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tv   Frag den Lesch  Deutsche Welle  February 11, 2021 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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this is the news live from germany's chancellor defense extension of the country's lockdown. to shortcomings in dealing with a 2nd wave of coronavirus infections and says extended restrictions on the necessary proportions also program 1000000 miles military arrest members of the ousted government must protest paralyze the southeast asian nation will hear from brussels how the international community is responding to the could. come across
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prosecutors in donald trump's impeachment trial reveal new images in the case against the former president's riots was a scene breaking into the capitol building overwhelms police officers pleas for help. the film festival line up to reflect the world we live in the belly is online on slim down for the coronavirus era modernizers say next month's event will feature films that demonstrate a sense of pretension. to the program. we begin here in germany where the chancellor has admitted to failings in dealing with a 2nd wave of corona virus infections and mackel told parliament the government had not been careful or fast enough she was jeered by the opposition and she defended
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the decision to extend the national lockdown for nearly another month germany's streets will remain empty and its stores closed for another 3 long weeks at least because while in fiction numbers keep falling worries over dangerous mutations remain germany's lockdown will be extended until sunday march the 7th but those despairing over bad penn demi care can go a week earlier than that to the south lawn schools and kindergartens will begin reopening in february already and the government has set an ambitious new target for the 7 day in fiction right chancellor angela merkel told parliament that while people are exhausted by the pandemic restrictions this is not a time to be opening back up again. not with the others also of course to the research is still ongoing but we shouldn't doubt the assessments of many experts here in germany and abroad again i had only 3 mutations
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a more aggressive and significantly more contagious than the original virus. merkel in the state premiers haggled over the next steps long into wednesday evening the states insisted that schools and day kids should reopen markel would have preferred more caution on this point by into giving in as she's done before merkel sought to remind the public of the thousands of lives the pandemic has ended in germany. in the fashion. well over 60000 people have now died they are around mothers fathers children relatives friends who we can no longer predict morning game it's always on our minds when we make decisions in this pandemic. the vaccine rollout in germany has been much slower than hyped to the opposition it's an obvious failure of the government form funding we've gone from
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masters of the pen to make last spring to europe's vaccination stranglers today our vaccination centers have been empty for weeks millions of citizens stuck in queues for hours on end and you say nothing's gone wrong we're behind remain behind greece behind slovakia on vaccinations. even though here so loans will begin reopening in a few weeks they'll be subject to strict hygiene measures many other businesses that will just have to wait for better times. well following the chance 1st page the bundestag political editor. discussed to germany's latest lockdown strategy was one of the country's leading health experts who has a car lauterbach also happens to be a member of the german parliament the chancellor is a coalition partners the s.p.d. . it's a lot of art and usually the damn tax i didn't mention europe in her address today can certainly be this pandemic alive indeed it is impossible for us to be suspend
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their meager lawn i was a little bit surprised as i'm sure narco did not mention europe says time we are in this together we can only defeat the core of it and in particular the mutants that are currently running the variance if we keep working together europe is becoming more important or less important vis the new wave of mutations europe is seen to have failed when it comes to vaccinations what has to happen now it is extremely regrettable to say the least said europe indeed in my opinion my personal opinion failed to deliver the vaccine early enough there was too much focus on that to supporting research and for much less the focus on getting the vaccine available process but there was much too little focus on let's save production lines and that was much better in the u.s. so therefore in the run for the vaccine your was somewhat defeated we cannot afford
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to run into these problems a 2nd time then we address the 2nd vixen challenge here because that would not be the only opportunity for us if we can was a vaccine the f. 2 he was most the shots to the new waves of the vaccinations we have to become much quicker in europe than we are currently we have to get better we have to deliver in the future the old 13 falls also has not been vaccinated at all even outside of europe but at the same time we have to be able to deliver as a vaccine per 2nd rather boost around in order to protect against dangerous mutations in particular that are coming from south africa or brazil and there is much more to come left side is short. so there's the imminent threat of another wave and public patience is wearing thin how are you balancing that out you have to explain why we cannot open up currently that we are in a very dangerous. people.
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as i would call it that we have to lead to get a good grip off the crisis at the moment if we do that it is an investment for the next couple of months a real investment for the next couple of months in the next 3 or 4 weeks we if we deliver in the next 3 or 4 weeks we will be in a position to really control the next couple of months and there's a summer when vaccination warlord is gearing up callous about thank you very much. now health experts in britain say the coronavirus variant 1st detected in southern england is likely to become the world's most dominant u.k. authorities now testing up to 10 percent of positive coded tests for mutations they want to contain the more this more contagious new variant before it's too late. in the global fight against prove it 19 is mutations that are preventing the next great challenge and here in the u.k.
