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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  February 20, 2021 1:00am-1:31am CET

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security question mark united states in. the north has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the wrong solutions my name is on the top sheet on and i'll look into double. digits at the. this is news and these are our top stories joe biden has made his 1st major global appearance as u.s. president speaking at the munich security conference biden stressed washington's commitment to restoring transatlantic ties and global relations after 4 years of the trumpet ministration he pledged to work closely with european allies to tackle defense. and climate change. german president frank falter steinmeier has led a ceremony of remembrance
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a year after 9 people were shot dead in a racist attack in the western german town of high now time i urge germans to unite against far right extremism relatives of the victims of say they still have more questions than answers after a year long investigation. nasa rover perseverance has sent home some spectacular images from mars one shows the rover descending from the sky crane that lowered it to the final few meters to the surface the mars rover has a large amount of data in its memory banks which it's gradually sending back to earth as it searches for signs of ancient life this is deja news from berlin you can follow us on twitter and instagram at news or go to our website www dot com. the united states is back to back in the paris climate agreement back in the world
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health organization back to the iran nuclear deal joe biden made his announcement virtually at the munich security conference after he'd also attended the virtual opening of the g. 7 summit hosted by london well america may be back but after so many policy shifts and reversals kind of he won't trust them i'm phil. and this is the day. america is back trans-atlantic alliance is back united states is fully committed. to deal with joe biden the global dynamics have shifted in so many places. democratic progress is under assault the partnership between europe and united
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states in my view is and must remain the cornerstone of. 21st century. also on the day it's been a year since a racist gunman killed 9 people in the german city of relatives of the victims say they still have more questions than answers. for me it's been a whole year of sleepless nights when it gets dark you lay your head on the pillow your head is filled with questions. commandant the frog. consumes us. welcome to the day joe biden has made his 1st major global appearance as u.s. president addressing the munich security conference declaring a renewed commitment to the transatlantic alliance he said he would work closely with european allies to tackle defense covert 19 and climate change as the bible is
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trying to repair transatlantic ties after 4 years of trouble elect but there are still important areas where washington and europe don't see eye to eye. when the west talks amongst itself the us president has the 1st word and he delivered what his partners in europe wanted to hear america is back the transatlantic alliance is back and joe biden was clear about america's core mission. for most prepared gather for a long term strategic competition with china tricky for germany whose economic recovery from cove it is made in china it angela merkel says she's ready to take on the challenge with a notably softer tone and you know how the new look. over the past 2 years china has gained global power and we have to set something against that as transatlantic alliance and as democracies and that's why the question of not just china and
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russia getting vaccines to developing in other countries is very important. and the fixings then there isn't 50 a man i might call raunch that america's interests were no longer always the same as europe's and spoke about his favorite theme of european suffer anti europe 0 been union its key members have to be part of the solution of their own security. french and german interpretations of sovereignty may remain different yet both said the relief over the new u.s. administration. signs on multilateralism are a lot better today than 2 years ago and that has a lot to do with the fact that 2 biden has become president of the united states and starting from america of all the list in some of the munich security conference
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will have the whole world back at the diplomatic table this preview set the tone from the west undermine democracy doesn't happen by accident we have to defend it fight for it strengthen it renew it we have to prove that our model is in a relic of history it's the single best way to revive lies the promise of our future. but that comeback of the west and the u.s. leadership is by no means. well let's take a closer look at this relationship with have i call a she directs the europe russia and eurasia program at the center for strategic and international studies and joins us from washington welcome to day to you i guess joe biden summed up a lot of what we're about to talk about the new u.s. attitude to the world in his opening remarks to the munich security conference so let's hear from them about himself america is back the transatlantic
