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tv   Kulturzeit  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2021 5:30am-6:01am CET

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print culture between here and the simple challenge of course. to some is the same think it was worth it for me to come to germany. to my marxist work as a swimming instructor. for an hour teach children to talk to strangers to just. watch your story take part share its own info my grinstein. very warm welcome to the program glad you could join us today europe is the in the middle of the fight against the corona virus right now it's especially the mutated forms of the virus that are
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a major concern their spread is bringing intensive care units to their limits some european countries are almost out of i.c.u. beds high risk patients are particularly in danger for them and infection can be fatal. people like eddie's had emotional bitch are afraid that this may become their fate he has asthma and right now he's plagued by the fear of cold at 19 and the stifling am right outside his house he lives inside i have the capital of wasn't herzegovina his home is among the cities with the highest pollution levels not just in europe but worldwide. i get is yet another day of misery for ed is how to most of each small group especially in winter these issues problem in several years and it is getting worse days like today are atonement for people like it is you suffer from asthma. but i'm
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getting much according to yesterday's measurements here once again one of the most polluted cities in the world what if it's this is constituencies for us matter and i am new exceptions on both of you last night on heal the 2nd toes with more than we normally i just heat one do as per day it was in my name somewhat we had many thoughts. just talking briefly in the polluted a stress is it is so much that he has to inhale gets again. i. the measurement results of several you have us health department a catastrophic scenario asahi high each regularly delivers bad news she says the values are alarming. to number 2 problem and that's the feeling particles are the biggest problem. up to $32.00 micrograms per cubic meter are allowed but currently our daily values are much higher. they range between
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$150.16 micrograms that's 3 times higher than the limit. for. small good is making more and more people ill according to a world bank report every year over 3000 people in bosnia die from the effects of pollution. every year professor does the rave each diagnosis more patients with chronic respiratory diseases the findings are clear. so she wouldn't just. i can say with certainty that there's a direct link between air pollution and one disease. i do know their words some. harms all organs in the body. this scares chronically ill people like any such emotion bitch because now during the corona pandemic it puts him in the highest risk group. because of covert in the air pollution and when i go out as little as possible for example when i must go shopping or when i have
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a business appointment i then he has to head downtown where the air is especially bad 150000 cars make their way through several yet every day many of them all with very high emission levels in winter there is additional pollution from studs often heated with anything that burns. small and hangs over the valley basin of sarajevo the view from one of the surrounding hills shows how big the problem is on a normal sunny winter day the city literally disappears in small experts say the modern high rise buildings are also partly to blame they impede the air flow in the city. i better urban planning and more public transport unaided explains the minister of environment and urban development we meet him on his last day at work he is frustrated with the help of the e.u. his ministry had developed
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a phased plan to tackle the city's environmental problems but then there were elections in sarajevo and then you can tunnel government simply dissolved his ministry. almost what they're doing is simply criminal and someone should be held responsible. in my opinion this is pure corruption the new majority in the new government simply decided that there will be no more special planning nerve and development and therefore numerous attempts to improve their quality will rise the. i years of planning in vain he blames the construction sector. east. is just mafia that's here. it is does not believe anything will change in the foreseeable future today of all days he must go to the office located on the main road in the city center. that is not today or that i
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have to go to work today. he it's really hard for me to breathe on the creature because the here is soon back. in which he thought he was. small asked and on top of that the corona threat to ed is this winter is torture. i. turkish president trichet pay a pair to $1.00 is regularly under fire for ignoring the rule of law in his country just recently the e.u. commission criticized turkey for what it called the absence of an independent justice system the popular businessman and philanthropist. is one of many people held in turkish prisons he has experienced what's living under a biased justice system means even though he hasn't been convicted of any crime he has spent the last 3 years behind bars. court
