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic slovakia has called on the other in u. countries to help with its quote tragic coronavirus situation slovakia's foreign minister has requested an advance vaccine shipment as the country battles a record number of cases and the world's biggest vaccine make it india's serum
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institute says it's been told to prioritize its production of the astra zeneca vaccine for india it's asked other countries to be patient. let's turn our attention to some of the other stories making news this hour former u.s. president donald trump has lost a supreme court appeal against his tax returns being released to prosecutors the manhattan district attorney is investigating trump for possible tax and insurance fraud despite the court ruling secrecy rules mean the tax returns won't be made public. in israel thousands of volunteers are working to clean up a massive oil spill but his 4 speeches to close authorities are investigating the source of the spill which has affected wildlife such as totals and seabirds it's been described as one of israel's worst ecological disasters. russian president vladimir putin has hosted his better russi and counterpart
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alexander lukashenko for a winter sports field meeting in soft sheen the pair went skiing and rode snowmobiles in the black sea resort when they were warmed up lukas shanker thanks putin for supporting belarus financially. foreign ministers of the european union have agreed to impose sanctions on 4 senior russian officials who they say are responsible for sending opposition leader alexei novell need to prison now these sanctions are expected to be formally approved by the e.u. next month russia has called the move quote unlawful on that matter that. i like saying that. protesters in brussels reading aloud just some of the names of the nearly 400 people they say are behind bars in russia for political reasons. they gathered outside the european council headquarters ahead of monday's meeting to demand the e.u.
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. inside it was one of those names in particular which sparked the e.u. into action the jailing of opposition leader alexina violently. in response to events around. we're rich or political that we've been doing. measures against those responsible for his arrest and sentencing and persecution. the decision came fairly quickly with the blocks $27.00 foreign ministers voting unanimously to clear the way for fresh sanctions the expected measures include asset freezes and travel bans this will be made possible under a new framework that allows the e.u. to take action over human rights violations worldwide. the move is likely to set
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the a you want to collision course with russia moscow has previously threatened to retaliate or even cut ties if new sanctions are applied. despite this novell needs supporters believe targeted sanctions are the only way forward. in our opinion is the strongest us was it could be. so. close allies the what parts of the machine the. russian economy these. the russian propaganda for. the details of the sanctions are yet to be worked out but will be announced in the coming weeks only then will it be clear just how effective they may be. aircraft giant boeing is facing another setback airlines have grounded more than $100.00 of its triple 7 planes worldwide after
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a jet engine caught fire over the u.s. city of denver at the weekend now large sections of this engine broke off and fell on a residential neighborhood boeing says triple 7 with this particular engine type shouldn't fly until an investigation has been carried out. moments of horror for the 231 passengers and 10 crew members aboard the boeing 777201 route from denver to honolulu one of the plane's engines exploded into flames and debris rained down to the ground. it was late the worst 20 minutes i was just brain and i was like the kid no. i was in use these billy. all these by cage and there we had landed for mon. and my life would be ending late that. the plane made an emergency landing in denver no injuries were reported but united airlines announced
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that it would ground 24 aircraft until the national transportation safety board finished its investigation. a total of $128.00 boeing triple 7 zar affected the large twin jets are grounded for the time being most are older models and that includes the 26 year old united plane all of the boeing 777200 in question have pratt and whitney p w 4000 engines boeing has delivered 6900 of the planes. japanese authorities have now issued a flight ban as a precaution affecting japan airlines and only pon airways this is not been the 1st problem with the boeing triple 7200 on december 4th there was a similar engine failure. well snow and ice have been causing huge suffering for parts of the u.s. in recent days but along with the deadly chill sometimes there is great beauty as
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well parts of the powerful niagara falls for is creating huge abstract ice forms as the main current rush down the falls span the border between canada and the u.s. and have a vertical drop of more than 50 made its. this is dig up a new symbol in coming up our documentary series explores how castro out north korea finances its nuclear program. and you hear me known for years we're going to tell you you know how last year's tournament starts now we'll bring you i'm going to a magical and you've never time to have surprise yourself with what is possible who is magical really what moves and want also to talk to people along the way maurice and critics alike joining us from apple's lifestyle.
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north korea's like game of thrones good without the dragons. this is actual society as capitalists and everything is geared to make sure that there's as much cash for kim as is possible. to not in capitalism money. is the life blood flowing through the banks it's no different in north korea. there are $39.00 is involved in everything that makes money for north korea selling arms smuggling of drugs guns are feeding off the us bills this is about hundreds of millions of dollars a year. tied to did everything everything. or do all we were told was going to make dollars.
