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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  February 10, 2021 5:30am-6:01am CET

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there are many reasons. and there are many to. make up your own mind. made for minds. the digital world is the big winner in this pandemic watching from online shopping education live streaming the internet is growing stronger lockdowns of forced firms
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into digitizing and it's giving us newfound freedoms like flexible work and the chance to keep in contact with family and friends on a different level. but it all comes at a price the 2 faces of digitalisation topic today are made well it's game over for a number of top level e sports professionals the so-called athletes have hit on an incredibly lucrative business opportunity over the past few years which we've reported on before but this young stars have also found out all those hours in front of a screen and the global pressures of the entertainment sector can become a health hazard. reports. dreaming is fast becoming it go to activity to relax and socialize can escape from the pressures of everyday life. this is me hanging out with some friends there's no way any of us could make it to the professional level what's jump again at x.
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but for a growing number of people playing video games is providing a golden ticket to fame fortune and legions of fans. the sports has moved into a $1000000000.00 industry tempting young game as all around the world to pursue a shot at the big time but what price when you look at the stats of today's professional players the average retirement age is between just 23 and 25 years old . physical and mental burnout is a growing problem for professional sports players it's not something that's widely acknowledged within the industry players a finally starting to speak out and cools the change. better known as. if you're gaining fan you'll already know who he is born in sweden playing professionally since the age of 20. legend widely regarded as one of the best counterstrike global offensive players in history. 2015 he helped power his former
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team fanatic to world number one and was awarded the title of most valuable player . well and i've been gaming my whole life of course i loved it but there was also some kind of escape you could just. escape in another world and you don't have to think about anything else but just the game and i think that's something that i really enjoyed but following a wrist injury in 2016 the pressures of real life and a grueling competition schedule started to become overwhelming and everything now is just a low figure and it's a lot for tournament a lot more pressure like normally when it's not corona we will travel oak ridge travel like 2 on a plus days a year if not more and it's kind of stressful for your mind because you always have something where you have to perform at one of those times for some. people analyzing what you did wrong and everybody has so many opinions in 2017 he took
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a short leave of absence to to personal reasons i just couldn't sleep good i was just thinking about the game 247 and like being stressed almost every day at all times on earth came back refreshed but then in may of 2020 shocking his fans he announced in a tweet that he'll be taking an extended break from professional gaming due to fatigue strain on his mental health and knack of motivation to compete it's so hard because if you see a team playing 8 hours a day that are better than you they want to play mind i was today because you want to beat the right stuff and it just keeps going like that then you have like 12 hours practice just like 5 hours individually and you keep doing that for every day i don't think it can be good for you with the cut of a pandemic adding even more pressure to train around the clock a number of the best players in east for to or announce career breaks this year citing burnout and stress. medical professionals in the gaming industry have been
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concerned for years about the health impacts of overtraining sleep deprivation and players taking unregulated energy supplements we're seeing so much burnout we unfortunately had a couple deaths in the community this year people need to be addressing the mental health people and to be addressing the physical health of these athletes or or or scenery professions are any a lot of the reasons are we're pushing these gamers well beyond how far we should be pushing anyone let alone an 18 year old kid and we're not giving them the correct support you know gaming is a pastime in sports as a career and with so much money at stake professional gaming teams like excel e sports starting to make more holistic changes to safeguard the health of that player as we are doing blood tests we're having nutrition companies supporting us you know working out we're focusing on sleep with a trick of say using an m.b.a.