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alliance is back and we are not looking backward we are looking forward together it comes down to this transonic alliance is a strong foundation the strong foundation i want our collective security and our shared prosperity are built the partnership between europe and united states in my view is and must remain the cornerstone of all that we hope to accomplish in the 21st century. so i had to write calmly that the last guy did a lot of damage to this relationship how does the new guy reestablish the u.s. as a reliable partner. well you're absolutely right in thinking that president joe biden is one of the great transatlantic sis in the united states he said the very seeing 8 when he was vice president the munich security conference in 2009 that the transatlantic relationship is
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a cornerstone so i guess you know i mean the most recent and giving united states and europe opportunity to address many of the transatlantic challenges has certainly preceded donald trump as president were exacerbated and jerry in his presidency but both sides have to renew at this partnership to each other clearly candidly and create new mechanisms what i heard today was certainly a strength and partnership message and i also heard some very discordant policy issues on china and russia they were going to have to address and have that same passion but really focus on those challenges ok so let's talk about those some of those challenges then but at the same time as as as considering that that the europeans are dealing with a significant partner who has said one thing change this mindset another thing and
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change his mind so that's going to be obviously that's certainly a back of emmanuelle micron's mind so let's start with russia a significant point of friction between the u.s. and europe how does joe biden encourage countries with significant commercial or cultural relationships with russia to keep their distance. well i think just to your point i think you're absolutely right europeans aren't going to trust the credibility of the arrival of the united states until our next presidential election to see if there is a little more steadiness in our and our reliance on allies but you're right on russia this is again i think the european union has been in some very important adjustments to its policy this of the russia certainly since last summer with the poisoning of alexina on me on the assailant on elections and valorous. i think what
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we need to see is invested us working closely with our european partners to take these steps together and look democracies have to make some sacrifices if they are your rules their norms their values mean anything and sometimes those sacrifices have to be economic sacrifices we can't be rhetorical defending our values and our norms but not taking necessary sacrifices in there it's trying to pipeline and back northeastern has been a constant irritant exactly for those reasons and you cannot encourage economic relationships with that country that is attacking you be a cyber attacks or reorganizing international laws in arms you have to take some difficult steps we can do this together and that does require sacrifice hopefully we'll have a more engaged conversation on russia u.s.
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policy towards russia is going to be a bit more consolidated a white house presence on one russia policy is government had another route that i think will be much better guesstimates were you know i've approached my issues it's interesting what you say though about sacrifices because it's that we have a relationship where america says i don't like bats let's have a relationship i'm this is going to work if you give up lots of what you like. well again it is it is really not about the united states i mean this is about europe defending its values and its interests i don't believe german people want you know dissidents being assassinated on the streets of berlin and i don't need they want to see where tens of thousands of protesters are jailed and dollars journalists are silenced these are our values 'd and exactly as president biden said this is an inflection point we have to fight for these values we have to
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sacrifice this is not because the united states is is telling germany it must do these things it should be the german people and german to this shows that understand these values have to require a different response i think that just we've seen for arching on people not wanting to take that sacrifice not understandably hurt the pocketbook but we need to understand too about debt russia and china because they do seem to be out playing the u.s. on soft power at the moment the world is full of chinese infrastructure projects that russia and china are ascending p.p.m. coronavirus vaccines around the world where the u.s. is still having trouble vaccinating its own people so how does the u.s. make up that ground. well look you're absolutely right united states has ceded a lot of ground globally it is with us for our retrenched from from europe from other parts of the world and we have a lot of ground to meet up and i believe the end of the day despite all of our
