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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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cannot only say it but i thought the number 13 fronted. point 0.0 can see it because as you say i said. above . the book. the at. this is do we use the one for berlin trouble ties the e.u. agrees to pursue for sanctions against russia for ministers back target punitive measures for those responsible for the jailing of kremlin critic alexina volley will go live to brussels for the latest also on the program in march is gripped by a general straight and massive protests hundreds of thousands take to the streets
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demonstrators remain defiant despite the military spread of lethal force and recent deaths and it's back to school again after months of distance learning germany's classrooms are reopening but with infections one isaac is it safe to send kids to school. and landmark thank you so much for your company everyone diplomats say e.u. foreign ministers have agreed to new sanctions against russia over the jailing of opposition leader alexina all the while this follows what some characterized as a disastrous trip to moscow by the blocks of foreign policy chief joseph burrell while the ministers voted unanimously to impose the sanctions in just the last hour on this after france germany poland and the baltics honesty $27.00 member bloc to
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send a message to president vladimir putin that debate and protest must be allowed in russia. and i believe we can now take you to brussels where that meeting is taking place the brussels chief of the nominee is tracking that meeting for you alexander so good to see you know what exactly has been agreed where you are well as expected the foreign ministers were apparently able to agree that now it's the right time to impose the sanctions travel bans and asset freezes sanctions against russian individuals that are believed to be responsible for alexander conviction and incarceration this is a political agreement we still need to wait for the whole list of individuals who are going to be targeted but we are probably going to see prosecutors or judges on that list but this list still has to be put together all right now let's let's pull
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back a little bit and explain to us why did the ministers why are they specifically concerned with and why are these sanctions do worthwhile for them so of course it's true that the rypien union has sanctioned before over its illegal annex ation of crimea in 2014 over the poisoning of alexander volley this time their ministers decided. to impose further sanctions for 2 reasons 1st of all of course of a conviction of alexina involved in a case that was condemned by the european court of human court of human rights on lawful and the 2nd reason to impose sanctions right now i think is that the visit by the foreign policy chief burrell that you mentioned and the way how he was treated by the russian government how he was he muley
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a humiliating to during his visit to moscow so that has angered many member states . all right and that what exactly are the foreign ministers what effect what impact are they hoping to achieve or with this new round of punitive measures well i think 1st of all it was important for them to send a clear message to the kremlin that they mean when they say that the is determined to uphold and to defend human rights such as the right to assembly or sides to express your opinion and they also wanted to show that you is not only talking about it's values and of course at the same time they're hoping that those sanctions eventually can change the kremlin speak here and we talked to novell nice he's chief of staff volkova who is currently in brussels and
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ask him whether they are happy with the decision of foreign ministers let's have a listen to what he told us. once again for us it's the beautiful blue sure but this is not going to be the last step so even if it's a little even if the world will be like a little bit disappointed for us it's well the 1st time personal some sanctions are applied as regards to human rights violations it opens the very 1st. own this was europe its sense a very clear message to. people who walk part of this regime and maybe this will contribute at least a small crack to a small split prisms the regime and people start to feel to be close to putin is not as safe and pretty anymore as it used to be i wonder alexandra though i mean is
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this more of a symbolic gesture because of course not so long ago we heard the russian foreign minister threatened that if the e.u. should impose sanctions new sanctions on russia they will break off ties with the e.u. well i think that brussels knows exactly that in spite of those rhetoric russia is rather unlikely to break off ties with the european union with europe and because it's russia is interested in having good economic relations with your member states account for more than 40 percent of russians trade turnouts so it's possible that moscow would say ok now after those sanctions are imposed we are going to break off ties with the european commission for example but the question is how are you going to maintain good relations with member states when you don't have any relations with the european commission so we'll still have to see how russia is going to react to those sanctions but i think it's what's important for
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the european union here to make a point brussels of birches alexandra avant nominet reporting on those breaking developments thank you. and we are now going to turn our attention to me and maher the u.n. secretary general and her new protests called on myanmar as military to immediately halt what he called its brutal force and repression he also demanded the release of hundreds of prisoners detained since february 1st coup well thousands of pro-democracy protesters again flooded the streets of major cities today as a general strike shut down businesses across the country the marches continue despite threats of lethal force from the army's rulers. rallies across the country despite threats of violence ahead of monday's general strike myanmar's military rulers raised the stakes warning demonstrators they were risking their lives if they continued their quote riot and anarchy undeterred tens