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authorities are taking up the fight directly into people's homes. they're doing door to do the testing in areas where he meets patients have been found to go to identify cases before they have a chance to spread. it was just one case of the south african variants found here in this community that launched this door to door testing scheme but the concern is that one case could just be the tip of the iceberg ordinarily only a small amount of positive covert tests to screen 2 mutations mean that when they all found authorities here a cracking down hard it's thanks to genome sequencing that authorities can pinpoint where to look the u.k. is the world leader in sequencing analyzing 10 percent of positive covert samples for the emergence of new variants. in toto the team of the u.k.'s haven t. genomics to suit him is responsible for almost half the world's poor by sequencing . work that will continue to prove crucial as more mutations emerge i don't think
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we've seen the full spectrum of mutations that could arise so the very common in england at the moment 117 that's very good at spreading but actually what i'm looking for very carefully is mutations going into that variant that also impact on immunity and that's what starts to worry me considerably and that is what we're seeing in the in the u.k. but no population is immune to meet ations that's why professor peacock says genome sequencing needs to become a global priority without comprehensive international screening it's feared new more dangerous variants could take hold putting vaccine programs at risk mutations will be in the 4 corners of the year and they'll be lots that we don't know about that would be quite concerned if we did know about now the reason that support of all of us is because some of these variants are actually going to lead to a challenge in terms of immunization now that is really critical as we go forward
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we need to know what the virus is doing so that we can keep up with that scene development work it's already been done to modify the axes to protect against existing variance. professor paul heath is the chief investigator at the u.k.'s novak spanx in trial he says he's confident sequencing can help manufacturers keep ahead of mutations one of the beauties of very relaxing technologies or platforms where. in the production of 19 bracken's a very recent and calexico and so it's entirely possible that modified vaccines will emerge very quickly from. their print vaccine manufacturers and vaccines will lie. they have to adapt in the meantime identifying and isolating mutations will be an invaluable tool in the cat's announced game between vaccines and variants. a 2nd look at some
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more of the stories making headlines around the world starting greece where the capital athens has gone into a new lockdown schools and non-essential shops have been closed until the end of this month new cases and hospital admissions have jumped at the latest restrictions are top of tough measures already in place. president alexander looking shanker says he's defeated the foreign blitzkrieg to overthrow him a hardline leader denounced the 6 months of protests against his rule as everybody and directed from outside the country the opposition claims the election he won last year was rigged. the faction of the poles ruling party has organized a man through the capital katmandu to oppose the prime minister's decision to dissolve parliament the nepal communist party is suffering internal battles between allies of prime minister sharma ali and critics within the party. and to the
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us where president to buy has announced a new sanctions against me and mars' a week old military regime is also repeated demands for the generals to step down and to freeze civilian leaders in while the regime has detained a close aide of ousted leader i was trying to change i k r 10 to sway was one of those taken into custody in a new wave of overnight arrests but protesters are defiant and are using increasingly creative tactics to make their demands for. preston furry animal suits and risking their lives. these groups of young protesters and young go on a challenging because leaders with humor their protest tactics which is slogans with pop culture references i knew from my own mom. and the most generations it's a good idea from our generation said where l g b t greeks and cos players and where wearing costumes and trying to get international
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attention on twitter people from other countries have noticed it. a little bit want. to gain attention and support abroad younger generations are using both social media and lessons learned from protesters in neighboring hong kong and thailand. wearing crowns and ball gowns. before going shirtless like these members of a bodybuilding club people are showing their opposition to the coup. demonstrators are calling for an end to the military dictatorship and freedom for the nation's elected leader own son suchi and her allies they also want to new constitution on their return to democratic freedoms the groups remain on deterred off to choose days violence. security forces declared the rallies
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illegal trenching peaceful protesters with water cannons there are reports that police fired large rounds to disperse some marches. a teenage protester was shot and critically injured. a banner shows the injured 19 year olds and demonstrators know their actions could risk a stronger crackdown from the authorities here but i guess we are ready to give our lives if they're trying to threaten on protesters we have nothing except our own bodies we are peacefully protesting. the times. already we don't want to live under the military rules we want freedom. a curfew and restrictions on gatherings have been put in place but they have not stopped fresh protests from breaking out across the country. all d.w. spoke with any peaceful and your heart about to europe's position. as she is
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a member of the delegation of relations with countries of southeast asia and joins us from brussels. but a european parliament advice about the situation in myanmar just this week and just 15 minutes ago i voted on our joint resolution on on the situation in myanmar and it's clear that that you must act and support the protesters that are demanding that the democrat is a nation process in the country continues and that the military returns the power and the european parliament is very clear we're calling for support to the u.n. to get access to the country and of course the e.u. is not a big diplomatic power but we are an economic power where the 3rd largest trading partner of myanmar we need to expand sanctions against the military and that are responsible for the coup and we need to suspend the preferred access.


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