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my name is head of performance of my status and it's really quite surreal that i have to tell the players to play less if people have a burden or have issues they're just getting replaced and in my point of view the organization is responsible or mainly responsible why is this effete has this large started a growing number of top e-sports teams are starting to build support for their players health into that contract providing team houses and personal chefs fitness and performance coaches physios and mental health training but industry wide and for smaller teams don't have many official regulations that are actively safeguarding professional players they are sleeping too that they're having not a structure at all they go to bed at 3 at 5 pm they are not having enough sunlight they're looking at vitamin d. they're normally don't have a cook so the nutrition is really bad in football for example be off to a cut. means and we have coaches and so on any sports there's no coaching no sense
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yet and the end it's nice to be successful not a lot of money but it's a really really disgusted when a person is 25 or 30 and has to stop what they are doing because it's really a healthy for them and they have lifetime issues with. one of my state is now back playing professionally again with his team phase but the road to recovery has been a challenging one i've been working out a lot more and tried to eat a lot more healthy think that helps me there are a lot more players are a lot more stress than they would like to admit to the public without people saying anything in the schedule will just be the same and it's not good for people so he supports is still a very new industry but as the tournament's in the prize money get bigger protecting young professionals from physical and mental burnout is going to become an important challenge. the pandemic has bankrupted
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countless businesses and continues to do so millions are out of work but then you hear the experts saying there's no better time to start your own business than in a crisis you have to learn how to scrimp and save when financing dries up you have to find customers when there's no demand and you need a really good idea last year i met the founder of a tiny start up in spain that's created an eco friendly healthy and affordable beacon steak from a 3 d. printer a year on the company continues to grow and continues to wow the skeptics but even tastes pretty good to tell you the truth. well well my colleague to sound bites on the bus of the biotech for some tips on how to develop a successful stop. people felt there was a very good beginning we have here deferred really prepared plan based big. i'm going to fish on p.p.o.
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i found out what i mean which is up at startup in barcelona working on the future of land based meat it is my advice for you it will be in fact. for the best your idea of perfectly good effect will keep your passion well. i come from a tie or the 50. 53050 you're nearing the foot i've been working all my life i have made it to building organic for you my motto for biomedical purposes so the beginning i want it to be secure never at the top of the floor but we created a new technology and want to create and you pick knowledge if you want to find feedback from the speak in my case for example a way to bury me with check you please what a crazy idea or you could be me for and why i'm fair very encouraged see your many people we've set up a period that people are not that great if you have then you have. to drive you to
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go forward. very important think that buying in that sector i would be the fall the 3rd probably the very proud of but that we need to find the best way to bring the product market so you can find that i 550 and the right that he did for example upbeat if he beat this team people would meet for example you know or create that direct plan or book at retail and here you are not thinking about the right people but i think that the market because you and i thought that the very 1st day things. it's not a complicated and who even in the case that says something doesn't go as you think and bible meaning that you can take another direction and here we are. it is very hard to find a better talented people so you one more time and that is not important because it seems. to stay with you for
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a long time so you don't want just to. come there tired and online and look for the people to come to you you really thanks want to be the right people so going and find the right people at the right places and i meet physically we have to be in a logical theory called the performance in and then we have the business thing which we call the back when the 1st form it seems is that people that got fucked with some technology the business name you spoke was done through that you messed with a client. you want to find the right thing but in my own started you was to look for b.b.b. to get on the media so that you would contact me and say hey we are interested in what we are building we should poking about it and i feel best if you don't feel that your county europe for example for me but that is being paid already you
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cannot find the right but that you have now do you have guys you're going to have people from all over the ward investing in your company. the next step is to scale meaning that especially in our case where we have a very strong mission a very strong region which we want to create a sustainable future. well you need to scale up to bring. about advances international so the next step is to raise more money says 2000 the fields of production for our and allowed our whole lot to be available all over the war in the next 5 to 10 years i hope that by 5 or so many make sure that you're starting your business safe there. good tips for business there but how about some tips in organizing our daily lives in the pandemic social distancing to avoid the coronaviruses change so many things paradoxically resulted in better health fuel