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domestic challenges it's there are many i think the world is a little or a strong united states that shining city on the hill we want to cooperate with our close allies and partners there is create work to do this is an action point where china certainly is the great challenge of our time russia is a destabilizing force line in the pandemic we have so many challenges now is the time to work together i think people want america to return to the needs of leadership we have to manage our power and our strength more successfully and a greater humility and hopefully in closer partnership with our european partners and allies thank you so much for joining us to have a calmly from the center for strategic and international studies. why announce the withdrawal of the united states from the job killing in
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killing horrible costly one sided powers climate accord ask them how they're doing in paris with not too good the paris climate accord is simply the latest example of washington entering into an agreement that this advantages the united states to the exclusive benefit of other countries i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh not paris. obviously the former u.s. president donald trump there railing against the paris climbers a cold well today the u.s. officially rejoined the agreement after president biden signed an executive order on his 1st day in office reversing donald trump's withdrawal making up for lost time his administration says it will not make climate change a top priority is the biden has appointed former u.s. secretary of state john kerry as the special presidential envoy on climate so
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here's mr kerry at the munich security conference we are officially back in again but in rejoining we've got to be really honest with each other we have to be humble and most of all we have to be ambitious we have to be honest that as a global community we're not close to where we need to be we have to be humble because we know the united states was inexcusably absent for 4 years and most of all we have to be ambitious all of us because we have to get the job done. well let's see what gets in the way of getting that job done with the washington bureau chief in his poll welcoming this so what will change domestically and internationally now that the world's 2nd biggest polluter has rejoined the paris agreement. well in the short term the benefits are primarily diplomatic and brings the united states bank as
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a reliable partner in fighting the climate catastrophe however a crime the diplomats are anxious to see how president biden will follow through on his ambitious goal to put the united states on track to a net 0 emission by 2050 he has not yet told exactly what he's going to do but promise that millions of jobs will come with making america's infrastructure more green i mean does seem that joan carey as he is climate to champion president biden he is taking this seriously by putting such a big hitter in charge. right. he appointed john kerry as a special presidential visit our folks lyman this is a position which has never existed before and really underscores biden's commitment to tackling the global crisis kerry was president barack obama secretary of state and one of the most important to go she asia is actually of the paris agreement in
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the 1st place and he is an old buddy of the president so they know each other really very well the biden administration sees the climate crazes as a global effort and it was necessary for them to bring someone with a strong foreign policy background into the game ok so in many respects making this announcement and rejoining paris was was the easy bit to joe biden has to follow this all up with regulations and the legislative agenda for cutting emissions so how receptive is congress likely to be. well you know the major challenges of the biden administration over all will be to find the necessary support in the congress not only when it comes to fighting fighting the climate. catastrophe you know what biden's own majority is razor thin and he not only has to convince republicans to support him when it comes to. the current climate agreement
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but also make sure that all of these 50 democrats will vote on is cited as some of them from coal and oil states won't necessarily be on his side so biden's agenda might be not as progressive as some one to it to be thank you so much for that poll in washington. germany has marked a year since a gunman went on a brain motivated attack in the western town of how now he killed 9 people and shot his mother and then turned the gun on himself the attacker a light germany's racism problem today. to remember victims of. religious leaders senior officials including president bush time. presidents time at knowledge that all sources had let
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down the victims. you know it's when this president and i am not here as the president of germany because they have answers to all your unanswered questions and it's been you know me i'm here because i am deeply saddened understands and that our country was unable to fulfill its pledge i know it doesn't provide protection to mine safety and freedom to your relatives that jesus was a pledge it makes to everyone living peacefully here. relatives of victims about how attack of complain that despite a year long investigation they still have more questions than answers the w. spoke with the brother of one of the victims and heard how the tragedy turned his life upside down. to cain lost his brother good con in a racist terrorist attack in hono one year ago.
