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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2021 9:00am-9:16am CET

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sustainable this culture. kids of the right girl starch more treat w. . this is dealing and use life from berlin joe biden declares a return to multilateralism americans back the u.s. president makes a renewed commitment to the transatlantic alliance addressing the munich security conference he promises close cooperation to tackle a host of pressing issues on the show one year on germany pays tribute to the
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victims of a racist attack in the city upon a german president from walter steinmeier urges the public to unite against right wing extremism. and in the going to sleep go fans are looking forward to the league's fiercest rivalry as bottom play shaka close burrows it dortmund and the revered derby on saturday dortmund needs points to qualify for the champions league wants to escape relegation. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us joe biden has made his 1st major global appearance as u.s. president addressing the munich security conference he declared a renewed commitment to the transatlantic alliance promising to work closely with european allies to tackle major challenges such as the covert 1000 pandemic and
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climate change after 4 years of fraying transatlantic ties under the trumpet ministration biden is trying to rebuild relations bought there are important areas where washington in europe do not see eye to eye. well for more i'm joined now by your then hart he's the foreign policy spokesman of the christian democratic party here in germany welcome mr hart do you believe that time is between europe and the u.s. can be fully restored or is some of the damage that we saw under the trauma administration permanent we have totally new and different moods in the transatlantic cooperation now. i believe that joe biden states to this commitment too much let risen to europe as a drum somebody partner and what we heard yesterday. we appreciate it very much but we also know about a lot of talks we have we will close together and plan that we were up close
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together and security issues but we also have to grow close together in facing a bitrate and political challenge from china and russia and this is maybe more complicate and to only continue the policy that we have for example was obama to set us right so you mention the contentious issues where the u.s. and europe perhaps are still wide apart how can they bridge their differences though on things like china or defense spending. in defense spending i think we came in a huge step forward and president by yes they mentioned that europe is 3 much more than we did before germany's now which is 1.6 percent of g.d.p. and the defense expenditures in 21 and this is much more than 1 point one b. at this time just before but we also have to think about how we can strengthen the islands with new opium bill and i agree with the president my caution that germany
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has to and europe has taken a stronger role in nato but i disagreed concerning territory and independence and i meant to terence because in that field we don't need autonomy we don't cover a sion and close. relation to us because in defense especially in terence one plus one it's more than 2 and nato has survived foster longest military power and therefore we don't need separation or double it and dump it costs in europe and in nato. that was c.d.u. foreign policy spokesman you're going hard speaking to us a short time ago all right let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world protests in myanmar have entered their 3rd week with demonstrators demanding freedom for those arrested and to return to democracy people took to the streets in the cities of
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mandalay and tang gone in defiance against the military coup this comes as it was confirmed that a protester shot by police earlier in the week had died of her injuries. severe flooding in the indonesian capital jakarta has forced over a 1000 people to flee their homes floodwaters have reached nearly 2 meters in some areas authorities warned of the conditions are set to continue as the country expects the heaviest rain of the season in the coming days. hundreds of anti-government protesters in bangkok have gathered outside thailand's parliament ahead of a no confidence vote against prime minister private channels the activists are calling for his resignation accusing him and his cabinet of abusing their power and mismanaging the economy. nasa rover perseverance has sent home spectacular images from mars this selfie shows the rover descending from the sky
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crane that lowered at the final few meters to the surface is just one of the photos released by nasa of perseverance his 1st day out on the red planet. germany has marked a years since 9 people with immigrant backgrounds were killed in a racist attack that shocked the country the victims were gunned down in the western city of hama now by a far right extremist who later turned the gun on himself now after a year long investigation relatives of the victims say they still have more questions than answers. the bells of one else churches ringing out and remembrance of the 9 that lost their lives but for friends and family of the victims they still deal with the grief daily. void this is on you know here today it's been exactly
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a year since my son and 8 other young people that we became victims of a racist terrorist attack. on the night of the 19th of february 2020 shots rang out in the heart of town. and man into 2 bars and opened fire killing 3 people before getting back into his car and driving to the other side of the city. there he entered a cafe and killed 6 more. it took just 12 minutes to kill 9 people injured 7 others the right wing extremist targeted people with immigrant backgrounds people he viewed as foreign. in the one kind of it kids weren't foreigners. they were lovely helpful kids brothers and sisters parents and friends they were