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north korea a pariah state largely isolated from the rest of the world. a dictatorship shrouded in mystery. every day the country's state run media praised the heroic deeds of the supremely. time seems to stand still here was. lacking in troop numbers most korea has the full flow largest army in the world for 3 generations the kim family has ruled the country by divine light and with an iron
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fist. north korea's military also is outdated but contains nuclear weapons running the country severe sanctions how does the regime manage to survive . and how have the kims amassed enough money to threaten the world with the most powerful weapon of all. on the other side of the world in the netherlands a history professor is working on answers to these questions graham codebreaker from the university of leiden has been studying the and it mattered country and its
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roots for years he says our image of north korea is mistaken. north korea isn't what it tells it it is just look at the country functions at the highest level what is the main goal of of the government of the regime i should say it's to make money is to make cash for kim. what intrigues me personally is home north korea manages to make money. one of the questions we were stuck with says we're just a month ago how much money just north korea make. for their leadership in pyongyang questions like these a dangerous north korean regime send a letter of indictment under my name to that's government charging me with 3 capital crimes the worst of the 3 was the accusation that our research my research was in my name and damages the supreme vacancy of the supreme leader but this sounds like it's
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a funny crime writes them as in the supreme difference here somebody in north korea curse to death. threats not to be taken lightly remco broke his investigations threatened to disrupt to north korea's sources of hard currency the country's 1st nuclear bomb tests in 2006 prompted its international isolation without legal sources of income the regime took to raising money illegally. new york the seat of the united nations it's here that the un has impose. 9 rounds of sanctions against north korea and also where its global activities are monitored by an international panel of experts. the group consists of 8 members including former intelligence military and financial experts for their own safety they work away from the public eye only the coordinator hugh griffiths is willing to speak on camera the sanctions have tremendous impacts on one level on north korea that means
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the economy can flourish in the way it would if they were able to sell their largest foreign currency earning commodities legitimately so they can't ship coal legitimately they can't ship or legitimately they can't ship zinc legitimately. foreign currency is very important to any country no matter how talk your kids economy you need foreign currency to buy the goods are essential for your population nor for your elite group so foreign currency is pretty essential to north korea's survival the question is what's more important to the north korean leadership developing a new ballistic missile program or seeing their economy flourish.
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the regime opted to go for the bomb in 2005 or sufficiently revealed that it had nuclear weapons as protection against attacks from foreign power as specifically the united states. home to the government and to the country's elite. shiny new apartment blocks lined spotlessly clean showcase avenues. this is where pyongyang's up a cost resign. the city is home to 3000000 people but only those who are considered loyal to the regime live here anyone wanting to enter the capital from the outside needs a permit. some. economic research institute he's authorized to talk to journalists about the sanctions for example. you don't want
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to leave it's impossible to sanction a country completely even now we trade and obtain foreign currency on our sanction as much as you like we will advance of our own accord we will turn our competitiveness into a sword through our sacrifices and we will progress bravely. look us in the on. the sanctions that have been put on north korea are extremely strict i mean just for the nothing the country that has been sanctioned bore diversely more more strictly into same time they're no longer working. 'd there is a huge problem with our north korea policy and using sanctions to try and have the regime modify his behavior. because we're not saying the one entity
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that earns most of his money just gives his afloat financially this gives a life. many high ranking defectors from north korea talk about a secret government department said to administer the regime secret fund kim il sung and his son kim jong il reportedly set it up in the late 1970 s. and equipped it with wide ranging power as its tasks using clan the stein hard currency transactions to secure an independent power base for the kim while also raise. money for the nuclear bomb the latest personal luxury its name office 39. only 200 kilometers to the southeast seoul south korea's hypermodern capital and one of the 10 most expensive cities in the world around 25000000 people live in the metro area about half the population of south korea. among them most of the 30000 people who managed to flee from north korea
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to start a new and hopefully anonymous life in the mega-city. her young son used to be a north korean diplomat he escaped in 1901 he went on to become deputy director of south korea's institute for national security strategy which employs north korean defectors to gather valuable information few people know more about the kim dynasty as workings. q journey to legend has it that when kim jong il came to power he renamed the finance department of the workers' party central committee it was now called office 39 because it was located on floor 3 in a row 9. nother story says that it was march 9th when kim jong il issued an order to set up such a bureau. either way to this day office 39 is the department that collects and
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manages the cam family's secret plans to. talk to any problem of north korean access and that all tell you that your 30 day it is absolutely crucial in earnings residence for the north korean regime it's absolutely flies will take away everything collapses. here in new york the united nations impose and monitor the. sanctions against north korea an entity as important as office 39 surely ought to be at the top of prescribed organizations. office $39.00 as is normally talked about bar north korean defectors we don't really see office 13 going into our investigations instead we're looking at the north korean banks and the shell
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companies traditionally operate over seas and 3rd current trees to generate foreign currency and then that money is sent back to north korea. 39 is never mentioned in official documentation but it's money raising activities the globe. what in cambodia a world heritage site over 2 and a half 1000000 people visit the ancient buddhist temple complex every year. selfies for the tourists hard currency for cambodia. tourism is by far the largest sector of the economy here and kobolds operating company earned more than $100000000.00 in 2018 a lucrative business and one that north korea is cashing in on.
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right next to the entrance to the temples is a museum that opened in 2015 at its heart is a 3 d. painting depicting the history of the command empire in monumental images. throngs of tourists are guided through here every day so 7 far that there may be nothing. different a pentair one day and while men panting. and . of course it was. then the us colony in the last one in constantinople. circumventing un sanctions north korea not only built the complex but also financed it in return pyongyang pockets all the takings for the 1st 10 years after that profits will be shared $5050.00. the north korean direct to didn't want to appear
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on camera but he did tell us that the museum makes about $7000000.00 a year in entrance fees a figure he expects to trouble in the near future. in the evening after the museum closes the north koreans throw another set of doors open for the tourists with cameras not welcome inside the restaurant we film in secret. here yeah we had to revert. back to the tables are almost always fully booked. richard. really just. 3 areas here you found. on here and we through. here. through. the many boasts north korean specialties such as cold noodles and sea cucumber the price is
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a surprisingly high by cambodian standards with main courses costing up to $50.00. the restaurant is especially popular among tourists from china and south korea most of the young women who work here are students from pyongyang. they live and sleep above the restaurant and in many cases and not allowed to leave the premises for years. every evening at the same time they change their outfits and get ready for the big show. are. eat sleep. live out. there a $100.00 certain north korean restaurants like this worldwide 3 of them in cambodia
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they believe to make several $1000000.00 a year but the waitresses.


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