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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 18, 2021 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin spain is gripped by a 2nd night of on rest of the jailing of a cuddle on rapper police face furious demonstrations in cities across the country protesters are demanding the release of pablo house sale who's in prison for glorifying terrorism and insulting the royal family also coming up some health workers in germany shunned the astra zeneca vaccine because of concerns over its
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efficacy and side effects the health minister tries to boost confidence he says he would not hesitate to get the shot himself. and will not perseverance pay all the space agency prepares his rover for the most daunting descent ever on to mars mission controllers say will be 7 minutes of terror. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us spanish police have clashed with thousands of protesters demanding the release of a rap artist jailed for his lyrics and social media posts police in madrid and barcelona faced a 2nd night of violence they used tear gas and rubber bullets against the demonstrators who set up burning barricades over dozens of. injuries and arrests
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catalan rapper public was convicted on charges of glorifying terrorism and insulting royalty in his songs and tweets. more on this let's go straight over for 2 d. w's nicole reese in madrid nicole this is the 2nd night of clashes how serious is the situation there well you can certainly say that it's a situation of concern and if you go to these protests i managed to witness the woman madrid yesterday evening they start very peacefully but very quickly turned around with a few people starting to throw stones or running containers into police vans or even setting fire barricades in that i haven't seen and create myself in any any time during the time here so it's a situation of concern it's a serious situation there were several protests across the country in spain yesterday i seen r.c. do not was one of the biggest and it was just the police longer to get them under control. what is it about the public has cell case that sparked so much anger.
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well the detention of him has certainly had to nurse mostly among young people who feel that this is not only about this being sent to prison because something that is addressed graceful all scandalous it's basically for them it's a violation of the freedom of expression they think that anyone could end up like russet in any moment if they tweet something or say something that turns out to be not good enough or just scandalous enough to cast cast a light on them so it's a big concern among young protesters i saw yesterday as well and it's taken a certain dynamic us and giving it's been given a momentum here to tell us more about why a public has cell was prosecuted in the 1st place is what he said not covered by
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freedom of expression in space. i think it's important to understand that our us and it has been convicted 2 years ago already for the incitement of terrorism something known as incitement of. speech of hatred and this is not legal so maybe anyone who would like you know get that attention and public something other something like that could be seen by the authorities it is an illegal activity i can quote some of the tweets or lyrics that have been lining up over the years one of them for example saying and i quote i don't feel sorry if they shoot you in the neck talking about members of the conservative party or also saying that a particular vulnerability the president in the past regional in the basque country should suffer the constitution now that is making reference to the activities of the terrorists seconds ago that's how they would kill their victims and this has been happening of years. not just not all ringback the things that he published are
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as great as it's not legal he had time to turn himself in he was given a deadline now in the north at that line and i think it was only a matter of time until they detained him because thank you very much that was do they call race in madrid. so look at some other stories making headlines around the world today nigeria's president has ordered security forces to organize a hostage rescue operation after gunmen stormed a school and kidnapped 42 people among them are teachers relatives and students who were sleeping in dormitories one student was killed. protesters have gathered in myanmar's biggest city yet gallen for new demonstrations against the military coup that the pows the civilian government activists are demanding the release of elected leader aung san suu kyi hundreds of thousands have defied the authorities to join nationwide brown's. facebook is blocking users in australia from reading
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and sharing news stories a social media giant opposes local legislation that would force internet companies to a news publishers for content google says it has to it has to struck deals to pay 2 australian media companies for their content. the european commission is taking steps to speed up the rollout of code 19 backed scenes in the e.u. brussels has agreed to buy another 300000000 doses of the vaccine developed by u.s. drug maker mature enough but here in germany that an occupation program is being hampered not only by production problems some health care workers are snubbing the astra zeneca shot over concerns about its effectiveness and side effects fewer than 90000 of the 740000 doses delivered to germany have been administered so far. reports like the ones from this hospital in the central german city of braunschweig are contributing to skepticism of the astra zeneca vaccine at the end of last week
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88 employees in the highest risk group who work in intensive care and covert wards receive the astra zeneca shot a short time later almost half of them had to stay home from work because of side effects such as fever. well it's surprising that half of them have symptoms studies show that 10 percent of patients develop symptoms here we're looking at 40 percent so that's much more but it doesn't last long they are sick once for a short time and this means the body is interacting with the compound then they quickly become healthy again but some are hesitant there is uncertainty about whether to go ahead with the astra zeneca shots. i'm still undecided because they don't really know whether i want to get this shot or not of course you're also influenced a lot by what happens to those around you. the vaccine from the british swedish manufacturer is only given to people under 65 in germany due to
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a lack of data on its effectiveness on older adults some have called into question how effective it is compared to the other jabs. there is skepticism it's been discussed for a long time we need highly effective vaccines for people at high risk that includes medical personnel the sick elderly and those who are bedridden we should use that vaccine for the lower risk groups for younger less at risk people that would be better. but infectious disease specialist say there is no reason to consider astra zeneca as a 2nd choice side effects can occur with other vaccines too that's the be expected it says life effects on them from the shiny to hospital in berlin also what for the vast majority of those who get vaccinated what really matters is to be protected from a severe case of covert 19 intensive care and death and we see that across the board in all studies of vaccines provide excellent protection including astra zeneca.
