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tv   Arts.21  Deutsche Welle  February 15, 2021 7:30am-8:01am CET

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you from. the classic am from housing boom top this is where they are. welcome to 77 percent. this weekend off t.w. . you have a date if it's just you and your film. the
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cinema got its start 125 years ago but there aren't many celebrations at the moment covert has plunged to the industry into a crisis film festivals are being postponed or even canceled around the world the movie houses are closed is this the end of an era or other glimmers of renewal and hope. some cinemas don't look like they'll ever real then. islands an emptiness where there used to be in these in crowds. it's downright ghostly. notice well the.
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alfred home league house doesn't believe the curtains will stay down. he 1st went to the cinema when he was 4 years old. he saw the german western treasure of silver lake and was hooked. as you have and when i was young between the ages of 16 and 20 years i like to film i would go and see it several times of the 1st week it was released i saw barry lyndon 4 days in a row my name is red and barry would gladly send me to the federal property speech made out of fear you have a date it's just you in the film and you go somewhere special you don't want any distractions not even your girlfriend you just want to concentrate and you can only do that in the cinema comes where you watch a film makes a difference. but what if cinemas are thinking into the past turning to
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desolate ruins. or was no fuel the venue itself has to be part of what draws you to it i think the time when people would be thrilled to go out again is just around the corner would be proper for. in the philippines people are allowed to go out again. in the nella there's a float in cinema a trip to venice without the long haul flights social distancing is ensured going to much a gondola. in riyadh drive ins are flourishing and now that women are allowed to drive in saudi arabia they're also becoming avid movie goers. there are long lines to get into the only on in aylesbury england to you know not to see a film the cinema is being used as of that. the nation center which under the
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circumstances is its own glimmer of hope. but then of course film hasn't stood still over the past 125 years one legend has it that the 1st audience of this moving picture by the lumiere brothers in paris were terrified as the train approached however unlikely the story can not same intensity of experience still be created today. there would be affected yes i would go so much that affects nowadays you need king kong made godzilla. funny you should mention that godzilla vs kong is larger than life in the can and pretty for release the question is when it's the movie industry versus the pirates. of the mind if you don't watch the show my kids are looking forward to seeing it in the theater the trailer on youtube is all they can talk about it has. youtube has
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become a major advertising channel for new films. but that hasn't necessarily brought young people into the movie theaters. look it up soon this generation moving pictures are somewhat all the same they don't care where they watch them i'm surprised some have never been to a cinema or saw the wrong film and now they say that where they watch a film doesn't make a difference and that's a problem that god does does it suggest the. love not even james bond can outsmart destiny the release date of the 25th installment of the bond franchise has been delayed repeatedly since this promotional video was shot the stars probably grown more players. deserts or so there are memes about daniel craig attending the premiere at the age of $85.00 but that williams. since quarter guy he's not to
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blame it's the pandemic but the late releases resonate with a wider story about the frailty of this in the industry as streaming surges still holy house is convinced movie palaces will live to see another day. try to you time it was 2000 years old and still going strong is no need to worry. in looks like china may have the coronavirus under control people are going to the movies again and they have plenty of multiplex cinemas to choose from there are more than 75000 screens across the country small the biggest blockbuster last year was made in china the $800.00 grossed almost $500000000.00 more than any film made in hollywood.
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in germany it's a different story in the 1950 s. and sixty's stylish movie palaces sprang up in a night at the movies was a popular cost time but over the last $6.00 decades ticket sales have plummeted from 800000000 to 100000000 a year how many cinemas will survive the lockdown will people come flocking again. even this year's both in film festival is going virtual thousands of stars and fans together in the flesh is out of the question. central berlin the malina dietrich square february 2021. insight if it weren't for the pandemic. taking place right now. a very different story from last year and the years before the film buffs movie critics and. he would stars the likes of george clooney and meryl streep flocked
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here to see and see. this huge belly now that organizers have to be creative. the only part time unpredictability of the pandemic is making it very hard to come up with any durable plans for the berlin ali and if you develop ideas in concepts you talk to cinemas you talk to funders sponsors partners. and 5 days later it's all obsolete again obsolete. and with their even any new films to screen under the current conditions normally the ballina only organizers travel far and wide meeting with famous directors and pricing a new challenge to select the upcoming program. meet new the pandemic demands we couldn't do that. but many other festivals were cancelled which
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meant that many filmmakers suttas out to offer us their films. they're desperate for a platform to present their films. as we all seem to. want my marriage it also goes to show how important it is to filmmakers to have an audience. to see people responding to their work almost mythical country but that won't happen until june when the general public will get a chance to see the films and the awards for. this year's rally knowledge is a hybrid the european film market will take place in march as a cure for the venture even though personal contact is often the chicken to success . it's clear that a digital film market is only a partial replacement. we can't travel during the pandemic we'll talk to you to digital film market gives people the chance to take part from all over. from
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australia to brazil to iceland in. market timing country they can watch the films online and also get an opportunity to see what film companies have been accredited . alok who haven't i met yet. to be who i want to contact talk to must speak so there are opportunities there. it's a creative solution so will this year's hybrid model be the wave of the future. just ambitions of lead it's a bit early to answer that. my sense is that our current predicament will end up changing how we do things you can use your dose yes i think it's certainly given a spoofer thought. in the future i'm sure google might want to travel less especially internationally. if that happens the major festivals will need to adapt. to.