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communicable diseases like colds and flu but everyone gets sick some time out to visit the doctor in times of limited access to medical consultation online. took a look at the growing field of tele medicine she started by booking a virtual appointment herself. i need to see a dermatologist at short notice. the next available appointment is in 4 months time . but then i discover a dr offering online consultation. after entering a few personal details on her website i find myself talking to her just a few minutes later. and that. yes i think outside my hands have been really really dry for quite a long time now and the inch a bit too if i was talking. washing your hands more frequently might have impaired
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your skin is natural protective barrier this can lead to a kind of eczema so the 1st thing you need to do is apply hand cream a lot more often than. the online consultation costs 30 euros i consider that a price worth paying if i had a problem i was concerned about as i get help quickly and easily. in many cases we can look at the patient to make an assessment based on the severity and extent of the problem and then also determine the degree of urgency of course that's no substitute for personal contact you still need doctor's surgery physical checking all for certain technical equipment needed for a more precise diagnosis. yet. the video consultation serves as a preliminary finding for diseases where a visual cheap. by the doctor is enough of this form of tell medical treatment has only been permitted in germany since 2019. in the coronavirus
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era patients are happy for the opportunity to save time and avoid risk of infection and demand to soar. like so many other areas of life medical care is now also becoming digitalized. people with chronic conditions can for example have their blood pressure monitored remotely by staff at a clinic. next i talked to a health care management expert fielding unkind thing that says patients in germany have become increasingly receptive to the concept of telemedicine this is lead to greater willingness among investors to provide funding that enables young companies to acquire new technologies carbon dioxide can get a lot of firms in germany of insufficient funding. that's especially the case with startups but that's no changing in some areas we're seeing many parts of the health sector getting a lot more capital. than able to catch up with us for example our companies now have a better set of all round with competent teams so they can develop
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a broader scope. with. the digital boom has benefited and given birth to a lot of startups swedish company crew has developed a digital health that allows users to consult with a doctor live after registering online patients answer a series of questions about their symptoms and can then request an appointment. cruise network now extends to 900 doctors across europe covering all manner of medical conditions. to viral infection inspect terrio infections headaches many different types of pain diarrhea and vomiting eye infections everything that normally a general practitioner would deal with at short notice. try putting your head down said your chin meets your chest. is that painful yes yes i
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feel it on the right side of my head where the pain was. the services available in scandinavia france britain and now in germany to its doctors speak a range of different languages and germany consultations are offered in german or english. prescriptions sick notes and referrals are all issued electronically but doesn't that raise data privacy concerns as to how far a lot of people will have questions because it's also new and data privacy concerns are always great when it comes to health matters and what we're seeing people getting used to it pretty quickly because they know that it works and that doctors who have tell you medical treatment training are able to find out a lot by asking the patient questions and his if you are also for. digital applications are now commonplace in the health care world in addition to remote consultations they now also enable aftercare for acute and chronic diseases ordering medication compiling patient data and even psychotherapy services.
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when it comes to serious or life threatening conditions there is no substitute for a proper visit to the doctor but telemedicine can offer supplementary help and in germany for example health insurance companies now cover both types of treatment. now all that digital work during the pandemic has highlighted the need for a new generation of computer savvy specialists children these days tend to be immersed in a digital world right from the very beginning but what about us older people if you're looking for a job and can afford the training i.t. bootcamp software to bring you up to speed in just months it could be worth it because companies a desperately looking for professionals who can drive digitalisation. the global economy is in trouble supply chains spanning the planet have been disrupted the pandemic has highlighted the limits of the present economic system and the
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importance of digital technology noire fisher is a country in hamburg that describes itself as a school and pool for digital talent but. we are seeing growing interest in training in digital professions because of the crisis. for short courses it calls group camps to train people in computer related fields. 3 months course and data science for university graduates costs a little under $9000.00 euros. training as a web developer costs just under 8000. digitalisation combined with coronavirus being forced to deal with these things now the. flexibility and the willingness to go new ways are more important than ever
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that holds for training courses to remote learning is the order of the day. we see people who want to change their lives some have been working in their profession 15 or 20 years and now want to change course. they spent 3 months with us doing intensive training and so they can work in an entirely new field. the need for many more digital professionals to start with the pandemic but it has made it greater. the problem we are addressing on a small scale with our boot camps is the lack of qualified personnel there are 124000 i t vacancies in germany right now on average it takes 150 days to fill a vacancy so there clearly aren't enough qualified. digital publishing is one industry in need of more people n.p.r.