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he basically walked in and blew our lives apart or this couple he wrecked everything nothing was left in place. but once. he can was just 37 years old following his death his family fell apart father died of cancer 5 weeks later his mother can no longer cope without medication. she and his son matt are not able to go to work and on sick leave the diagnosis post traumatic stress disorder it's like i mean. for me it's been a whole year of sleepless nights when it gets dark you lay your head on the pillow your head is filled with questions cough and then kissing and. commandant the frog . consumes you. to do to ken and his son matt on the way to the crime scene because he was shot by to b.s. at this kiosk just as he was about to finish his shift double my brother was lying
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over there under those 2 electrical sockets in motion there were blue lights flashing and a crowd of people at 1st we didn't realize what had happened to this day many questions remain unanswered for example how was it possible that the perpetrator was in possession of a gun license even though he was mentally ill or why was the emergency number of the police apparently not sufficiently manned on the night of the crime. cheatin and the other relatives are still searching tirelessly for answers demanding clarification and consequences to do this they founded an initiative. where call on the stage government to investigate the failures and also to remember how late the officials acted on the night of the crime and also before and after the crime and one year on there is still no explanation and there are still many many questions as to how it could have come to that often if. this will help the
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white collar quantum neither the state government and has nor the hano police want to talk to us about these allegations the police union had this to say before and saying the police were responsible in the sense that it one point or another they could have done this or that and then it would not have happened i do not agree it's a little cheap to say after the fact was that the police should have known everything beforehand since the attack to included can no longer feel safe in germany he's scared when he goes out at night or when his son is late coming home. well jenna is an unknown who is head of the national voices and discrimination monitor the german center for integration and migration research welcome to the w. the attack in the heart of happened in a context in the context of synagogues and jewish gathering places which often
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guarded by police the context of an official opposition party in the bundestag being the far right i asked a why are these racist and anti-semitic ideas seemingly so popular here in germany . i mean there may be 2 aspects of this question so for. i think the 1st problem is that we don't acknowledge racism in this country for alarm time we have a temporal social center spatial shifting distortion select off the perception of racism in germany so the racism is shifted in time meaning greater than is treated as a problem of the pack and its being into native and it stopped after not $145.00 obviously not this resulted in a social shift of racism to right wing extremism that means racism was perceived as a problem on the fringe or extreme poles of society which is not the case places
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them structuring our societies and 3rd variants consisted of a specialty shifting race and was then taken as a problem of call colonial powers such as great britain or france or the neo colonial power but we know that many have also an old colonial history to all the questions open and this decided tonight to talk about racism. for just so i understand what you said so effectively the attitude is it's not happening now and if it is it's only extremists and if it is extremists it's it's other people's problems but that doesn't really get to to what i'm trying to get that this is a real problem in germany it is a real and increasing problem in germany so what is it about what is going on here that makes it so popular why why is it getting why is it becoming more popular
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i mean i would generally say racism is a work by problem but in the context of germany and racism functioning functioning everywhere and at the same way it's net 0 i think thoughtful have received it exclude a group from resources and it nets will either coronation this is what is going on and nobody wants to talk about it. threesome one of these attacks happens there is an outcry and have people politicians promise change does change happen this is a good question i mean the head of the temple or i get them actually in response to her now and in with to the press no make an organization founded the cabinet committee against right wing extremism and racism and then the issue that effect so many people in this country has finally reached the highest political level this is
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an important signal but it is not enough we need structural and in institutional changes right now germany's jewish communities do have a long history in this country yet they still talk it over the last 5 or 6 years the countries received more than a 1000000 refugees people with brown faces who in many cases do not speak german. is germany's racism problem therefore likely to get worse. i mean i i don't know i mean what i'm seeing is that the people are. losing the. trust in the institutions and i think it's obvious that germany favors to fight. it because of even when you're talking about migration and so on but at the same time the protests today and the protests in the past and how the black guys met a movement showed up that especially young people last ending up against racism and
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to simitis and it's important that the pot use political parties keep pushing this policies political demands of the social movement into parliaments so i think that's the crucial point here but i don't want to play the blame game let me find what i have got to respect thank you so much for joining us john and i know they feel that german sense of integration and migration research. i think the day is almost done the conversation ever continues online you can join us on twitter. user you can follow me phil gayle has got the hash tag the day i was watching have a good to.
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see him walk down. the phrase here winter camping. door he takes the fly. with a v.w. takes. a few. forms on even the coldest night. to. check in takes this special trip.
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to do the show is not just the city trip but also a journey for jewish history spire warms the minds are considered the cradle of jerking judaism. jewish life has shaped these 3 cities for more than 900 years and i want to know what remains of it. in 60 minutes d.w. . why did this person. there are many answers. there isn't much that can be done to.
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make up your own mind. double. dutch. we are living during the most extraordinary prime ministry. of transport will go for the electric. grid he also admitted it he said.


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