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treats. his empty office for over 3 years the turkish human rights activists is being behind bars in the meantime a snake you know has been running to fall as an adult truth and asian on his behalf . it promotes intercultural understanding and human rights projects even if that is becoming increasingly challenging. they fight people like osman kavanagh advocate closer integration with the european union amicable ties with one's neighbors democracy in place we're living in a paranoid atmosphere where dissidents are condemned and simply branded terrorists i had. time to get to it in a short turkish authorities have accused of being a left wing terror supporter as well as policy and islamists who. initially the public prosecutor accused of having bankrolled the 2013 gezi park
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protests but no evidence was to her present it's about this. even sue turkish president everyone is convinced the cabal is guilty all through their foreign forces seeking to spark unrest in other countries. the man who acted on behalf of these people in turkey. is now behind bars that the actually wanted to set this man free. well that america. 63 year old holzman kabbalah was born into a family of industrialists who amassed a great fortune as tobacco computer traders. think about over the family business he decided to pour his wealth into nonprofit culture projects so he's especially eager to foster dialogue between turkey's various ethnic and religious groups. and it's going to. turkish authorities responded by reminding him in custody for nearly
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1200 days in this prison just outside of istanbul. turkey ignored a ruling by the european court of human rights to release of allah by the turkish court followed suit is one seizure headed for the jail to collect and within hours authorities issued a new warrant for his arrest. when you stop believing in justice when you experience something like that. there is no justified reason to keep a locked up in jail not a single reason. but they can fabricate one at any moment you know. the more. people and so for now as in the doodle continues to work the loon today she's taking us to a disused tobacco warehouse in central istanbul this is where for many years now his foundation has been staging exhibitions and events centered around sometimes
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politically sensitive topics like turkey's reconciliation with the armenians or the kurdish issue. international human rights experts are appalled but cavell is incarceration just anyone who comes across it from outside the country and looks in and sees this trial going on wonders what's this about why is this necessary. why can a man who a stent simply works in civil society and mainly in arts and culture become such a problem for the government the moment i think of. to engage with his critics. they didn't he always said let's try to get turkish culture authorities on board for our projects and he wanted to cooperate with different municipalities even when they were controlled by the ruling a.k.p. party he insisted on this to an extent which sometimes bothered me but he was adamant the law was that your. wife says all these jail time is taking
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its toll on her husband. the last few things she visited. beginning to lose hope in just treatment. he's not someone who complains but sometimes in our conversations he says sentences like when i ever get to see these things again that deeply troubles me every time i took steps. to supporters of eunice a cultural philanthropist eager to forge an understanding between peoples. to turkish authorities her advantage just a dangerous agitator. in france the covert 110 to make is affecting almost every aspect of people's lives they can't leave their homes it's night schools and restaurants are closed and this has given a boost to the international markets the french who are famous for their exquisite cuisine well they miss going out to enjoy a good meal but now while they are waiting for restaurants to reopen many have
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decided to treat themselves any way they are buying fresh produce at markets and making their favorite dishes at home because who says you can't have great food just because there's lockdown. france has the corona blues the french haven't been able to eat at restaurants in months for a nation of goldman's that's hard to swallow. but the international market in a gorgeous name paris is saving the day at 5 am vegetable trader boris for a shoot is already hard at work not sure who's the only thing here on the on losing team. from 3 until 6 in the morning the big trucks arrive here at the quay and we unload the dishwasher the merchandise is then taken into the market and. europe's biggest market is booming during the pandemic they've sold $90000.00 tons of fish and seafood 270000 tons of meat and more than $1200000.00 tons of
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fruit and vegetables even though the restaurant business has dried up. local distances the large supermarkets decided to stop importing 3 to the edge and focus on french projects it created a real buzz people said let's eat well despite through no sales of asparagus and strawberries sward that's good but since the pandemic began the french are eating more and better than before cheese in particular hundreds of varieties a soul that washes market right now cheeses for recollect and fondue are very popular for us to give us well here we have ventured around cheeses in various sizes your winter cheeses their produce from september to march you can see you can ward really creamy and a whole southern then people considering the table and he said by the spoonful of.