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citizens of this country and out of nowhere they were european from this world that made it. among those attending the memorial was german president. he acknowledged authorities had made errors and failed to protect the victims but he called on the public to take a common stand. with the danger as the president of this country i'm standing here before you ask you let's not allow these evil attacks to divide us that we must not overlook the evil in the heart of our society that hatred exclusion and indifference. but let's believe in the better spirit of our country and the power of unity and become some mitten and. so many friends and relatives of the victims there is still too much
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unknown about the events of a year ago and i want to see more done to combat racism. let's bring you up to date now on some of the latest developments in the covert 19 pandemic the number of new coronavirus cases recorded here in germany in the last 7 days has risen. this comes after a consistent fall over the last month during a strict lockdown russia has approved a 3rd a vaccine against covert 19 however late stage trials of the new jab called cobra back have yet to begin and new zealand has begun rolling out its vaccine program using the fires are beyond tech job health care workers and border guards will be the 1st in line to get immunized. the reality t.v. star and business woman can car dash in has a filed for divorce from rev artist kanye west after almost 7 years of marriage the split follows months of speculation that their relationship had broken down amid
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the rapper's increasingly bizarre public behavior the couple are among the most famous stars in the world and are followed by millions of fans on social media. it was the celebrity union of this century. the rap artist and fashion mogul kanye west and kim carr dashi and the star of the successful reality t.v. series keeping up with a car that she and. the media dubbed the pair kenya and watched the twists and turns of their lives together as obsessive lee as the couple's legions of dedicated fans. from marin gage mint. and lavish marriage celebrations us an italian fort. to a growing family group rumor that we've heard congratulations to you.
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which will help their successful fashion and beauty empire is going to be. cheering the marriage the flamboyant rapper reveals that he was bipolar and struggled with mental health issues. he launched a last minute presidential bid a few months before the u.s. election last year concerns over west's mental health grew after he delivered a rambling speech and revealed that when cardassian was pregnant with their daughter he had initially wanted her to get an abortion cardassian didn't strongly back or discourage her husband's presidential bid but in a long statement she asked for compassion and empathy following his. after behavior in a social media post last july she said he is a brilliant but complicated person and has to deal with the pressure and isolation that is heightened by his bipolar disorder. then rumors of their marriage being on
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the rocks grew louder and west was spending more time away from father ashley and their children us media says the divorce is amicable lawyers for cardassian and wes have to figure out how to split their vast fortune and negotiate a joint custody arrangement for their children. all right since 4th news now and in soccer dortmund and shall bring news of bonus league as fierce as rivalry later on saturday as they clash in the revier derby bottom place shaka are desperate for a win that would give them a chance of escaping relegation for dortmund meanwhile 3 points would enhance their chances of champions league qualification. amid an exasperating season brucia documents were given a timely boost this week the announcement that go out by coach markel bowser would take over next season was followed by
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a 32 win over severe in the champions league last 16 europe's elite competition is where they want to be and the darby win would be a huge step in the right direction is in an ego is he were behind in the league we need point and it's a darby we won't be handing out present kind of wishing at the time. but dortmund have been in generous mood lately he hasn't kept a clean sheet since the 3rd of january and keeper marvin hits us had a torrid time as replacement for one turkey but the other end of the pitch bowling holland has been a model of consistency for the black and yellows the impressive young no we just has 15 been does lee good goals to his name but as many as shall cause entire squad one thing the league bottom side hasn't been short of this season is head coaches question goes is their 4th of the campaign the. says a win is more important for his team. visited we need a lot more point than don't to do no more in the sense that you're doing everything
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we can see and it goes from you know it will be relegated to me and. that makes the game a real poder tag. results show car finally to late the royal blue touch paper the need to start scoring goals a miserable return of 3 in their last 6 games shows why don't we and our heavy favorites. well meanwhile both for a kicked off bundesliga match day $22.00 with a bang on friday night they dismantle struggling bielefeld to continue their impressive season maximillian arnold score at the peak of the goals is final left foot on strike capped a 3 nil win for the walls move up to 3rd place in the table wala pleased overnight deal failed couldn't find the form that saw them draw with champions byron the last weekend and they remain deep in the relegation trouble. to tennis now and russia's done neeleman video of has beaten and stefano says if us to set up an
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australian open final with no bunch of edge the informant visit proved too good for his greek opponent winning in straight sets he's on a 20 match winning streak but has never won a grand slam title and jock official face a man who's never lost a melbourne final in his 8 appearances so far. that's the latest on deed of li news this hour american and stealing from me and the entire news team and for land thanks for watching. young german and jewish i'm jewish so what. does that mean in daily life and at school believe in teenagers 11 stories high. i'm jewish and so.


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