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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 6, 2021 7:00am-7:15am CET

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this is the deed of news the live from berlin russia expels diplomats from germany sweden and poland as tensions rise over the jailing of kremlin critic alexina valving visiting moscow as mr millet no volleys put on trial again the european union's foreign affairs chief says relations with russia are at a low point also coming up a court in turkey again refuses an appeal to release prominent philanthropists. or get the latest from our correspondent in istanbul.
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i'm told me a lot of both thank you for joining us germany has summoned the russian ambassador over the kremlin's expulsion of swedish polish and german diplomats russia chooses them of participating in illegal protests against the jailing of opposition figure alexina volley the kremlin made the announcement while the european union's top diplomat just of coral was in moscow he described the blocks ties with russia as being under severe strain. it was supposed to be a day to mend strained ties between the european union and russia but when 3 diplomats from sweden poland and germany were expelled from russia friday evening the message was clear and so was the response. also we consider these expulsions unjustified and we believe this to be yet another expression of what we're seeing
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in russia it is far from the realms of the rule of law. in. this. russia alleges the diplomats had participated a print of on the rallies alone insisted that staying informed about ongoing issues is simply part of a diplomat studious that they had started with the 1st just that burrell the e.u.'s foreign policy chief was the block's 1st envoy to visit russia since 2017 his meeting with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov aims to keep lines of communication between brussels and moscow open but tensions continue over the imprisonment of criminal critic alex a novel me. going charged with arrest and sentencing. and. putting most readers. and respect i have. to minister lavrov our deep concern and great rated. release
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on the launch. of the peace by joining. the e.u. had put additional sanctions on hold and while lover of stressed that russia wanted to improve relations he did not mince words. we have got used to the fact as i have already mentioned that the e.u. more and more often uses one sided restrictions which are not based on any legitimacy at this stage we have to assume that the e.u. is an unreliable partner. not done with throughout the visit was barely over when the diplomats were expelled and despite all efforts to improve communication some actions speak louder than words. so how will the european union respond to the expulsions of some of its diplomats from russia earlier we put that question to bruno letter a senior fellow at the german marshall fund. well i think 1st of all we need to understand that the events today were not
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a coincidence this is really russia showing its muscle telling the look what we can do we can expel your diplomats of certain you member states even though the top foreign affairs chief of the e.u. is with doesn't town actually trying to appease relations so this was really poor ring on oil on fire and let's be frank a significant diplomatic provoke ation from russia to europe so i think there's 2 options 'd for responses the countries to whom the diplomats belong germany poland sweden could these sites for instance to some of the ambassador but also decide to for instance expel russian diplomats from their own territory this this could be one option at the national level i think the author of shouldn't would be a e.u. wide response from the european union and then of course we talk about sanctions. sanctions of course are complex issues only last month where you foreign affairs ministers were sitting down in brussels around the same issue they failed to agree
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on imposing new sanctions on russia there is no unity in the e.u. around this so that window of a portion of the last the next the fortunately might be perhaps next month there will be an e.u. summit in brussels for heads of state and governments and there of course leaders could examine the possibility to introduce new sanctions having said that though the summit as only next month which means as a diplomatic relation is pretty late it's pretty slow. a court in turkey has again rejected an appeal for the release of a prominent businessman and philanthropist. has been in prison for more than 3 years accused of espionage and attempting to overthrow the government following a failed coup in turkey and 2016 human rights groups have denounced the proceedings as unjust and politically motivated and say detention is aimed at silencing him. portraits of. adorn his empty office. for over 3 years the turkish human
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rights activist has been behind bars in the meantime a senate you know has been running kabul as an adult who foundation on his behalf it promotes intercultural understanding and human rights projects even if that is becoming increasingly challenging. they fight people like us who advocate closer integration with the european union amicable ties with one's neighbors democracy and peace or living in a paranoid atmosphere and with dissidents are condemned and simply branded terrorists. turkish authorities have accused kabul of both supporting leftwing terrorism and plotting an islamist coup. initially the public prosecutor accused of having bankrolled the 2013 gezi park
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protests but no evidence was ever presented to back this up even so the turkish president everyone is convinced that kabul is guilty. all through tellin their foreign forces seeking to spark unrest in other countries. the man who acted on behalf of these people in turkey. is now behind bars. couple was arrested in 2017 and held for nearly 1200 days in this prison just outside of. the european court of human rights demanded couple is release and when a turkish court complied his wife i should headed for the jail to collect but within hours authorities issued a new warrant for his arrest. the closest you stop believing in justice when you experience something like that. there's no justified reason to keep. up in jail not a single reason. but they can fabricate one at any moment no.