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the only disadvantage of eating so well it is not so good for your figure. but we don't have any statistics but it's probable that people are gaining on this if we. are eating more. to enjoy life and they are getting less exercise and for help of the school i the only products for which there is little demand the exotic fish which are normally served in restaurants but overall the markets manager is very pleased with sales. volume but this is the old the traders who ordered the whole tree work concerned that wouldn't be able to sell it at christmas as new more than 6 people were allowed to dine together even in that sort of quite well i thought. it not so if you could normal. 9 in the morning at mush it illegally in paris at this popular market projects from a gorgeous is on sale giving parisians some joy divot in the corona crisis but we
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pass the time cooking in the city so what do they cook. introduction lots of hearty dishes made before noon. and sauerkraut and some more of my cup of coffee because i thought it was from going missing from the 1st i'm going to make a scallop carpaccio then i'll sautee the scallops insulted better and serve them on a bed of leeks we treat ourselves to good food we cook it and share it with one another. back at the religious market fruit and vegetable trader bars which shows work day is coming to an end he moves on sold produce into the cold storage room he's proud to be helping so many of these fellow frenchmen get through the pandemic means that their trash can is a bit let me do. this profession requires a loss of life because you're here at 3 in the morning if you didn't listen you do
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it's deadly but let me know if you read this and. in france to the end of the corona crisis is nowhere in sight still the trade is that this famous market near paris and complain. it's just the spy who left me it's not just the title of a james bond movie starring roger moore it's also the title of a chapter in the lives of british women like kate she thought she had met the man of her dreams but after years of a happy relationship it turned out that the man she shared her life with was on a mission to collect information about her and fellow activists in fact she's not the only woman that this spy took advantage of. lisa often went hiking with her boyfriend whenever they could they would get away together and enjoy being out in nature it was one of their hobbies lisa's face
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isn't being shown in this report because it could negatively affect the clarification of her case. she was my life partner i really thought that we were at the beginning of something that you know we had a future together. lisa was together with mark for 6 years they spent a case since christmas and their nights together. they come in to your family life in such an intimate way and in such an end you know it's it seemed quite intrusive to think that he you know that when i found out who he really was to know that he would be in that i was closest to i miss you know the times when i'm when i've just lost my father and the 1st person i ring when i'm leaving the hospital is having just seen my my father die he's the 1st person i call so you know it's it's very close. 50 years ago lisa was
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a dedicated didn't fire mental activist she took part in climate change demonstrations and in her group organized protests against power plants mark was always in on the action. years later while they were on holiday together she came across mark's id with a completely different name on it she was really an undercover police officer who'd been assigned to report on her and those around her. felt to me like the ground wrist moving under my feet like like the mountains went solid anymore it was really really de stabilizing made me made me afraid because i just didn't know what to believe what was true and what wasn't. several times a day mark would inform his police contact about what was happening in the environmental activists and after his cover was blown he agreed to be filmed to explain how his job worked you can used to watch for
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a. us government intelligence all leftwing movement on the anti freshest movement on environmental matters waves moving from tracing people and. selling credit and carrying a worsening economy or selling child children. that are such a joy infiltration people who need assistance from teachers. 7 whatever environmental activists plan protests like this one at a coal fired power plant at rochester market pass on info to its contacts in advance so the police knew how to prepare for the demonstration with just enough but not too many officers but doesn't fabricating a relationship crosses the line for undercover police operations. and. well we were falling in love in our fish things just happen. the police issued an official apology acknowledging that their agents went too far because after marks
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covered was a mile or more colleagues were unmasked at least 30 women were unknowingly in relationships with undercover police officers ok that was one of them she was also together with mark but before he met lisa cates pitched a tent in their garden so we could talk to her during the corona pandemic she's taking legal action against the police her case is now before the karpin court of human rights. what they were doing was terrible and the units were institutionally sexist and they were using women as an operational tactic. kid accuses the police of contravening the european contents. and on human rights she says her right to privacy was violated because as her partner mark pried into all areas of her life she feels the police to mean to her.
