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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  February 19, 2021 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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it is about the resilience of the u.s. democracy not overly of course during those riots and when everybody was sort of watching those those pictures coming from bush washington more or less open miles there was there was a lot of corn syrup and many people were saying we we expected something but we didn't exactly expect things to be so bad is this now it's over the new administration sort of gives the impression of being very focused and very sort of . quickly in getting into gear so i think that has faded a bit but what is there of course is the idea that one electoral cycle lasts only for use and as the republican party is still fighting amongst itself nobody knows what will come after joe biden will sort of this specter from the right wing populist in the rift within the republicans reemerge so that idea still is part of
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the european thinking and they will always sort of keep that in consideration when a common ating of the government in washington or out barbara thank you very much for the analysis will come back to you but the discussion appears now to be getting under way it's being moderated by the head of the munich security conference isha world come and here in a special guests virtually of course to munich today thank you so much for joining us. a very very warm welcome good morning to washington d.c. . how long must believe. it more to our party. mr president. mission of crazy don't fall when it's constant we are so excited to have you here together. and have you talk about a new trance atlantic agenda and i'm sure you are aware that boris johnson will
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join this program a little later he was still busy with wrapping up the cheese 7 meeting in which you all participated earlier so now as our 1st speaker in this program it is my privilege to welcome the 46 president of the united states. president joe biden has truly been a loyal and long term friend of the munich security conference. in. 2019 mr president you said in this very place in this very hall we will be back mr president thank you for keeping that promise we welcome you back to the states and you have the floor thank you so much. thank you mr ambassador it's great to be
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with the manual we just spent part of from washington perspecta morning together but i want to say hello to everyone and thanks you community come for us for hosting this special session for decades as you pointed out i participated in munich security conference as a u.s. senator joining my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to affirm the importance of the transatlantic partnership. 3 times as the vice president on states including delivering the 1st international foreign policy address of the obama biden administration in the 1st months we were in office and 2 years ago as you pointed out when i last spoke in munich i was a private citizen i was a professor not an elected official but i said at that time we will be back and i'm a man of my word america's back i speak today as president of the united states at the very start of my administration and i'm sending
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a clear message to the world america is back the transatlantic alliance is back and we are not looking backward we are looking forward together comes down to this the transatlantic alliance is a strong foundation the strong foundation i want our collective security and our shared prosperity or build the partnership between europe and united states in my view is and must remain the cornerstone of all that we hope to accomplish in the 21st century jest as we did in the 20th century the challenges you face today are different or an inflection point when i spoke to you as a senator and as even as vice president the global dynamics have shifted new crises demand our attention we cannot focus only on the competition among countries that threaten to divide the world or only on global challenges that threaten to sink us
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all together if we fail to cooperate we must do both working on lockstep with our allies and partners so let me a race any lingering doubt the united states will work closely with our european union partners and the capitals across the continent from rome to riga to meet the range of shared challenges we face. we continue to support the goal of a europe whole and free and at peace the united states is fully committed to our nato alliance and i welcome your europe's growing investment in the military capabilities that enable our shared defense you know to me and to the united states the us will keep article will keep faith with article 5 it's a guaranteed an attack on one is an attack on all that is are on shakable vow and the only time article 5 has been invoked was after the united
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states was attacked on $911.00 you our allies joined us to fight al qaeda and the united states committed to consulting closely with our nato allies and partners on the way forward in afghanistan my dh ministration strongly supports the diplomatic proc the process is underway and to bring an end to this war that is closing out 20 years we remain committed to ensuring that afghanistan never again is provides a base for terrorist attacks against the united states and our partners and our interest our european partners have also stood with us to counter isis just this week nato defense ministers and door significant expanded training and advisory mission in iraq which will be vital to the ongoing fight against isis we cannot allow isis to reopen and regroup and threaten people in the middle east in europe
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and united states and elsewhere and while the united states is undergoing a thorough review of our own force posture around the world i have ordered the halting of withdrawal of american troops from germany i'm also lifting the cap imposed by the previous administration and the number of u.s. forces able to be based in germany. i know i know the past few years of strain and test it our trans-atlantic relationship but the united states is determined determined to reengage with europe to consult with you earn back our position of trust and leadership earlier today as was referenced i participated in the 1st meeting of the g 7 leaders or i spoke about the dire need to coordinate multilateral action to address covert 19 the global economic crisis and the accelerating climate crisis and so much else achieving his these goals is going to