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the belly not take place this year even if it's a pared down and virtual event but there's no getting away from the big questions what role will film festivals play. in the future. projects as we have. locked down grim new reality a merger of the 20 in horror film songbird the world's worst fears are realized coated has mutated into something even more deadly lockdown has become a dictatorship. one you're. quite right of the over 100 shot most angeles during actual lockdown last year songbird is one of the 1st cinematic attempts to address the real horror of the pandemic. sadly the movie producer. by transformers director michael bay
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is superficial schlock. they say and. somebody are you into a big evil are charging bob example you may even have a more in-depth examination of coburg comes from the documentary in the same breath which premiered at the sundance film festival director not to weigh shows how the chinese government initially tried to downplay the crisis a pattern she saw repeated in her adopted country america you see you see how. the distance of nations up for regular and the cover from the highest government has. basically enabled the outbreak to be a severe and out of control as we are experiencing that today. good evening everyone so we answered in direct you to want to say that we stand for the community and we love the energy that we're getting right now i love this movie
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an. american grassroots democracy and student politics is the focus of homeroom another sundance stop it began shooting before coded but finished during the pandemic and was clearly shaped by the crisis we have the power to thank you steven director my conversation with filmmakers who have done where it during this manic made during this next i have noticed is that we will all treat them by necessity almost like making the film is the only. creative a channel that we can express we can articulate the strong emotions that we have every day as other people whether it's you know whether it's the sadness helplessness or anger or. a sense of loss or longing for a connection. you are by far the most excruciating difficult stubbornly obnoxious woman i've ever met in my entire life in malcolm and
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marie the struggle to find connection is framed as one long romantic fight between the stars and die out and john david washington. what if the netflix drama was shot on a single location entirely under pandemic restrictions. this movie was sort of born out of the idea can we tell a story given the restrictions of a coded can we make a movie that doesn't compromise in terms of emotional scope cinematics broke. and that was sort of it was sort of an exercise in that regard. you know at markham i feel like once you know someone is there for you months you know they love you. you never actually think of them again that's not true
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so until you got to lose someone that you found. 'd 'd the ultimate exercise in socially distant cinema was held at sweden's court a big film festival one woman spent 7 days alone on an island watching movies in a video blog she recorded the emotions evoked by the cinema she saw. when we're. being a free. show there because i feel that that is what happened during thing we started to fear to be close who started to fear to. to fear each other and market when you hear someone coughing or sneezing you sort of. look at them. with fear or with anger and i wonder where that behavior stuck at you what the plaintiffs. drugs.
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to do there are no real answers in any of the films made during or inspired by the pandemic. but as shown best in life in a day 2020 kevin mcdonald crowd sourced you tube documentary in times of crisis cinema and reveal our common humanity why can't we. be. this. just. to the limits angle is 12 lives in berlin and is going places like hollywood for example. though the up and coming
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german actress has already got off to an impressive start. in the how to stock only the most of the world's best folks with powerful just now at least strong women or feminists i'm choosy i want to show what i can do much more common . singles 1st hollywood film is making its debut on the tricks in news of the world she plays an orphan raised by the native american kiowa people captain kidd finds her in the wilderness in this western single place alongside 2 time oscar winning actor tom hanks though his name didn't mean much to her at 1st. when i realized what a household name he is i was really faded i've often had just came in and i wasn't prepared for it i just he said it was oh hello i'm tom hanks and it was pretty overwhelmed there at that moment i didn't know what to say but we wound up laughing a lot. i want to see your movie yet you were baking one together right.
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after such a great time oh we'll see what you've done before we go i cannot stress enough. the incredible power. on those scenes with that with the 2 of us that those those those crackled they were they were ridiculous fun in order in order to shoot can certainly handle or making a film in english with tom hanks could have been daunting but she took it in stride . piano. tab to. make no mistake. the headliner singles career took note of the role of bunny in system crasher she was just 9 at the time she brought in almost unbearable intensity and physicality to the role of the traumatized girl who literally breaks all the rules . her boundless energy runs riot and she races from one scene to the next.