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more. supporters view him as a cultural philanthropist to forge understanding between peoples the turkish authorities however is just a dangerous agitator. take a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world. in chile demonstrators have clashed at least here in the latest round of anti-government protests hundreds took to the streets of santiago on friday but they were met with tear gas and water cannon the protests have been going on for more than a year demonstrate as an angry about inequality and one social reforms. the u.s. air force will review security procedures after an intruder and the base that houses air force one the president's plane officials said the man who had no extremist links was able to get onto a military plane on thursday president joe biden flew flew home to delaware from
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the base on friday evening. residents of young have again taken to the streets to ban pots and pans in protest a civil disobedience movement has been growing since the military seized on monday there are reports of an internet blackout across the country. to brazil now where. the country's top prosecutor has opened an investigation into president jailed both scenarios over his handling of the corona virus pandemic in the city of menow else a new more contagious variant of the virus has emerged there pushing up infections and driving hospitals to breaking point. over 1000 cases clinics like beds and have little oxygen to give patients. can cope with it at least according to a state government which made this video showcasing a new hospital ward with 80 fresh beds. but
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this is closer to the real situation in. a makeshift clinic with a couple of oxygen tanks patients fighting for breath and this is worrying that things could soon get even worse. we're most afraid of running out of oxygen. a lot of oxygen because so many people are sick. things aren't just bad in the isolated amazon the virus the 2nd wife is also washed over brazil's megacities. these graves in rio de janeiro testify to its toll with some 18000 deaths it's now the worst affected city in the country. it's mismanagement pretty to say. the way the crisis at its peak was managed practically visited genocide on the c.b. . lives that could have been saved were lost and this is sara lee.
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of this for the federal government's response and the country's leader gerry have both. even when he was ill with the virus last july kept making supporters. and hundreds of times his repeated d.c. information about. comparing it to the flu and promoting a cure which hasn't been proven hydroxy clerk when but now he's admitting that drug might not work was think you have what i say the chances says he wrote it was a placebo i can't find a good mate shower at least he didn't get. many also angry at the country slow vaccination program with hundreds of millions to inoculate officials now say they will order more doses of the chinese vaccine son of back which reported only 50 percent prevention figures in its brazilian trial. it's been more than 5 years since german chancellor angela merkel told a country chef and das we can do this at the height of europe's migration crisis in
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the year that followed germany more than a 1000000 refugees and though many now call germany home they are underrepresented in the country's political life one man wants to change that he's only been in germany 6 years but he's hoping to get a seat in parliament in september as elections. in manual shaz has the story. this is terry collabos a 31 year old legal advisor from damascus he's one of the half 1000000 people who arrived in germany using the park in route he applied for asylum back in 2015 now he wants to run for a seat in germany's parliament a blender stark in d.c.'s elections in september. it's been 5000 troops and. arrived in germany in 2015 and was brought to an emergency shelter along with 60 other people i was shocked by the living conditions there. a long time human rights
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activist in syria i decided to get involved again here in germany for refugee. act if you give you should i mention i worked as an asylum advisor here. should mention by the terrigal ause is no stranger to political activism back in damascus he worked at a red crescent and here in germany he co-founded a desirable or c. bridge an n.c.o. which advocates say 5 passes to europe for refugees allows turn to the green party in a constituency that was his 1st home when he arrived in germany in order and aspiring young i arrived in north rhine-westphalia that's where i had my 1st flat i 1st job and also my 1st friends in germany so i have a strong emotional attachment to it. is the city where i started my political work on a bigger scale and that's why i want to take the next step from there. nearly 6 years
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after and america's famous weekend duties terry allows his endeavors in his country of adoption is a success story but refugees and migrants i render represented in political bodies in germany he says. is this image for the mental. human rights i have come to europe to germany to live a safe and a dignified life i have experienced that feeling. but at the same time i was appalled by the situation of refugees. by their living conditions here. i want to represent those people in parliament with my candidacy there are many debates on refugees but nobody actually. it's why i want to give them a political voice. one last hurdle remains in order to get into. a laos has to be a german citizen he has already put citizenship if all goes well the greens can put
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him on the officially step candidates by spring. you're watching. live from. up next as world stories you can keep up to date on our website. and on our instagram and twitter. that's it from me but stay with us. conservation. how can we protect habitats we can make a difference.


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