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depend on a course to change the proposition and that is the united states must renew america's enduring advantages so that we can meet today's challenges from a position of strength that means building back better our economic foundations reclaiming our place international institutions lifting up our values at home and speaking out to defend them around the world modernizing our military capabilities while leading with the plough mysie revitalizing america's network of alliances and partnerships that have made the world safer for all people you know i hope your fellow democracies are going to join us in this vital work our partnerships have endured and grown through the years because they are rooted in the richness of our shared democratic values. they're not transactional they're not
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extract they're built on a vision of a future where every voice matters where the rights of all are protected and the rule of law 'd is upheld none of this has fully succeeded in this none none of us is fully succeeding in this division we continue to work toward. and in so many places including europe and united states democratic progress is under assault i've known for i know many of you for a long long time and you know that i speak my mind so let me be very straightforward with you all we are in the midst of a fundamental debate about the future and direction of our world we're at inflection point between those who argue that given all the challenges we face from the 4th industrial revolution to a global pandemic autocracy is the best way forward they are good and those who
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understand that democracy is essential essential to meeting these challenges historians are going to examine and write about this moment as an inflection point as i said and i believe that every ounce of my bein that democracy will and must prevail we must demonstrate that democracy can still deliver for our people and this changed world that in my view as our galvanizing mission democracy doesn't happen by accident we have to defend it fight for it strengthen it renew it we have to prove that our model isn't a relic of history it's the single best way to revitalize the promise of our future and if we work together with our democratic partners with strength and confidence i know we'll meet every challenge and outpace every challenger you know we must
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prepare together for a long term strategic competition with china how the united states europe and asia work together to assure the peace and defend our shared values and advance our prosperity across the pacific will be among the most consequential efforts we undertake competition with china is going to be stiff. that's what i expect and that's what i welcome because i believe in the global system europe and the united states together with our allies in the end of pacific work so hard to build over the last 70 years we can own the race for the future but to do so we have to be clear about the stark investments and partnerships that this will require great to protect to protect for space for innovation for an electoral
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property and the creative genius that thrives of the free exchange of ideas and open democratic societies we have to ensure that the benefits of growth are shared broadly and equitably not just by a few i have to push back against the chinese government's economic abuses and coersion that undercut the foundations of the international economic system everyone everyone must play by the same rules u.s. and european companies are required to public to publicly disclose corporate governance structure to corporate governance structures and abide by rules to deter corruption i'm optimistic practices chinese companies should be held in the same standard much shape the rules that will govern the advance of technology and the norms of behavior in cyberspace artificial intelligence biotechnology so that they're used to lift people up not used to pin them down i'm
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a stand up for the democratic values that make it possible for us to accomplish any of this pushing back against those who would monopolize and normalize repression you know this is also. this is also how we're going to be able to meet the threat from russia. the kremlin attacks are democracies and weaponize is corruption to try to undermine our system of governance russian leaders want people to think that our system is corrupt more corrupt or ask corrupt as theirs but the world knows as untrue including russians oh russia's own citizens putin seeks to weaken european the european project and our nato alliance he wants to undermine the transatlantic unity and our resolve because there's so much easier for the kremlin to bully and threaten individual states there's negotiate with
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a strong closely united trans-atlantic community that's why that's why standing up for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine remains a vital concern for europe and the united states that's why addressing recklessness russian recklessness and hacking into computer networks in the united states and across europe and the world has become critical to protecting our collective security challenges with russia may be different than the ones with china but they're just as real it is not about pity east against west it's not about we want a conflict we want to future all nations are able to freely determine their own path without a threat of violence or coersion we cannot and must not return to the roof flecked of opposition and rigid blocks of a cold war competition must not lock out cooperation on issues that affect us all
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for example we must cooperate if we're going to defeat covert 19 everywhere my 1st presidential mass security memorandum focused on surging health and humanitarian responses to defeat covert 19 and to better prevent and prepare for the next pandemic. today i'm announcing the united states is making a $2000000000.00 pledge to kovacs with the promise of an additional $2000000000.00 dirge others to step up as well it even as we fight to get out of the teeth of this pandemic the resurgence of a ball in africa is a stark reminder that we must simultaneously work to finally finance health security strengthen global health systems and create early warming one new systems prevent detect and respond to future biological threats because they will coming we
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have to work together to strengthen reform the world health organization we need a you.


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