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of thousands again flocked to the streets in the biggest act of defiance yet seen in this standoff. i was. scenes like this have been nonstop since a coup ousted democratically elected leader aung sun suu kyi 3 weeks ago the killing of 3 people by police has only served to make many protesters move defiant many have quit their jobs on hold to keep up the fight and they say it's worth the cost. but i wouldn't doubt that today is a day for countrywide protest we don't want to stay under the control of a military dictatorship so we came here to join the protest regardless of lost salaries nothing will happen to me if my salary is cut but if we stay under the control of a military dictatorship will become this slaves that. it's
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a sentiment felt in all corners of the country in the capital naypyidaw the same defiance. you know. i'm joining the nationwide protest as a citizen of the country we must join the protest in this time without fail. so i've closed down my factory and join the demonstration. of baseball i would you know i know i'm joining the protests to fight against the gentle we don't want to be governed by the regime it's not worth working for the sake of a group of people will fight against them until we win i'll join the protests every day. a generation unwilling to give up their freedom and return to a military dictatorship like the one they were born and. i want to turn now to journalist dave for greenbaum for more on the developments in myanmar mr edward
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abound help us understand who are the protesters and how much support is there for these popular protests i mean the protesters in the country run the gamut from students university students to blue collar workers to white collar workers to doctors and nurses to lawyers to laborers i mean they just run the gamut and it is it is very clear from these demonstrations that they are by far the overwhelming majority of the country i mean keep in mind the government that the military got rid of that they overthrew when they staged their coup in february 1st one resoundingly lection by a massive amount back in november now you see these demonstrators and a lot of the demonstrators didn't vote for that all that government that was in power before the coup but they believe in democracy and they don't want the military in charge and it's very clear that the anti to movement is the overwhelming majority of the population there's a ground all support
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a groundswell support for the protesters is the military crackdown galvanizing the protesters in ways that it didn't do before. yeah and we should be clear when we talk about you know crackdown they have it's not like in protest decades ago at least not yet where they've shot down massive numbers of demonstrators it hasn't got to the point at least not yet if he doesn't get there but you know the military with the fact that 2 protesters are manoli were killed over the weekend we had a young woman who died on friday she turned 20 years old while she was a hospital while she was on life support hospital it is just united that movement is just added more fuel to the protest movement it didn't scare them away it got more people to come out. what what what makes this time so very different that people are basically willing to take the bullet you know there's a few few reasons for this 1st off keep in mind that these people they got a taste of democracy these last few years it wasn't great there was
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a lot of promise this democracy was struggling to transition to democracy this country after 50 years of military rule but they got a taste of it and they also saw the economic tonight opportunities that were starting to open up and they don't want to go back to that and the parents and grandparents of today don't want their children to grow up the same way that they did secondly you know one of the signs that you seen protesters hold up is you messed with the wrong generation and that goes to this smart tech savvy generation that has been live streaming demonstrations out even when local data networks have been shut down some of these demonstrators have foreign sim cards to try and get that video out and the generals are keenly aware of the tech savvy lot of these demonstrators and the generals realize that if they were to open fire mass numbers of demonstrators that that video and information is going to get out relatively quickly whereas in 20071008 they could try to suppress that for a while trial has to do for good thank you so much for providing us some context
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sure thing. i want to turn our attention now to some of the other stories making news around the world. italy's ambassador to the democratic republic of congo has been killed in an ambush in the east of the country a town arceo was traveling with the united nations convoy near the city of goma when they came under attack at least point ministry says an italian military police officer was also killed i call the united nations has opened its environment assembly with a call to make peace with nature a virtual meeting is bringing together 193 countries and represents the world's highest level of decision making body on environmental issues that will speakers called for firm commitments from businesses to place the health of the planet 1st in 2021. investigations are underway after 2 separate incidents involving jet engine fires ongoing planes over the weekend in the
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netherlands at least one person was injured after debris fell from a 7 for 7 cargo jet and in the us a large sections of a triple 7 engine fell on a residential neighborhood boeing is now we're commending the grounding of more than $100.00 triple 7 jets wide. iran has agreed to allow limited he were nuclear inspections for 3 more months the head of the international atomic energy agency negotiated a temporary green meant a crisis talks in tehran well it could give negotiators some breathing room as they struggle to revive the 2050 nuclear deal between iran and world powers. for rafael grassley the clock was ticking the moment he touched down in tehran he faced an imminent deadline to convince a rainy in leadership to drop a new law that would suspend u.n. inspections of its nuclear facilities but iran 1st wanted relief from oil and
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banking sanctions for now grassley has secured an extension of sorts we reached a temple by lateral technique of understanding well by the agency he's going to continue this is that even if you gauge and money towing activities for a period of up to 3 months but across he conceded that the un's watchdog will have less access than before iran's foreign minister mohammad zarif has already said tehran will restrict access to security cameras at nuclear sites it is clear that they won't get a foot. as long as the united states has not come back to full implementation of its agreement so the fizz also demanding compensation for sanctions he claims caused one trillion dollars worth of data.


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