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even germany's health minister would accept the extras then take a shot. i'd definitely be ready to get it immediately because they trust the e.u. approval process sees in their evaluation follows the process. that's why i would certainly accept yes resent. the vaccinations are set to continue on fridays at this hospital that will allow health care workers to deal with any potential side effects over the weekend. misc. member states are calling on brussels to authorize vaccines from china from russia 30 countries have signed up for the vaccine so for the kremlin is promising that anyone who want anyone in moscow who wants a shot can get one as. reports. with the potential to save
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lives. against the virus pandemic. on her way to get vaccinated and to go. shopping. first she has to list any preexisting conditions and show her id then she is ready. i'm not afraid i had covert 906 months ago i was sicker than i have ever been luckily i didn't have to go to the hospital but i don't want to get that sick again so now i'm getting vaccinated. since the vaccination campaign was rolled out here 2 months ago almost device has been. shot people can get vaccinated for 100 clinics but being given a shopping mall and. develop a vaccine. a lot of people come here with their whole family if russians didn't have confidence in the vaccine there wouldn't have been such
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a run on the center since it opened up. between one and 2000. bytes are becoming infected with carpets 19 every day and over the last of the city has lifted many restrictions mainly for economic reasons see at risk labs and restaurants have reopened it seems that the russian state is relying more on the vaccine then on restrictions the vaccination campaign in moscow is in full swing that's a good thing because as the russian capital absolutely needs it moscow leads russia why is corona statistics for the number of deaths nowhere else in russia so many people dying from it's 19. similar to its western competitors which have recently been approved the russian vaccination requires 2 dogs was administered 3 weeks apart according to manufactories off sputnik he almost 4000000 russians have now been vaccinated and around town of of those have already received their 2nd dollars
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but independent experts down to these figures they say this the 2 sticks i embellish and that's creating at dangerous situation. that doesn't mean severe. it affects people's behavior it makes them careless of. course or they lose their sense of danger if you think millions of people around you have already been vaccinated words you might be careful about protecting yourself to be sort of interesting back to the going to. tear enough warning us to an ethical department store she's about to get her 1st a dose of the vaccine and hopes it might bring her a little closer to the normality we all had before coffee at 19 which it is not just. in 21 days i'll get my 2nd dose of the vaccine in a few days after that it's my birthday and i'll be able to celebrate without being afraid to get sick invite friends over and we'll have a drink. but even those vaccinated can still get infected later sent to the
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evidence suggests sputnik the protects against serious illness but doesn't mean someone can't pass the virus. she's done on her reality criteria now for nina gets at chocolate ice cream she's told she has to be careful for the next 3 weeks because only then will she have produced enough antibodies for complete protection against i could on a virus infection many is this post a vaccine i screen may be the 1st step to enjoying life to the fullest once more. and the w.'s yury rachet are who filed that report joins us now from los co your your report gives the impression that russia's vaccination rollout is going along smoothly at least in moscow or the really no hick ups. well terry the problem in russia doesn't seem to be accessibility there is no distribution struggle here there is apparently in the west
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a rat there is at least much discussion about it the problem in russia seems to be the unwillingness of the population to get vaccinated so far only relatively few people are willing to be vaccinated with. according to one survey of a harmful russians don't want to get into the at all but these seems to be a good vaccine i hope so now of course because i have been vaccinated as well initially there were reserve ations in the west about specifically because i wasn't much published dotted about it but recently dotted both of the rushing back soon was published into well respected british scientist john alongside which found its to be 91.6 percent effective. so presumably you got your ice cream when you got yours but make the vaccine how are you feeling. i feel very good thank you i had a bit of a fever the 1st night off the vaccination my left arm heart for a few days but that's completely normal for it with every box anation and i have
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had significantly worse side effects with other vaccinations but i'm also relatively young and i know what older people who have very high fevers especially the fairest few nights now those who've been vaccinated your area are are protected but they you may still be able to pass the virus on to others or authorities in moscow not creating a false sense of security by opening restaurants and theaters but the people there make of that yes absolutely i think so everything is open in moscow right now bars and restaurants and even nightclubs this is of course good for people's mental health they don't have the feeling that the volt is going to end but of course that the lack of lockdown measures also gives people a false sense of security all right a lot of people don't wear out their mosques on their noses and muffs but. some even they refuse to weigh in mosques and public places at all this is of course very dangerous yet. some member states want brussels to give the go ahead to