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publishes magazines the print runs of its paper editions have been falling for years its online presence has been growing fast its online publications now account for a 3rd of its revenues. we have to work on the future viability of a company all the time and that involves finding qualified staff we have an arrangement with whereby we can contact its recent graduates at an early stage so we can recruit good candidates for our digital business. export driven manufacturing base is taking a battering because of the coronavirus crisis while digital developments are not. germany is lagging behind in the digital. if we don't manage to. make them more digitally savvy. digital technologies play
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a key role in just about every sector of the economy nowadays there's no way around the meet. people's digital skill sets. i love working from home but i. like it work my back. isn't as good as in the office. good. messages at all times of the day and night it can get a little too much at times. that. yes working from home for you it was too much sometimes for you to emails phone call select skype what is there were a chat call. and you're expected to be available $24.00 seventh's would you react immediately to messages and for calls i was somehow managing to do some actually i'm. sorry but i can't talk
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to you right now i'm shooting a video. how can we get through this jungle without going crazy. i've got a few tips for you to. define when you want to do something and for a long if possible plan ahead when you want to do certain tasks and how much time you'll need that way you can focus better on the task at hand. interruptions and be near people typically kill research has shown that it can take an average of 23 minutes to get back into a subject i'll tell you to distract which brings me to my next point to.
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set priorities when someone contacts you. whether you have to answer the right away or if it can wait someone we should. be on the help we should put that. on the other hand though when their hooves start to do that we're starting her own school or progress in our work which might detract from the huge part of the summer always those 3 things obviously there are sometimes matters so urgent that they need to be resolved immediately. i'm shooting a video but i'm going. call you back in one hour ok but if they're not postpone them and focus on your current task. choose the channel of communication you feel the most comfortable with what would you prefer writing or speaking i know it's not up to you to dictate the means of communication. other.
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i've read some fascinating articles about how these tools are more difficult for women than for men. in part because a lady at the scripps. base is all for giving the media its soul for me mostly my type stroke a lot better we might say no i want to do things right in the hour by slack her some other little. extra something about as we're remembering to some polls because immediately takes the pressure off the video one more thing about the why to get out of as many mailing lists as you can spend 2 to 3 hours every day checking our maids wouldn't it be great if we could get down on the air. take breaks nothing new about that. but seriously take
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a time out. that's imperative for your health and productivity jeff clegg and undisturbed cutting off tough. time for us to close off i'm been physical and so you know it's not.
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i am. insomnia all over the world more and more people are having trouble sleeping some of them even sleep all day and are active at night but sleep disorders have a detrimental effect on the body and may even increase the likelihood of dementia. what can be done to prevent people from.
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15 minutes on d w. life on earth models are coming and. a gigantic coincidence. that sample previously the earth was just a messy chemistry lab i thought mission. where the impossible compass the dust was the creation of our solar system with our planet is a bit like winning the lottery the day i saw the boat. going 1st. starts feb 11th on deep. w. . under soft leaves in my cuts.
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where i come from raw jordan mintz an important soft transmitting nums and for mission and when i was young my country was brought. home from. the war. most people want god. to see. if one's mind to true in one. just sets souls on everyone in the top. missing toes against. nothing husband principle my copy of being john's to moore's law so long even by us i was a twit and. my choice to discard because you've been there where you told transmitted to the troops. when in the rush mom much and i want.
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to talk. this is due to the news live from berlin the us senate votes to move ahead with the donald trump's a 2nd impeachment trial that's despite his lawyers arguing it's unconstitutional to impeach a former president but democrats insist he's guilty of inciting the violence of congress last month look at the tape from washington also coming up on the show protesters are out in the streets of nam are again to demonstrate against the
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military coup as the rallies continue the e.u. says it could impose fresh sanctions on myanmar villages.


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