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the human right who exists above all to identify when states abusing human rights and if we can establish that it is an abuse of human rights then that goes some way towards. making it preventing it from happening again and. still can't be sure of that although the british government has officially condemned the police tactics it hasn't acted accordingly in london and the inquiry into undercover policing has been going on for months but has produced surprisingly few results and the government itself has just able to bill in parliament that would expand it rather than limit what undercover agents can do that would even allow them to break laws much to the surprise of fellow conservative m.p.'s and top bill deals with participation in criminal conduct by covert schuman and
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intelligence sources this is an important and unique tactic by working their way into the hearts of criminal groups choose are able to access intelligence that other investigation powers may simply never detect how is that using the human rights act to underpin the rights of us it is the way in which agencies are required to act under the spill is that they can actually way that is inconsistent with the conventions right. so british laws would offer no protection against too much spying only the european convention on human rights the police would have less control to fear in future. anybody working undercover for these organizations is going to have a. root to be authorized to commit crime and to face no legal consequence for that so i think it definitely still going on lisa relationship with mark ended a decade ago but it's hard for her to find closure as she fears this kind of spying
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will never end. finding 10 years later that there are still new depths to be tippin you know this new thing is coming out a new reasons to be angry all over again. mark spent more than 7 years spying on his partner yet the information he obtained never led to a single conviction. we now take you to a paradise for many animals it's located in romania in the danube delta to be precise in the village of left you'll find a forest with wild horses and now it's maybe attempting to example in one of them and ride into the sunset but the horses probably prefer being left alone. the remove the new delta is once a few retreats for wild horses in europe. they find shelter in the unspoiled nature
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of the d.t.s. sorest an extraordinary place for not only oaks and birches group but also lianas existence tradition is to keep up the sea and. tropical forests in the world this is because of the. migration of the birds who came from out of africa and bring some seeds from that in doesn't know if you're some plants that the climate or. heavy speak loud forces appear next to us to take a refreshing break it's a pool in the forests a few years ago some conservationists voiced concerns about a large number of forces eating away the unique forests. i think he works with an animal welfare organization which is bergen izing birth control for the forces this week to help to maintain the balance between the forest and the
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horses. and these horses are unique in europe you can't find so many wild horses together in one place anywhere else by. the sight of wild horses trotting feeley see nature is magical. it is taking 30 years to research awareness for the benefit force protection. for my. daughter for the more people who don't have many opportunities to earn money 10 years ago people sold a horse to a slaughterhouse for 20 euros i told them that they could earn much more by keeping the horses alive now with villagers who shows the horses to tourists can earn up to 400 euros a day. protecting the forces is cookies like mission. he is convinced that the forces can continue to strive together in harmony.
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well those beautiful images bring us. today's show remember that you can always get the latest stories from europe on our website that e.w. dot com thanks for joining us today please tune in next week until then take care and going back.
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escaping hell on earth these both refugees are risking everything off the coast of libya because behind them lies a terrible nightmare escape hunger and brutal violence in libyan prison camps. on the ocean biking they tell of their desperation and their flight across the sea
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. for 15 minutes on g.w. . what a global play against harmless to the body but is still disastrous. vacation. counterfeits on the web paralyzed democracy threatening the economy and are thriving business profits from them. how do they infect a song. in germany. 90 minutes on d w. n so many polish muslims us thrown out and i'm alone right now climate change event half the story. faces life less the way photos one week.
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how much worse can really get. we still have time to ask i'm going. to. see what it says. it subscribe for more news like this. it's about billions. it's about how work. is about the foundation of the new world order the new silk road. china wants to expand its influence with this trade network. but in europe there's a sharp morning whoever accept money from the new superpower will become dependent on the commitment of the state. the chinese state has a lot of money at its disposal the focus and that's how it's expanding and asserting its status and position in the world. china's gateway to europe.
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starts feb 19th on d w. this is state of the news line from her lead me on mars military rulers to block social media platforms alleging they're being used to destabilize the country but following this week's school protesters continue to take to the streets calling for the relays of arrest of leaders including counts time suchi she's being accused of illegally importing walkie talkies also coming up. portugal welcomes german
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military medics arriving to help battle the coronavirus crisis the country's health system has for.


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