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sputnik if this happens is there enough production capacity to supply the vaccine to e.u. countries while still meeting russia's own needs. well look around 20 countries have approved of the russian vaccine and seem now to be hoping to use sputnik the including argentina venice and mexico as for europe german chancellor merkel spoke over good to dot in terms of the effectiveness of the russian vaccine germany's health minister yet spawn has even been considering having the vaccine produced in germany so the russian vaccine could be very helpful for you how do for europe which is facing vaccine trial that's obviously but it could be too late for you appear in moscow we are hearing that russia wouldn't be able to deliver to the you until may possibly 100000000 doses hungary is that the only you country that has already approved the tetrapod because all sort of public interest however there is still not going to e.u. approval of the food because he and many other countries are all of this standing in line to get the russian vaccine besides that the yuri thank you so much for your
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ear set up in moscow now of some of the latest developments elsewhere in the pandemic authorities in hong kong have relaxed social distancing rules following a sharp drop in new cases indoor dunning and gyms will be allowed to reopen police in northern mexico of arrested 6 people for allegedly trafficking fake back scenes for around $2000.00 a dose u.s. authorities have seized more than 10000000 counterfeit masks they say the fake safety gear could have put hospitals and medical facilities at risk and china has recorded 11 new infections from 7 a day earlier authorities say all cases originated over seeds. you know they should ins and the u.k. say they want to see evidence that a missing dubai princess is still alive concern forsake the tea for the daughter of the leader of the united arab emirates is growing after her friend shared secret
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video recordings in which she claims she's being held hostage in a barricaded bill. a troubling new video has emerged from dubai this land of oil wealth. and i'm a hostage ringback and this village has been converted into jail by the windows are barred shut they can't open any window open by myself solitary confinement. no access to medical help every day i am worried about my safety in my life don't you know something similar situation. princess a teacher is one of the daughters of dubai's billionaire ruler shaikh mohammed bin rashid al maktoum it's believed he has dozens of children from several wives princess letty for has already made 2 unsuccessful attempts to flee her father's family last year the high court in london heard testimony from princess hire the rulers former wife the judge concluded that the billionaire ruler of dubai was responsible for the abduction and forced return of 2 of his daughters. these
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videos were recorded on a phone that he felt was secretly given about a year after her capture and return to dubai now she's disappeared a u.n. investigation is underway so what needs to happen is that the u.n. needs to have a very serious meeting directly with those who are holding prisoners looking for at the highest level and make sure that an agreement is reached so that she can be released and the rights can be restored lucky far. has wanted to date free all her life and i'm not satisfied until like you folks out 6 travelled to a country where choice and. and and get the freedom that she's always wanted. some are calling for world leaders and dignitaries to reconsider their relationship with the u.a.e. and its ruling family. this is
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a country that is the world literally i mean people will be almost beaches in the by a few 100 meters away from where the fear is is essentially in solitary confinement a hostage. it can only be hoped that international pressure will not come too late for the missing princess. a 7 month journey by nasa's new rover comes to its nailbiting climax later today when it attempts to land on mars the most intense part of the landing is the 7 minutes the calm after perseverance it's the martian atmosphere and must slow down to land on the surface nasa describes those moments as 7 minutes of terror. 10 minutes to touchdown. the perseverance rover must separate from the spacecraft that has brought it to mars next it must position itself to enter the martian atmosphere the friction of which will heat up its thermal shield to temperature as its highest
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1300 degrees celsius. while the mars rover inside this shield will only reach room temperature. when perseverance and speed reaches 6500 kilometers per hour. its parachute will deploy the new range trigger technology will improve the spacecraft's ability to hit a landing target 20 seconds later that he will detach from the entry count still. allowing the rover to find a safe landing site. at about 2100 meters or 7000 feet about mars surface perseverance will separate from its parachute and at night it's a jet packs 8 engines. through there slowing the research laboratory on pos.