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it was her big break and won her the german film award but didn't like the low life for best actress goes to indicate on her anything though in system a crush. sure will revert to an international career that has a shop will greet her director paul greengrass on me at the 21000 berlin film festival and said to his assistant look at what she can do with her eyes shut i gave it my all 100 i told my saucy this is your chance my show if you really want to be an actress and things to take off you have to take advantage of it it's not since your jump and she's doing just that in news of the world playing next to tom hanks. curtis don't. good girl good good. director paul greengrass was impressed by her charisma and talent you could see she bloomed. and great. it's like a calling it's just it's not
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a choice it's just. she's got the real deal. and i do not have a clue as to the theory of the trial. so what's next for her lane and single. golden globe for best supporting actress on feb 28th place to win or lose lose of the world isn't likely to be her last tollywood movie she's still in touch with tom hanks in the senate not what he said very nice acting partner who always has good advice and like be punctual know your lines and be kind to everyone and he reflects that and south of us speak out i'm from south. carolina saying the lives learning from the best the young german actress looks to have a bright future ahead of her. the
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current pandemic is not the 1st to hit the film industry if people had not only one mosques but also practiced social distancing the spanish flu which ravaged the world for 1918 to 1920 might not have killed 50000000. even during the 1st and 2nd world wars people still went to the cinema. then came new technologies that posed a challenge to movie theaters and the film industry. video recorders could be used to make copies of films shown on television and to watch films at home on v.h.s. cassette from video rental shops. after v.h.s. came d.v.d.'s and blu ray discs but none of these have so far killed off the real movie theaters play. in.
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the battle of the big humor. this is raging and it's not for the faint of heart which streaming service will win the fight for viewers favor l r god that is here and uncle handsome oh even truly love movies can do but what we love even more is making movies for fans like. the fans or everyone with a netflix subscription the streaming service just announced it's adding 70 new films to this year's lineup and embarrassment of riches and a declaration of war on the competition. we're just getting started is that a threat or a promise maybe a bit of both. netflix is responding to hollywood giant want to brothers latest gambit launching all its films in the movie theaters and on its h.b.o. match streaming platforms simultaneously. streaming services have been doing
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a booming business during the roller lockdowns instead of going to the movies audiences are streaming films on their sofas but as krajina asks exactly what it is we're biting into our homes he's a man on a mission his book streamlined takes a critical look and our new constant companion the streaming services through the dreaming is the leading medium of our time corona significantly increase the frequency and intensity of streaming. fan of streaming services and believes they use their great power for manipulation varied vantage enter for spying on users streaming the one non-gold that's because no medium comes closer to us than streaming no other medium is capable of capturing every single step we take in analyzing at any 2nd what does that do to our culture media landscape to how we
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deal with. what does this data piracy do to our democracy when we watch netflix. netflix watches us all is fair in love and the war a war in which every new release pulls out all the stuff. list stuff. you have no idea what rejecting netted 80000000 viewers in 83 countries in just 4 weeks another i can chin record a few years ago streaming was english market now there's no escaping it netflix alone has 204000000 subscribers disney plus more than 80000000 streaming companies are investing a fortune into new markets making a regional films and series targeted to new audiences for example india. jilly cried one in any international for best drama in november 2021st ever for
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india the mini series is based on actual police files the 1st season is based on the 2012 gang rape of a woman on a bus in germany and the protests that followed and seen a strange. and. until recently netflix and company flew under the radar and no one paid much attention to their lack of transparency for what they did with research data but that's changing. teeth removed insulin streaming services have been forgotten in criticism of the digital transformation with yet it's through entertainment that's harmless and provides a diversion that went down even closer tilted util economy and the exploitation that comes with it no one thought about that befalls all that kind of went off. the coronavirus crisis has increased the speed of change in the media landscape
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exponentially what that means is only slowly becoming evident. that's all for this edition of oughts 21 thanks for joining us goodbye.
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it controls our bodies could it soon operate our computers to. the brain the most fascinating the organ in the human body. by remembering is hard work how software can read our thoughts and how the chaos in the brain can transform the creativity of the journey through the cosmos above our heads tomorrow to day. 30 minutes on d w. children
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to come to terms. one giant trouble i'm unwilling in no limit to see a period. of little details in a full accounting of. how will climate change affect us and our children by. morning and p.w. dot com slash water. it's about billions. it's about how word. gets about the foundation of a good order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network and so the conflicts are inevitable
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the consequences are unpredictable the commission of the shaking of the chinese state has a lot of money that is disposal from gibson and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world to fish the bottle up china is promising its partners from rich profits but in europe there's a sharp warning you could never accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on any. china's gateway to europe. starts feb 19th on.
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the top. this is news coming to you live from berlin. refuses a key demand of protesters keeps the leader. in jail pro-democracy activists for another day of demonstrations demanding her release but there are signs a crackdown could be imminent also coming up despite threats for rest russian protesters put a show of defiance flashlight. in support of jailed dissidents alexina. the kremlin response.


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