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the sky crane maneuver will lower the rover down to the surface on nylon tethers. next perseverance must reposition its legs and wheels. right after touchdown it must detach from the tethers mission control will only find out whether the mars rover landed successfully 11 minutes after the fact. and whether it will be able to explore or just 0 crater its floor was home to an ancient lake delton system about 4000000000 years ago which left a layer of sediment a promising site in the hunt for microscopic fossils. in the united arab emirates we'll also explore mars its space probe enter the red
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planet's orbit on february 9th and is scheduled to start work this summer. hopefully examine the martian atmosphere for 2 years observing weather and seasonal changes. the chinese have big plans for their 1st mars mission they also want to land a spacecraft something only the americans have so far succeeded in doing china's tionne and when one probe has been orbiting the red planet since february 10th it will reach the surface without landing device and research vehicle in maine and send data gathered on mars back to her. next the probe will examine the types of minerals on mars and make maps of resources such as for deposits. planetary researchers are looking forward to all the new data.
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or for more let's bring in carla bleicher from d.w. science in bonn caught up our report mentions 3 current missions to mars by its freedom and countries why are they all happening. well that's really all about the launch states they all launched at roughly the same time last july and that's because the planets quite literally aligned every 2 years or so there comes a point in time when both earth and mars are in place in their respective orbits where they're relatively close together and at that point it takes less energy so less fuel and also a lot less time than usual to get to mars so they all made use of that watchman now which is why we're seeing all this activity there now. tell us more about the mission and what makes the landing area for the rover so interesting for us. this crater where the rover is landing as i am of her about 50 kilometers and as we
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just heard there isn't downtime a lot of good so there used to be water there and one of the main goals of the nasa mission and is to find out whether there has ever been mine on mars and whether there could be potentially life on mars again in the future so for that nasa has decided to follow the water as they're saying and and they also will that perseverance can collect rock and soil samples from there and bring them back to earth so that scientists you're going to have a closer look at. where these missions to mars all focused on science or is there more to the. well let me focus of course is science finding out whether there could potentially be future life on mars might at some point of huge importance to the future of humanity while there are other factors
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for china as we've heard they want to go to land rover on mars not far away as well which of course would be a huge prestige that is considering that saw for only their arrival at the u.s.s. manage that. air amaranth's they are the 1st state to make it to mars which is a big deal and another factor is that they were about 70 women that were part of this mission to her and her its government has said. that this is a model feeding factor of sorts for more women to get into the fields of science and technology and lastly we have the u.s. who wants to maintain their. leader in space exploration if you will so yes science is that nuclear the main objectives but there are other factors at play here not least of all pristine carla bleicher from do you know you should send ball and take you very much. she reminder the top story
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we're following for you here today on g.w. news police and protesters have clashed for a 2nd night in spanish cities including barcelona and madrid crowds rallied to protest the jailing of left wing rapper pablo how so he was imprisoned for glorifying terrorism and insulting the royal family. who are watching the news from berlin coming up next to him sebastian asks european commission vice president tomorrow reaches us whether they can use were supposed to come in 1000 has failed thanks watch.
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the food. into the conflict zone to sebastian. this year didn't stop well for the european commission its rollout of the coded lines you vaccine has been widely slammed those 2 little ones who like my guess is we from brussels or the great commission moderators. whom. new initiative be enough to silence the criticism of the
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commission on the challenges of incumbency conflict. next on deal with. them dating weight. gain metropolis that is dan brown it's not a question of if but when it was down to their truth is nobody will know costs you know mine. like 10 seismologist and disaster relief officials do now to limit the destruction eastend both claim risk and warning. 45 minutes on d w. young german. and jewish. i'm jewish so was. does that
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mean. in daily life. and at school it isn't the same we should not be given a special status but be completely normal beyond this look of shock like wow there's a jew at our school counselor belting out 11 teenagers 11 stories. ok so i'm jewish and soviet. german and jewish starts feb 22nd on d w. no one can teach the european union lessons above democracy we are fighting. the e.u. will succeed this year didn't start well for the european commission it's rollout of the code of 19 vaccines has been widely slandered too little and too late but now it's decided to invest millions into researching new code very.


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